The Real Costs of the Illegal Alien Invasion

…and Why Arizona Deserves Your Support!
Source: Karen Celmer Sturgis

1. Illegal aliens in the country from Latin countries-------24,757,617 2. other illegal--------579,102 3. Money wired to Mexico since 2005------$29,019,436,023 4. Money wired to Latin America since 2001-----$258,436,913,000 5. Illegal alien social service cost since 1996-----$397,454,862,000 6. Child of illegal in public school--------5,031,276 7. Cost of illegal K-12 since 1996-------$14,082,852,000 8. Illegal incarcerated--------420,343 9. Cost of incarceration since 2008-------$24,281,865,978 10. Anchor babies since 2002-------4,302,619 11. Skilled JOBS taken away from citizens-------11,579,072 12. Illegal alien fugitives in USA-------740,298
In 2002, households headed by illegal aliens used $10 BILLION DOLLARS more in government services (the usage COST HAS INCREASED HEAVILY in 2010) than they paid in taxes. And, the COST IS MUCH HIGHER in heavy illegal alien populated geographical areas as California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Louisiana. If illegal aliens were given amnesty, the fiscal deficit at the federal level would grow by over $29 billions. With the approval of Obamacare to give FREE health care to the illegal aliens, the national debt over decades will be exceeding 22 trillion dollars. Illegal immigration is costing each taxpayer about $2,174 each. In states with high concentrations of illegal aliens the amount is much higher (California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana.)

Amount of dollars going south in 2006 was $45 Billion, which has risen to 350 billions. All that money left the US economy was not used here to create additional job opportunities and stimulate the economy. Hence, this is an immense net LOST of TAX REVENUE to the US economy. Heavy Burden on the SSA: Illegal’s of questionable SS status (by 2050, 300,000 ILLEGAL Mexicans) will be in the system at a cost projection of $650 million annually to the taxpayers who have paid into the system (these illegal’s did not contribute, yet they are drawing from SSA.) REAL COST in dollars: each Illegal alien will result in a $100,000 net annual cost to taxpayers. In REALITY, that's costing the country TRILLIONS of dollars so far. Illegal immigration brings in an influx of poor, unskilled, and uneducated people along with all their inherent problems and infectious diseases. That is an importation of about 10 million high school dropouts. They generate a welfare state in which cause a heavy demand on TAX revenue to take care of their human service needs. Additionally, they takes away jobs from our youth & citizens. The largest component of illegal aliens, originate from Mexico, and Latin America. COSTS By ILLEGAL ALIENS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION HAS BANKRUPTED OUR ECONOMY, also it has debased our educational system, it has raised our health insurance premium, it has bankrupted medical centers, illegal alien drivers endangers our highway & byways, illegal aliens' heavy usage of human services has raised our taxes exponentially, illegal aliens spread contagious diseases, they commit crimes & homicides & rapes & mayhem, they demoralize social values, they use our legal systems against citizens & government, incarceration of illegal alien offenders increased financial burden on the state, they cause racial unrest, they draw from retirement they did not contribute to-bankrupting our retirement system, money are send out of the country not supporting our economy or generate JOBS, they pollute our streets with drugs that kills or children, illegal alien criminal fugitives endangers the environment we lives in, they have destroyed acreages & acreages of forest lands at the cost to the taxpayers of 5.1 million dollars, they caused displacement of 18,880,000 American workers or take away skilled jobs from citizens, and many, many more... SUPPORTING ILLEGAL ALIENS IS NOT A SOUND FISCAL POLICY!!! ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE BANKRUPTED THE CURRENT CALIFORNIA STATE ECONOMY in which California IS MORE THAN 30 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT !!!) Hence, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION' DEMANDS ON OUR ECONOMY have caused CITIZENS' TAXES to escalate enormously to pay for ILLEGAL ALIENS' immense demand for human services.

.....SUPPORTERS of your campaign, since ILLEGAL ALIENS & ALL the Latino political factions has thrown their weights behind you (as THEY IDENTIFY YOU ARE A SUPPORTER OF RIGHTS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS), clearly tells us YOU ARE NOT ON THE SIDE OF AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. YOU DO NOT QUALIFY until YOU know how to be an AMERICAN & SIDE WITH AMERICA first. *Data derived from countless sources that include Heritage Foundation, Numbers USA, Center for immigration Study, F.A.I.R., national review.