Basic Tutorial installation and use of Ares by Ixilons This tutorial is dedicated to those who have no idea how

to install a Windows ap plication. This time is to install and basic configuration of the Ares 2.0.9. Fo r starters, if we no longer can download the installer file by double clicking t he left mouse button over the text is in blue ... /downloading.php?group_id=112366&use_mirror=mesh&filena me = aresregular209_inst aller.exe & 2807921 We get the following window of Internet Explorer: Explorer by clicking the yellow bar will appear in the browser window, we will l eave a small window with a menu, click where it says Download file ... as shown in the picture above. Once this is done ... another window will appear where you click Run as shown in the figure below. Once downloaded you can leave us the next window, click on run ... Then another window will appear, which will press the button I Agree. On the next window you should verify that this marked the Desktop shortcut optio n (this option we will create a shortcut to the program on your desktop) then cl ick Next. The window will then show us where you installed the program, simply click on In stall. We will get another window, where you will click on Close and you will have the full Ares installed. First of all, something very important, in case we have installed a firewall or firewall, probably a message will appear on your computer or window asking if we allow Ares to access the Internet. For we must tell you that yes, Ares is safe and has your permission to go to the Internet. Each firewall has a different mes sage, so I will not set any example. If we do not have firewall, ares will open automatically when installation is complete. The first thing will be a window where you press Yes. Now we will setup window Ares ... Under Language, select Spanish if we want to come out in Spanish. User, we will put our nickname, name or whatever you want. In speed, if we have a select Adsl DSL. Other options like put them in the image above. And click on the Download t ab. Now configure the downloads and uploads. The option shows the percentage of the download, if you will Marçais a percentage as a percentage of what drives each download. No need to mark it, to suit the user. The option to request confirmati on to cancel downloading, it is that, if you ask if Marçais truly wish to elimi nate shock when you actually give it to delete. It is also an option that you ca n make to your liking. In the download section, where it says touch of simultane ous downloads. I usually put 20, but you can put that you want. If for example y ou put 3, when do them to lose more than three things only downloaded three, and when one finishes the download will start another. I think he understands perfe ctly. One tip, do not put a beast of simultaneous downloads, because if you put 60 or more things at once downloaded will share the ADSL connection between them and I take considerable time to download. This is important if we will change t he folder where it says and click on that button. Here change the folder where you downloaded it from Ares to go down, it's good t o change this folder because if we do not, then find that folder will cost us if not by Ares. We can use the My Music folder to do this click the simbolito + th

at appears in front of my documents and then pulamos on the My Music folder and will be as shown in the figure above, then click on OK. Now we will begin using Ares, starting to search. To begin with we go to the tab up in the middle is called Search and click on it ... Well, I suppose you want to download the song Runaway. This will put the name of the song in the white space just below the Search for files similar, if we know the title, we can put the singer's name, in this case mark Corrs then Audio and then press on Search now. Now let's order the search results in order of those songs to be downloaded fast er. Once out the list of tracks found, Ares maximize the window by clicking on t he box that is above the window ares, to the left of the X. Now to know which song will download more quickly by pressing one or more times where it says state until the stars are ordered so that top is the song with mor e stars and below those with less. The song was downloaded more star faster. We can also take into account the quality of the song that we got, for which there is a column called Quality / Bitrate there we can see the quality of each song. I usually get at least 192 quality songs Kbit but if we did not find this qualit y or higher, which are 128 or more have an acceptable quality. Twice then press the left button on the selected song or press on it with the ri ght and left-click to download. And we'll be down the track. So if we go to the download tab see how it goes slowly getting out. Once finished we go to the My M usic folder, and then we will have our song. If you want to download a music video or movie in the search option no Audi, unl ess All Video or leave. In case you want to download a full LP we put an artist or All Others, as the LP or full Discographies usually compressed in rar or zip. The rest of the process is the same. If you have any doubts consult me.