Bullitt County Parks and Recreation Board Public Meeting 15 July 2010, 6:30 PM

Fiscal Court Room Bullitt County Courthouse MISSION: Develop, administer, and maintain a parks and recreation program that inspires healthy lifestyles, instills community pride, and promotes tourism while serving the needs of Bullitt County residents. VISION: A regionally recognized parks and recreation system that meets the recreation and exercise needs of County residents. • • • • Expand the Park and recreation system Develop a system of greenways, hike and bike ways and linkages that connect the parks, schools, playgrounds, neighborhoods and green spaces throughout the County. Upgrade facilities in existing parks and provide new and improved facilities that will enhance the function and park experience. Develop and maintain a high level of cooperation and coordination between the P&R Department, athletic organizations, schools, private industry, cities, and the County, and other organizations to maximize the use and cost effectiveness of operating facilities and programs to serve the residents. Provide facilities and programs to enable residents to become more physically fit. (trails and linkages to allow more walking, biking and running; equine facilities and equestrian trails; indoor fitness facilities and programs; athletic facilities and programs.) Provide outstanding athletic fields and complexes to support a growing participation in a wide variety of youth sports. (improve existing fields, additional game and practice fields, and the replacement of fields that may become unavailable due to school expansion or loss of borrowed space. The vision also includes facilities for adult senior athletics.) Provide facilities to support expanded programming, (an outdoor amphitheater for arts, movies, concerts and other cultural arts programming; indoor courts to allow basketball, volleyball and other athletic programs; indoor multi-purpose rooms for gymnastics, dance, martial arts and other active programs; a new outdoor family aquatic center in the western portion of the county; partner in the development of an indoor aquatic facility to support swimming for recreation, competition and fitness.)

Continue management relationship with the YMCA to ensure maximize participation and capture fiscal efficiencies wherever it possible. Pursue partnerships to maximize funding to support County objectives. (indoor aquatic facility; indoor athletic facilities; equine facilities; trails and linkages.)

With the newly adopted Mission and Vision Statements of the Parks and Recreation Department, it is incumbent on the Parks and Recreation Board to ensure the residents of Bullitt County are receiving the best services possible with the limited tax dollars available. A decision was made to seek out partnerships with public, private, corporate and non-profit organizations within the County to make the most efficient use of the tax dollars provided for Parks and Recreation services and programs in the County. The first endeavor was to enter a management agreement with the YMCA to provide management services for the public swimming pools for the Summer of 2010. This agreement allowed the County to maintain ownership of the pools and conduct maintenance on the facilities at a significantly reduced cost to the taxpayer to date. The pools are now open an additional day each week and public usage has increased from previous years. MEETING PURPOSE: To solicit public comment/input regarding the future direction of the County Parks and Recreation Department. A discussion will be held regarding the management of recreation programs currently offered through the Parks and Recreation Department. These programs include the three public swimming pools, the County Baseball/Softball program and the County Basketball program. Due to the significant cost of maintaining full time staff and the inability of the Parks and Recreation Department to reduce fiscal losses over the years, alternative management of the recreation programs is an option that will be addressed. (Salaries and benefits for full time staff accounts for nearly 70% of the total cost associated with the Parks and Recreation Department.) Revenues are insufficient to cover the expenses incurred during the operation of the programs. Although the Parks and Recreation Department is not a revenue producing area of County Government, the Parks and recreation Board has a responsibility to ensure the maximum benefit of obtained for each tax dollar entrusted to their oversight. In an effort to ensure fiscal responsibility, the Parks and Recreation Board is looking at partnerships that will further this effort. ANY AGREEMENTS/PARTNERSHIPS THAT ARE MADE WILL ENSURE MINIMAL IMPACT ON THE SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS OF THE PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT. THE GOAL IS TO MAINTAIN A VIABLE PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT, IDENTIFY SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES, AND ENHANCE THE OVERALL RECREATIONAL OFFERINGS IN THE COUNTY.