Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 62nd Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-Camera Series The Big Bang Theory • The Gothowitz Deviation • The Adhesive Duck Deficiency • CBS • Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television John Shaffner, Production Designer Ann Shea, Set Decorator Hell's Kitchen • Episode 615 • FOX • ITV Studios in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions John Janavs, Production Designer Robert Frye, Art Director Stephen Paul Fackrell, Set Decorator How I Met Your Mother • Duel Citizenship • Of Course • Hooked • CBS • Twentieth Century Fox Television Stephan G. Olson, Production Designer Susan Eschelbach, Set Decorator The New Adventures Of Old Christine • Subway, Somehow • Revenge Makeover • Sweet Charity • CBS • Kari's Logo Here in association with Warner Bros. Television Cabot McMullen, Production Designer Amy Feldman, Set Decorator Rules Of Engagement • 3rd Wheel • Ghost Story • Atlantic City • CBS • Happy Madison Productions and CBS Television Studios Bernard Vyzga, Production Designer Jerie Kelter, Set Decorator Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series Glee • Pilot - Director's Cut • FOX • A Ryan Murphy TV Production in association with 20th Century Fox TV Mark Hutman, Production Designer Christopher Brown, Art Director Barbara Munch, Set Decorator Heroes • Brave New World • NBC • Universal Media Studios in association with Tailwind Productions Ruth Ammon, Production Designer Sandy Getzler, Art Director Ron Franco, Set Decorator

Lost • Ab Aeterno • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios Zack Grobler, Production Designer Matthew Jacobs, Art Director Carol Bayne Kelley, Set Decorator Modern Family • Moon Landing • Fears • ABC • Twentieth Century Fox Television Richard Berg, Production Designer Amber Marie-Angelique Haley, Set Decorator True Blood • Never Let Me Go • I Will Rise Up • Frenzy • HBO • Your Face Goes Here Entertainment in association with HBO Entertainment Suzuki Ingerslev, Production Designer Cat Smith, Art Director Laura Richarz, Set Decorator The Tudors • Episode #407 • Episode #408 • Showtime • Showtime Presents in association with Peace Arch Entertainment and Take 5 Productions Tom Conroy, Production Designer Colman Corish, Art Director Crispian Sallis, Set Decorator Outstanding Art Direction For A Miniseries Or Movie Georgia O'Keeffe • Lifetime • Sony Pictures Television for Lifetime Television Stephen Altman, Production Designer John Bucklin, Supervising Art Director Helen Britten, Set Decorator The Pacific • HBO • Playtone and Dreamworks in association with HBO Miniseries Anthony Pratt, Production Designer Dominic Hyman, Supervising Art Director Richard Hobbs, Supervising Art Director Scott Bird, Art Director Jim Millet, Ship & Plane Art Director Rolland Pike, Set Decorator Military Lisa Thompson, Set Decorator Return To Cranford (Masterpiece) • PBS • BBC/WGBH in association with Chestermead Donal Woods, Production Designer Mark Kebby, Art Director Trisha Edwards, Set Decorator Temple Grandin • HBO • A Ruby Films, Gerson Saines Production in association with HBO Films

Richard Hoover, Production Designer Meghan C. Rogers, Art Director Gabriella Villarreal, SDSA, Set Decorator You Don't Know Jack • HBO • Bee Holder, Cine Mosaic and Levinson/Fontana Productions in association with HBO Films Mark Ricker, Production Designer Amy Fritz, Art Director Rena DeAngelo, Set Decorator Outstanding Art Direction For Variety, Music Or Nonfiction Programming 82nd Annual Academy Awards • ABC • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences David Rockwell, Production Designer Joe Celli, Art Director American Idol • Idol Gives Back • FOX • FremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd. James Yarnell, Production Designer Gregg Rainwater, Art Director David Edwards, Art Director Saturday Night Live • Host: James Franco • Host: Jon Hamm • Host: Betty White • NBC • SNL Studios in association with NBC Studios and Broadway Video Eugene Lee, Production Designer Akira Yoshimura, Production Designer Keith Ian Raywood, Production Designer N. Joseph DeTullio, Art Director The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien • Episode #1.1 • NBC • Conaco & NBC Universal John Shaffner, Production Designer Joe Stewart, Production Designer Christopher Goumas, Art Director 63rd Annual Tony Awards • CBS • White Cherry Entertainment Steve Bass, Production Designer Seth Easter, Art Director The Who Super Bowl Halftime Show • CBS • NFL Network Bruce Rodgers, Production Designer Sean Dougall, Art Director Mai Sakai, Art Director