Release 2009 Programming Saint-Laurent-de-l tanks Channel (50) May 29.30.

31 RATES (excluding rental) Until 24 May 27 (day) 57 (3 days package) (3 days package) From 25 May and up 32 (day) 62

The first outdoor festival of the season unveils its programming! After an excep tional 2008 edition (50,000 spectators, headliners international audience and wo n three days of good weather!), The Festival Moths prepares a compendium of what is best for its 9th edition! Moths promises a Friday oriented reggae, world mus ic and festive music, a Saturday under the banner of rock and electronica and a laid back Sunday with the best of French and foreign artists. Great artists alon gside young shoots sometimes rock, sometimes the cream of electronica. Moths hon ors once again its position as the largest festival of the season, surprising an d exciting. On three days with three scenes and thirty-five concerts, the festiv al evolved in a warm atmosphere in the heart of Normandy countryside. In nine ye ars, the festival has become an unmissable event in the spring, where he made go od music in the shade of our tree. An attractive and challenging programming! Fo r its 9th edition, the festival Moths took care to cultivate a small corner of p aradise, abundant and varied! Ska-P will put the fishing for a single date in th e West. Back to the roots of funk with the big comeback Keziah Jones. We'll wate r the seedlings Rock: The Kooks, Stuck In The Sound, Naive New Beaters, Second S ex ... Á side weeds American Cage The Elephant are the prettiest flowers of the season, Grace, Amy MacDonald Anais and Pascale Picard Band. A little further exp ands Sophie Hunger, a delicate plant folk from Switzerland. At the bottom of the garden, out of sight, grow herbs malicious named Tryo and Pep's. In the greenho use, seeds germinate local: I Arkle, Macadam Club, Concrete Knives and Tom Graff in, winners of The Butterfly Effect. Beware of poisonous plants ... 2 Many DJs a nd Birdy Nam Nam ... it seems that they come alive at night! In Moths, nature is generous and allows us to offer you the most beautiful bouquet of this season. RETAILERS Local Network List traders on • National Network Fnac, C arrefour, Shop U, Giant, Tel: 0892683622 • Auchan, Virgin Megastore , E. Leclerc, Tel: 0892390100 Buy Tickets DigiTick electronic a nd print your tickets online at TICKETS ON SALE FROM MARCH 23 BUTTERFLY EFFECT The best of the regional scene! The 2009 winners are PRACTICAL KNIVES (Flers) I ARKLES (Saint-Lô) TOM GRAFFIN (Camprond) MACADAM CLUB (Caen) Find them on stage at the festival and concert halls in the region in March and April. All information on Find us on the MySpace Facebook Deeze r the Dailymotion Moths of the festival the 02 33 69 20 40 Friday, May 29 Starting from 19:00 SKA-P event Caution! The long-awaited return of ska holdouts for a single date in the West! Needless to present these gentlemen crazy as the ir reputation precedes them. The evening promises to be eventful! JONES KEZIAH K ing of funk and afro-beat, will present his latest album Nigerian Wood. This gre at man of the stage provide a special concert as usual. BABYLON CIRCUS Another c omeback, that of Babylon Circus after five year absence. Best group of ska-festi ve French, they return with a new album so crazy and committed than others. Shak a Ponk initiator of a new musical, Shaka Ponk has a total conception of music, v

isual, multimedia and above all creative. On stage, they offer a unique set and surprising ... we do not tell you more. Beat Assailant Beat Assailant is the nam e of the rapper and the group, which cleverly combines hip-hop and electronica. The American from the middle of hip-hop underground has fallen in love with Fran ce, you'll fall in love with him! Naive New Beaters The new pop sensation electr o rap kitsch! Their clip Live Good has created a buzz on the Internet, these Fra nco-American and lagged hairy landed on our airwaves and are now in for a live b utterfly eccentric! MOONRAISERS past ten years, the Moonraisers cleverly mixes t he traditional roots reggae, funk, world music and electronica. The magic happen s on stage where they also provide a live feverish. OLDELAF MR & D According to them,€they are the biggest stars that France has made. It is the word for it as their musical skits are funny and smart. On stage, they promise us the great any thing ... and so much more! The TWIN Twin is a local legend. For almost thirty y ears, these DJs, entertainers and singers are dancing a saucy crowd. Guests sche duled Butterflies, they will still put the fire! Plus, they are specially associ ated with VJ Workshop Composite. Saturday, May 30 Starting at 3:00 p.m. THE KOOKS The revival of British pop is on! In only two albums they have sold mi llions of copies, the young Englishman had proved they were worthy heirs of the musical history of their country. THE TING TINGS pop-rock sensation of the year! True machine tubes, The Ting Tings is undoubtedly one of the most current trend . A special concert not to be missed! 2 MANY DJ'S Kings dancefloor, Belgians 2 M any DJ's have revolutionized the electro bootlegs with their succulent, mixing t ubes and popular underground treasures. Meeting at Butterflies for a single date in the West! BIRDY NAM NAM The return of the spirits of turntables! Several tim es DMC world champions, these virtuosos are back with an album and a live electr o as impressive dexterity as their communicative energy. ANAIS After an appointm ent at the Victoires de la Musique 2006 and sold 300,000 copies of her debut alb um, Anais will present her album Love for his first major appointment in the ope n air. COLD WAR KIDS Pertussis indie rock, the American Cold War Kids, Clap Your Hands cousins and Say Yeah, have forged a reputation as a scenic foolproof. A m ust see live! The Belgians ghinzu sign their comeback with Mirror, an album amaz ing. Accustomed to large scenes of festivals, Ghinzu deploys an infectious energ y on stage and reinforces its reputation as a great rock band. Moths of the festival the 02 33 69 20 40 CAGE THE ELEPHANT Revealed Transmusicales Rennes, these totally crazy Americans will take the audience into a large vortex of rock, punk and funk ... Á monitor very closely! STUCK IN THE SOUND The cult of the French indie scene has already released two albums and has earned an outstanding reputation stage. These young rockers have all the great masters of the genre and prove that rock is not just for British or Americans. PEP'S Liberta new anthem of our campaigns? Nominated p ublic revelation of the Victoires de la Musique 2009, Pep's happily together inf luences as diverse as rock, reggae, jazz and funk. The group excels on stage and offer a moment of pure freedom Moths. LA CASA Both Mayennais plunge us into a d istant universe inhabited by cactuses and mariachi. For Moths, La Casa takes you to walk in a desert modern, mixing electronic beats and guitars arid. BENS Firs t album inspired and promising Bensé engages and delivers over 12 tracks of deli ghtful pop-folk. Á Moths, he is eager to come and tell simply and unadorned ... MANU Larrouy A Cool guy's, his first single, has been censored for content on th e internet a little too jovial, creating a buzz about this artist who deserves r ecognition long overdue. Manu Larrouy has its place in Moths, a festival to cool . Sunday, May 31

Starting at 3:00 p.m. Grand Mr. Bénabar French song, is not so beyond the pale B énabar it. It is a pleasure to see him on the stage of butterflies. TRYO Another comeback that Tryo, cult of the French reggae scene. They present us with a new album and return to tread the land of St. Lawrence tanks. AMY MACDONALD Unveile d in 2007, this young Scot has quickly become indispensable both by his grace as his undeniable musical talent. Accustomed to the scene since adolescence, Amy M acDonald is at ease both in the pub on a festival stage. PASCALE PICARD BAND oft en compared to Alanis Morissette, Pascale Picard is undoubtedly the revelation f olk pop of the year! The group is offering a great moment of happiness in the be st tradition of American songwriters. CHARLIE Chaplin and Winston Churchill betw een, between folk and pop, this young artist talk of the town and sits in first place in the top French on the music site Deezer. Artist to watch very closely! GRACE His music ranges from folk, reggae, blues and soul, with sincerity and emo tion that hit immediately. On stage€presence and natural grace make it even more beautiful. Not to be missed! THE SONG SUNDAY With a guitar, keyboard, and a web cam, La Chanson du Dimanche became the weekly meeting of the Internet shifted fo nd of songs, especially when they portray the news. If you missed the last JT, g o live from the festival for a session of catch. SOPHIE HUNGER Often compared to Jeff Buckley or Yael Naim, his first album is already the subject of fervent pr aise it was to be reflected on the stage of Moths. Beware that a great artist em erges from its chrysalis! SECOND SEX The Paris scene is very prolific and regula rly delivers us treasures like Second Sex. Barely age, they have already include d the rock, catchy riffs, look carefully worked and enticing texts. On stage, th e audience is seduced by the charisma and energy made by the quartet. All information on Find us on Facebook MySpace l l l Dee zer Dailymotion Festival Moths of the s 02 33 69 20 40