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Solution – General Knowledge Test: November Week 3, 2007

Ans 1(1): Through OneSearch, BSNL, BPL and Aircel will make it easier for its
customers to find relevant results on their mobile devices.

Ans 2(3): The bike is priced at Rs 19,900 and its pricing is likely to expand
India’s 7.3 million two-wheeler market. The bike had been developed and
designed by Global Automobiles Limited.

Ans 3(2): This book is an absorbing account of the company which has
touched this nation for the past 350 years. It charts the journey of the country
from an economic powerhouse to the economic downward spiralling. The book
also highlights the conflicting dynamics of nationalism and the profit motive of

Ans 4(4): State owned MMTC already has the approval of ministry of industry
and commerce for the proposal. A special purpose vehicle (SPV), where MMTC
would hold 26 percent of the stake and Indiabulls will have 74 percent of the
stake, would be constituted for the purpose.

Ans 5(4): Cedia is a 2.0 litre premium, dual-fuel sedan with Auto LPG.

Ans 6(2): The Commission is set up every five years under Article 280(1) of
the Constitution. The former Finance Secretary, Vijay L Kelkar along with the
Commission members will have to make recommendations on the norms for
distribution of the net tax proceeds between the Union and the states. The
recommendations will cover the period from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2015.

Ans 7(2): US Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte met with Pakistani
President on Nov 17.He implored the General to move towards a democratic
transition, have free and fair elections and lift the emergency immediately.

Ans 8(2): He was sworn in as the caretaker PM of the nation on which
emergency has been imposed. Soomro is chairman of the Pakistan Senate and
it is now his responsibility to take the country to its elections in January 2008.
Musharraf, on the occasion proclaimed that he had introduced the essence of
democracy in Pakistan.

Ans 9(1): Oil giant BP was fined $373 million by the US Department of Justice
for environmental crimes and committing fraud. The fines include $50 million
relating to Texas refinery explosion. That sum is the highest to be levied under
the Clean Air Act. Further fine of $303 million related to price manipulation
scam between April 2003 and February 2004.

Ans 10(4): When the Venezuelan was snubbed at a public event, the breach of
the diplomatic protocol found echoes in sports goods, ringtones, mugs, T-
Shirts and websites. An estimated 5,00,000 have already downloaded the
ringtone generating around €1.5 million. Over 700 videos have cropped up on
YouTube and there is a also a Nike advert featuring the Brazilian star
Ronaldinho, which ends: Juan do it. Just shut up!

Ans 11(2): Australian Adam Gilchrist became the first batsman to notch up
100 sixes in Test Cricket when he slogged a boundary in a test match against

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The aircraft is being deployed on the route Delhi-Goa-Mumbai. Ans 18(3): PetroChina became the world’s largest company by market value. Ans 16(3): When Japan’s largest-ever scientific whaling programme sets sail for the South Pacific. Besides the UN award.Second and third in the list of highest sixes ever are Brian Lara (West Indies) and Chris Cairns (New Zealand). Patrick Welch is the MD of Asia Allergan Medical Aesthetics. Ans 13(4): Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Retail is all set to raise the heat in the branded jewellery sector with its plans to roll out 300 Reliance Jewels outlets in India within the next three years. © All rights reserved. Ans 15(2): Pampore is about 25 kms south of Srinagar and famous world over for its best quality saffron. 2007 . This aircraft is laden with enhanced seating capacity. e-procurement transactions have crossed Rs 40. lower operating cost and lower maintenance cost besides state-of-the-art flight deck systems. 000 Crores mark to make it the largest procurement portal in India.Sri Lanka in Bellerive Oval. this scheme also featured in the top 20 global programmes in 2007 for the Innovations in Transforming Government award of the Ash Institute of for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. meat from scientific catch is permitted to be sold commercially. Ans 12(2): Botox is a wonder medicine that helps get rid of wrinkles once a person is on the wrong side of forty. Ans 14(3): Former external affairs minister was booked under the NDPS Act for undertaking ‘manuhar’. The launch of the scheme has resulted in savings of more than Rs 2700 Crores as the lead time of the tendering process has shortened from 120 days to 36 days. worth about one trillion dollars as its price nearly tripled on its debut in mainland China. which markets Botox in this part of the world. that is. offering opium to as a welcome drink to guests in his village Jassol in Rajasthan. In Japan. Ans 20(2): Within four months of the launch. The treatment has made inroads into the Indian market and is no longer restricted only to celebrity users. Ans 19(1): SpiceJet acquired its first Boeing 737-900ER aircraft recently. The 1963 moratorium had put the humpback whales under international protection. Career Launcher India Ltd. Ans 17(4): Gitanjali Gems acquired the US based Rogers for an undisclosed amount. Japan would breach the moratorium.

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