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W EXAMINATION –2005 Indian culture ( 1 )
1. Explain the nature and characteristics of Indian culture. 2. Examining the importance of varnasrama dharma and purasarthas in the valuation of Indian society. 3. How do you count for religious reform movements in 6th& 5th century B.C.? Explain it With special reference to Jainism and Buddhism. 4. Explain Indian renaissance with reference to religious reform movement of 19th & 20 th century. 5. Critically examine the social system and sub system of Indian Tribe. 6. Explain the development of social self with examples 7. Examine the concept and theory of social action. 8. How do the social policy and social justice solve the social problem in India ? Explain with examples. 9. Give a systematic account of resent changes in marriage system. 10. Describe the causes and consequence of juvenile delinquency in India.

2006 paper 2
1. What do mean by Human Development? Explain the Dimensions of social and moral development. 2. Explain the concepts of social competence and emotional intelligence in social context. 3. Discuss the theories of group formation and assess the role of leadership in group dynamics. 4. Explain the theory of collective behavior and discuss the dynamics of persuation and proparand. 5. Discuss the socio cultural aspects of individual development. 6. Discuss the dynamics of attitude formation and change. 7. Explain the process in the study of communalism in Indian context with special reference to social work practice. 8. Define culture and explain the difference between popular culture and deep culture with suitable examples. 9. How do you improve culture awareness for peace and conflict resolution? Explain in the Indian context. 10. Write a note on any two or following. iGrowth and development iiHumanistic theory of personality of. iiiSocial learning. ivCross culture environment.

2007 paper 2
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Explain major approaches to the study of personality. Discuss the process of perception. Critically examine uses and abuses of mass media Bring out characteristics of effective communication. Elucidate socialization process in the context Indian socio cultural system.


6. Present an account of social distance and social tension in the Indian context. 7. Describe challenges and resources of living in a multi-cultural society. 8. Evaluate culture of adolesc 9. ence and other youth subculture. 10. Write short notes on any two of following. a. Human needs. b. Social attraction c. Child welfare programme d. Conflict resolution. Answer any two briefly:-A. What is implication of gestalt concept on social work practice? B. What do you mean by social learning? C. What is meant by marginalized groups? D. What are the benefits and challenges of working in cross-cultural environments?

2008 paper- 1
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Explain how the process globalizations influence culture. Give a detailed account of the religious practice related to mythology. Discuss the origin and prevalence of untouchables in Indian society. Explain the role of brahmo samaj and Arya samaj in the socio-religious reform movement in India. Delineate the importance of reference Group in the modern society. Explain the major features of tribal social system. “Society is cooperation caused by conflict’’ Explain Explain the different stages of socialization process. Write short notes on: a. Youth on rest b. Ground of Divorce c. Problems in Aging. d. Causes of Crime.

1. Distinguish between growth and development .Explain the cognitive emotional dimensions of development. 2. Define personality and discuss the implications of personality theory personality theory of social work practice. 3. Explain the concept of social competence and emotional intelligence with suitable example in Indian context. 4. Discuss communication as a tool of social change and control. 5. Explain use the abuse of electronic and mass media. 6. Discuss the child welfare programmers and services in the Indian context with special reference to the marginal groups. 7. Define culture and explain how both living and working condition will improve in multicultural and cross-cultural setting.



How social prejudice develops? Explain in the Indian context with special refernce to social work practice. 9. Write a short notes on any to of the following : a. Social learning b. Conflict resolution. c. Leadership role. d. Psychodynamics. 10. Examine the causes and consequences of communalism in India.

Paper –3 Tribal culture ( 2005 )
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Examine the main features of tribal culture with examples. explicate the issues of ethnic revitalization among tribals. Describe the strategies of tribal development in India. How far the special privileges provided for tribals succeeded in them? Critically examining the problem of tribal education in India. Do you think that tribals in non-Tribals system of education facilitate the process of mainstreaming? Comment 7. Examine the role of social worker in tribal development. 8. Give an account of recent tribal population growth in India. 9. Discuss the role of NGOs in sustainable tribal development. 10. Explicate the need of participatory approaches to development for tribals.

1. Discuss the social service traditions in Indian culture. 2. Examine the social and preventive approaches to communicable. 3. Write short notes on any two of the following. a. Charity and philanthropy b. MCH services and programmes c. HIV-AIDS 4. Explain the contemporary perspectives in understanding mental health problems. 5. Write short notes on any two of the following. a. Economic Liberalization and social work. b. Social work as a profession c. Common nutritional deficiencies. 6. Discuss the role of support groups in rehabilitation of the mentally disordered. 7. Write short notes on any two of following a. Influence of social thinkers in the development of social work b. Substance abuse c. Community health problem in India 8. Explain the scope and role to social workers in the context of mental disorders among adolescents 9. Give an account of mental health care services in India.


10. Examine the role of social workers in community mental health.

1. 2. 3. 4. Give an account of current demographic profile of the tribes of orissa. Describe the issues of detribalization among tribals. Discuss the concept of education in tribal culture. Critically evaluate the special incentives and provision of of tribal education in India 5. Critically examine the various development measures initiated for the upliftment of the tribals in India. 6. Write a note on tribal aspiration and reality. 7. Discuss the relationship between tribal art, craft and literature. 8. Discuss the problems of social workers working for the development of tribals in Orissa. 9. What is participatory approaches to development? Discuss with examples. 10. Write an essay on empowerment of tribals in orissa.

1. Discuss the changing concept and practies of social work during different stages of development of Indian society. 2. Examine the rol of panchayat in meeting human needs from social work perspective. 3. Write a short notes on any two of the following. a. Maternal and child health care b. Joint family as a provider of social service c. Social reform and social development 4. Distinguish between nutrition mal nutrition and under nutrition. Describe the elements of balance diet. 5. Write short notes on any two of the following. a. Diabetics and its preventives. b. Health and disease c. STDs 6. Describe different health care systems prevalent in traditional Indian society. 7. Write short notes on any two of the following. A) Role of social worker in child care. B) Distinction between social worker and social welfare. C) Saint reformers and their impact. 8. Explain the existing and emerging roles of social work in developing societies. 9. Give an account of different perspective in Understanding of metal health problem. 10. Describe the cause, prevention and treatment of schizophrenia.


1. Give a brief account of the population profile of the tribal people of India 2. Give a comparative account of the cultural of the cultural profile that exists between the tribal community and the non traibal community and the non tribal community. 3. Discuss various strategies adopted for tribal development in India over the plan periods. 4. what are the special measures and incentives extended for tribals in India. 5. Give a critical appraisal of tribal education in India. 6. Discuss in brief the problems encountered by tribal children in pursuing education in non tribal system of education. 7. Discuss how participatory approaches will ensure sustainable tribal development. 8. Explain the role of NGOs in empowerment of the tribals. 9. Write an eassy on the role of social workers in tribal development. 10. Write in brief different social work interverveations. Which can be extended for sustainable tribal development in India.

PAPER – 4 (2007)
1. Discuss the nature of social problems and social provision of Indian society. 2. Examine the roll of joint family and caste group in meeting human needs from social work perspective. 3. Write a note on development of social work in U.K. and U.S.A 4. Write Short notes on a. Social welfare and social services. b. Economic liberalization and social work. 5. Describe the major community health problem health problems in India. 6. Write short notes on a. Primary health care services. b. Mal-nutrition and under nutrition. 7. Explain social and preventive approaches towards communicable diseases. 8. Write short notes on. a. Role of support groups in rehabilitation of the mentally disordered. b. Psycho-physiological disorders. 9. Discuss the concept of mental health and various mental health and various mental health and various mental health Act in India. 10. Examine the scope and role of social workers in child guidance.

1. Give an account of the historical evaluation of social casework as an enabling method. 2. Write an essay on the concept of counseling and use of counseling techniques in social case work. 3. Discuss techniques of social case work in different phases.



Elaborate the followings. a. Clients right to self determination. b. Client worker relationship. 5. Discuss social case work in different phases. 6. Discuss social case work practice in different phases. 7. What is group work? Describe its purposes and Models 8. Discuss the following. a. Group formation. b. Contracts c. Sub-groups. 9. Define community organization,How is it different from community development? 10. Enlist and elaborate the skills and attributes of attributes of community Organization practitioner.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Briefly describe psychodynamic and behavioral approach to human development. Discuss the importance of emotional intelligence. Describe nature and types of groups. Give an account of crowd behavior. Define attitude and state the techniques of changing attitudes. Comments on the child –reading practices adopted in Indian society. Elucidate the process of conflict resolution. Write an assay on challenges opportunities of working in cross-cultural environment. 9. Write notes on any two of the following. a. Trait concept of personality. b. Social change. c. Prejudice d. Deep Culture. 10. Answer briefly( ANY TWO) a. What do you mean by gestalt? b. What is meant by group dynamics? c. What is social distance? d. What do you mean by youth culture?

1. Discuss the demography position and habitat of of three major tribes of orissa. 2. Describe the issue of detribalization and ethic revitalization among the tribes of orissa. 3. Explain the concept of positive detribalization and evaluate the special privileges and their implementation among the tribals. 4.