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COE Lesson Plan

Lesson Teacher: Devan Farrar Date: Mar/2/2016

Lesson Grade Level: 3rd Grade Timeframe: 12:00 to 12:40

Content Area: Science Grouping Strategy: Whole Group

Preparing for Lesson Development

1. What does your pre-assessment observation indicate about your
students needs and current performance and educational needs?
The students love animals and also love to read books with animals as the
main characters. The students will love to learn more about animals and the
diferent types of animals that there are.

2. How will you design the lesson to meet the needs of all learners in
your classroom? The students will be working on their own for the quiz
about mammals but the question will be read aloud so that all students know
what they need to be answering. When students are talking with their
partners they will each have a chance to give their opinion on where the
mammal should live.

Lesson Plan Development

Lesson Title: What is a mammal?
Common Core and/or State Standard: SCS 3.3.5 create and use a classification
system to group a variety of plants and animals according to theirs imilarities and
LA.3.R.2. Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they
support the main idea.
LA.3.SL.6. Speak in complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation in order to
provide requested detail or clarification.
Lesson Objective: Students will be Assessment of Learning: Students take a
able to recognize the physical quiz on the clickers about the physical
charateristics of mammals. charateristics of mammals.
Lesson Objective: Students will be Assessment of Learning: Students will be
able to explain what they have learned about
able to explain the habitats that
the habitat of mammals to their partners while
mammals live in.
the teacher walks around listening to students.
Based on the lesson objectives, select an appropriate teaching model
Madeline Hunter
Indian Education For All (IEFA) No Yes. If yes, please describe
Lesson Procedures/Activities Materials Management
Anticipitory Set Computer The students will
The students will watch the video about mammals. Projector sit at their desks Video and quietly watch
the video.
Teacher Input Mammal book The student will
The teacher will then read the book the Eyewtiness Elmo listen to the
book about mammals over the elmo so that the teacher while the
students can see the pictures and know what the book is being
teacher is reading. The teacher will foucs on the read to them. If a
physical charateristics of mammals and the student has a
different habitats of mammals. question they will
raise their hand
and wait to be
called on.
Check for Understanding Clickers The students will
Each student will have their own clicker to take a Computer answer each
short quiz about the video and the book that they Projector question quietly
have just watched and learned. The quiz will be and wait for their
given over the projector so that each student can classmates to be
see the questions. The quiz will have 6 question done before we
that the students have learned the answer about can move to the
while reading and watching. The questions will next question.
manily be about the physical charateristics of
Guided Practice Whitebaord The students will
The teacher will then ask the student to name Markers raise their hands
some animals that are mammals and will write the and wait to be
answers on the board. The teacher will then use called on before
one of those animals as an example and will ask giving an answer.
the students if they know where that mammal The students will
lives. listen while the
teacher is
explaining what
to do next.
Independent Practice List of Mammals The student will
The students will talk to their desk partner about choose one
the mammals that are written on the board and animal at a time
they will decide what type of habitat that mammal to talk about with
lives in. their partner.
Closure "Is a Camel a The students wil
The teacher will read the book "Is a Camel a Mammel?" book listen quielty at
Mammal?" for the students and ask the students if their desks while
they think a camel is a mammal or not before the teacher reads.
reading. If there is time remaining the teacher can
go through the Nation Geographic book about
mammals with the students.

Evidence of Lesson Effectiveness/Student Learning:

Reflection and Recommendations for Next Time:

Attachments, if required.