The US is surely one hell of a mad kind of fighting nation.

The country is being urged to keep fighting right now and also to keep fighting for the hell that it so richly deserves tomorrow. Just over a year ago, politicians were warning that reckless US government spending might very soon bring about a doomsday situation for a country that was so determined to keep fighting. Using the power of imagination or perhaps the power of lies, it was possibly fighting to prove that the thing called gravity was nothing but merely an illusion of the human senses. Actually the country is only fighting its vast hoard of inner demons and absolutely nothing else. As such, the entire nation has become totaly blind to the impending disaster or the final future great tragedy. The US is now plodding along barely able to keep its balance as a result of having to carry on its back a crushing debt problem. Inevitably, this debt problem will become so heavy or so large that it will have no choice but to topple over. In early 2009, its leader, the great Obama laughed publicly during a TV interview when asked about the US debt problem. He then went on to talk about the need to spend taxpayers' money to save US banks and insurance companies. His message was that shouldering a massive debt problem was better than seeing those US financial speculators go bust. But the money that went to the banks and insurance companies was much less than what went into another big hole. This hole swallows about a trillion dollars annually. Even the expenses of that very notorious organisation called the CIA are nowhere as large. As a result, the US military and the US Pentagon are always able to keep fighting to their hearts' content. However, the money to enable these people to keep fighting to their hearts' content has to come from US borrowings from abroad. Borrowing heavily from abroad, the US is now finding that it has to balance a big burden on its back. So now it is fighting to keep its balance. The banks and insurance companies are not a problem anymore. The current problem is the US military's growing hunger for trillions of dollars. This hunger has the US national debt ballooning to nearly 100% of its GDP. But just for how long can the US continue to stay upright on its feet in order to placate the military ? The US owes several trillions of dollars to foreign lenders and has to clear some debts from time to time apart from the usual doling out of interest payments. The usual way to take care of such payments was to issue new bills to bring in more dollars from abroad. But under Obama, the US has been selling too many bills, up to four times more than previously sold by other US leaders. Added to this reckless waste is the abject failure by Obama to keep his administrations's expenses under control. Obama is one leader who is aware that he has to spend in order to keep people happy. Mainly the people who are in his cabinet

as well as those who are inside the US Pentagon. Obama has chalked up a deficit of about 1.5 trillion for this year and a big chunk of it was earmarked for the US military. Next year the deficit is expected to again surpass at least one trillion what with a new commander in Afghanistan who would now want to ask for even more troops and weapons despite the fact that the war there is totally unwinnable. As a result of Obama's reckless desire to keep the US military happy by feeding it trillions of borrowed money, the US has to pile up bigger and bigger debt. Foreign lenders are becoming wary of the situation. No country has any hope of unloading such huge amounts of debt when its future has nothing to offer but even larger debts. Thus the US has no other way out but to eventually default on debt repayments. Obama clearly lacks the ability and courage to tackle the huge US debt problem. All he is capable of doing now is to keep on dishing out big or fanciful words and phrases like 'keep fighting' and 'we're moving again' or 'we're moving forward'. Quite a lot of hot air. Fighting and moving how ? The US military is planning a fresh round of military exercises in the Far East this month which could unnerve many people especially those who normally buy lots of US bills. They might soon start losing their appetite for buying more Treasury bills. The reckless nature of the US military in wanting to take stupid risks to provoke other people could have devastating effects on the future ability of the US to harvest further cash from foreign lenders. Obama has no solution at all to this very vexing issue. In any case, the foreign buyers of US bills could by now feel tired of holding potentially worthless notes and they might decline to purchase any more bills. It might be much better for them to buy mining companies or precious metals instead. (It is better to start buying gold today instead of more US Treasury bills as US recklessness could possibly result in the value of the bills disappearing in a puff of smoke upon the conclusion of the next US presidential election in 2012). This could very well mean that by 2013, the US might find it difficult to pay salaries and utility bills incurred by the US government. There could be unrests and even street havoc. Obama might have to start pawning his trousers to get money or he might have to start a new war in the Far East out of desperation or an urgent need to employ blackmail against other people. Both actions will not save the US and so the conclusion is very stunningly clear. The US will have to default on its debts by 2012 or perhaps 2013. All the stock markets will collapse and then the US economy will go into a downward spiral from which there is no recovery. Mass poverty and severe social chaos will rule the land and the US military will become sorely tempted by an irresistible desire to initiate WW3. But is Obama fully awake to such dire consequences ? No. He is still busily romping here and there in his own never-never land.

Obama could turn out to be the worst US leader in history and he is surely leading the US down the road to fiscal perdition. The escape route is closing very rapidly with each passing day and within as quick as two years'time it will be game over for the US. Sadly, Obama and his sidekicks are still hurling threats, insults and other forms of terrible verbal abuse at the rest of the world instead of searching for answers to all the problems that they have created for themselves. There is no way out for the US. Soon, other people will refuse to lend it any more money and total collapse of the US will result. All because of a leader who could only be described as being at the wrong place at the wrong time plus a military which regards the world as a very huge and boundless playground for its reckless fantasies.


eep fighting please.

The rest of the world beware !!!