Concocting a menu for campamento1 When planning a camp, is the most important point of your work, and must

be thor oughly reviewed several times, since a small error can mean that people in charg e have to go hungry. Make your menu in two ways: first, as a schedule where ever y day and know that each meal is to be made, and the second as a list, where you place the total of the food that you are need during your whole camp. Remember that if your camp is on patrol, you will not have problems in coordinating both lists, but if your camp is Unity, multiplying food recalls by the total number o f patrols or teams. If possible, do not forget to make a campaign by the kilo, w hich is that every week each trooper carrying a kilo of some non-perishable food to thereby reduce the costs it incurred on food and your total camp is much che aper. Here's an example how it would put the menu of a troop that goes on winter camp, with about 30 people camping out (remember that you should consider not o nly the boys who attend the camp, but also to the Heads): Timeline : Friday Breakfast Saturday 2 liters of milk, 2 jams, bread, 1 kg. Sugar Sunday 2 liters of flavored milk, bread, 1 kg. Delicacy. Monday 2 liters of flavored milk, Pan, 2 James. Tuesday 2 liters of flavored milk, bread, quince paste Wednesday 2 liters of flavored milk, bread, 1 kg. Delicacy Lunch Cooking Competition (1 kg. Of rice, 2 carrots, 2 maggi soups, three juice 1 lt.) Troop Burgers (Hamburgers, tomato, hamburger bun, lettuce, mayonnaise and ketchu p.) 2 packs of noodles, 2 cans of mackerel, 2 tomato sauce, 1 / 2 kg. Flour, 3 1 lt juice. 1 kg. Beans, 2 maggi bouillon 2 carrots, 1 pumpkin, 2 packages of noodles, three juice 1 lt. 2 packages of noodles, 2 onions, 2 cans of mackerel, 8 rooms tomatoes, flour, ju ice of 1 12 lt. 4 Creams, Pan, 1 lt. Oil, 1 kg. Sal, fully lined, 3 juice 1 lt. 4 bags of puree, 1 / 2 kg. White milk powder, 2 maggi soups, 60 eggs, 3 1 lt jui ce. 4 bags of puree, 1 / 2 kg. white milk powder, 1 / 2 kg meat plant two tomato sau ce, juice of 1 3 lt. 1 Dinner Roast (1 kg. Rice, June 1 lt juice.)

Document prepared by Waldo Antoine, Deputy Chief of the Troop Kilahuancü 1 List of foods: It requires: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 40 flavored milk box 4 kg milk powder 4 pounds white sugar jams 16 (girls) 8 kg of fresh quince dish 8 ( boy) Bread (6 servings for Troop) 16 4 liters of oil creams 4 kg complete seasoning salt 4 (la rge) 144 1-liter juice August 16 kg of rice wines maggi • • • • • • • • • • • 32 kg bags of beef vegetable puree 2 20 packs of 400 gr. No spaghetti tomato sauce s May 1924 girls (200 gr.) 16 carrots 1 pumpkin 2 onions 16 cans of mackerel boy s (425 gr.) 2 kg of flour 60 eggs, burgers, tomato, bread, hamburger, lettuce, m ayonnaise and ketchup . 1 Roast Beef • As you can see, we have developed menu items considered unresponsive to the usua l development of a menu, such as a cooking contest (where in this example would be given food, otherwise it might not be), a burger Troop and the ubiquitous roa sted to camp. This, if it is going to go on the program schedule your camp, you have to consider and coordinate. Some tips when preparing your menu: For the fir st days of camp, consider carrying perishable foods, as far as passing the camp, it will be impossible to eat things like Viennese, eggs and salads. Try, as far as possible (considering factors such as feasibility and money) do you most var ied food menu. Concentrates on the pastas (which are so rich in carbohydrates) a nd food if they come after strong sports, such as the Olympics or an eternal gam e. Always try to make a menu, something happened in the projections (for example , if 26 people will go to camp, planned a menu for 30), since they spend more on food is much less serious than missing days running out of food for camping . W hen you're camping, try to let the tent where the food is protected from possibl e attacks by animals (dogs and pigs who steal food), contact with mice and has p rovided a register of existing food. 2