No muscle Crepe No muscle Crepe (Twilight) is a romantic novel of vampires led to the public tee nager.

It was written by Stephanie Meyer and published in 2005. It is the first of a series of four books, which is published n, in addition s º muscle crepe, N ew Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer has stated that the apple on the cover represents the forbidden fruit from the book of Gà © nesis representi ng the forbidden love of Edward and Bella. Stephanie Meyer Stephanie Meyer (born December 24, 1973) is a writer, born in Connecticut, USA, author of Crepe º muscle and its sequels New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, am ong others. Meyer is the second of six children (three sisters and three brother s), and He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Meyer studied at Brigham Young Universit y in Provo, Utah, where he graduated in English Literature ³. She met her husban d Christian ³ "Pancho" when I lived in Arizona and were married in 1994, have th ree children: Gabe, Seth and Eli. Meyer belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Saints Days Lately. Argument The story begins when a girl Bella Swan ± os 17 years moved with his father Char lie in Forks, Washintong. On his first day of school Bella meets Edward Cullen t his gets her a lot the care provided to Bella to be someone very mysterious and quiet. Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire who drinks animal blood and AHA is when he begins a forbidden romance between Edward because he is attracted to Bella's blood too and believes it is very dangerous for it to close to him. One day Edward invites Bella to a baseball game, during game three vampires come nà ³ Madas, James, Laurent and Victoria. James realizes that Bella is human so he d ecides to give chase. Edward takes Bella to Phoenix to protect her from James th is finds a trap and takes it towards an old ballet studio. James starts to hit a nd bitten in the MUA ± eca as Edward is forced to suck the poison that Bella did not become a vampire. At the end Bella is led by Edward at prom and AHA course argue about the immortality of Bella. Bà Data musicians ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Bella moves to Forks with her father because her mother married again. ï ® messa ge that conveys the work: that each individual person should have free choice an d will ³ n Literary Genre: Historical, fantasy-a and romance. No form of expression: Prose. Predominant speech act: narration ³ n. Style: Simple and understandable. Locati on: Forks, Port Angeles, Olympia, Seattle and Phoenix. à ‰ POCA: Current. Relati on of the text in context: When Main Character ³ Isabella Marie Swan was born on September 13, 1988, his parents Rene Dwyer and Charlie Swan separated when she was only months old so Bella went to live with her mother to Phoenix, Arizona. Bella has always been a very quiet and lonely un til she moves to Forks to live with his father. Being new to the school Bella be comes an attraction for the boys n the village. As a clumsy person becomes a â œdamisela in trouble to his friends. Characters ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Edward Cullen Emmet Cullen Alice Cullen Jasper Hale Rosalie Hale Carlisle Cullen Esme Cullen Dr. James Laurent Victoria ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ®

Charlie Swan Rene Dwyer Billy Black Mike Newton Jessica Stanley Jacob Black Eric k Tyler Sam Uley ngela Literary Forms EpÃteto:: â œCon the breathing ³ n contained contemplate the dark eyes of the hunter on the other side of the Great Room ³ n.â ï ® comparison ": â œâ so I put on my anorak, so thick that it resembled a those suits used in an emerg ency biological gico.â â œâ were white and the cove â â œâ C ontinue © Look looking foward because their faces, so different and so similar a t the same time , were inhuman and beauty devastadora.â â œ ... as the face of a ngel.â à ⠜ ... smooth like marble, glittering like cristal.â ï ® Ta rget foras: â œCuando life offers you a dream ± or exceeds any of your expecta tions is not reasonable to complain about his conclusions ³ nâ â œ If all pe rish and à © l be saved, I owed may continue to exist, and if everything dema s stay and à © l were annihilated, the whole universe is convertirÃa in an unknown stranger ± or more â â œCuando touch me ³, the hand was burning ³ as if amo ng us passing a stream Held Electric © ctrica.â ï ® Unknown Words ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Bà rtulos: arranged for a move or travel. Bustle: Walk and turn from one place t o another in any proceedings or occupancy n. Sideways: The side and shape it to pass through the body some narrowness. Hosea: This time, a place or environment: Poco pleasant, unpleasant, threatening. Inscrutable: That you can not know or find out. NA-see: The snow, or like it. In fallible: That can not err. Critical Judgement ³ I found a very interesting book because not many books that talk about romance s between vampires and humans and also © n it is directed toward a younger audie nce. Alicia Prego º NTAL Alicia Prego º NTAL is based on the real diary of a girl of age 15 ± os addicted to drugs. It is not a definitive statement about the world No drug among adoles cents in the middle class. Offers no solution n. However, it is a chronicle spec ific and highly personal. Is an author at Public Access to names and dates were changed. Argument This book begins on September 16 when Alice begins to write his first day becaus e they feel you can not trust anyone. Sit that his life had a lot sense, even wh en he was ³ fifteen years ± os did nothing to celebrate, only role that interest s ³ was that they were going to move house because his father bean gotten a new job as dean, was the only role cared for if she left the city owed may forget Ro ger and all his bad memories. Alicia did not have to move any public friend. Aft er © s this conocerÃa to your newest best friend Beth Baum but this one had to g o to summer camp and Alicia went to the home of his grandparents. Alicia were do cumented with Jill Peterds and invite her to a party over there was where he had his first experience with drugs. After a few days thompson Bill introduced in t orpedoes and the rà 'Quick. Returning home with his parents met ³ a child ± a na

med Chris who also © No was a drug addict, through she met ³ Richie, Alicia reve ndÃa the drug that gave him and was falling for him but soon after © s Chris and Alicia realized that no penalty vala and fled together to San Francisco where t hey lived in conditions pà © chasms so returned home to make the drug. ³ Alicia turned to flee to a shelter in Denver but came back to his house. He got a job b aby sitting ³ ± era and one of the kids at school gave him drugs in a chocolate and Alicia was taken to a clinic Siquia trical to leave it was a new person who no longer had problems with drugs. ³ Alicia decided not to take another day and it was found dead in her home. It is not known whether it was accidental or inte ntional overdose .. Bà Data musicians ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® school, university, San Francisco, Denver, home of the larsen, in the clinic Siq uia trical. ï ® à ‰ little aa ± os 70A ™ ï ® relationship between text and con text: As a chronicle has a close relationship with modern society ï ® message th at contains the work: Alicia wants us to leave this with this that anyone who is involved in drug trafficking always leave but can never stop with the addiction n. Literary genre: Chronicle, autobiographical traffic. No form of expression: Pros e. Predominant speech act: narration ³ n. Style: Single. Location: Both houses o f Alice, Jill House, home of his grandparents, Main Character Alicia is a 15 year ± os tapestry that has problems of his age. It is characteri zed as someone unsure of herself, very trusting, naive, rebellious, badly influe nced. She had long straight hair and was very thin. Also © No one can say that w as a loving and kind. Characters ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Grandparents Roger Alexandria Tim Richie Lucy Ted MartÃn Doris Marie Scott Dick Hill Babbie Mari ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Mark Driggs Joe Jill Sheila Beth Gerta Mario Mellani Sammy George Mike Reems Fam ily Fathers Joel Larsen Chris Gang Unknown Words ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Joy: Extraordinary joy, pleasure, or Joy. Sue: To instruct sentencing judge or a cause. Posten: No presumption affected and without foundation. Be important. Luxurious, distinguished. Desegregate: Separate, isolate, remove whatever was attached. Last straw: Denote s that has reached its final end. Knob: purposely or on time. Medical Only: Of o r pertaining to sadism. Là nguida: Low espÃritu, value or energÃa Critical Judgement I think it's a pretty interesting book because the central theme of drugs and ea rly sex in teenagers and also because it explains © No specific way someone who has already gone through this. Life is Sueà ± os Life is a dream ± os is one of those few works drama cies. That can be considere

d as the most representative of the author and at the same time, a true symbol o f the vision of the world n its à © little. Through the action on which it devel ops from a verse and bright, Pedro Calderón de la Barca n poa © matically reflec ts on major problems of the human condition. Pedro Calderón de la Barca n Pedro Calderón ³ n de la Barca y Barreda Gonzalez de Henao Ruiz Blasco and RIAA ± or (Madrid, January 17, 1600 â "Madrid, May 25, 1681) was a writer, poet and playwright Espaà ± ol Century Gold Argument ï ® First Day Rosaura escort dressed man leaves ± ada light to Poland. He comes to a tower whe re he is locked Sigismund, then discovers aa Clotaldo Rosa and Clara and carries the king suponÃa Basilio because no one should know of the existence of Sigismu nd. When you get to where it says King Sigismund and the truth about why he was locked up and left free to Rosa and Clara. ï ® Second Day Between the King and decide to give a drug Clotaldo Sigismund to sleep and taken to the palace to see if it would be a cruel king or not. When Sigismund arrives at the palace behaves wicked and a servant pulls the window and try to hurt and Clotaldo Rosaura. Also © n had a fight with Astolfo, King Basilio then re-lock decidià ³ to Sigismund. Astrea Astolfo discovers that the lady was really Rosaur a Star who left at the altar. ï ® Third Day The people of Poland Sigismund learns that her prince is heir and decide to rele ase it. © s after being released has a battle with his father, King Basilio whic h the gains Sigismund. When Sigismund was at his father forgive him life as King Basilio realized that Sigismund was not wicked and gives the throne. Sigismund married his cousin Astolfo Star and Rosaura. Bà Data musicians ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Literary Genre: Drama. No form of expression: Verso. Predominant speech act: Des cription and narration ³ n. Style: Complicated. Location: The Tower and the palace. à ‰ POCA: Past. Relation between text and context: When Sigismund drugged to take the palace. Message of the work: the Calderón n Barca want to leave were seen as human conditions in the à © little. Main Character Sigismund is a victim of an injustice that has made him live like a human monste r, imprisoned in a tower thus arrives at the palace when his behavior is cruel a nd irrational. But by enclosing another look at the tower this change gives NDOS

account must always do good. Characters ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Rosa King Basilio Clotaldo course-n ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Astolfo Star Guards's servant Literary Forms ï ® Meta foras: â œâ bugles plumaâ â .  œâ metal bird â , â œBajel of PerÃfrasis: â œcuando the laurel crown the August sovereign frenteâ Hipa © tree: â œrayos paronomasia excelentesâ : â œfuera more than death fieraâ , â œTus feet a thousand kisses Paradoxes: â œojos hydropic I watching to see me death, I'm escamasâ . œFlor of plumaâ â ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® dying to see Unknown Words ï ® ï ® Hippogriff: Animal fabulous horse and tap compound Featonte: Mythology character in the classic music that dared to drive ³ the car of your father the Sun to stop falling and despeà ± à NDOS on earth. ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Galeote: prisoner condemned to row in galleys. HidropesÃa: disease is the accumu lation of liquids in the body and causes a great thirst for sufferers. Spider: VÃbora, snake Blasones: boasts, boast BizarrÃa: Generosity Critical Judgement ³ a book I found interesting and complicated because it is a drama and also tica © n it is written in verse and makes the reader to pay more attention to the pl ot n. â â œRamillete wings. â œSierpe of Platão

œpues give life to a miserable, is to give a happy muerteâ