"PRESENTS M. IN C. ULYSSES GREORIO HERNANDEZ. 3 ° A TEACHER KEY: 15DTV0118W. SECTOR 03, AREA 23 G CONTENT PRESENTATION OBJECTIVES GOALS PURPOSE EDUCATION ADMINISTRATIVE AREA AREA AREA AR EA COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES SOCIAL SUPPORT, MONITORING AND EVALUATION ACTIVITIES CALENDAR PRESENTATION The Pedagogical Technical Committee Work Plan presented by reference to: the PET E and PAT in order to overcome the problems identified in the Institutional Asse ssment of the school year past and the initial diagnosis made at the beginning o f the cycle in each group by the analysis presented by the school management. Th e Roadmap is the product of individual and analysis of the teachers felt that es tablishes goals, strategies and activities for teachers to meet the objectives a nd goals. The performance indicators and school coverage rates present impasse s eeing this reflected in the previous five school years, trends are not encouragi ng, another aspect is the presenting organization and administration mechanisms must be anchored to more efficient processes. As teachers we need and we intend to acquire and consolidate new educational commitments to ensure that learners a re able to solve the problems they face in their daily lives. It is necessary to promote the five life skills in our students, teachers have the firm intention to prepare better to deal with the concerns of students and their educational ne eds, as we are required by the RES by developing our professional skills , while support staff will get a foothold to help in the administration and school orga nization seeking a suitable working environment, with harmony, responsibility an d respect. All this is embodied in the PETE campus with the PAT which were devel oped in college with the support of the Department of Tele. PURPOSE The work plan allows us to guide and implement our school activities undertaken during the current school year, which are aimed at continuous improvement of edu cational work aimed at our student population. The overall purpose is to efficie ntly meet the pedagogical processes arising from the RES, consolidating coverage rates and performance on our campus for the 2008-2009 school year. The support is found in bibliographic sources that the legal framework gives us: • • • • • • • Guidelines for school quality. Documents and guidelines of the PAT PETE RES W orking Plan DESySA. Departmental Annual Plan. Annual Plan and Sector Supervision . OBJECTIVES • • • • • • • • Educational guidance to the RES. Raising rates of return and school coverage. Co nsolidating five tips for teaching in secondary school: which includes the RES. That the Technical Advisory Council meets school specific pedagogical problems. Streamline procedures for planning and evaluation of school activities. To evalu ate the performance of the group of stock through the period of management and i ndividual teachers on how to establish mechanisms to integrate the school to the community and its participation community culture. Enhance the training course on campus. GOALS Raise the average achievement. Addressing the level of achievement in some subje cts who show serious detriment. To guide teachers to reduce the number of failin g. Guide teachers to reduce student dropout. Planning to operationalize the Scho

ol by providing every member of the workplace of the documents produced in this area in electronic filing. Designing the campus community and the municipality . Strengthen the spaces made to update the teacher. EDUCATION AREA OBJECTIVE To provide quality education to the students of our school during the school year which is reflected in coverage rates and school performance. STRATEG Y promote the work in parallel based on the exchange of successful experiences, META Reduce the negative trend in the educational levels of stock. GENERIC ACTIO NS • Directing work to increase educational achievement rates and school coverag e. • Promote the academic level of the students of that institution for a harmon ious environment within and outside the classroom with the domain of shared valu es.€• Promote the relevance of learning in the student's life. • Establish relat ionships and agreements between managers and professionals in the socialization of the RES and in complementary activities to it. • Encourage staff in their ong oing professional development. • Encourage staff participation in administrative and teaching career. • Strive to Technical School Council meets specific pedago gical problems. • Implementation of "Formative Journey." • Encourage Pedagogical Technical briefings with parents. ACTION LINK, HINGE AND ALIGNMENT. Set as new academic record format version 7.0 Beta Master Control to allow viewing the sour ce of the classification of each students by establishing parameters to consider, while asking teachers to optimi ze educational purposes and approaches of each subject, ultimately encouraging t he teacher to constantly update the RES. ORGANISATIONAL AREA OBJECTIVE To consolidate the work project parallel to PETE AND PAT. STRATEGY Con solidation Technical School Teaching Council with college work and quality leade rship. Goal oriented administrative and educational processes and responsibiliti es and commissions argue with sustainability criteria. GENERIC ACTIONS • • • Str engthen the procedures for planning and evaluation of school activities. Strengt hen the procedures for planning and evaluation of school activities. Promoting I nnovation in the forms of social participation. ACTION LINK, HINGE AND ALIGNMENT. • • • Planning and evaluation in the education al field. Improve ways of communication, interaction and values of the school co mmunity and campus staff. Encourage forms of staff participation in educational matters. ADMINISTRATIVE AREA OBJECTIVE efficient delivery and production of documents relating to the control school (statistics and ballots), get 100% in use of time stipulated in the scho ol calendar. STRATEGY Establish the review process on ways of managing informati on from the school and students. META Strengthen communication channels and the allocation of staff responsibilities. GENERIC ACTIONS. • • • To promote the acco untability of each member of the CTE. Encourage the establishment of procedures to evaluate the performance of staff. To promote the simplification of administr ative processes and school planning. ACTION LINK, HINGE AND ALIGNMENT. • • To strengthen collegial work. Optimize the work of staff through continued use of technology and programs that help to sim plify the various processes. AREA COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL PARTICIPATION OBJECTIVE To strengthen the image of the school and promote the new approach to the methodology Tele RES. Spread STRATEGY activities school-community linkages t hrough the website and blog and work in cyber-exchange groups. META encourage th e participation of parents in educational, cultural and management. GENERIC ACTI ONS • • • Establish mechanisms on how to integrate the school community and its

participation community culture. Promote the integration and operation of school council for social participation. Present the results of the actions of school community links. ACTION LINK, HINGE AND ALIGNMENT. • • • • Involving Pad Soc. Fam Analysis of soc iological factors that influence school failure. Analysis of school management. Construction of workshops on the problems identified. SUPPORT STRATEGY, MONITORING AND EVALUATION. It is proposed to implement a series of strategies to assess the achievements of the workplace and identify obstacles and redirect projects for which there will be two spaces parallel to the ETSC which are: Formative Trip and Workshop on th e RES. These meetings are constituted as "Workshop update or space" in which all members participate in the workplace under the responsibility of the building p rincipal of this workshop are expected as a major product, the reflection in the academic progress of the school community . SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES The set of activities selected schedule is specified in t he following documents: 1. School Planning 118-2008-2009 2. PETE 2008-2009