Presentation of the 2008 campaign INCOME Department of Treasury and Finance -1 April 8, 2009 News of IRPF'08 • • • • • • Abolition of Wealth

Tax (With effect from January 1, 2008 NF 7 / 2008 NF repealing 11/1991 regulating the tax on wealth). Adoption of economic incentive measures to improve the efficiency of the economy Changing the tax rate to adapt to the effect that price increases have occurred in domestic economies. Elevation Reduction by Joint Tax Deductions and personal and family New Tax Benefit: Liquid Fee Deduction of 400 per year As regards certain measures Housing and eases other overcome the current economi c situation In the case of usual residence transfers conducted between 01/01/2006 and 31/12/ 2008 or purchases made on the same period and subsequent transmission of the pre vious residence, the deadline for realizing the reinvestment in a new primary re sidence amounts to four years (previously 2). Housing Account: extending the dea dline for the application of the sums held in accounts housing. In the case of a ccounts for which the deadline for the realization of the amounts deposited in t he acquisition of primary residence (six years) completed between 01/01/2008 and 31/12/2008, the period will be 8 years from the date Opening. Department of Treasury and Finance -2 Deductions TUITION DEDUCTION DEDUCTIONS IN GENERAL (art.80 NF) R INCENTIVE DEDUCTION FOR EC ONOMIC ACTIVITY D 2007 1250.00 2008 1275.00 400 REDUCTIONS FOR JOINT TAXATION (art.75 NF) Family marriage and unmarried couples Single parent BY DEDUCTION OF SCENDIENTES (art. 81 NF) 2007 2008 First Second Third Fourth st (*) Fifth and ss. <6 years 1600.00 1200.00 1000.00 600.00 500.00 300.00 1734.00 1326.00 1122.00 663.00 536.00 306.00 3300 3800 3366 3876

Nuala S DEDUCTION OF NTOS by Alim (art. 82 NF) First Second 150.00 180.00 300.00 360.00 480.00 250.00 160.80 198.90 336.60 397.80 520.20 255 , 00 2008 RATES SECTIONS FEE 14280.00 28560.00 42840.00 61200.00 12280.80 19624.80 32 84.40 7282.80 14280.00 14280.00 14280.00 18360.00 REST Thereafter MG% 23.00% 28 , 00% 35.00% 40.00% 45.00% Ero Terc Fourth (*) Fifth and ss. DEDUCTION AS PER CE NDIENTE (art. 83 NF) DEDUC TION OR DIS P ca pacity (art.84 NF) With 33% -64% with 65% -74% In => 75% and 15 points / Unit With Moderate to Severe = > 75% and 40 dots / Big Unit P DEDUCTIO N OR AGE> 65 YEARS (art. 85 NF) P DEDUCTION OR AGE> 75 YEARS (art. 85 NF) 1500.00 1200.00 1000.00 700.00 300.00 550.00 1500.00 1224.00 1020.00 714.00 306.00 561.00 Department of Treasury and Finance -3 Social deductions • Vizcaya 116 000 over 65 years is deducted (or will not pay) some 65.6 million euros. (Income 2007: 112,600 to 62.5 MM). 270 000 taxpayers will apply descendan ts deductions amounting to 136 million euros. (Income 2007: 268,000 to 123.5 MM) . 46 200 people will be deducted more than 42.5 million euros for having a disab ility. (Income 2007: 45,700 - 40 mm). Housing deductions apply to some 217 000 B izkaia Bizkaia and a total of 280 Million . (Income 2007: 217,000 to 277.5 MM). For contributions to EPSVs, and the like, 230,000 taxpayers deductions equivale nt to more than 180 million euros. (Income 2007: 236000-185 MM). • • • • Department of Treasury and Finance -4 INCOME 2007 - 2008 Forecast INCOME Campaign 2007 INCOME Welfare Campaign 2008 Department of Treasury and Finance -5 You do it by Bizkaia • What does the DFB with our taxes? The money collected in taxes is intended to meet the needs and priorities of Bis cay and Vizcaya. • Campaign very visual, is what the DFB will do with the help o f taxpayers, appealing to their solidarity and commitment. Advertising: Newspape rs, Radio, TV and supports local and Bizkaibus Metro. Posters: in Rentanet 48, O ffice of Finance, on canvas, 24 meters in front of the building of Finance and p artners. And on the web:

• • • Department of Treasury and Finance -6 Presentation and Obligation • • PRESENTATION: from 4 May to 30 June. REQUIREMENTS: - Income Tax: people whos e income from work in excess of 20,000. and / or whose gross capital income, i ncluding exempt, and capital gains in excess of 1,600. AENOR Quality Process M anagement income tax (since 2002). * The average for all of the users of the services income for the year 2007 in t he process of personal income was 8.5 of 10. Department of Treasury and Finance - 7 Key Dates Shipping Shipping Rentanet Etxea leaves to return identifying data display Renta net tax Shipping Etxea to enter Beginning April 1, 2009 From April 14, 2009 20 d e April 2009 to December 31, 2009 April 22, 2009 From 20 to 28 April in Bilbao F inance and Treasury offices in villages. Beginning May 4 at Recursonet in Bilbao Finance and Treasury offices in villages. In financial institutions Recursonet May 4 to June 16, 2009. Until 30 June of April 20 to June 16, 2009 at the same p oints scored in the corrections for the proposals to return from 4 May until Sep tember 30, 2009 April 20, 2009 May 4 30 June, 2009 April 29, 2009 from May 4, 20 09 Corrections proposals to return Confirmations proposals to enter Recursonet Corrections proposals to enter servi ce in opening the offices of Finance (Bilbao and towns) Income Home Campaign Pro posals appointment WEB Department of Treasury and Finance - 8 Presentation Systems 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Rentanet Etxea. Self-assessment Manual or clothing. Rentanet 48: made in our offices. Rentanet 10: Made in partners. Conducted over the Internet. (- Proposed Self-liquidation WEB) * Recursonet. Department of Treasury and Finance -9 Rentanet Etxea • During the month of April will be sent to addresses the proposals of tax retur ns with negative results (for return by the government) and the proposals with a positive result (to enter by those taxpayers). • SE generated from a group of t axpayers whose tax situation allows you to calculate your tax based only on INFO RMATION AVAILABLE AT THE HACIENDA AUTONOMOUS. • In 2004 100 000 notices were sen

t, in 2005: 150,000 (for the first time, also to be paid); In 2006:150.000 sent (130,000 and 20,000 to Return to Login). In 2007: 200,000 settlement. (180,000 t o Return, and 20,000 to Login) • 2008: sent 250,000 (210,000 to 40,000 to Return and Enter) Department of Treasury and Finance - 10 1 - Rentanet Etxea (A return) • Proposal to return Etxea Rn (green): - 1st sheet, cover letter. - 2nd leaf, Pr oposal (2-sided): * Front, proposed declaration. * Back, detail of the charges used in the calculation of the proposal. • If you feel that the content of it is correct, DO NOT taken any, shall be paid t he amount from the first week of May. If you want to make any changes or cancel it If you want to, thereafter, file your return using any other type of clothing should call 901 50 3000 until 28 April. If other changes are: From 20 to 28 Apr il, you can go to Office of Finance by appointment on 901 50 3000; After April 2 8, you can go to an Recursonet. • • Department of Treasury and Finance - 11 2 - Rentanet ETXEA (income) • Proposal to enter Etxea Rn (blue): - 1st sheet, cover letter. - 2nd leaf, Prop osal (2-sided): * Front, proposed declaration. * Back, detail of the charges use d in the calculation of the proposal. If you feel that the content of it is corr ect, should expressly confirm before 30 June: - Calling 901 440 201 - Via the In ternet by accessing - Sending SMS to 4800 indicating the word E txea followed by a blank space and the identification number to be specified in the letter highlighted the proposal. (*) After giving the line, will be deemed s ubmitted the statement of income tax and tax shall collect the levy at the end o f term. If you have any amendment must call 901 50 3000, from 20 April to 30 Jun e. If the proposal is not confirmed, we will cancel it and shall be submitted wi thin the deadline set by either system authorized by the Treasury. • • • Department of Treasury and Finance - 12 Manual, Rentanet Rentanet 48 and 10 1. The self-assessment Manual: Made with the assistance program or through the o fficial application form and returning it in the offices of Finance (Bilbao, Bal maseda Barakaldo, Basauri, Durango, Gernika Getxo and Portugalete Mungia) and Fi nancial Institutions. Acquisition of print (Finance and Tobacconists): 15 days b efore the start of the campaign. Service 48 hours Rentanet free clothing, locate d in the Offices of Finance (Capuchin Way, 4). - Request an appointment: From th e week before the start of the Campaign ("phone" will be provided). If the state

ment is to return,€the amount paid into the taxpayer's account within 48 hours. If the statement proves to be recovered, revenue is domiciled in the number of a ccount specified by the taxpayer. (In a deadline: June 30, in two installments: June 30 and November 10). Rentanet 10 Days: performing free at any of the 400 se ats of the seven partner financial institutions (BBK, BBVA, Banco Santander, Caj a Laboral, Banco Guipuzcoano Ipar Kutxa and La Caixa), under the supervision of the Treasury. If the statement proves to return, the amount paid into the taxpayer's account within a maximum of 10 days. If the statement proves to be recovered, revenue is domiciled in the number of account specified by the taxpayer. 2. 3. Since last year, the / as agents of the collaborating institutions access with k ey people provided by taxpayers, their tax data. Department of Treasury and Finance - 13 Internet and Recursonet 4. Presentation of the statement on the Internet. ( - You must use the official software. - Can be transmitted continuously throughout the camp aign. - The electronic filing does not require the provision of documentation or evidence (unless these documents are then required). - The Internet user, after filing your return, you will receive email information on the status of it. Rec ursonet: - Allows the taxpayer to rectify both the declaration and subsequent pa yment made by the Provincial Treasury. - Will be processed immediately by Financ e staff, free of charge and attendance of the taxpayer: • • In Bilbao Treasury offices or other offices from 4 May until 30 September. A nd also, from 4 May to 16 June, at the branch that originally drew up the declar ation Rentanet 10 (if the taxpayer has not received any formal or provisional li quidation, in which case you will have to go to the offices of Finance) . 5. Department of Treasury and Finance - 14 Consultation of fiscal data • In its second year of service, consultation, or printing, of 34 tax informatio n from taxpayers and the download file for the making of the statement amounted in 2008 to a total of 616 012 hits, double the previous year. Citizens Provides tax information related to its 2008 tax declaration. Sending personal access cod e: only presenters de la Renta 2007 (all respondents and spouses in joint; Appro x. 700,000). On the Road identification "appear in addition to personal data, a" personal access "to the query entry field of fiscal data. These consultations w ill take place solely via the Internet. Mitigates errors, but by no means exclud ing other data that indicate personal income tax law as binding for the fulfillm ent of tax duties. The information displayed can be loaded directly into the com puter program of assistance for the preparation of the Statement of Income 2008. The service is available from April 20 to December 31, 2009. • • •

• • Department of Treasury and Finance - 15 Tax Information * Provided by third parties and a self. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Address Data identify ing fiscal Account Debit Other people related work performance EPSV Contribution s, PPs and Mutual Dividend Income from bank accounts and similar yields of Bonds and Bond Administration Expenses and Income Deposit Securities of Treasury Oper ations Income Insurance and Income Capitalization Transmissions from the financi al assets subject to retention lasTransmisiones Income from Financial Assets not subject to Withholding Other investment income Mortgages Property Information 1 8. Rental income from property subject to withholding 19. Awards 20. Sales of Mu tual Funds 21. Transfer of shares and subscription rights 22. Transmission Prope rties 23. Economic Activities: Headings and estimation method 24. Income from Ec onomic Activities 25. 26 installments. Donations 27. Account housing 28. Persona l data of the previous year: handicap. 29. Other people involved several of the children and their data. 30. Tax credit. 31. Percentage of loan deductible. 32. Breakdown housing amounts deducted in previous years. 33. Contributions to socia l security systems business. 34. Contributions to the protected heritage of the disabled. Department of Treasury and Finance - 16 WEB reverse charge proposals • NEW: The Department of Treasury and Finance will make available to certain tax payers reverse 50 000 proposals on the website These proposals result to return or enter will be made for certain pre-selected taxpayers based on the data, records or other items that the Finance available. The individual t axpayer announced on the 4th of May if the Provincial Treasury has made its prop osal for a reverse, by accessing the website mentioned, in particular, agreeing to consult your tax information, using the key provided in the identification sh eet. Once viewed the proposal, if the individual taxpayer agrees with the conten t of it must necessarily confirm to validate the submission. If you disagree wit h the contents thereof shall reverse the tax by any other system before the end of voluntary submission deadline, which is 30 June. - 17 • • • • Department of Treasury and Finance WEB Proposals Department of Treasury and Finance - 18 • New tax: ("It is settled Heritage Tax) • The adoption of economic incentive me

asures: Change in tax rate; Elevation Reduction by Joint Tax deductions and pers onal and family, and new tax benefits: deduction Liquid at 400 fee per year. • I n terms of housing: the deadline for realizing the reinvestment in a new primary residence amounts to four years (previously 2), extending the deadline for the application of the sums held in accounts housing; In the case of accounts whose term the realization of the amounts deposited in the acquisition of primary resi dence (six years) completed between 01/01/2008 and 12/31/1908, the period will b e 8 years from the date of opening. • Alde Bizkaiaren Egizu Campaign - What do y ou do for Bizkaia.; From 4 May to 30 June. • Income Forecast 2008: 600,000 state ments. • to return, 82% of the total, reaching 538 million .. • to enter, 18%, amounting to 224 million euros. • social Deductions: 700 million euros. • Servi ces: Rentanet Etxea (250,000 notices), Self-assessment Manual, Rentanet 10, Inte rnet, Rentanet 48 ("Treasury offices in Bilbao) and Recursonet. • Consultation o f fiscal data on the web: and as a new, 50,000 reverse charge pr oposals WEB. • In 2008 Income: 300,000 statements, 1 of 2, already made by the T reasury .. Department of Treasury and Finance - 19 Department of Treasury and Finance