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December 13,20L6

Dear Mr. Snyder,

Enclosed please find a copy of the, A Warnins From G-d to His American Remnant ,that G-d gave to me
during the days and nights of Monday, November 2L,2A16 through Wednesday, December 7,2016.

It was a very difficult message to watch, see, hear, and write. lt's nothing that I would want for anyone
in America. But G-d is pressing me to not sit on it, but to share it with the hope that His people will hear,
and come to Him in repentance.

to you until today, as our computer would not send it to our printer and it took some
I couldn't get it out
time to fix the problem. I apologize for the delay.

Thank you for taking the time to read it. Please let me know your thoughts on it. l'm very open to your
opinion, thoughts, and any questions that you might have. You can reach me through Facebook's
personal messages, or my phone number isffil.
May abundant blessings be upon you!


Sonja Craighead

On Monday, November 2t,21L6the Lord G-d began showing me His warnings to His people in America
of what will take place in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead of us while living in these last days.
This warning is for the end time remnant, especially G-d's remnant living in America. These warnings
from G-d came to me in the form of day time visions, words of knowledge, and night dreams from
Monday, November 2L,2OL6 through Wednesday, December 7,2OL6.

Here is what Avinu Malke-inu (Our Father Our King) is warning His Anlerican remnant.
( futtrc* )
America has sinned and her lust and thirst for wickedness has reached the point where G-d's hand of
judgment of America can no longer be withheld or postponed. G-d's judgment of America's sin will soon
begin. Regardless of who is in the White House, America's filthiness and wretched stench of sin has
reached the throne room of the Most High G-d, and G-d's judgment on America has been set.

During the weeks before the 2016 presidential election, many of the American Christians, pastors,
preachers, church leaders, and fellow believers fasted and prayed for G-d's mercy, and divine
intervention in our government and our presidential election. Some of G-d's faithful remnant
participated in these fasting and prayer times of repentance that were called and held for the purpose
of G-d's will to manifest in the 2016 elections. The prayer of ll Chronicles 7:14 was prayed throughout
America. But where was the humbling and turning from our wicked ways by many American Christians?
Many spiritually asleep American Christians who seemed rnore concerned about losing their pampered
American way of life, attended and participated in pre-election days of prayer. When Trump's electoral
win was announced, the fervor of many America Christian leaders' prayer meetings of repentance
drastically depleted and diminished. The condition of our nation has gone from a pre-election fear of
loss of our American lifestyles, to post election state of celebration for what is a faux confidence that
America will have her best and greatest days 6head of her. Now there are shouts of victory celebration,
and much public rejoicing, replacing the prior public repentance, by many American Christians over the
Trump election win. The excitement among American Christians of the "winning", "change", and the
"draining of the swamp" that Trump promises to bring to America is being received by a majority of
American Christians, almost as gospel. The faith for Trump to change the course, or at least substantially
postpone the course, of G-d's coming judgment upon the United States seems to be the kool-aid being
drunk by many American Christians. Now many American Christians seem to have moved to building,
expanding, and ever increasing their businesses, their ministries, their investments, their careers, and
their personal fursuits that they have on their "bucket list." Are we so naiVe as to think that G-d was
appeased by a few days or weeks of public prayer meetings petitioning G-d for a specific American
Presidential win, that now America is going to avoid G-d's judgment for our nation's continued rampant
sins? Why does it appear that many American Christians are looking to President elect Trump as the
person to "save" our nation, rather than continuing to repent and seek G-d?

It is my understanding from what G-d has shown me that President elect Trump is in part a spiritual
distraction that G-d has allowed and that G-d has set in place to see who looks to man for deliverance,
and who looks to G-d for their deliverance. However qualified to be president and leader of the United
States of America that President elect Trump may be, President elect Trump is not, nor will he be will in
the future, able to turn away this nation's destiny of destruction by G-d's soon coming judgments on
America. Another aspect of Trump being a distrqaion is that while the American people are celebrating
Trump's win and making plans for their own agendas, there is much going on in our nation that isn,t
getting noticed. Many spiritually asleep American Christians are letting down their guard. Many
Christians in America are praising G-d for what they see as a godly President elect of the United States.
They are relaxing in their belief that all is going to get better in the United States because of the Trump
presidential win. lntercessors and prayer warriors are coming off the Watchman's Wall of their calling.
(Ezekiel 3:17, Ezekiel 33:Q lsaiah 52:6). Many American Christians, and much of the
church, are believing
the deception that America's incoming leadership is committed to G-d, has turned to G-d, or willturn to
G-d, will be obedient to G-d, and will be able to lead this nation back to G-d. There has never been a
more important time for lntercessors and prayer warriors to hold their posts, stand strong on the
Watchman's Wall of prayer, and stay focused on the callings and assignments that G-d has called you to.
We are to continue to repent, seek our Heavenly Father daily to search us for sin, point our sins out
us, so that we may humbly ask our Father in earnest repentance to wipe away the spots and
wrinkles in
our garments.

G-d has shown me it is important to pray foi President elect Trump's safety. There has never before in
the history of the US been a president elect, where there are so many death threats against him. I
not know if President elect Trump will be able to take office, and remain in office, or if he will be in
office for either four or eight years. Since the 1990s l've watched the Clintons' aggressiveness push
agendas into place, and push others aside. President Obama said in a Septembe og, 2016
interview with
Wolf Blitzer on CltllV, "As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interest of our nation. lf the
American people elected 'the Donald'then I will be forced to take whatever actions I deem
necessary.....l am not standing down as president if it means four years of president Trump. ,,
We are
instructed in scripture to pray for our leaders {Ezekiel 22;30,1 Timothy 2:!-Z,lpeter 2:17,
Romans 13:1,
Psalms 2:10-11) at all times, regardless of who our leaders ard. ...

our Father showed me that our nation will continue to sin, and thesin and lawlessness in our nation
increase exponentially, and not decrease regardless of who our president is. Trump
vowed to 'drain the
swamp", expose the corruption within our government, and appoint judges to the Supreme
Court that
will change the laws allowing abortion, and homosexual marriage during his presidential
run. ln Trump,s
first national TV interview since winning the election, Trump told Leslie stahl, in his
60 Mifrutes
interview, that he now does not plan to seek to overturn our nations laws on homosexual
Trump announced he will not seek further investigation of Hillary clinton. Many
millions of American
christians voted for Trump on these same campaign promises. A man of G-d does not
promises to the millions who voted him in office on those same promises,
within the first week of his
Presidential win.

Throughout the Trump Presidential campaign Trump has often spoken about his wanting
to ,,broker the
peace deal" between lsrael and the Palestinians. On November
23,zoLS, Reutercreported Trump
refused in an interview to rule out dividing lsrael. on November r:-, 2016 the
Wall Street lournal
reported Trump referring to the lsrael/Palestine situation as, 'That's the ultimate
deal. As a deal maker,
l'de like to do...the deal that can't be made. And do it for humanity's sake." November 2g, ZOL1,Trump
told the New York Times, "l would love to be the one who made peace with lsrael and palestinians, that
would be such a great achievement." Trump went on to say that both sides would have to give to obtain
peace. Trump's many statements (before and after the Presidential election) on his desire to negotiate a
peace treaty between lsrael and the Palestinians, and his statements on dividing the tand of lsrael, are
problematic for the many Christian leaders who continue to support and uphold Trump as a man of G-d.
Christian leaders that surround and support Trump have been, and continue to be silent on this issue.
Why haven't we heard the pastors, preachers,,and church leaders who surround Trump even approach
this subject? Jeremiah 2:7-8 reads, "And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof
and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered, ye defiled my land, and made mine heritage an
abomination. The priests said not, where is the Lord? And they tFrat handle the law knew me not: the
pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Ba'al and walked after things that
do not profit."

On Novemb er 29,2(/!6the news carried reports of President Jimmy Carter encouraging President
Obama to recognize the state of Palestine before President Obama leaves office on January 20, ZOL7,
According to G-d's holy scriptures, anyone that seeks for lsrael's land to be divided in any way, G-d will
severely punish. (Joel 3:1-2, Tech 2:L-8, Psalm 121:4) lf any past or present President of the United
States takes part in the dividing of the land of lsrael, G-d will certainly strike our nation in judgment.

Trump is G-d's chosen man of the hour for this time though, as scripture teaches that G-d sets up and
takes down leaders of nations. Whether Trump actually makes it to lnauguration day on January 20,
2017 and takes the office of President of the United States or not, at least for the time being, if not for
the next 4-8 years, Trump is G-d's choice. Daniel 2:2L ".....he removeth Kings and setteth up kings:..."
(Daniel 4:17, Daniel 5:21, Jeremiah 25:8-9, Acts 4:27-28, Acts 13:22, I Peter 2:!3-L7, Romans 1.3:1,
Proverbs 8:15, Psalms 75:6-71G-d has His will and His reasons for placing Trump where Trump is now.

It is my understanding from studying scripture, and reading Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinaer, that
G-d historically allowed lsrael's enemies to overtake them, when ancient lsrael rejected His laws and His
ways, rebelled in sin, and defied G"d, rather than following G-d's laws. At those times of ancient lsrael's
rebellion against G-d, G-d would allow the nation of lsrael to be overthrown and became captives to
their enemies. Why should,we as Americans believe that G-d would not follow this same biblical/
scriptural pattern with us? G-d in His mercy gave ancient lsrael many warnings, but they did not heed.
lnstead, in their arrogance of assuming G-d would not require their obedience, they rebelled, sinned,
and defied G-d, much the same as the United States has done.

G-d has given and continues to show signs in the heavens, such as the Blood Moons of 20L4and 2015.
Next year (20t7)at Rosh Hashanah there will be the solar alignment of the sun, moon, and the stars, as
described in Rev. 12:1. Few Christians recognize these heavenly sig-ns as markers of warnings from G-d.

l've prayerfully considered and I have asked G-d about something that doesn't fit Trump's leading
America into a time of peace and prosperity as Trump promises. ln Johnathan Cahn's The Isaiah g:70
ludoment DVD that biblically explains the modern day application of the lsaiah 9:10 judgment, there is a
snippet portion of a news report video of Donald Trump's reaction to the 9/11 attack, where Trump is
filmed stating, "They should rebuild the World Trade,Center, but make them stronger and maybe a story
taller, and then we've won the battle." SeveralAmerican politicians, including President Obama, were
also featured in the same DVD during speeches. News casts said much the same thing and even quoting
the biblicaljudgment of, 'The bricks have fallen but we will rebuild." (lsaiah 9:10) The common trait of
the political speakers dnd Donald Trump in Rabbi Cahn'sThe Isqish 9:IAJudament DVD was the pride,
arrogance, and especially the defiance to G-d of rebuilding after an attack, without first leading our
nation in repentance to G-d. By defuing G-d to seek rebuilding after an enemy attack, without repenting
to G-d first, the men in the highest governmental offices in our land in 2001 and Donald Trump, by their
prideful defiance, brought the same lsaiah 9:10 judgment upon America, just as had happened to
ancient lsrael. I saw the insight and wisdbm in Rabbi Cahn's message to warn America of the lsaiah g:10
judgment when I watched hisThe lsqiah 9:10 Judaement DVD. I also saw the spiritual blindness of the
American people, and politicians, including President Obama, and Donald Trump, who through their
blind arrogance, pride, spiritual defiance, lacked spiritual understanding, and pronounced and sealed the
judgment of G-d on America back in 2001. So in watching and following the Trump 2015 Presidential
campaign, I was surprised that many, many national and local biblical leaders of G-d praised Trump as
being a man of G-d, and a man who is follouiing G-d. The evangelicals of America strongly supported the
Trump campaign in the 2016 Presidential election. Where was Trump's repentance? Where was Trump
leading the American people to repentance? I never heard the pride, arrogance, or defiance of Trump's
statements from 2001 repented of. lnstead, I heard additional pride, arrogance, and defiance from
Trump during his 2016 Presidential campaign mantras, "Make America great again", "Make America win
again", and "We're going to rebuild America". I sought G-d to understand how American Christian
leaders, and evangelicals that numbered in the many millions, missed the defiance of G-d, that Trump
had displayed in 2001, and continued during his 20X6 Presidential campaign. I asked G-d how could
believers in 2016 miss that more judgment will fall on America with this kind of unrepentant pride,
defiance of G-d, and the rebuilding of our nation without the President elect first leading the biblically
required national repentance to hold back G-d's hand of judgmnt on our nation? The answer I got
from G-d to my question was this: Most people in America knowsomething is terr,ibly wrong in our
nation. Even nonbelievers throughout our nation sense and feel that America is in really serious trouble.
But people are looking for someone or something to "save" their comfortable and complacent American
lifestyles, and they refuse to believe the prophetic scriptures of end days hardships will ever happen
here in America. Even the poorest of Americans live far better off than people in most other countries of
the world, even though,our prosperity is polluted with the largest national debt in the world. Many
Americans are deceived that Christians being martyred throughout the world is only for Christians living
in other countries. Many American Christians are deceived that prophetic scriptures describing the end
time sorrows of Matthew 24 for people living in other countries, and not America. Rather than

drawing closer to G-d in repentance, Americans are being distrocted by blind faith in Trump, and that
distraction is blinding them to seeing the soon coming judgment of G-d on this nation. The pride,
arrogance, and defiance of many of G-d's American people is exernplified in who the people chose as
their 2016 presidential candidates. G-d showed me Americans don't want a godly President. So G-d
showed me that He allowed the American people to choose between the two ungodly candidates that
on preparing for His
hearing G-dr5 warning and His instruction
distractsAmerican christians from
Trump,s promises of making
that will mean dividing lsrael. Celebrating Trump,s win, and believing
America win again' is distracting
*11y ot.9t1't American people's
America great again, and making
be abre to avoid judgment is
from what is soon coming. The faith and berief that America wit
selfishness of many American's desire
to be prosperous' great'
distraction. The greed and
of the Trump
andwinnersissoappealingtosomanythatthisdistroctionhascompromisedandcloudedmany rt has compromised their
and their abirity to spirituaty discern'
American christians, minds and hearts, many of G-d's Ameri::l-T:O't'
ability to hear G-d's warnings' so for
obedience to G-d's word, and their
testing his words with scripture'
faith is in a man that they chose to berieve is godry, rather than
their peace talks that would facilitate
who defies scripture and has stated that his goar is to mediate
me that He will use Trump for
lsrael having to give up some of
her land, is not a man of G-d' G-d showed
nor if Hillary somehow wins the
His own plans and purpose.
Don't be mistaken, not Trump's Presidency'
nothing and nobody will stop
nor if President Obama stays in office'
December. Lg,2[tlElectoral vote,
His soon coming judgment of
or delay G_d,s chosen timing for

abortion death count according to

www'abortionclock'org is over 59
As of 12-1-16, the American
been invorved in purchasing
news that some American rabs had
mirion. Last year it was on nationar our nation's readers, leading
parts of fetuses. How can we as berievers think that without
aborted body to avoid G-d's
for this horocaust of our nation's unborn that we can.continue
our nation to repentance
judgment on our land?
and heterosexual sin
and apostate churches in Ame'rica are embracing homosexuar
some of the sreeping as a lifestyle choice'
and from their purpits with fu* acceptance of their sins
in both their congregations
at'"? we are to love
times do-we hear from pulpits, "we just love people where they're
How many with G.d. G-d
sins, as being in right standing
but not to accept or excuse their sins or our own
everyone, accept the free gift of salvation'
but once we decide to repent and
meets all sinners where we are, precepts' and His statutes' and to not
change and follow His ways' His
scripture is clear that we are to ,,A* have sinned and come short of the grory of G-d;"
of sin. Romans 3:23 teaches,
continue in a rifestyre ,,Whosoever is born of G-d doth not commit
never to embrace ANY sin as a lifestyle choice.
But we are of
is born of G-d' (l John 3:9) Many
remaineth in him: and he cannot sin' because he
sin; for his seed
compromise, and spirituar rebe'ion,
pastors, preachers, and church readers wark in spiritual
America,s judgment of America'
caused them spiritual blindness to nt" G-d's warnings of His impending
another additional strong spiritual
to our nation,s sinful lifestyle, we are now living under
Added of Elul'
placed in our nation' on september
19' 2015' during the biblical month
that recently been
has there was erected a giant
in New york city outside city Hall
(Etur is the bibricar month of repentance)
replicaoftheArchofBa,al.TheoriginalArchofBa'alwasinapagantempleinPalmyra,syriawhereit 19, 2015
days to read to the pagan Tempre of Ba'ar. During the september
was erected in the ancient
was played to set the
the replica of the Arch of Ba,al in NYC, middle eastern music
unveiling of
atrnosphere. There is a small black sign attached to the NYC Arch of Ba'al that reads, "Temple of Bel
(Baal)." Many American Christians are so out of touch and unaware of what is taking place in our,nation,
and the ether of spiritual apathy has so smothered them that they no longer have eyes to see and ears
to hear that they are as asleep as the parable of the Ten Virgins' five foolish virgins who were ultimately
told by the Lord, ".....1 know you not." (Matthew 25: 1-13)

G-d took me in the spirit and showed me inside many of our American churches are filled with
lukewarm, spiritually asleep Christians who fear losing their comfortable lifestyles far more than they
fear our holy G-d. Many pastors, preachers, and church leaders in America are more concerned over
their ministry giving them notoriety, and themselves not being in the lime light enough, than they are
concerned with their own relational walk with G-d. Many church leaders in America compromise the
word of G-d to carefully not offend, to keep their salaries. Many of G-d's people have been lulled into
the depths of such spiritual deception and blindness, that they are deaf to G-d calling His people in
America out of sin. ln scripture we learn in Rev. 18:4 of G-d calling His people out of the sins of Babylon,
"...Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her
plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." G-d has
shown me terrible sickness, infections, cancers and other disease will increase in America. Plagues of
infectious disease will spread throughout America, that will be resistant to what medicine has to offer.
G-d showed me that America will have a least one new infectious disease that has never been to our
land, that there will be no known cure for, that will disease and kill many.

At this time, G-d showed me he is wooing His people back to Him, but few are listening and responding
with true repentance. G-d showed me He is patient, because He doesn't want ahy of His children to be
lost. He doesn't take any pleasure in judgment of a nation, G-d is offering to cover His children with the
shadow of his wing of protection in the judgment of our nation, but we must repent, and we must come
out of the Babylon in our lives. G-d showed me He is offering a refuge to get through the judgment that
is coming to America, but few of His people are repenting. He showed me that many of His people have
been deceived into believing that G-d will not judge America, just as Eve was deceived by satan that G-d
would not judge her disobedience. Many of His people in America truly don't see their sins, and are
being lulled into the deception that they are in right standing with Him. The essence of repentance is
deep regret and sorrow for our sins, recognizing that only Yeshua (Jesus) cgn cleanse us from our sins
and save us. Our personal commitment to change from sinning to walking closely in.fellowship with, and
in obedience to G-d's word is the evidence of our repentance. Where is the change that goes with true
repentance in our churches, congregations, and our personal walk with our Lord to live lives of obedient
joy, and not to accept sin in ourselves, our communities, or our nation's government to exist? lnstead of
our thankful gratitude to our G-d for His abundant mercy, evidenced by our renewed zeal for a lifestyle
of joyful biblical obedience, most American Christians are touting restoration of America due to our
newly elected President's slogan to, "Make America great again." The Stock Market has soared to all
time highs since Trump's Presidential electoral victory, and the news programs are starting to project
the DOW could reach 20,000 by early 2017.The American dollar is steadily climbing in strength, as
confidence that a time of financial prosperity is just beginning in America again. This mornin g Time
Magazine named Trump the Person of the Year for 2016. Christians seem mesmerized by the
distroction that America looks to be entering a time of financial prosperity, peace, and safety. We are
living in a time where many American believers have become wise in their own eyes and prudent
their own sight, rather than following scriptural discernment and instruction (lsaiah 5:20-21)" we
live in
a time where people are lovers of self, rather than lovers of G-d, having a form of godliness,
but denying
the power thereof. (ll Tim. 3:1-5). People are looking for "peace and safety'' (l Thess. 5:3) and prosperity
to be imminent, and that peace, safety, and prosperity to be a by-product of our new president elect.
Promises from both politicians and from pulpits across America talk of the coming American
blessings to
abound and expand, for our children to live in a prosperous and peacefultime under Trump,s
administration. G-d specifically showed me that we are living in a time of illusion of great prosperity,
that it will not last. Our nation will fall into great debt. This short lived illusion of prosperity will happen
regardless of who is our president. G-d showed me that the financial losses will be so monumen,ri
America will not be able to financially recover from the soon coming catastrophic financial losses,

On November 11, 2016, just three days after the 2016 Presidential election win by Trump, president
obama signed into effect Executive order #13738 which revokes the federal government,s official
recognition of the Pledge of Allegiance. Under this new Executive order #13738 it is effective
imrnediately, and it is illegal for any federally funded agency to display the pledge or for any employee
to recite, or encourage others to recite, the pledge while on duty. This new law also applies to federal
contractors, and other institutions that receive federal funding such as public schools. lndividuals who
violate this new Executive Order can face fines of up to $10,000 and up to one year in federal prison.
ABC News reported this as it was being signed by President Obama at the White House on November
11, 2016. President Obama stated that his reason for signing Executive Order #1373g was, ,,
nation under G-d...." was not inclusive of all of American's citizens. l've heard no thristian leader even
mention, let alone stand against this. lnstead l've only heard the celebration of Trump,s win and the
"Make America Great Again" slogan. We have stood by as believers and we have invited and allowed
our nation to be overtaken by those who havd no reverence of G-d, or His holy word, and have
instituted sinful laws. This is an example of how many American Christians are so distracted that this
Executive Order has for the most part gone unnoticed by American Christians. How can so many
American Christians believe that a newly elected president who shows no public repentance, will
reverse the sinful laws of our nation?

False prophets seem to be everywhere now, increasingly vocal since the 201G presidential election,
There are apostates preaching and prophesying on America's great days ahead. Do not believe the lies
of false prophets who tell us what they themselves want to hear, rather than what is scripturally sound,
and what G-d is saying. (Jer. 23:21-22, Matthew 7:15) Here are some scriptures that the Lord gave me
concerning these "feel good" prophesies that are being said. "That this is a rebellious people, lying
children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the
prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits. Get you out
of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of lsrael to cease from before us.,, {lsaiah
30:9-11) "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts
shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. And they shall turn away their ears from the
truth, and shall be turned into fables." (ll Tim. 4:3) "Then said l, Ah Lord G-dt behold, the prophets say
unto them, Ye shall not see the sword, neither shall ye have famine; but I will give you assured peace in
this place. Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither
have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and
divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart." {Jeremiah L4:L3-t4l The Lord is warning
His children not to fall prey to deceiving doctrines, and false prophets, prophesying their own desires.

Since the Trump win in the Presidential election, G-d has shown and allowed me to hear a noise and a
clamoring in the spirit realm of singing in celebration, and dancing in delusional merriment. lt is not a
holy worship of our G-d, or our hearts wanting to be right with Him, or a mournful song petitioning our
G-d to deliver us in His mercy from the sin that is still so rampant in our nation. lt's much like Exodus
32:L8-!9, when the children of lsrael sang and danced with joy while worshiping the goldgn calf. We are
witnessing that same spirit of rebellion within the growing apostate and sleeping American churches
now. Many of G-d's people now, as had happened with the children of lsrael's worship of the golden
calf, are entering idolatry by looking to an image other than G-d Himself for protection, peace, safety,
and joy. G-d's people are letting down their guard, and are being led astray from biblical obedience into
idolatry and deception. Just like in Exodus32:26, G-d used Moses to ask the children of lsrael, "......who
is on the Lord's side...?" G-d is bringing forth His hidden prophets, His servants, and maidservants who
are not interested in building a ministry based on popularity, those who are not increasing a ministry as
a business, those who are not interested in being in the limelight, and those who are not putting their
own reputations and their financial interests above the high calling of prophesying in obedience to G-d,
His warnings to America. G-d is bringing His servants out from His hidden places who are not interested
in anything except living a life of biblical obedience, serving the Most High G-d,
ryitnessing to a lost and
dying world about salvation through our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and following His ordained statutes.
Many of G-d's watchmen, prophets, servants, and maidservants are being instructed to warn American
Christians who have gotten distraded into looking to a man (Trump) or any political affiliation in
power, as a way for America to be spared and saved from G-d's soon coming judgment. lnstead G-d is
calling His people to repent of idolatry, and to have eyes to see and ears to hear to discern and avoid
being deceived by the false prophesies, so that the Lord may protect and shield His people in the days of
judgment coming to America. The Lord is beckoning and calling His people to make the decision
to be,
"...on the Lord's side...", NOW! Wake up, be aware, be alert, and prepare for the judgments from G-d
that are soon coming upon the United Statesl

Hosea 4:6 teaches, "My people perish for lack of knowledge," but few people are as aware or take to
heart the 2nd part of that same scripture that teaches, "because thou has rejected knowledge. I will also
reject thee, and thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing that thou hast forgotten the law of thy G-d, I will
also forget thy children." This is not a scripture to non believers, but it is a warning scripture to believers
and followers of G-d. We cannot pick and choose what parts of scriptures fit our own personal desires,
but we must heed scripture in its entirety and walk in G-d's ways, following His laws, not our own ways,
or our own thoughts. When we hear G-d's warnings we are not to compromise or diminish His warnings
because of our fear of being called "judgmental" or "nonloving" if we speak out. The book of lsaiah
teaches us in lsaiah 9:16, "For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they are that are led of
them are destroyed." Our governmental leaders have made laws that have caused our nation to err,
leading our nation to destruction. We allow the'Federal Reserve to keep us in slavery and the bondage
of out of control debt. l've heard nothing from President elect Trump about abolishing the Federal
Reserve. We consider ourselves the wealthiest country in the world, and yet we are a debtor nation.
America is worse than broke. As a nation, we are in such debt that we cannot recover from our debt.
The US debt clock is staggering at well over S19T. The bible speaks clearly about debt. Read Romans
13:8. The American phony financial bubble is about to burst, and when it does, our money will be so
inflated it will be worth little.

America used to feed the world. Some American food producers have sold in recent years to foreign
countries. For instance, the largest hog farmer and pork producer in the world is Smithfield Foods, based
in Virginia. ln Septembe r 2OLl China's biggest meat processor, Shuanghui lnternational Holdings,
purchased Smithfield Food's pork company, paying a staggering 5Z.t Uiltion. To date that is the largest
ever Chinese acquisition of any American company. The reason reported behind Shuanghui's
acquisition of Smithfield Pork was to secure a food supply of pork to feed China's rising demand of pork.
ln Colorado, where my husband and I live, there is a huge beef packing house, JBS, about 40 miles from
us. "JBS USA Holdings, lnc. is an American food processing company and a wholly owned subsidiary of
JBS S.A. (BM&F Bivesoa: JBSS#), a Brazilian company that is the world's largest processor of fresh beef
and pork..." Just from the Colorado JBS packing house each day 3.3 million pounds of beef are
processed and made ready for grocery stores and restaurants. Some US beef feedlots are now Brazilian
owned. The US no longer solely controls its pork or its beef industry as it historically has. The Woll Street
taurnalwrote an article on September 77,2O09 that Brazil's JBS purchased a majority stake in Pilgrim's
Pride for $gOOMl. Pilgrim's Pride is the 2nd largest chicken producer in the US, and,was in bankruptcy.
The sale of 68o/oof Pilgrim's Pride to JBS allowed the company to emerge from bankruptcy protection.
Just in the past few years, China and Brazil have come to control a large portion of America's beef, pork
and poultry industry. ln our nation's history we have never before had foreign countries control as much
of our pork, beef, and chicken industry as they do at this time. ln future times of shortages, what will all
of this mean? G-d has warned me that in th6 not too *distant future we will see food shortages in the
United States that could never have been imagined before. When understanding the ramifications that
huge amounts of US pork, beef, and poultry producers and processors in the Ug are now owned by
foreign countries, it is sobering.

G-d has told me to warn His people living in the US that famine, both of the Word of G-d, and a famine
of not enough food to eat, is surely coming soon to America, and it's going to be severe. He also showed
me that much of the food that Americans will have in the near future will not be safe to eat for more
than one reason. ln a vision from the Lord, I saw foods that were beautiful to look at, but unsafe to
consume. I saw recalls for foods in multiple categories, for multiple reasons. There will be confusion on
which foods are safe, and which foods are unsafe to eat, since by looking at the food, they all looked
safe. Some areas in the US will have little food at all. G-d took me in the spirit above several states in the
United States and I saw crop devastations. ln Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas, I saw
grasshoppers and another insect, (l don't know what kind of other insect - I was unfamiliar with it)
eating the heads /kernels of wheat and barley off the bare stalks, devouring the entirety of the wheat
and barley harvest. lt happened just before harvest time, leaving only short stubble. I saw weevils
eating alfalfa hay throughout Colorado and Texas down to the ground. I saw in the mid-west states of
lowa, Ohio, and parts of Missouri, corn standing in mud and water, being ruined by flooding, with rot
and mold on the corn ears. I saw freezes and frosts in Georgia and Florida damaging most of the fruit
and citrus crops. ln California I saw even more severe drought conditions (the ground was actually
cracking and breaking) to the point that rnany farmers didn't bother to even plant new vegetable crops
knowing they hadn't enough irrigation water to bring their crops to harvest. G-d showed me trouble in
transporting food, and food wasn't able to be trucked throughout the US as it should have been. People
were in a state of panic. Many people were stealing what food they could find. People began hoarding
and hiding food. Many people were stealing food from their neighbors, strangers, and even their own
family members just to find something to eat. I saw these things happening during each crops' growing
cycle for a period of about a two years. The losses were intense and there were severe shortages. After
two years America was in a very severe famine. When this two year period of crop failures and
shortages begins, how long will the severe famine last? I wasn't shown the exact length of time, but the
actual severe famine where all food was extremely scarce, was longer than a year. Many people in
America will starve during the time of the severe famine. G-d showed me a lack of clean safe water to
drink witl also be a serious issue that will cause diseases that once were eradicated in the US, and
thought to be a thing of the past, will again surface in America. Rich, poor, and the middle class will all
be affected. Every state in the US will eventually be affected. Our children and grandchildren will suffer.
This was very hard for me to look at, but the Lord wanted to show me the suffering and dying children
so that I can warn their parents and grandparents to repent, seek the Lord, and draw close to Him for
His protection, and His instruction on how to prepare your households. The judgment of G-d that He
showed me that is coming to America is horrifying, and it is beyond what our country or its people have
ever before experienced. The Lord showed me people will be walking, almost in a daze, and shock,
because they are so traumatized. I remember seeing on TV back on thLthe expressions of the people
in NYC by the Twin Towers, and noticing their facial expressions of trauma and shock. The Lord has been
showing me many people will be walking along roads and highways with that same expression of daze,
traumatization, and shock. The people that I saw walking wore all types of clothing and were walking
together. There were very well dressed people in expensive busiri"ess attire, and suits, walking beside
people with old, inexpensive clothing that was dirty with frays and holes in their clothes. Whatever the
reason was, I wasn't shown, but they were walking together in both large and small groups, and they
were dressed very differently. My understanding is that there was an event or multiple events, that did
not allow people to go home, and they had to ban together to try to walk away from the event to try to
find safety, away from their hornes, and away from their jobs. Many will be homeless with nowhere to
go, and willjust be walking hoping to find food, water, and shelter. The Lord showed me that many
people in America in the future will be affected by trauma and shoc( and simply be incapable of
understanding what is happening. I heard cries, screams, and whimpering of people so overwhelmed
and frightened they simply were frozen and unable to function. lt will not be just one event. lt will be
multiple events including weather extremes in multiple areas, natural disasters, many fires from
lightning accidents, natural disasters, and arson. I saw cities throughout the US on fire. I saw many
areas and resorts in the Rocky Mountains, especially Colorado on fire. I saw extreme poverty, crime,
fear, violence, and unrest like our nation has never seen before. The riots, looting and theft that we
have seen in the past on W news will seem mild to what will be in the future. People will feel like they

have nothing to lose because they are so desperate, scared, hungry and angry. Anger, rage, violence,
and fear will be throughout our country. The viciousness and violence of mobs of people that I saw is
hard for me to even put into words. lt was like they had no conscience. lt was like wounded wild
animalistic behavior. lt will be unsafe, both in American cities, as well as in our picturesque countrysides.
There will be giant holes torn into the earth. I don't know if they were caused by earth quakes or sink
holes, or something else, but I saw great holes in the earth's crust throughout the US. Martial law will be
put into effect, and chaos will be throughout our nation. Even those who are rooted in scripture and
following close to our Savior will be dramatically affected by events. Our nation's elderly, ill, children,
and our handicapped will suffer greatly. The weather elements will be extreme throughout the US. The
cold weather will be colder than normal. The hot weather will be dangerously hot. Record winds, record
tornados, record rains and flooding, and record hail will affect not only our safety, but will dramatically
affect our crops and livestock. The record wild weather will occur from coast to coast, and from north to
south. I saw mountains of mudslides taking out homes, and everything in its path. I saw all types of
weather, during the different seasons of the year. All these weather catastrophes were physically
difficult to live under the harsh conditions that we are not used to. I saw an area of the south, or
southwest, (l think Arizona) where the heat was so extreme, it was dangerous, and there was no air
conditioning. People were suffering greatly with heat exhaustion, heart attacks, and strokes. l've been
shown that Oklahoma will be shaken increasingly in the future by earthquakes. Geographical areas in
the United States that were once considered very safe, picturesque middle America, will no longer be
safe from the extreme elements, and unpredictable weather. Weather elements will be painfulto our
bodies, and the extreme weather will be something that will affect every American. People's bodies will
hurt due to extremes in weather. The summer sun will feel hotter. I saw skin damages to people and an
increase in skin cancer in the American population. The winter wind will sting our skin. Many people will
freeze to death in terrible surprise winter storms. Many American people will die due to extremely harsh
weather and the elements. Much livestock will lay dead due to extremes in our weather. I saw cattle in
N. and S. Dakota, and Nebraska lying dead in pastures from violent storms. Pets will become a burden,
as we will have trouble feeding and caring for ourselves, and we will not have the extra resources to
care for our pets. Many American pets will die, some by starvation, but some will be eaten by their
owners, due to the dire coming famine.

G-d is instructing me to warn that in the near future, hardware and supply items will be hard and
sometimes impossible to obtain. lf your home needs repairs from the elements, do not put off those
repairs. Sleeping bags, winter clothing, anything to protect your bodies from the elements will be good
to have now, and not to wait until His judgments hit, or these items may not be available to purchase.
Whether you live in the city or the countryside, clean water will be a must. G-d impressed on me more
than once to warn His people to invest in a water purification system that is both usable in your home,
and portable to take with you.

Our lives in America will change forever. But Yeshua , (Jesus) is our only hope. He will sustain those who
reside in the shadow of His wing. (Psalm 17:8) We need Him, and we will need those who have not fallen
folly to deceiving spirits, and doctrines of divination. We will need those brothers and sisters who are
also closely listening to and following Him and His instruction, and who have prepared themselves, their

hearts, and their emotions to what He is showing many in His remnant what will soon begin to happen.
It will be a time like our nation has never had before, and it will come in strong terrible waves. We will
not recover from one devastation and disaster, before another will occur. Not all events will occur at the
same time, but one calamity after another, after another, after another will occur. There will be
overwhelming chains of events. All of this must happen, and none of it takes our loving Father by
surprise. He will never leave or forsake us. G-d brought me to Psalm 44:6-7. "For I will not trust in my
bow, neither shall my sword save rne. But thou hast saved us from our enemies, and hast put them to
shame that hated us.'1 Our Father will protect those who heed His warning, obey His holy word, and
follow His instructions to prepare for His glory. My husband and I are daily praying the entire chapter of
Psalm 91 over each other, and our loved ones. El Shaddiah will comfort and protect us. He is our refuge
in times of trouble. Call on Him and He will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you
do not know. For those who know Him, and are obedient to Him, He will sustain and protect through
this time of His judgment. He is watching who will hear and obey His instruction. Repent Saints, Repent!

Prepare for war. The winds of war are beginning to blow. I heard the sounds of war coming to our land.
War is coming to America. G-d did not show me other wars in other areas of the world that are
prophetically spoken of in gcripture that are yet to come. He only showed me war coming to the land of
the United States. Two kinds of war will soon come to America, One will be an internal war. Americans
will be fighting and killing Americans. There will be distrust, anger, and hatred among Americans. The
other will be a war from strange and foreign lands (more than one country involved) that will come to
our soil.,Our nation will be unprepared for either the internal or the war from fpreign countries. When
the externalwar comes to America, we will be in such a weakened state, from natural disasters, famine,
and our own internal war, that our enemies will not fear us. Some in America will almost welcome being
taken hostage by foreign troops, and many will view our foreign enemies' invasion, almost as a rescue.
But do not be deceived that any foreign enemies invading the US will have your safety or rescue in mind.
These invading enemies will be ruthless and without conscience. Some Americans will resist, and fight
the foreign invaders as best as they can. The internalwar willtake place first. Mobs of people will roam,
rob, brutalize, murder, and set fires. The hatred and rage of these roving mobs are beyond human
explanation, they are demonig with intense hatred.

During all of this chaos - there will be a great falling away within the church. Many Christians who have
believed that America will be great again will blame G-d, blame other believers, ahd blame everyone
around. Yet they won't take responsibility for their own disobedience and sin, and their allowing
themselves to stray away from G-d's holy word, and falling into deception and rebellion. Few will
repent, but thankfully, there will be some who repent, and be saved, and who willjoin G-d's endtime
remnant church. For those souls, we give great thanks to our merciful G-d. But most will be caught
unaware and those who did not see disaster coming will be angry with G-d. Read the sobering words of
Amos 9:10-'All the sinners arnong my people will die by the sword, all those who say, Disaster will not
overtake or meet us." There is such a strong and sobering lesson to be learned in this scripture. Repent
America! Wake up America!

There is a growing spirit of competition between congregants in American churches. G-d has shown me
many Christians in leadership are pressing hard and are inwardly desperate to be noticed and to be

recognized in the limelight of their congregations. G-d showed me many American Christian leaders
have felt robbed, and felt like they were being held back by G-d in the background, and feeling
unnoticed and unappreciated by others. Their resentment has grown into a spiritual cyst. This has
already started, but will intensifo and get much worse. Many of G-d's spiritually asleep people in
leadership have grown impatient with G-d, expecting G-d to promote them higher and higher, and now
they are weary waiting on G-d and they are promoting themselves within the sleeping and apostate
church. This is one of the reasons for so many false prophesies of good times ahead for America. lt
causes those giving the false prophesies to be liked, admired, respected, and esteemed by others,
sought after, and to become popular, and noticed. But when G-d's judgments to America arrive, the
many who were led astray and deceived by these self promoting church leaders, will then become angry
with these same church leaders, for not warning them, and equipping them spiritually to repent and
prepare. The people in the sleeping churches will blame and accuse church leaders who had the "feel
good" doctrines of putting them in the misery that they are feeling from G-d's judgements. There will
be hatred in many American churches toward each other. '?nd many false prophets shall rise, and shall
deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of rnany shall wax cold." (Matthew 24:11-12.
Many Christians now are using their spiritual gifts from G-d as a way to promote themselves through
ministry. Many of G-d's children are seeking the attention and adoration of others, rather than of Him.
For many, their beautiful gifts from G-d have become idols that they treasure more than their
relationship with G-d himself. I saw and heard blaming, accusations, and hatred for each other that will
arise within the apostate, sleeping American churches. I saw some, but very few, with accountability,
repentance, and change. G-d is telling me to warn anyone who has ears to hear, of what is coming. His
desire is for you to come to Him in repentance, so He can spiritually forgive you, restore you, and
prepare you for what is coming. Repent - change your ways. Heed His warnings. G-d wants you to desire
a loving and close relationship with Him, not to desire being sought after, noticed, and revered by

The apostate and sleeping church has already begun and will continue to hate, resent, pursue, despise,
chastise, and persecute the remnant of G-4 and G-d's true prophets. The apostate and sleeping church
will gain strength over the remnant of G-d for some time. (John 15:18) The true remnant of G-d will be
publically rebuked, challenged, corrected, threatened, shamed, and some even jailed by the apostate
and spiritually blind pastors, preachers, and leaders, in an effort to silence G-d's warnings to His people.
But remain faithful to G-d and His word. Matthew 24:13 teaches, "But he that shall endure unto the
end, the same shall be saved." Lawlessness will be rampant in the American apostate and sleeping
churches. But there will be such a purification of the remnant, and there will be a powerful and true
revival of believers added to the remnant during these terrible times. Many in the remnant will have to
live as the first century church did - in hiding. And yet, the purification of the remnant by G-d will be
magnificent. Meeting places to gather together will become secretive. for many of G-d's true remnant
due to the coming persecution, from not only non believers, but mainly the American apostate and
spiritually blind and deaf church. Soon, it will not be safe to gather in public buildings or churches to
worship our Father in spirit and in truth. G-d's law will be openly dismissed as, "Narrow minded, divisive,
outdated, wrong, misguided." The Lord showed me many American Christians' hearts will harden, and

they will turn on other Christians, because their faith was not rooted in holy scripture, but was rooted in
false doctrine and the "other" Yeshua {Jesus). Matthew 7:22-23,11 Corinthians 11:3-5.)

G-d showed me He will call many of His people to form an underground train, to aid American Jews
being persecuted, and to provide a network of underground travel, safety, and aid for Jews living in the
United States. Anti-Semitism will be throughout our land. But through all of the judgment from G-d on
America, His remnant will grow and their garment stains will be made without spot and wrinkle through
persecution, testing and trials. Be careful, no! to grow weary. G-d will help and sustain all of us who
trust and rely on Him. "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." Matthew 24:L3.

G-d showed me that in the near future anyone helping a Jew in America will be in danger, just as it was
in Europe in WWll. G-d willhelp those in America who help the American Jews who didn't make it back
to lsrael for Aliyah. American has the largest population of Jews in the world. Most American Jews live
on the east coast. Recently there was an estimated 5.8M Jews living in America, and 6.2M Jews living in
lsrael. Jews from all over the world have been going home to lsrael taking part in Aliyah. But only a small
percentage of American Jews have returned to lsrael, because life in the US is so good. But very soon
that will change for American Jews, and they will no longer be safe in the US. G-d has shown me many
American Jews will be forced to go into hiding due to the growing and violent anti Semitism and hatred
for the Jewish people that will build and spread throughout the U5. G-d showed me at some point it will
be difficult for Jews to get out of the US, just as it was difficult for Jews to leave Europe during WWll.
People of G-d, the Lord is telling me to tellyou to supply your homes with supplies not only for
yourselves and your family, but to share with others that G-d brings to you, including Jews that He will
ask you to house and care for in the troubling days ahead.

G-d showed me that people who try to hold on to "things" and worldly possessions will be in great
danger in the days to come. The only thing to hold on tightly to is the Word of G-d, our faith in G-d, and
each other. Remember Lot's wife (Luke 17:32). Lofs wife was in the safety of G-d's protection. She was
among the remnant of that time being delivered from G-d's judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah. But
her heart wasn't prepared. She longed for her former way of life, rather than being thankful for G-d's
deliverance. She looked back with longing, rather than looking forward with thankfulness. (Genesis
19:25) Saints, don't look back at what America once was. Look forward to what G-d is doing now (lsaiah
43:19) in setting up deliverance for His children that are obedient and who'are listening to His
instruction for what is coming to America. Each of us have a purpose and a place to help and serve
others in the days to come. Go to your Father, and ask Him what is it that He has for you to do to serve
and help others in the perilous days'ahead. Much of our spiritual and physical preparation will be in
obedience to Him to help others.

G-d showed and instructed me to warn His people on our spending and that we are to carefully watch
and be good stewards of our finances, and try to pay off as much debt as possible before chaos comes.
Proverbs 2L:2Q, 'There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man
spendeth it up." G-d did show me that those with debt in the future will be prisoners of their debt
(Proverbs 22:.71. Get out of debt as best you can. Change and teach your children and grandchildren to
change their spending habits. lnterest rates are going to go up, and Americans are not ready to face the

out of control inflation that is coming soon. Debt will mean slavery to the world system in the future. G-
d has shown me that it is very important for all of us to pay off as much of our debt as possible and for
all of us to seek Him in how to become financially wise and to do it NOW.

We are in a time, just like before WWll, when the prophets of G-d watked Europe and warned the Jews
(G-d's chosen people) of Europe to prepare and/or to flee Europe before the coming Holocaust. I
personally have had the privilege many years ago (almost 25 years ago) to meet an older woman whose
Polish Jewish parents, when she was a child, heeded the warnings of one of G-d's prophets walking
Europe, who had come with a warning from G-d to their Polish village. (Zachariah 1:10 - "...These are
they whom the Lord hath sent to walk to and fro through the earth.) I believe G-d has angels as well as
His prophets delivering His warnings to His people. This Polish woman's parents heard the words of
warning from the Lord, through G-d's prophet, and they sold all they had and they came to America to
seek safety, during a time of peace, safety, and financial abundance in Europe. Their wealthy family
opposed them and argued with and criticized them of being fearful, of living in fear, and,being gullible
for believing that G-d would allow such a horror to occur when they were living in such peace, comfort,
and financial prosperity. Her parents were pressured by their parents not to take her and her brother
away from their family in Poland. When the Holocaust actually happened, in spite of all of their efforts
to save their family and to help their family to escape from Europe, their entire family that hadn't
heeded the warning of G-d's unknown prophet all died horrifying deaths in the Polish death camps.
There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this true account. We hear little about G-d's prophets
walking Europe during a time of ease, and peace, and prosperity, warning the Jews of the horrors that
were coming. G-d does nothing without revealing His plan to His prophets. Amos 3:7 says, "surely the
Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets." We hear even less
about the belittlement, mocking, and contempt these prophets of G-d were shown by both Jews and
Christians for their "doom and gloom prophesies and warnings from G-d.' How is that different from the
way most American Christians react today to G-d's prophets warning of the impending judgment frorn
G-d to America? Today American Christians seem to only want to hear from the pulpit or from the
prophets about more blessings, more miracles, more comfortable lifestyles, and more success and
financial prosperity. When warnings from G-d are publically prophesied today in America, those whom
G-d has chosen to use seem too often to become outcasts, viewed as problems, despised, and even
cursed. They are mocked, admonished, and called "fear mongers and judgmental", "prophets of
doom","anti-social", "mentally ill", and "hatefilled". G-dfs obedient prophets are being discredited, and
maligned by the sleeping and apostate American churches, and their pastors, preachers, leaders, and
fellow believers who do not want to hear the truth and the warnings of G-d to repent and draw close to
Him. (Psalms 105:15)True prophets that callthe body of Christ into repentance simply are not received
by the majority of American Christians. Amos 5110 states, 'They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and
they abhor him that speaketh uprightly."

Friends, unless you are 100% sure that G-d is the one who is pressing you to follow anything, don't
follow your fleshly feelings or desires. We are seeing more and more Christians followirrg their own
desires and interests, who have been deceived that it's G-d's will, and not just their own fleshly desire.
Test the spirits as scripture instructs. (l John 4:1) Few of G-d's people in America are using this time as a

time of deep spiritual introspection, allowing and asking the Holy Spirit to inspect us and to ferret out
our hidden sins, so that we might be found without spot or wrinkle. Few in the Body of Messiah are
preparing their hearts and emotions for the judgment of G-d coming soon to America, that His word
tells and teaches us will occur in these last days. Don't be deceived that just because you believe in
Yeshua (Jesus), that you can avoid G-d's judgments on our nation. As believers we are promised that we
will not be judged by G-d on Judgment Day. Do not confuse Judgment Day with G-d's judging America
for its sin. Judgment begins in the house of G-d. (l Peter 4;17)

Few in the body of Messiah are using portions of their finances to invest in helping our brothers and
sisters in Messiah, who are living in the Middle East, and in Africa, who each day are being martyred by
being beheaded; tortured, maimed, murdered, and having their children kidnapped and sold into sexual
slavery because of their commitment and belief and their faith in our awesome G-d, and his only
begotten son Yeshua (Jesus) who died on the cross for our sins. Read Matthew 25:31-46 and see how it
applies to the apathy that American Christians as a whole regard our abused and martyred brothers and
sisters in other countries. G-d is giving a warning to His people in America to not turn a blind eye to
suffering believers in other countries. Help them as you can. G-d sees and gives credit for your prayers
and even small donations to help His children who are being martyred for their faith. Atthis time in
history we are seeing Christian martyrs murdered in masses in other countries as we idly plan our own
agendas. lnstead of our taking up our cross to defend and help them financially or in any way possible,
we are for the most part turning a btind eye and singing, "G-d Bless America." How are we any different
from the Christians in Europe who turned a blind eye to the horrors of what happened to Jews and
others in the Holocaust death camps? How do we account for our extreme pride,'and arrogance in
thinking that the atrocities happening to Christians in other parts of the world, which we put out of our
mind, and refuse to think about, can't happen to American Christians living in the United States? Are we
so blind and naiVe to think that the terror that our brothers and sisters are faced with in other countries
will not come to the United States? We've only seen a taste of terror here in America, which our
brothers and sisters in Messiah in other parts of the world live with on a daily basis. G-d has shown me
that even believers who have heard and heeded G-d's warning will be astonished at the magnitude of
what will happen in America in the days ahead. lt will come quickly to America. Most Americans,
including many, many Christians, will be caught off guard. Soon we will face atrocities and hardships as
never before any of us have seen, except as the spirit as G-d has allowed us to see for the purpose to
warn others. l've seen Christians turn on other Christians because their faith was not rooted in holy
scripture, but was rooted in false doctrine and the "other" Yeshua, (Jesus). (Matthew 7:22-23,11
Corinthians 11:3-5.)

G-d showed me that in the days to come in American churches there will be many false miracles and
false healings that will deceive many. This has actually already started, but it will increase soon at a very
fast and rapid pace. When chaos abounds, people will be looking for miracles, and the enemy will be
waiting and ready to perform false miracles and false healings to deceive many. Many will be deceived
because the miracles from the enemy will be so great. People will chase miracles, great signs and
wonders, rather than chasing G-d and His love and truth. Friends, DO NOT follow any miracles. Follow
only the word of G-d! Test the spirits according to scripture. (l John 4:1) BEWARE! The miracles that will

be in the apostate and sleeping Church will be so amazing that Matthew 24:24 will be manifest in the
apostate churches throughout the United States. The deception will be so great that, "For there shall
arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were
possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Matthew 24:24. We cannot hear His voice, and be fruitful in
His purpose (not our own), when the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the
lusts/desires for other things distract us, and choke out His word, and His truth. (Mark 4:19) BEWAREI

ln closing, this warning from G-d to His American remnant is a strong and hard to write warning. I did
not want to write it. I do not want to share it. But I will be obedient to share it with whom the Lord
shows me to share it. Repent! Repent! Repentl Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!The hand of G-d's judgment
is coming to America and it will affect ALL of us. Be ready, be vigilant. G-d has shown me the mocking,
deluded, and asleep Christians, who accuse the obedient of G-d for preparing their hearts and their
homes for what is ahead, will soon be in terror when G-d's hand of judgment strikes America. lt was
hard to see and hard to hear, as nothing that I saw coming to America will be easy for anyone, not even
His remnant. And yet, I know it will shortly occur. I thank G-d for His loving
is all accurate of what
kindness to sound the alarm and give the warning, so that we can prepare ourselves spiritually first, and
then as he shows us what to do with our households and finances. Look to G-d as your refuge. Be
obedient to Him NOW, before His judgment strikes America. lt's my prayer that each person seek G-d
with an attitude of true and continual repentance like never before. Repent of looking for America to
become great again. Time is short, very short, before our American way of life changes forever. Don't let
it catch you unaware. Desire Him, not the deceitful riches of American life (Remember Lot's wife). Heed
this warning from G-d to get your spiritual, financial, and physical house in order...Humble yourselves,
repent, change your ways to G-d's ways, and prepare for the soon coming judgment of G-d on America.
May G-d's merciful and loving kindness of protection keep you in the shadow of His wing. Amen!

A warning of truth to His American remnant from Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father Our King), in the name of
Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah and our soon coming King of Kings, and Lord of Lords - The Lion of Judah.


December 7,2016

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