motor activities. 2 Ident ify the parts of your body in the practice of using physical activity as a whole . 1 and 2 Identify and use basic spatial concepts of location when moving, trave l and leisure activities. Known notion of the body as a whole INDICATORS OF ACHIEVEMENT 1 Notes and mentions the body segments. 2 Notes and me ntions the body segments of his companion. SCHEDULE 123456789111 012 XXX E V A L U xxx DOMAIN BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION Spatial orientation: near, far, up, down, inside, outside, around It is located in space in correspondence to people and objects. 1 and 2 Scroll t hrough simple and complex trajectories. XXXXX A C xxxxx I O N XXX XXX xxx COEXISTENCE AND INTERACTION SOCIOMOTRIZ 1 and 2 Recognize and identify games from the environment, participating and res pecting their peers. 1 Take care of your body and others. 1 º and 2 º participat es actively and spontaneously in movement tasks. Traditional games of their community Join and enjoy the games. Respect the rules. It is integrated in the activities with respect for others. Attitudinal 1 º y2 º enjoys playing the game. Diversified CAPACITY BUILDING 1 AND 2nd. CAPAC ITY BUILDING OF PRIMARY DIVERSIFIED 3rd grade ORGANIZERS OF THE UNDERSTANDING AN D DEVELOPMENT AND HEALTH CORPOREIDAD recognized ability and experience areas of the body flexion, extension and rotation. Location KNOWLEDGE major muscles and j oints. INDICATORS OF ACHIEVEMENT knows his body parts to perform the heating. Id entifies flexion and extension. SCHEDULE 123456789111 012 VAL DOMAIN xxx XXX E B ODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION Identifies coexistence and interaction SOCIOMOTRIZ h andedness on movement, jumping, throwing and turning. Proposes and play simple g ames with their peers with their respective physical activities Rate as a source of personal enjoyment and a half for your health. Gross motor skills: running, jumping, throwing, climbing. Recognizes handedness when moving. U XXXXX xxxxx Si mple rules of play. Participate in the development of games. Respect the simple rules of play. C XXXI XXXII xxxo Attitudinal CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT DIVERSIFIED 4th grade ORGANIZERS UNDERSTANDING AND DEVELOPM ENT OF SKILLS AND HEALTH CORPOREIDAD describes his body and used in physical act

ivities more complex and varied. Known notion of main body functions during phys ical activity. SCHEDULE OF ACHIEVEMENT INDICATORS 123456789111 012 VAL DOMAIN xx x XXX E BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION recognize and practice various kinds of mov ements, using different directions and levels. Interact with others using their motor skills in various games. Enjoy physical activities and as a means to prote ct your health. The types of movements. Identify the different types of movement s. Correctly reproduces the circuit. Pre-sports games: mini basketball, mini foo tball. Basic Gymnastics develops their motor skills through games. U XXXXX xxxxx xxxo C XXXI XXXII COEXISTENCE AND INTERACTION SOCIOMOTRIZ Attitudinal Participate in games by avoiding any form of discrimination. CAPACITY DEVELOPMEN T DIVERSIFIED 5th grade ORGANIZERS UNDERSTANDING AND DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS AND H EALTH CORPOREIDAD Explore bodily arousal activities. Recognizes and develops glo bally their physical abilities more complex activities, taking precautions to av oid accidents. Identify and practice different types of runs and jumps in basic athletic activities. KNOWLEDGE main bodily functions: circulation, respiration a nd locomotion. The basic physical skills: strength, speed, flexibility and endur ance in various physical activities. Athletic activities: insights on racing and jumps. SCHEDULE OF ACHIEVEMENT INDICATORS 123456789111 012 DOMAIN BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION Attitudinal SOCIOMOTRIZ coexistence and interaction CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT DIVERSIFIED 6th grade ORGANIZERS OF THE UNDERSTANDING AND D EVELOPMENT AND HEALTH DOMAIN CORPOREIDAD BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION Attitudina l coexistence and interaction SOCIOMOTRIZ KNOWLEDGE SKILLS ACHIEVEMENT INDICATOR S 123 456 789 111 012 SCHEDULE ORGANIZERS DIVERSIFIED DEVELOPMENT OF UNDERSTANDING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND H EALTH DOMAIN CORPOREIDAD BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION COEXISTENCE AND INTERACTIO N CAPABILITIES SOCIOMOTRIZ KNOWLEDGE OF PRIMARY GRADE ACHIEVEMENT INDICATORS 123456789111 012 SCHEDULE Attitudinal 2009 ANNUAL PROGRAM I. General Information 1.1. RBEC: REGIONAL ADDRESS EDUCATION OF CALLAO 1.2. I.e. 1.3. DIRECTOR 1.4. AREA::: Dos de Mayo Rosa Sarmiento Levano Physical Education 1 and 2 AB 2 Luis A. Weekly Hours Granados Abad 1.5. GRADE AND SECTION: 1.6. N º OF HOURS 1.7. PROFESSOR II. Organizers: UNDERST ANDING AND DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH AND CORPOREIDAD FUNCTIONAL PROCESSES :: DOMAIN BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION COEXISTENCE AND INTERACTION SOCIOMOTRIZ PROCESS OF THINKING SOCIALIZATION PROCESSES

- - Development of physical abilities. Improvement of motor actions or sports physic al. Regulate the effort according to their capabilities. Intellectual conditions conducive to learning. It is aimed at acquiring, develop ing and improving the quality of movements. Body Image, temporo spaces. Psycholo gical - - - - Attitudes Rules of Conduct. Principles. Values. Relationships, socially interact and insert. Social Biological III. Curriculum axes: Learn to be AXES Learn to live together Learn to learn Learn to IV. Cross Cuttin g Themes: INCLUDES Transcendence, identity, autonomy. Coexistence, citizenship, environmen tal awareness. Lifelong Learning and Culture enterprising and productive self. Education for coexistence, peace and citizenship. Education or training in v alues and identity ethics Regional and Local. Education for risk management an d environmental awareness. V. Grounds Area: Physical Education is recognized as a learning process aimed at developing skill s and knowledge on the motor and physical development, also contributes to the a ssessment and awareness that the deployment of their potential contribution to t he enjoyment of movement, to expression and Communication through body and movem ent, health care, to improve the quality of life and better social interaction. Physical Education takes a holistic view of the person as a "unit" that thinks, feels and acts simultaneously and in continuous interaction with the environment , developing all its dimensions: biological, psychological, emotional and social . In the area of Physical Education will consider two main themes: the body (BOD Y) and its capacity for action and expression (MOV), from which organizes educat ional activities generating body learning. VI. Values and Attitudes: Values Responsibility Respect Peace laborious is respo nsible for himself and other observable behaviors VII. Scheduling : I II III QUARTER HOME TERM HOURS PER WEEK No. 2 2 2

TOTAL HOURS VIII. Methodological Strategies

Direct command style indirect inclusion Command Task Assignment Discovery guided exploration Free Troubleshooting Task Dissonant Playful movement. IX. Poster Basic Contents: SCHEDULE LEARNING SKILLS UNIT ORGANIZERS I II III Understanding of their identity, body image and health, and improve NAME OF UNIT UNDERSTANDING AND DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH AND CORPOREIDAD fitness independently using aerobic and anaerobic procedimient you to exercise a nd safety by assessing the health and care of his person as a factor contributin g to their welfare. NAME OF UNIT NAME OF UNIT SCHEDULE LEARNING SKILLS UNIT ORGANIZERS I II III DOMAIN BODY AND CREATIVE EXPRESSION Create, solve and evaluate various kinds of driving situations, and used with pr ecision and economy of effort, specific motor skills in the practice of recreati on, sports, rhythmic expression, proposed rules, strategies and procedures, and respecting the differences in their actions and cultural traditions of Peru. NAME OF UNIT NAME OF UNIT NAME OF UNIT SCHEDULE LEARNING SKILLS UNIT ORGANIZERS I

II III Coexistence and interaction SOCIOMOTRIZ Interact assertively with others and participates with autonomy and responsibili ty for planning, organization and practice of leisure activities, sports, tradit ional games valuing different contexts, the rules of coexistence, as well as the care and conservation of natural environments. NAME OF UNIT NAME OF UNIT NAME OF UNIT X. Assessment: ° Hetero assessment · Self assessment · Co assessment Ongoing assessment: Home - Process - Final. Instruments: Sheet comprehensive psy chomotor battery and records. XI. Resources Staffs Infrastructure Footballs,€basketball and volleyball. Mats Rings Ropes

Small balls XII. Bibliography MONTONS, Muska 1988 Principles of Physical Educa tion Teaching. Spain, Editorial Panamericana Devis, José 1996 Sport and Physical Education curriculum, Madrid, Editorial Viewer MONEREO, Carlos and other teachi ng and learning strategies. Teacher Development and application to the school Ed itorial Viewer Callao March 2009. --------------------------------- TEACHER COURSE ---------------------------------- SUBDIRECTORATE LEARNING UNITS No .... I. INFORMATIVE DATA CYCLE DEGREES: SECTIONS: LONG TEACHER: II. JUSTIFICATION: THIS ALSO MAKES WILLIAMS AND EXACTLY PROFE Q ES LO Q VA EN LA JUSTIFICATION III.TEMA CROSS: IV.DESARROLLO