Module 7 Networks Internet Lan - Wan Hub LAN (Local Area Network) Mirko Bakers - Basic technology ICTA

© 3 / 45 Benefits Network ï ® Being able to share files print from ™ a single network printer to use the sam e applications on more PCs simultaneously ï ® ï ® Mirko Bakers - Basic technology ICTA © 4 / 45 Intranet, Extranet ï ® Intranet: Is the type of network you created when you connect more computers to the one or more network computers ï ® Extranet: is created with some computer outside the network's common pear ² are always con nected (eg customers and suppliers) Mirko Bakers - Basic technology ICTA © 5 / 45 Internet ï ® Invented in 1960 under Managed protocols exchange data through TCP / IP resource s are identified by IP address (xxxx) Translation of web addresses to IP through DNS ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Mirko Bakers - Basic technology ICTA ©

Internet Services ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Electronic mail (e-mail) discussion groups (newsgroups) Access databases (www, W orld Wide Web) file transfer (FTP, File Transfer Protocol) communication in real time (chat) Teleconference Telephone calls (VOIP) Mirko Bakers - Basic technology ICTA © 7 / 45 WWW: World Wide Web ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® It is the global network of all the websites is created by Web masters and Web d esigners use different languages: HTML, PHP, Java To go to Internet Browser is required addresses are called URLs Each address belongs to a Domain:. com. or g. com. de. uk â Mirko Bakers - Basic technology ICTA © 8 / 45 Internet vs. WWW ï ® Internet ï ± ï ± ï ± EA ™ network of thousands of computer networks interconnected Includes ï ® e-mail, newsgroups, WWW, FTP, chat, VOIP ï ® WWW ï ± ï ± Part of the Internet and ™ ™ s access to databases Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 9 / 37 Structure of Internet PC User PC User Web Server PC User WWW Internet Bakers Mirko â 10/37 Terms ï ® "Networks Informatiche ©

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) ï ± Protocol used for displaying information ï ® URL (Uniform Resurce Locator) ï ± Another term for Internet addresses ï ® Hyperlink ï ± Connecting to a resource through ï ® ISP (Internet Service Provider) ï ± Manufacturer ï ® FTP (File Tranfert Protocol) ï ± Protocol for transferring files from the web on your PC Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 11/37 Browsers ï ® The browser is a program that displays the information of the web browser uses t he cache eg fast loading of images to store passwords, the browser offers cookie s There are search engines to help finding information ï ± ï ® ï ® ï ® The most important and famous are ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 12/37 Security and Internet ï ® ™ s access to the internet via your home phone

Internet safety is ensured by various systems ï ± ï ± ï ± Account password-protected sites and digital certificate data encrypted ï ® If ï ± Firewall Bakers Mirko â 13/37 Phishing â ï ® Phishing ï ± Featuring ™ sending mail clone with requests for verification of IDs and passw ords of sites perlop ¹ Banking Sending junk e-mails containing advertising (drug s or pornography Software subtle that you install on your PC while browsing and sending information to the creator (and emails, websites visited etc. ..) ï ® Spammimg ï ± ï ® Spyware ï ± Bakers Mirko â 14/37 Web browsing First steps with a browser ï ® Open and close a browser ï ± ï ± Start â † 'Internet File â †' Close ï ® Changing the browser home page ï ± Tools â † 'Internet Options â †' General Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © "Networks Informatiche © "Spamming Spyware "Networks Informatiche © ™ s use of credit cards

16/37 Features and Commands Refresh Stop loading Home History E-mail Print page Address bar Page Info Location information Bakers Mirko â 17/37 2 Features and Controls ï ® To open links Click on the underlined text to load a ï ± ï ® Stop web page ï ± Esc page F5? â † 'Help Line F1 Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © ï ® Update ï ± ï ® The Help function ï ± ï ± 18/37 Internet options General ï ® General ï ± Allows you to change the options for ï ® Home Page ï ® ï ® temporary files Life History ï ® Privacy ï ± Privacy level for Internet Cookies ï ® ï ® PopUp ï ® Content ï ® Content verified by criteria ï ® ï ® Digital Certificates Personal information (AutoComp lete) Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © "Networks Informatiche ©

19/37 Options for Internet Security ï ® Reserved settings for the security level of the Internet and local intranets ï ® Allows you to set various rules relating to ActiveX Download Bakers Mirko â 20/37 Internet Options - Privacy ï ® Privacy level used for the Internet browser that the browser sets the rules foll owed in respect of ï ± ï ± ï ® Cookies PopUp ï ® Popups are more web pages that are opened when you clicked on a link ï ± They are usually pages of advertising Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 21/37 ï ® I settings concerning the content of individual pages Options for Internet Content EA ® ï ™ "Networks Informatiche ©

possible to determine whether the sites visited must follow rules which ï ± ï ± Content with the criteria to use certificates ï ® In ca ™ personal information is autocompletion for help in typing at text boxes Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 22/37 Internet Options - Advanced ï ® ™ internal

In the list of editable settings for your browser Internet Explorer is to note t he Multimedia heading. EA ™ can choose to change the options on ï ± ï ± ï ± ï ® Pictures Animations Sounds ï ® The Restore Defaults button allows you to correct errors in modifying elements e nabled then Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 23/37 Favorites ï ® ï ® Favorites â † 'â † Favorites Add to Favorites' Organize Favorites Favorites are a list of sites in the future can be visited without having to rem ember ™ s address Are organized into folders that can later be modified or canceled Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 24/37 Search engines ï ® The most important are ï ± ï ± ï ® To do research using the query including logical instructions ï ± And, Or, Not ï ® Google considers some instructions implied (and, or) To search for a string at ™ internal pages, is enclosed in quotes (â œ â ) Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © ï ® 25/37 Search Engines 2 ï ® ï ® ï ® Other possible information in addition to text pages are: ï ± ï ± Images Files G oogle provides the advanced search page to help create specific and precise quer ies can create the same pear ² via text

ï ± Filetype: â Bakers Mirko â 26/37 Finding Information ï ® Internet pages can be saved so you can also be displayed when there is no intern et connection Clicking on the link to the file, this is downloaded to the PC or ï ± ï ® Destroâ † 'Save Target As ï ® Also with the keys and Copy & Paste the information contained in text images can be exported to other files Word, Excel Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 27/37 Recording sites ï ® Some sites have restricted access for after choosing ï ± ï ± ï ® ï ® Username Password ï ® Some sites password is generated automatically and sent by e-mail Bakers Mirko â 28/37 Printing web pages ï ® ï ® File â † 'Print Pages are printed as they are onscreen File â †' in the Page Setup and change the margins ™ s orientation ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â 29/37 "Networks Informatiche © ™ Page Setup "Networks Informatiche © ™ s are required to enter personal data (doc, pdf, xls ...) "Networks Informatiche ©

E-mail Pros & Cons ï ® Benefits ï ± ï ® Disadvantages ï ± ï ± ï ± ï ± ï ± Send messages in minutes worldwide No shipping charges (apart from the link) Mos t addresses for a user Consult your mail around the world use a digital signatur e ï ± ï ± Having to provide their data to have an email account Spam (spam) Receive messag es containing viruses Bakers Mirko â 31/37 The first steps Open and close the Mail Client Start ® ï â † 'e-mail the ® File â †' Set Top Box of a specific user ï ® File â † 'Switch Identity Consult the online help ï ® ï F1 ®? â † 'Help Receiving ï ® Send / Receive Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 32/37 Options Outlook Allow you to set choices for: ï ± The program ï ® ï ® Sending and receiving protection Reading Composition Maintenance Spelling ï ± Messages ï ® ï ® ï ® ï ® Bakers Mirko â 33/37 "Networks Informatiche © "Networks Informatiche ©

Set up an account ï ® Tools â † 'Account ™ s accounts are the settings of how the client connects to the provider for a ™ email account are required ï ± ï ± ï ± Name of Sender ™ s e-mail server address dâ ™ admission (POP3, IMAP) E erves as the outgoing (SMTP) Account Name Account Password Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © ï ± ï ± ï ± 34/37 Reading a message ï ® ï ® Doubles â † 'Click File â †' opener When the message is read the symbol changes to an open envelope Annexes these ar e symbolized with a paper clip ï ± ï ± Open directly save them to disk Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 35/37 Replying to a message ï ® ï ® Reply Reply to All In the window of the response is automatically inserted ï ± ï ± ™ s address or addresses of the original message recipients Outlook settings, avoids this last chance Bakers Mirko â 36/37 The message window Spell Check Send the modifier keys Control Target Attach file priority of the me ssage Encrypted digital signature of message Recipients Message Subject Address of the sender of the message area for writing Formatting text "Networks Informatiche © ™ ™ s

Bakers Mirko â 37/37

"Networks Informatiche ©

Create a new message to ï ® ï ® File â † 'New â †' Create Mail Message The recipients are put in boxes ï ± ï ± ï ± To: Cc: (for information) Bcc: (for hidden knowledge) Distribution lists can be used for lists of recipients for each message Forward With Can be decorated with wallpaper ™ selected by user or decorative elements Bakers Mirko â "Networks Informatiche © 38/37 Managing messages ï ® Messages can be ï ± ï ± Unsubscribe Move in ï ® ï ® Edit folders created subsequently ï ® You can create rules to ensure that Outlook moves messages automatically upon re ceipt Bakers Mirko â 39/37 Finding a message ï ® Edit â † 'Find Searches can be made is in all Outlook folders, in both parts of the message, th e addresses of senders or recipients ± ï ± ï ± Subject Message Body Bakers Mirko â 40/37 Message rules ï ® Tools â † ' E-mail News Target Locked Posting Rules â † ' "Networks Informatiche © "Networks Informatiche ©

ï ® ï ® ï ® You can create rules to ensure that Outlook moves messages automatically upon re ceipt Bakers Mirko â 41/37 Use the Address Book ï ® Tools â † 'Heading To add new addresses ï ± ï ® File â † 'New â †' ï ® ï ® ï ® Contact Group Folder ï ® Groups or distribution lists are a collection of more contacts grouped in an add ress to delete contacts only ï ± ï ± ï ® File â † 'Delete Delete Bakers Mirko â 42/37 Print Message ï ® File â † 'Print Using the same options for printing web pages In Preferences you can choose ï ± ï ± ™ s orientation of the page sheet size Bakers Mirko â 43/37 "Networks Informatiche © "Networks Informatiche © "Networks Informatiche ©