So our friend and comrade, Johanna, has decided to spread her wings, and it is with tears in our eyes

we see her leave these shores and head for greener grass on the other side of the pond in search of new experiences and opportunities, and probably a completely new set of drinks and friends to share them with. As all of us who have added to this book have some (music) taste we will not remind you to wear flowers in your hair, neither do we really have any good advice to provide, saying that, we have an almost unlimited supply of bad advice and even worse suggestions, and as we all wish to keep our facebook friendship status with you, we decided not to put these in a book.

So we decided to provide you with the drinks recipe book you now hold in your hand, not only because there may come a time when it is vital for you to know what kind of poisons your liver has dutifully endured over the years, but also as these drinks, comments and pictures represent fond memories of good times shared with you. From us all, good luck in the new land, and we'll drop by and say hi whenever we get the chance. London Spring of 2010



Ragnar is the father of a group ‘long drinks’ with male names. The recipe originates from Östersund, where it was named after Anders Ragnar Andersson, who ordered a drink with Absolut Kurant as its base. The bartender mixed it with lemonade and squeezed a wedge of lemon, and nowadays the lemon has been replaced with lime and instead of lemonade fruit soda is now commonly used instead. Throughout time Ragnar has become a Swedish contemporary/modern classic. Further down the line a line of variations have developed, and a new drinks family was born. If you replace the Absolut Kurant with the below ingredients you get the following drinks with new names;

by Elin

• Lennart - Xanté Poire au Cognac • Nisse - Absolut Mandrin • Pekka - Finlandia Cranberry



• 4 - 6 cl Absolut kurant • 1 - 2 cl Lime juice • Fruit soda


The drink is made into a highball glass, filled with ice cubes and filled up with fruit soda. Squeeze a lime wedge and garnish with a few slices in or on the edge of the glass.

Seems like not that long ago, my boyfriend at the time, came home and told me he had met this girl, Johanna, who seemed really cool and he thought we would get on really well due to having lots of things in common. Looking back, that was such a weird thing to do/say, whatever, but it turned out pretty good! Next thing I know, I am meeting up with her, and Tom and Bengt, and I now consider you all really good and close friends of mine. Score! Anyways, I feel really happy and lucky to have met you, and think we DO have a lot of things in common. We now both have beautiful boys in our lives, who are actually learning Swedish and makes us happy, the main thing really. You are an amazing person who know what she wants and how to get it, and get on with things. Ambition and passion is all you need (according to me anyways). I wish you all the best of luck in your adventures overseas, and it’s not goodbye in the bad way, it’s the start of a new era and only means that me (and all your other friends) have an excuse to come to San Fran to see you! Lots of love, hugs, kisses and all that! POK Elin


ClAssiC Mojito CoCktAil
• • • • • •

by Sandra & Matt

2 tsp sugar (white or brown, depending on your preference) A fresh lime chopped into quarters 10-12 fresh mint leaves Crushed ice (put ice in a tea towel and smash it with a rolling pin) 2 measures of rum Soda to top

1. Muddle sugar and limes in a Collins glass or a highball, using the end of a rolling pin to squeeze out the juice and start to dissolve sugar. 2. Add mint and muddle a little more. 3. Fill the glass with crushed or cracked ice. Add the rum and stir the ingredients to equally distribute flavour. 4. Top with soda and a little more crushed ice to garnish.


Loungelover Cocktail Bar

This is Johanna’s favourite cocktail bar in London, easy to see why from the photos - scrumptious surroundings and cocktails to die for. Find it and you can feel like you’re having a drink with her anytime of the year.

Johanna, May your travels always provide you with excitement and allow for the pleasurable findings of new delicious drinks! Remembering old friends and favourites will be easy, it’s at your fingertips. Hugs & Kisses, Sandra & Matt


• • • • • 0.25 oz. Banana Liqueur 0.5 oz. Blue Curacao 1.25 oz. Orange juice 1.25 oz. Pineapple Juice 0.25 oz. Vodka

by Veronica


Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for 3 - 5 seconds. Pour into a highball glass and garnish with something fabulous while wearing a gorgeous outfit and high heels, preferably enjoyed in sunshine.

Dearest Johanna, From drinks in Slottskogen in Gothenburg, crazy Daiquiris in Leipzig, to fancy cocktails in London, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying them all with you. I hope that I soon will be able add a Margarita in the sun, in San Francisco to the list. Whatever adventures you choose to embark on in life, I know in my heart that they will always bring you happiness and success. You are an awesome, totally fabulous person and the bestest of friends one could wish for. I hope that your new life in San Francisco will be even better then you hoped and dreamed for. Love, V


the hUMBle ABsiNthe DACQUARi

by Tom

• Mix 2 parts dacquari to 1 part absinthe. Then put some other stuff in


The humble absinthe dacquari is truly a drink to both Benwash and Tomatise. The drink was first found on the on the bar at the Mauritzbastei in Leipzig shortly after the defeat of Napolean’s army in the famed Battle of the Nations. The inventor has to this day remained one of the greatest mysteries of the Napoleonic Wars, though many point to the last will and testament of the pub’s then janitor, a certain Herr Bengtwurzel who “bequeathed this madness to the nation”. Some state that he was clearly referring to the pub’s toilets which were indeed the most vile in all of Prussia, while others note that Bengtwurzel’s behaviour became more and more erratic around the time that the colourful concoction was first encountered.


The drink is made from dacquari, a particular form of excretion of the lesser uncommon trumpet toad of the upper Thames Valley. Although many believe that the British Empire was forged by sweat, tears and military expansion the stark truth is that the sale of this excretion to every corner of the globe was the true reason for the Empire’s riches up to the early 20th century when successful synthesis by the Germans led to the outbreak of WW1. As desperate nations sort to steal the German’s discovery or kidnap a toad from England the whole of Europe descended into chaos. Only when science advancements in the later part of 1944 led to cheap mass production of dacquari were the countries of Europe able to cease hostilities and work towards a lasting peace.


Indeed a frightening concoction, absinthe is distilled innocence and can thus be obtained from a number of sources, all of which are illegal. Puppies, kittens, sweet little girls dressed in pink. Absinthe is innocence stolen by cruelty. Thus it is the most delicious substance known to man and has many names: “The Great Corrupter”, “Knuckle Dew”, “Finnecky Whistle”, “Paedophiles Crusty Pants” and “The Stuff Under Johanna’s Bed” are some of the street names. It was thought for many years that absinthe was a myth until a mystic known as Tombadunkle was found deep in the Himalayas to be living on nothing more than a sip of absinthe every day, as well as curry and scotch.


Johanna, I thought of this drink for you so if you ever get tired of Margaritas you could give this one a try. It’s super fruity and refreshing, I think it will be perfect for hot summer afternoons in San Francisco. It has been fun living with you even though it has been a short time and i am sorry to see you go. I wish you the best luck in San Fran and don’t forget we are going to come over and visit you for that road trip! Who knows maybe by that time I would have learnt even more Swedish to pronounce badly to you :) Emma xxx

by Emma

Here is the recipe:
• • • • • • •

OK so you put the sugar, brandy and grape juice in the jug and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the ice to the jug or save it for individual glasses whatever you prefer. Pour in the cava and add the sliced strawberries and mint leaves, give it a quick stir and drink in the sunshine.

1 bottle cava, chilled 1/4 cup red grape juice 2 tablespoons brandy 2 tablespoons brown sugar Ice cubes, for serving 1/2 cup sliced strawberries 8 mint leaves


WARNiNG too MUCh of this DRiNk CAN leAD to piCtURes like this...


BeNGt AND toMs Whiskey AND Coke pAGe
Whisky and Coke
• 1 part Whisky • 4 parts Coke • 1 part Whisky • 2 parts Coke

Whisky and Coke for Benwashing and Tomatising

For the untrained bartender this recipe may seem simple and hardly worth writing down, but as somewhat of an expert on the subject we know that this is not true, and that the skill required to successfully make a Wisky and Coke is hard gained and almost impossible to find at a bar.

Whisky not Whiskey

This drink is made with Whisky not Whiskey, and we expect all our readers to know that Whisky is the correct spelling of Scottish Whisky, the wounderful liquid produced in, well, Scotland. Whiskey, produced in alien countries such as Germany, India, Japan and United States of America is a young drink with little to no cultural inheritance, has neither started nor ended wars and is but a whimsical copy of the original, like comparing General Patton to Paris Hilton really.

Next we have which whisky to use. There are a multitude of choices: blended or single malt, smoky or pale, distilled using barley or wood, port cask, sherry cask, single cask, cask strength, spam filtered, the options are endless, and endless resources have gone into finding the perfect Whisky to match with coke. In the end it was found by B&T laboratories in Swizerland that a cheap blended whisky is the ultimate match, a rotation between Bells, J&B and Teacher provides a good basis and allows you to transcend the seasons with style and flare. Spam filtered was never tested because there is no thing as spam filtered whisky and if there would be such a thing it would be called Whiskey ... or possibly a bad idea.


There is only one coke for this drink, Coca Cola by the Coca Cola corporation, capitalism’s favorite prince.

Ice cubes

It is inadvisable to use standard ice cubes made from water, as it may be construed as an attempt to water your drink. Attempting this will lead to you, the drinker, being forced to leave the pub/club/party in disgrace.

There are few ways of cooling this drink with style; one options however is to prepare a second whisky and coke a few hours earlier then freeze it in a standard ice cube tray, this will allow optimum mixture balance while the ice melts. This will however require some rather unusual kitchen equipment such as the ever so appreciated CSZ Biostore 1400 industrial lab freezer set to -45C.

Lemon or Lime

This is a drink not a salad.


If you have followed the instructions correctly you now have an empty glass and two liquids. If you cannot work out the final step yourself then you should probably not have another drink.


jApANese CheRRy BlossoM MARGARitA

This little treasure features Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Tequila, whose prickly pear infusion adds a great contrast to the cherry syrup and compliments the sake beautifully. Not the best frozen Margarita, the Japanese Cherry Blossom is best served on the rocks or straight up wearing a kimono and slinging a samurai sword *Kill Bill Style* This cocktail calls for Blood on the walls!!

by Michael

• • • • • • •

1 1/2 oz Voodoo Tiki Desert Rose Tequila 2 oz sake 1 oz cherry syrup 1 oz sour mix 1 oz lemon juice (approx. 1 lemon) sugar for rimming cherry and lemon twist for garnish


1. Rim a chilled margarita glass with sugar. 2. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. 3. Shake well. 4. Strain into the prepared glass. 5. Garnish with a cherry and lemon twist.

May your travels abroad bring new and old faces into your life. Let the best of the past be the worst of the future to come. No doubt we’ll meet again, so this is goodbye for now!! Michael



by Vlad & Simona

Dear Johanna - this is how to make a Canadian Rusty Nail Fill a tall glass with ice 50ml (2oz) of Canadian Club Whiskey 25ml (1oz) of Drambuie 50ml (2oz) or to taste of Canada Dry Ginger Ale Lemon twist peel with all the white stuff scraped off the inside (the white stuff makes it bitter) • Rub the rim of the glass with the lemon peel and garnish the drink • • • • •

Voila! A Rusty Nail with a Canadian twist. Follow it with a tall stack of pancakes drowned in maple syrup. It’s not too far from California to Canada, so go spread the gospel and introduce this made up drink to all North Americans on the West Coast!

We’ll miss you, but you gotta follow the dream, even if it is an American one. Have a great time - much success, much joy, much drinking, much fun, much dancing, much laughing, much much much, stay in touch. xo Vlad (who is Canadian) & Simona (who is not Canadian)


Whiskey AND Coke
Slub Aussie Style
Can of premixed whiskey and coke

by Caz & Jan


1. Go to the Bottle-o (Off License) and get a can of premixed whiskey and coke.


UK/US Style
• Bottle of whiskey (To avoid getting yelled at by a Scottish person, try to buy a decent brand “Who brought this vinegar in to ma hoose?”) • Coca Cola (don’t “poison” whiskey with Coke in case any Scottish people are around) • Heavy tumbler


1. Take out a glass. If you’d like ice, put some ice in the glass. 2. Open your whiskey bottle and pour 1 shot glass



worth in the glass. For exact measurements, use a shot glass to measure. Once you have the hang of it you can pour the whiskey into the glass and eye up the measurement 3. Open a can of coke and pour it into the glass. 4. When you pour it in the glass, the coke will mix up with the whiskey. You can stir it up to get a more even flavor. But if you like it to have a strong finish, don’t stir it when you pour the coke in.

Top Tips

• If you go to someone’s house and they already have some whiskey, can you can save
yourself a lot of money

• As the famous saying goes, “When the sun is past the yardstick, its time for a whiskey” •
translation, midday and lunchbreaks is an acceptable time to start drinking whiskey (and Coke) Lose weight with whiskey - Whiskey is famous for burning holes in stomachs, together with Coke which is famous for being able to dissolve teeth. Watch the kilos fall off, or fall out.


• • • •


1.0 shot Tia Maria 1.0 shot Vodka 0.5 shot Guinness Coke and ice

iRish BlACk RUssiAN by Jon

Pour vodka shot, Tia Maria shot over a half-pint glass of ice. Fill almost to the top with coke, top off with half a shot of Guinness head - stir - drink and enjoy!

Johanna. Without you around, Archway drinking just won’t be the same any more. Instead, it will be a sad and lonely affair! Take care and have a wonderful time, all of the time. Jon

DoUBle hAppiNess
(serves 6) • • • • • •


by Verity

120g caster sugar 20 lychees, peeled, seeded 4 mandarins, roughly chopped with skin on, seeded 125ml (1/2 cup) freshly squeezed lemon juice, chilled 360ml vodka, chilled Crushed ice, to serve


Place sugar in a bowl, add 125ml (1/2 cup) boiling water and stir to dissolve sugar. Add lychees and mandarins, and leave to cool. Using a muddling stick or wooden spoon, crush fruit slightly, stir in lemon juice, then divide among 6 tall glasses. Pour 60ml vodka into each glass, stir, then fill with crushed ice and serve.


DoN’t foRGet Us!


(AND yes! We Will CoMe AND visit!)