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Product Information



S-400 is a multipurpose surfactant/detergeni used in treating fluids to water-wet downhole surfaces, in liquid
fracturing concentrates to stabilize slurries of polymers, in cement spacers to prepare surfaces for bonding and a
variety of other applications. It typically is used at concentrations of 0.2 to 0.5% (2 to 5 gpt). S-400 is applicable at
temperatures up to 150F (66C).


Water-wets both sandstones and carbonates due to its non-ionic charge.

Cost Eftective
100% activity of surfactant in product, no costly solvents.

Multipurpose surfactant cleans organics and hydrocarbons.

Low Toxicity
Used in pharmaceutical preparations.

Soluble in water, brine and acid, and compatible with most stimulation and cementing additives.


Improves flow and penetration during acidizing by reducing surface tension and water- wetting surfaces.
Enhances cement bonding by water-wetting surfaces; used in spacers and slurries.
Increases treatment fluid recovery.
Good general purpose surfactant for all completion fluids.
Low toxicity enhances safety during transfer operations.

Safety Precautions

S-400 is a low toxicity, non-flammable single component liquid surfactant. Wear protective clothing, gloves and
eye protection when handling.


S-100 and S-200.

Competitive Products

EPS-4, F40, LT-21 and Pen-5.

Product Information

Technical Data

Specific Gravity: 1.06

Density: 8.84 ppg (1,059 kg/m3)
Flash Point: 535F (279C)
Freezing Point: 41F (5C)
Cloud Point: 125F-133F (52C - 56C) (1% aqueous)
pH: 5 - 9 (10% aqueous)
Ionic Charge: Nonionic
Solubility: Water, brine, acid and aromatic solvents
Insolubility: Kerosene


S-400 Engineering Bulletin

Material Safety Data Sheet

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