Macrobiotic Diet MONDAY Breakfast: Coffee with saccharin (milk with coffee, skim milk) Lunch: Two hard

-boiled eggs with Swiss chard and spinach cooked with garl ic and refried beans (the amount you want) Dinner: One or two steak grilled beef salad lettuce, tomato, tablespoon oil, vinegar and salt. TUESDAY Breakfast: Cof fee with saccharin Food: A great steak grilled with lettuce, oil and lemon (frui t, you want) Dinner: ham (the one you want) and sugarless yogurt. WEDNESDAY Brea kfast: Coffee with saccharin and a rusk Lunch: Two hard boiled eggs, green beans , (the preference), tomato and fruit (you want) Dinner: ham and tomato salad, le ttuce and a spoonful of oil vinegar. THURSDAY Breakfast: Coffee with saccharin a nd a rusk Food: A hard-boiled egg, carrots and refried beans cooked with garlic and 200 gr. gruyere cheese. Dinner: fruit salad (the one you want) and sugarless yogurt. FRIDAY Breakfast: a bowl of grated carrots with lemon. Lunch: A large w hite fish grilled and raw tomatoes (the amount you want) Dinner: A large beef st eak and salad, grilled tomato, lettuce and a spoonful of olive oil, salt and vin egar. SATURDAY Breakfast: Coffee with saccharin and a rusk Lunch: Grilled Chicke n with raw tomatoes (whatever you want) Dinner: Two eggs and a plate of shredded carrots SUNDAY Breakfast: Tea with saccharin. Lunch: A big steak on the grill a nd fruit (you want) Dinner: Free, you can eat whatever you want, but in moderati on. These arrangements can be made for 13 consecutive days, which can lose 6-8 k ilos. The fourteenth eat normally, the system changes the metabolism of between 3-4 years. You have to drink an average of 2 pints a day, however can only be co ffee and skimmed milk at any time of day. It is worth noting the weight on the f irst day, the seventh and fourteenth, to see the results. Is published by the Mi nistry of Health, under the title: "encourage and lose weight!"