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TELNET :::what and how::: a basic in

modding e2
by adriangatillo


Files Needed:

-Command Prompt
-USB Drivers

1. Go to main menu>settings>connection>usb setting and choose 'USBNet'

-you may not see the USBNET connection in the menu, then u need to flash your
fone with a 43p or higher FW

2. Now on your PC go to START-RUN and type CMD

-YOULL see the msdos black screen

3. type "IPConfig" theN youll see some text.

4. search for something like this "Ethernet Adaptor Local Area Connection 2" or
maybe 3 whatever the number but it must be like that, in my case was 6

5. Wether you find or don't find that exact text string, there will be some IP
addreses, like ''
-In order to confirm, disconnect rokr, run IPCONFIG, look which etherenet
adaptor dissapear and appear

6. Take the IP for your phone and add 1 to the last number and write it down in a
piece of paper

-my phones IP is then ill write

7. Type 'edit rokr.bat'

8. A blue background should now appear, damn youre good huh!

9. Type "Telnet IP" Where IP is your phones IP (remember the one you wrote

- i wrote: Telnet

10. Go to file>Save and then file>exit. You should be back at the black
backgrounded window.

11. Type at the prompt "rokr" ... now it asks for a login, type "root"
12. ROKR already telneted

Since now nothing will be as hard as the whole process

13. now you accessed the root folder of the rokr, but How do I view these files???
were going to use the "SAMBA" app it is a program preloaded in stock on every
winxp machine... it doesnt work if u dance along with samba music in ur rokr...
just kidding


in any explorer window type : "\\\system" in the directions bar on

your PC. without the "" quotes

Now you opened this:

You are now in the system!!

on the next guides youll read something like

"go to /ezx_user/download/appwrite/setup/theme"

You should see the folder "ezx_user" in the root folder that you just entered and
you know what to do... i hope so!


feel free to ask me something... if i dont know ill help us to know

SKIN by adriangatillo
im going to explain how to put a skin-theme file on your this is really simple if
you already got how to telnet and to search thru SAMBA if not go here :

and see ya later till u learn

once u open the skin file u may find in SKINS thread on this forum this is what
youre going to do, im going to use this skin :

Beautiful Mood 2 by arpin520

1.- unzip the folder and youll finde 2 or more files, were gonna use just two:

- the folder named "beautifulmood2"

- the chm* file named "beautifulmood2"

*compiled html help file


and now in SAMBA were going to open the next directory:


there well copy the CHM file

now in the next directory:


youll find a folder named "skin" ...if not, then create it

now copy on "skin" the folder named "beautifulmood2"
restart fone and enjoy

by adriangatillo