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Mosquitoes are great danger to human life. It may cause diseases

such as Malaria. Dengue Fever H-Fever and many more. Mosquito
repellent contains chemicals; therefore the use of it is sometimes harmful.

This purpose of this study is to produce a mosquito repellent candle

out of the extract of the basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum). This study
would like to make a repellent which may be cheaper and the ingredient
can be found anywhere around us than any synthetic or laboratory
prepared candles using the basil leaves as the main ingredient and
essential oils.

In product making, the materials were prepared. The basil leaves was
extracted using an oisterizer, filtered and poured to a jar. The wax was
melted using a double boiler and a 20 drops of lavender and lemon grass
essential was added. The essential oils were optional. The wax was
palaced to a molder then a wick is placed at the middle and the wax was
leaved for hours for hardening.

The researchers used experimental method as the type of research.

None of the materials used were harmful to nature. The Basil leaves were
the main component used to conduct the experiment. The researchers
used the internet, library and completed investigatory project that was done
by the past students of QRISS to gather data.

The researchers concluded that the Basil extract can be a mosquito

repelling candle but further more studies are needs to be done to confirm
the study.
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