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Artifact Documentation

Title of Artifact: _________Multicultural Parent Event_________

NAEYC Standards: This artifact documents my competency in the

following standard(s); key element(s)

Standard 2: Building Family and Community Relationships

Artifact Rationale Statement

1. What is this artifact and what did you do to develop it?

This artifact is a plan for creating a Multicultural Parent Event for a Cuban family
who just moved in my town. To develop this event, I first explained the
circumstances of the family and their uncertainty of sending their preschool-aged
child to school. I then began doing research on the customs of Cuban families as
well as their parenting styles. After the research, I began planning the event
using the knowledge of their culture I learned from my research. I then came up
with a follow-up method to stay in contact with the family and encourage them to
come back. I put together a parent questionnaire for the family to fill out that
gives me vital information about the child as well as the family. Lastly, I created a
flyer to give to the family about the parent event that was both written in English
and in Spanish.

2. How does this artifact demonstrate your growth as a professional and

help you meet the standard?

This artifact demonstrates my growth as a professional because it shows that I

am open to many different types of families and children of different ethnicities,
races, religions, and backgrounds. The multicultural parent event shows I am
welcoming to families and want them to feel a part of their childs education. I
willing as a professional to research and learn the culture of the families and plan
events for them to feel represented.

3. How will you use what you have learned in the future?

I will use what I have learned by planning parent events of all kinds for the future
families I will have in the classroom. I will make sure that I pursue a positive
partnership with each family. It is my understanding that if I do these things, all
three parties: the child, the family, and the teacher, will benefit greatly.