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Issue: Q10522
Supercedes: M10325

8835 vs 9000 Arc Spray System Comparison

Listed below are comparisons of some of the basic system components of the Praxair and
TAFA Models 8835 and 9000 Arc Spray Systems. This is not an exhaustive list, as each unit
has different construction and features for the markets they were intended for. Common items
that both units share are the actual spray nozzle hardware including: Nozzle Caps, Nozzle
Positioners, and Contact Tips. For more specific information, please consult Praxair and TAFA
Bulletins (8835) and (9000).

MODEL 8835: MODEL 9000:


1. D.C. Motor Driven 1. D.C. Motor driven

2. Wormshaft/Gear Drive 2. 2 Stage Orbital drive
3. Dual Wire Tension Levers 3. Single Tension Knob
4. Separate On/Off Switches 4. 2 Stage Air/Current/Wire Feed Trigger
5. Machined Aluminum Housing 5. Injection Molded Housings

6. ArcJet Optional 6. ArcJet Built In
7. Weighs Approx. 10 lbs 7. Weighs Approx. 4.5 lbs


1. Relay Based Wiring 1. PLC Based Electronics

2. Steel Console Shell 2. Injection Molded Plastic Shell
3. Analog Gauges 3. Analog or Digital Gauges
4. Separate Motor Control Box 4. D.C. Motor Controller
5. Threaded Fittings for Hoses 5. Quick Disconnects for Hoses & Cables
6. Pneumatic Autofeed Option 6. Electric Autofeed Option
7. Auto Control Module Option 7. Auto/Manual/Remote Control Included
8. Additional Wire Reel Holders Available 8. 1 Pair of Wire Reel Holders

1. 200 or 350 Amp Units Available 1. 400 Amp Unit
2. Voltage Crank on Power Supply 2. Voltage Knob on Console
3. Volt & Amp Gauges on Unit 3. Volt & Amp Gauges on Console
4. 50 or 60 Hz Available 4. Universal Voltage 50/60 Hz

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