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Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Tahun 2016

Text for number 1 to 5

Once upon a time, there was an old man was gathering sticks in the forest. He was stopped by age
and work hard. When he hobbled painfully, he thought of his troubles and began feel regret for
himself. With a hopeless gesture, he threw his bundle of sticks on the ground and groaned, life is
too hard. I cant bear any longer. If only death would come and take me while the words were out of
his mouth. Death in the form of the skeleton in a black robe stood in front of him. I heard you call
me, sir. What can I do for you? he said.
please, sir, could you please help me put this bundle of sticks back on my shoulder again? replied
the old man.
1. What was the old mans condition?
a. He was happy
b. He was sick
c. He never gives up d. He was strong
e. He was weak
2. What did the old man do in the forest?
a. He work as a carpenter
b. He gathered sticks
c. He found the death d. He took a stroll
e. He went for a walk
3. What can we learn from the story above?
a. Take care your body
b. We will die someday
c. Work hard is good for our health d. Be careful when you say and wish
e. Enjoy your life
4. The kind of the text is?
a. Report text
b. Analytical exposition text
c. Explanation text d. Procedure text
e. Narrative text
5. ..troubles and began feel regret.. (1st paragraph)
The underlined word has same meaning with..
a. Star
b. Start
c. delay d. postpone
e. cancel

Text for number 6 to 9

Blueberries, cranberries, and huckleberries like dark skinned bunch grape contain resveratrol, a
potential anticancer agent. Thats a new finding from preliminary data from ASR collaborative studies
with Rutgers University New Jersey and Canada, Kentville, Nova Scotia. Resveratrol protects dark
skinned bunch grape from fungal diseases and provides health benefits to consumers, including
protection from cardiovascular disease. The compounds anticancer potential warranted its
examination in other fruits.
Using gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric procedures, the scientists measured the
resveratrol content of 30 whole fruit samples blueberry, cranberry, huckleberry, and related plants
representing 5 families and 10 species Vaccinium fruit. They found that several samples contained
varying amounts of the compound. Analysis of extracts of the skin, juice/pulp, and seed of
muscadine grapes showed that its concentration in fruit skin was highest. Levels in the juice/pulp
were much lower than in either skin or seeds. Researchers are continuing to analyze more
vaccinium and muscadine samples. Future research goals will include enhancing production of
resveratrol in selected species.
6. The main idea of the second paragraph is..
a. More vaccinium and muscadine will be analyzed
b. Researchers plan to produce resveratrol in large scale
c. Several samples contain various amount of resveratrol
d. The experiment showed that resveratrol is mostly concentrated in the fruit skin
e. The experiment analyzes 30 fruit samples of blueberry, cranberry and huckleberry
7. How many fruit samples are used in the research?
a. 3
b. 5c. 10 d. 25e. 30
8. We can conclude that the research will be..
a. Stopped
b. Continued
c. Received d. Minimized
e. Carried out
9. including protection from.. (paragraph 1)
The same meaning of the underlined word is.
a. Prevention
b. Open
c. Close d. Transfer
e. Transmit

Text for number 10 to 14

Anybody who is over the age of six knows that there is nowhere safe for skateboarders to skate.
This prevents young people from enjoying an active, energetic and adventurous past time.
Just watch a local street for a short while and note the steady stream of the skaters speeding up and
down the footpaths. Toddlers can be trampled on and old ladies can be knocked down as they
struggle home carrying their cat food from supermarket. Thunderous rattles are heard on our main
roads each night as skaters travel without lights and without signs to oncoming cars.
Skateboarding is a serious sport that improves youngs people health. It increases fitness, improves
balance and strengthens the joints knees and ankles. Although it appears to be a solo sport, when
groups practice together and compete to perform stunts or runs they form firm friendships.
Young people should be prevented from becoming overweight couch potato. If they are actively
involved in skating, they do not smoke, take drugs or break laws for fun.
Kids will always seek thrills and excitement. They need to practice their 180s, 360s and Ollies free
from restrictions. We must build skate parks in the suburb so that streets are safe for small children
and senior citizens and skaters have spaces, where they can race, chase, speed, and soar towards
the sun.
10. Where do the kids usually ride their skateboard?
a. In the main roads and footpaths
b. In front of the supermarkets
c. In front of their home d. In the parks
e. In the suburbs
11. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To invite the local teenagers to skate in a park built specifically for skaters
b. To convince the readers that they need a safe place skaters to skate
c. To provoke youngsters into the local government policy
d. To promotes the writers business of skateboarding class
e. To inform parents about the goodness of skateboarding

12. The main idea of the third paragraph is.

a. There is no safe place for skateboarders
b. Kids seek an excitement in skate
c. The goodness of skateboarding d. The skateboarding is a serious sport
e. How to prevent overweight of skateboarding
13. What must we do to let the skaters play?
a. Join with them anywhere
b. Give them space in the park
c. Let them play in the main roads d. Let them play in the local streets
e. Build a skate park in the suburbs
14. .180s, 360s and Ollies free from restrictions. (the last paragraph)
The underlined word means.
a. Approval
b. Allowance
c. Improvement d. Prevent
e. Limitation
15. was(1)--lived(2)--Aesop(3)--hundreds(4)--ago(5)--teller(6)--story(7)--who(8)--Greece(9)--of
years(10)--a famous(11)--in(12)
a. 3-1-11-6-7-8-2-12-9-4-10-5
b. 3-1-11-8-6-7-2-12-9-4-10-5
c. 3-2-11-7-6-8-1-12-9-4-10-5 d. 3-1-12-7-6-8-2-11-9-4-10-5
e. 3-1-11-7-6-8-2-12-9-4-10-5
16. Is(1)--Sport(2)--health(3)--for(4)--good(5)--our(6)
a. 1-6-4-2-3-5
b. 5-6-4-2-3-1
c. 2-1-5-4-6-3 d. 6-1-4-5-2-3
e. 2-1-4-5-6-3

Text for number 17 to 18

17. Who is the banner addressed to?
a. Governments
b. Parents
c. Police d. All of the readers, parents and adult people
e. All of the readers, government and police
18. What will we do if we see a child abuse?
a. Reported to the child line
b. Reported to the polish
c. Call the police 020-555 d. Call the government
e. Call their parents
19. A: Why do you always invite me go to date?
B: Because, ..
a. I love you
b. I miss you
c. I hate you d. I owe you
e. I trust you

For number 20 to 22
A: What is going on! You look so worried?
B: My brother got accident last night. Its very painful when I heard the news.
A: So, wheres your brother and what about his condition now
B: He is still in the hospital, and the doctor told me no injuries so serious
A: I feel so relieved hear that
B: So do I, Im very delighted, its good news
A: I hope he will be get better soon
B: Thanks
20. Its very painful expresses..
a. Pain
b. Relief c. Pleasure
d. Love e. Sadness
21. I feel so relieved expresses
a. Pain
b. Relief c. Pleasure
d. Love e. Sadness

22. Im very delighted, its good news express.

a. Pain
b. Relief c. Pleasure
d. Love e. Sadness

Text for number 23 to 24

23. What we have to do to save our earth?

a. Keep the clean of the environment
b. Keep stay at home
c. Growing the trees and conserve the environment
d. Watering the ground all times
e. Washing clothes and taking a bath every day
24. What is the poster about?
a. Warming up
b. Warning the people
c. Global issues d. Growing trees
e. Global warming
25. Y: Do you want to complain about something, sir?
X: No. Everything is fine, thank you
The underlined sentence expresses.
a. Satisfaction
b. Dissatisfaction c. Intention
d. Admitting e. Requesting
26. Y: How do you like the food?
X: The food was lousy
The underlined sentence expresses.
a. Satisfaction
b. Dissatisfaction c. Intention
d. Admitting e. Requesting
27. Please be careful. The roads is slippery
The underlined phrase expresses..
a. Promise
b. Request c. Advice
d. scared e. Opinion

For number 28 to 29
Y: What do you think of going to Senggigi beach next Sunday. (28)
X: I think thats good idea, but few days again we will take semester
Y: Ouch,I forget, so what should we do?
X: We should review our lesson to prepare ourselves, so that we get good mark, wed better
postpone the plan. (29)
a. Asking opinion
b. Giving opinion c. Advice
d. Request e. Opinion
a. Asking opinion
b. Giving opinion c. Advice
d. Request e. Opinion

Where would you find mostly the warning?

a. In the hospital
b. In the school
c. In the office d. In the park
e. In the room

We can find the sign in the.

a. Station
b. Library c. Cinema
d. Park e. Door
Text for number 32 to 36
Most of the Indonesian farmers use ..(32) tools to ..(33) their fields. They use(34) to loosen
the soil. Modern farm machinery is not needed, because the size of the average farm is small.
Farmer also use .(35).to get better crops. They use. (36) natural and chemical ones.
a. Cow
b. Modern c. Machine
d. Traditional e. Tractors
a. Plant
b. Tree c. Growing up
d. Weed e. Seed
a. Tractors
b. Bulldozers c. Trucks
d. Buses e. Ploughs
a. Pest sprayer
b. Land c. Fertilizer
d. Water e. Oil
a. Second
b. Twice c. Two
d. A lot e. Both

37. A: Where does John live?

B: He . In Suralaga on Jalan simpan Kulur
a. Lived
b. Lives c. Live
d. Living e. Leave
38. Listen! Shes a beautiful song.
a. Sing
b. Sings c. Singing
d. To sing e. Sang
39. I saw her when I ..for the bus
a. I was waiting
b. I am waiting c. Ive waited
d. I had waited e. Waits
40. Im sorry, but you cant play tennis today. The room.
a. I s being cleaned
b. It cleans c. Is cleaning
d. Cleaned e. Had been cleaning
41. My motorcycle will be tomorrow morning
a. Repairing
b. Repairs c. Repaired
d. To repair e. Has repaired
42. The letter .. written by me now
a. Is going to be
b. Are going to be c. Go to
d. Going to e. Was going to be

43. If I had a car, I would pick you up every day

The fact is.
a. I didnt have a car, I didnt pick you up every day
b. I didnt have a car, I dont pick you up every day
c. I dont have a car, I didnt pick you up every day
d. I dont have a car, I dont pick you up every day
e. I have a car, I pick you up every day
44. The man asked me, where do you live?
a. The man asked me where I live
b. The man asked me where I lived
c. The man asked me where do I live
d. The man asks me where I lived
e. The man ask me where I lived
45. My mother told me, stop smoking now?
a. My mother told me to stop smoking then
b. My mother told me to stop smoking later
c. My mother told me to stop smoking now
d. My mother tell me to stop smoking then
e. My mother tells me to stop smoking then

George : You look a bit worried Clara. Whats the matter?
Clara : I cant wake up early in the mornings.
George : Oh dear! That is a problem. But dont you have an alarm clock?
Clara : Yes, of course. But I never seem to hear that.
George : Well, why dont you buy an electric one? They will go on ringing until you switch
them off.
Clara : Mmm, I doubt if that would do any good. I'd just switch it off and go back to sleep.
George : Well, perhaps you could ask the telephone operator to give you an early morning
call, it's not that expensive.
Clara : Yes, that sounds a good idea. Thanks a lot.
George : Not at all. I hope it works.

46. Who are in the dialogue above?
47. What are they talking about?
48. What problem does Clara have?
49. What is George's suggestion giving to Clara?
50. They go on ringing until you switch them off.
The sentence above means..
1 E 6 A 11 B 16 C 21 B 26 B 31 B 36 E 41 C
2 B 7 E 12 D 17 D 22 C 27 C 32 D 37 B 42 A
3 D 8 B 13 E 18 A 23 C 28 A 33 A 38 C 43 D
4 E 9 A 14 E 19 A 24 E 29 B 34 E 39 A 44 B
5 B 10 A 15 E 20 A 25 A 30 A 35 C 40 A 45 A

46. George and Clara
47. The habitual of Clara cant wake up early in the morning
48. She cant wake up early in the morning
49. Clara could ask the telephone operator to give her an early morning call
50. The alarm an electric clock will never stop ringing till switch them of