Locate a free serial port pines.3 9. Conne ct the serial mouse into the serial port, tighten screws. Caution: The serial co nnector only fits one way into the port, not fuerce.4. Turn on your computer. So ftware Installation Note: Before installing the mouse driver software Version 4. 1, check sisu DOS or Windows system has been configured for another mouse. Siest a this other mouse software, remove it. Delos The update system files, your comp uter will attempt to identify and remove other drivers to prevent conflicts with the driver Amous. For example, the driver in the AUTOEXEC.BAT is removed. This allows the installer des mouse to recognize that parameters are required to leav e the system. Do not edit the text REM (installation of a mouse) wave easily uni nstall might not work properly. If you removed the other mouse software, you mus t restart your computer to the new values take effect. 1.1 locate the right plac e, use of ergonomic furniture and equipment according to the health and safety p olicies would be unthinkable not to have a computer at home. And is that the PC actually relieves us life. But it is easier if we find the ideal space where to look and perform our work with comodidad.Como all important, you need a strategic place where the light and ventilation play in their favor. Preferably, we can put in o ne end of the study or bedroom as opposed to a window which will be filled with dust (although it should be cleaned every day and put a blanket). As for furnitu re, the corners are very diagonal position useful because it gives a feeling of greater amplitude. In addition, there are models with subdivisions for other des ktop items, such as portalapiceros, archivist and a top shelf to put books. if it is a desktop or desktop computer, we must take precautions around the cabl es. It is desirable to have a ground wire installation and distribute order not to cause a short circuit. We must also protect the brightness of the monitor wit h a screen saver (that rather than protect it, saving us many problems of view). In the case of the laptop or notebook computer, just set aside a table and have an outlet nearby. Yes, until we use it must cover it with heavy cloth and not s top dusting. Whether we work with a desktop PC or laptop, it is best to use a ch air that fits gradual height there is between our eyes and the screen, so as not to cause muscle contractions. 1.2 as to connect the different devices in terms of basic hardware (keyboard, mo use, monitor, and the internal parts of the case, hdd, dvd, ram, etc) the team has to be completely off, then identify the port or the notch where eac h device will usually bring a guide to know if placing a device with software, y ou install the software q and then the wizard will ask you to connect the device q ( cel, printer, etc) 1.3 Moves the computer equipment as safety rules Never move the computer when tu rned on, make sure before moving this off, disconnected from the power and unplu g all components of it as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, etc. . The best t ransfer of computer equipment is a sturdy cardboard box and packing dry ice, tha t is, to prevent the movement of the computer affect internal or external parts of it. Avoid sudden movements or blows to the computer equipment, as they can af fect their internal parts and / or foreign plastics, glass monitor, material fro m the speakers, etc., And it avoids contact with any type of computer liquid (wa ter, soda, coffee, corrosive liquids, etc.).. Keep the computer in a cool dry pl ace as heat or sun exposure can affect internal parts of the CPU and monitor. 1.4 Use protective equipment against variations in current (regulator, surge pro tector and not break) Our lifestyle has made it impossible to live without compu ters, but with technology comes dependence. Unit to build and deliver vendors we ensure that the work is done, dependence on the team continue to operate withou

t high maintenance costs, but more importantly brings the technology dependence is more clean and efficient technology The energy waste is a term not widely used in electrical ingienieria community a nd it is not specific enough Conclusion: It is recommended to use computer equipment properly and do not know how to use a specialist for help or read the installation manual. î î î î

1 Where is recommended to install the computer equipment? Put it in a suitable p lace where moisture does not affect and has light. 2 How to connect the differen t devices? First turn off the computer and then will identify the ports where ea ch device. 3 what is recommended for the computer to not lose information? Having a current regulator to be a change to current or equipment ordering goes smoothly. 4 Is t hat it is appropriate to move the computer equipment? In cardboard boxes with dr y ice. 5 lists some recommendations on how to install the different devices to d ifferent devices in your port, respectively, noting that way are connected. î î