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net "Woody Allen Quotes The best of Woody Allen quotes taken from his books, films and short stories. "Troubles are like sheets of car" Every time when my film happened, I wonder how I still rub? ta toilet: you take one, they are ten. By Philip Short

[-] I is not afraid to die. I just do not want to be there when it happens. [-] Love is the answer, but while waiting for the answer, sex can suggest some great questions. [-] I was beaten, but I defended well. In one of the ones I broke my hand: it took me across the face, but I did it. [-] "You give me such a hassle because you believe God!" "Well, I'll even take a model to inspire me, right?" ! [-] I took speed reading lessons and are now able to read War and Peace in twen ty minutes. Talk of Russia. ! [-] I was overwhelmed with disgust at myself and I have considered the idea of killing again, this time sucking strong nose near a n insurance agent. [-] Not only does God not exist, but have you ever tried to f ind a plumber during the weekend? [-] There are two types of people in the world , good and bad. The good sleep better, but it seems that the waking hours much m ore fun to be bad. " The bad guys certainly have understood something that the good ignore. ! ! [-] If only God would give me a clear sign! How to make a large deposit in m y name in a Swiss bank ... [-] I have only one regret in life is not someone els e. ! [-] I am opposed to sex before marriage: they arrive late at the ceremony. [-] The standard math has recently been made obsolete by the discovery that we w rote to the figure five years to reverse. This has led to reassessment of counti ng as a method to go from one to ten. Students are taught advanced concepts of B oolean algebra, and equations are not solvable once dealt with threats of repris als. ! ! [-] She represents the last time I entered a woman was when I visited t he Statue of Liberty. ! ! [-] My father had worked in the same company for twelv e years. Then fired and replaced with a computer so big. Does everything my fath er did, but better. What is most depressing is that my mother left the house and bought one. ! ! [-] I believe in a universal intelligence ... with the exceptio n of some Swiss canton. ! " Every time Nixon left the White House CIA men controlled the silverware. [-] What has posterity done for me? [-] The maturity of a person is not measured by how Dallet but waking up in the heart reacts in his underwear. ! [-] The Lor d is merciful. He makes me lie down in green pastures. The problem is that then can not get up. [-] The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf w ill sleep very little. [-] We all know the same truth: our lives consist of how we choose to distort it. [-] And I wondered if a memory is something you have or something you lost. [-] I'm an atheist existential theology. I believe in the e xistence of the universe with the exception of some Swiss canton. [-] Let me be the tights by Ursula Andress. [-] I quit smoking. I'll live one more week and th at week's pouring rain. [-] The difference between love and sex is that sex reli eves tension and love causes it. [-] I am a great lover, because I'm trained ... alone. [-] More than any other time in history, humanity is at a crossroads. On e path leads to despair and discouragement at all. The other to total extinction . We pray to the sky that gives us the wisdom to make the correct choice. [-] Of all the famous men who ever lived, what is more I would like to be Socrates. No t so much because it was a great thinker, because I myself am known to have had

some fairly deep thought, and although mine invariably revolve around a Swedish stewardess and handcuffs. [-] It is better to love or be loved? Neither if your cholesterol is over six hundred. " Positive view, death and 'one of the few things you can do easily lying down. [-] Next to me was disturbing that a blonde up and down in a black blouse with a provocation sufficient to induce lycanthropy in a Boy Scout. [-] In my time, I cared for five marks Freud himself. For ten brands, you cared and I was ironing his pants. For fifteen marks, Freud left that you cared about him, and this incl uded a choice of two side dishes. [-] A good example of the event was the Boston Tea Party€where Americans dressed as Indians hurt threw English tea into the bay. Then the Americans dressed as Indians threw hurt real English Bay. So the Englis h disguised as tea threw one another into the bay. Eventually, the German mercen aries dressed only with customs of the Trojan threw themselves into the bay with out any reason. [-] I'm an old-fashioned. Do not believe in extramarital affairs . I think we should mate for life like pigeons and Catholics. ! ! [-] I once had a chest pain. Convient that I had heartburn, because 'Qul in time I was married and my wife cuocea those Nazi's recipes. Chicken Himmler. And I did not want to pay $ 25 because 'I am a doctor confirmed that I had heartburn. But I was worri ed because 'they were to the chest. It turns out that a friend of mine, Eggs Ben edict, had a pain in the chest in exactly the same point. And I think if I can s end Eggs doctor, I understand what I wrong. And without fee. And he goes. It tur ns out that the heartburn. He spent $ 25 and I feel fine. because 'I think I scr ewed the doctor $ 25, eh? Eggs telephone two days later. Was dead. I rushed to t he hospital. I shall have a series of tests. I spend $ 110. Now I'm furious. Mee ting his mother and say - has suffered a lot? - And she says: - No, one thing qu ickly. The car took the full blow and died dul ." Semplicemebte could not be that we are alone and aimless, dined to wander in an indifferent universe, with no hope of escape or other view that poverty, death a nd the empty reality of eternal nothing? [-] It is impossible to experience one's death opggettivamente and continue to s ing a melody. [-] The universe is only a fleeting idea in God - a thought rather uncomfortable, especially if you just paid the deposit for the house. ! ! [-] I do not believe in the afterlife, although I'll bring linen replacement. ! ! [-] All literature is a footnote to 'page of Faust. I have no idea what I mean by t hat. ! ! [-] I was asked if I was conscious of the moral implications of what I did. As I told the Nuremberg tribunal did not know that Hitler was a Nazi. ! ! [ -] The major differences between television channels are still weather. ! ! [-] Do not condemn masturbation. Is having sex with someone who really valued! ! ! [ -] "Sex without love is empty experience." "Yes, but with experience running is not bad." ! ! [-] I want to tell an extraordinary story about oral contraception . I asked a girl to sleep with me and she replied: "No." ! ! [-] It was partly m y fault divorces ... Tend to put my wife under a pedestal. ! ! [-] My brain is m y second favorite organ. ! ! [-] My grandfather was a very insignificant. At his funeral, the hearse followed the other cars. ! ! [-] I have an intense desire t o return to the womb ... anyone. ! ! [-] I never eat oysters. The food I like de ad. Not sick or wounded and dead. ! ! [-] The food in this place is really terri ble. Moreover, the portions are small. All this can be likened to the feeling I have towards life. ! ! [-] When I was little my parents moved house a dozen time s. But I have always managed to find them. ! ! [-] Funny mentality that American s no one said anything illegal when Nixon bombed Cambodia, but if he had been ca ught in a hotel room with a minor would have kicked in two days. ! "

My first film was so bad, that in seven U.S. states had replaced the death penal ty. ! ! [-] Sex is like playing bridge. If you have a good partner, hopefully at lea st one good hand. ! ! [-] When I was little my parents wanted me so well that pu t me in a teddy bear cradle. Vivo. ! ! [-] Thank God I'm an atheist. ! ! [-] My father took from his Aunt May ... refused because the Bible said that the centra l character was not fully credible. ! ! [-] God is dead, Marx is dead ... and I do not feel very well today! ! ! [-] Are plagued by doubts. And if everything is an illusion, if nothing existed? But then I paid for that mistake a carpet! ! ! [-] I do not know if God exists. But if there is I hope he has a good excuse. ! ! [-] I really want to kill me and got so many problems that would not be a sol ution. ! ! [-] Do not want to achieve immortality through my work. I get not dyi ng. ! ! " Troubles are like sheets of toilet paper: you take one, they are ten. [-] There are things worse than death. If you spend an evening with an insurer, you know exactly what I mean.€! ! [-] What I do not like death? Perhaps the time. ! ! [-] Life is essentially tragic, but sometimes manages to be wonderful. ! ! [] "Chapter One. I love New York City. Idolized immeasurably. No, no, it's best " The mythologized immeasurably" here. "For him, whatever the season, this was sti ll a city that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great George Gersh win reasons. Ahhh, no, let me start over. "Chapter One. He was too romantic abou t Manhattan, as he was about everything else. Finds strength in feverish bout of madness and traffic. For him New York signifificava beautiful women, smart types that appeared broken in any situation. "Oh, no ... stale, stale stuff taste ... um ... Well, come on, working a bit 'more. a gain." Chapter first. I love New York, although he was a metaphor for the decade nce of contemporary culture. How hard it was to exist in a society desensitized by drugs, the loud music, television, crime, garbage. "Too angry. I do not want to be angry." Chapter One. It was tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behin d his black-rimmed glasses, but crouched ready to pounce, the sexual power of a tiger. "No, wait, there are." New York was his town, and would have been seprate . "(From" Manhattan ") ! [-] ... Before the horrible reality of the curtain fall s on us. (From "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion")! [-] I just turned forty. I do not want to get to fifty and discover that I measured my life in coffee spoons. (From "Celebrity")! [-] They said that the main theme of all my films is the dif ference between reality and fantasy. It is indeed an issue that used very often, and I think depends mainly because I hate reality. But you know, unfortunately the reality is the only place where we can eat a nice steak dinner.! [-] The lau ghter, remaining in his subconscious realm manifest (or, to quote Freud, when fl ows from the mouth) often holds back with something funny. This explains why - w here the death of a friend almost never raises laughter - a ridiculous hat, howe ver, is laughable.! [-] I wanted to become an FBI agent, but it took six feet in height and twenty out of twenty of view. So I decided to become a great crimina l. But it took six feet in height and twenty out of twenty of view.! ! [-] What do we know? That is what we are sure you know, or know for sure that he knew, ev en if it is knowable? We know the universe? My God, is already so hard not to ge t lost in Chinatown ... " ! ! [-] Okay, then, because it is worth living? Here's a good question. Uhm. Well, there are some things in the world, I think, so wor th living. What? Okay. For me ... um, I'd say ... for Groucho Marx, for one thin g, mhmmmm, Willie Mays and e. .. the second movement of the Jupiter Symphony ... Louis Armstrong, the engraving "Potatoehea Blues" ... Swedish films of course . .. "Sentimental Education" by Flaubert, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, those incr edible ... apples and pears by Cézanne, the crabs from Sam Wo, Tracey's face. "

According to modern astronomers, space is finite. This is a very comforting thou ght, especially for people who never remembers where he left things ! ! [-] No. N-do not use hallucinogens since ... I gave a shot at a party five y ears ago, e. .. I tried to take off his pants over his head. ! ! [-] Nancy: I do not want food. You can keep all you. I just leave. Allan: We could discuss for a moment? Nancy: We have already discussed, fifty times. And 'useless. Allan: Why? Nancy: I do not know. Can not stand the marriage. I amuse you. Indeed, I choke. There is not an relationship between you and me. Besides, physically, I do not like you. Please, do not take her on a personal level! ! ! [-] Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances to Saturday evening. ! ! [-] My body does not tolerate the stuff, alcohol. Really! I drank two Martini Year's E ve and tried to hijack an elevator on Cuba! ! ! [-] The last time I was at sea h as been with Mrs. Allen, my wife. During the honeymoon. I was fabulous. I'd ador ed. I was skiing on the water, naked to the waist, slipped quickly on top. The m uscles glistening with oil, I held with one hand. Water skiing is a marvel. My w ife, in the boat before me, was sailing with enthusiasm. ! ! [-] And if we wake up in 2315 to be told that smoking had never hurt anyone? ! ! [-] God is not dea d. He's just looking for a parking space. ! ! [-] What to look for a woman? Eyes . Mouth. The breasts. The legs ... In short, everything. This is particularly mi sleading,€a better overview. ! ! [-] 'It is important to the gym does wonders .... The gym has changed my life! " "I prefer the artrofia!" ! ! [-] "Soon we will ha ve a child. "Seriously?" "No, I own a child the doctor told me ... be my Christm as present!" "But I had only a tie!" ! ! [-] Do you see this beautiful watch? I received a sale from my grandfather on his deathbed. ! ! [-] I usually feel pret ty down. Other times, I feel down at all. ! ! [-] I never eat oysters. The food I like dead. Not sick or hurt. Dead. ! ! [-] I'm not an athlete. I have bad refl exes. Once I was hit by a car driven by two guys. ! ! [-] "Kisses from God." "We ll, yes ... He took a lot to me!" " Tomorrow morning at six I'll be executed for a crime that I committed. I had to be executed at five, but I have a smart lawyer. ! ! [-] Politicians have their own ethics. All of them. And it's a notch below t hat of a sex maniac. ! ! [-] At school I ruled out the chess team because of my stature. ! ! [-] We had a great year in Spain, traveling and writing. Hemingway took me tuna fishing and I took four boxes. ! ! [-] Zelig, "I must go, I can not stop." "What should you do?". Zelig (he believes to be a psychoanalyst) "I have an interesting case: two Siamese twins suffering from split personality." "Well ?". Zelig: "I am paid by 8 people. " But I can not kill him, is a human being, all the carpet stain. [-] Leonard Zelig was often beaten by their parents. Zelig The family lived abov e a bowling alley, but were often the patrons of the bowling alley to complain a bout too much noise. ! ! [-] I recently read the Bible. Not bad, but the main ch aracter is hardly credible. ! ! [-] I wish much to my watch. My father sold me o n his deathbed! ! ! [-] If money can not bring happiness, let alone the misery! ! ! [-] I met my ex-wife in a restaurant and have a libertine as I approached he r floating and I asked: "How about we go home and make love again?". And she rep lied: "over my dead body." I then I replied: "Why no, as we have always done." ! ! [-] I am a doctor, I am a course on masturbation, I must go within start with out me ... ! ! [-] It 's better to be coward for a minute than dead for the rest of life. ! ! [-] To love is to suffer. If you do not want to suffer we must not love. But then one suffers from not loving, therefore love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer and to suffer is to suffer. Being happy is to love, be happy

then is to suffer, but suffering makes us unhappy, therefore to be unhappy one m ust love or love and suffer, or suffer from too much happiness ... I hope you're taking notes ... (Love and War). ! ! [-] For you are an atheist, but God is a l oyal opposition. ! ! [-] Psychoanalysis is a myth, kept alive by the sofas. ! ! [-] The happiest man I know has a lighter and a wife, and both work. ! ! [-] The re are 6 million Jews who worry me, is that records are made to be broken. ! ! [-] I could not take the dog because it was too expensive. It finally opened in my neighborhood a bad pet shop. You could take a gay cat, a camel dish. I ha d taken a dog who stutter: cats made him mad and he ab-bb-aiava. " As a child I wanted a dog. But my parents were poor. So I bought an ant. [-] Crime does not pay, but without great bank accounts. ! ! [-] Sex is a beauti ful thing between two people in five is fantastic! ! ! [-] What do you mean by t he phrase: "She has an hourglass body and I like playing with sand?". ! ! [-] "I 'm not narcissistic, or selfish. If I lived in ancient Greece would not have bee n Narcissus." "Who'd be?". "Jupiter." ! ! [-] I flirted with psychoanalysis and psychotherapy at an early age. Sometimes I there rapprochement, with good result s sometimes, sometimes not so good. But I never thought of becoming a doctor. I am happy to be patient. ! ! [-] When it comes to diseases, I would not ever be a hypochondriac. If anything is an alarmist. Not that I feel sick all the time, b ut when I get sick now that I think is the right time. ! ! [-] I went to a summe r camp for children of all religions. So I was beaten by children of all religio ns. ! ! [-] The constant problems, enormously complicated, which raises the maki ng of a film, I keep my mind occupied. So I have no time to reflect on the terri ble reality of life. ! ! [-] What is white-black-white-black-white-black-white-b lack-white? A nun who tumbles from the steps. ! ! [-] God does not exist.€But we ar e his chosen people. ! ! [-] The most beautiful words in the world are not: "I l ove you!" but: "It 'Benigno!". ! ! [-] There are only two things you can control in life: art and masturbation. ! ! [-] My wife is a very immature person. The o ther day, for example, while I bathed and entered, without cause, I sank all the geese! ! ! [-] 'S man consists of two parts, his mind and his body. Only the bo dy has more fun. ! ! [-] A report, I think, is like a shark. That needs to const antly move or die. And I think that what we have in our hands is a dead shark. ! " The difference between sex and death is that death can do alone and nobody laugh s at you. [! -] There is nothing wrong with you that you can not treat with a little Proza c and a polo mallet. ! ! [-] As the poet said "Only God can make a tree" probabl y because it is too difficult to understand how make us feel the bark. ! ! [-] I had a terrible urge to throw down on the lunar surface and commit interstellar perversion with you. ! ! [-] I'm really futile and empty, and I have no ideas an d nothing interesting to say. ! ! [-] A dangerous motorist overtakes you is that despite all your efforts to stop him. ! ! [-] I read in self-defense. ! ! [-] E 'dirty sex? Sure, but only if done well. ! ! [-] As you see no matter born in a hen house ... Then when you have the chance to become a swan. ! ! [-] Why did t he man kill? He kills for food. But not only food: frequently for a drink (in "W ithout Feathers"). ! ! [-] What if nothing exists and we were inside someone's d ream? Or, and this would be worse if there was only fat guy in the third row? (I n "Without Feathers")! ! [-] It 's impossible, but undesirable, to travel faster than light, because, at that speed, the wind takes you away at once the hat. ! ! [-] So, I'm sitting at the table, I'm playing dice, very sexy when a woman app roaches me and woo me. Bring it upstairs in my room, shut the door, I take off m y glasses are-without-pity I unbutton his shirt, unbuttoning his shirt, smile, s

miles at me, I take off his shirt, takes off his shirt, wink, She winks, I take off my pants, she pulls down his pants, and I realize that I'm looking in a mirr or when ... I will not explain the details, but I took off the glasses legs for two weeks. " Americans Do not ever throw away their waste. Turn them into TV shows! ! ! [-] Linda: "But you only cook frozen foods?". Allen: "Cook, and who cooks th em? I do not thaw them. Suck them as if they were lollies." ! ! [-] The two brot hers were half brothers Beamish fools who tried to go from Belfast to Scotland b y sending each other mail. ! ! [-] Once a priest pulled me a Bible on the heart. Fortunately I had a golden bullet that I had given my mother saved my life! ! ! [-] Some guy: "Try to get closer to the countess and I do apart." Allen: "If a man told me what she told me, kill him!". The guy: "But I am a man." Allen: "Wel l, I meant a man a little less high ...". ! ! [-] When I was younger I used to g roup analysis because I could not afford the private. I was the captain of the s oftball team of latent paranoid. Sunday morning we played our usual neurotic eat ers nails against nocturnal incontinence. If you have never seen neurotic play s oftball is pretty funny. I usually scrub second base, then I felt guilty and wen t back. ! ! [-] I'm going home with a girl that I carried out and six blocks bef ore pulling out his house keys. Then the port on the steps and put his arms arou nd her waist and she says, 'No, no, please. Tomorrow morning I'll hate. " And I say, "Just you wake up in the afternoon! ! [-] Los Angeles is a city whose only contribution to modern civilization is to permit continuous left turn. ! ! [-] A ll this I do for a living ... I could very well enrich organizing tours on the c hin of Kirk Douglas.! [-] The development of my philosophy originated in the fol lowing way: My wife invited me to taste her first soufflé, I did accidentally drop a spoonful on foot provoking rupture of some phalanges.! [-] If I want to be reb orn in the hands of Warren Beatty.! [-] I know how to defend myself. In case of danger I have this flick that I always carry around. If I press real danger the button turns into a stick tap, so I do sympathy.! [-] This man can be invaluable , having wanted to vomit.! [-] On my wedding night my wife,€getting good, you stood up for an ovation. ! ! [-] I never shower in public places because I like to st rip naked in front of a another man. I do not like to show my body to a person of my same sex because yo u never know what might happen. " Have you heard that the two old ladies in the Catskills resort in the mountains and says "Mommy, how to eat badly in this place." "Oh yes, food is bad, plus the y give you such small portions." Well, this is essentially what I feel about lif e. ! ! [-] I remember the public school teachers who attended. Here there was a say ing we say: "Those who can not do anything they teach, and those who can not eve n teach, teach gym." ! ! [-] The FBI surrounds the house: "Throw the baby out, c onsegnateci weapons and outputs hands up." The kidnappers say: "we throw the bab y out, but let us take up arms and go to our car." The FBI replied: "Throw the b aby out, you let go of the machine, but consegnateci Arms. The kidnappers then s ay: "we throw the baby out, but let us weapons, we need not go to the car." The FBI suggests: "Keep the baby ... Wait, I messed ...". ! ! [-] I am surrounded by people who seem extras from "The Godfather". Who is evil at heart probably know s a lot. ! ! [-] My God! My God! What have you done lately? " The advantage of being smart is that you can always make a fool, while the rever se is impossible.

! ! [-] I had a good relationship, I would say, with my parents. Rarely beat me. In fact, I think I beat her, in effect, a single time during childhood. They be gan to beat violently December 23, 1942 and stopped in '44, spring. (The dictato r of the state Bananas). ! ! [-] Two months ago you were sure to have a malignant melanoma. "Of course .. . I, I, you know, with the sudden appearance of a black spot on my back ...". "B ut he was on his shirt." "And I knew it! All indicated behind here!" (Hannah and Her Sisters). ! ! [-] "How did you know you sex?". "I? From my mother. When I w as little I asked her where the children come? She saw the seals and said" the g un. "When a lady of the palace had three twins I thought it was three rods (from "The Sleeper")! ! [-] How can I believe in God when just last week my tongue ha s been taken in a cart electric typewriter. ! ! [-] Her figure described a set o f parabolas that could cause cardiac arrest in a yak. ! ! [-] What could be more beautiful than a tree in spring, except perhaps a deer with gaiters that sings "Stranger in the Night" by moonlight! ! [-] A gentleman is a gentleman who knows how to play the bagpipes, but he refrains. ! ! [-] Sex was the funniest thing t hat I did not laugh. ! ! [-] Death is a characteristic acquired. ! ! [-] At a ti me throughout the film of my life I have rehearsed before our eyes. And I was no t in the cast! ! ! [-] I have a catastrophic relationship with technology: if I pass under a chandelier drops, it starts to rain. ! ! [-] I love you for who you are ... rich! " Each time, when my film is successful, I wonder how I still rub? ! [-] Life is divided into the horrors and miseries. ! [-] I do not believe in G od, I never thought ... Say that I admire. ! [-] Purity is the alibi of sinners missed. ! [-] At school I ruled out the chess team because of my stature. ! [-] All men are mortal. Socrates was mortal. Therefore, all men are Socrates. ! [-] I am mulatto: my father is black, my white mother and vice versa. ! [-] If you w ant to make God laugh, tell him your plans. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! [-] Before leaving I'd love to leave you a positive message. But I do not. A re good the same two negative messages? ! ! [-] I much prefer cremation to buria l, and both in a weekend with Mrs. Needleman. [-] I can say in general that's ha ppened to me it seems overrated nowadays, like sex. ! ! [-] I carried a sword in the street, if someone attacks me turned into a walking stick, so people felt s orry for me. ! ! ! [-] For you are an atheist, but God is a loyal opposition. ! ! [-] If you keep calm while all around you have lost your head, you probably di d not understand what the problem is! [-] Better to be cowardly for a minute tha n dead for the rest of your life! [-] I took to arms because I was not clever, b ut alienation: in case of war, was to be taken hostage. [-] After that came very late, we had to run both. But it was great to review Annie€not? I realized that Do nna was fantastic and only know what was funny. And I thought a. .. that old jok e, you know ... That is where a psychiatrist and says, "Doctor My brother is cra zy, think he is a chicken, and the doctor says," why not inside? "And that says, " and then I Eggs I who makes? ". Well, I think it matches very much what I thin k of male-female relationships. And that is that is absolutely irrational, er .. . and crazy. And absurd, e. .. But I think that will continue because most of us need the eggs. ! ! [-] The psychiatrist is someone who makes a lot of expensive questions that your wife makes you free. [-] The most beautiful words are not " I love you" but "is benign." [-] Death is like sleep, but with this difference: if you died and someone shouts: "Stand up, it is daylight!" I find it hard to fi nd slippers. [-] Catholicism is what dies now and pay later. ! [-] My parents ha ve taught the Christian charity to the sounds of beatings. ! "

Psychoanalysis is a myth, kept alive by the sofas. [-] Emily Dickinson was wrong, happiness is not the thing with feathers. The thi ng with feathers is my nephew, I take it from a specialist in Zurich. ! ! [-] I think only two things in sex and death. ! ! [-] It's nice to be poor because whe n you get close to seventy your children do not seek to plead not of sound mind to take control of your property. ! ! [-] Only Lamoro unfulfilled is really roma ntic. ! ! [-] Our marriage was not a rose garden. Botanically speaking, you are more carnivorous unorchidea. " Freud's death, according to Ernest Jones, was the event that caused the final br eak between Freud and Helmholtz, and after it, the two rarely spoke. [-] S: "Your life is nihilism, cynicism, sarcasm and orgasm!" W: "Well, in Franc e with a slogan that wins the election" [-] Oh yes, the human race? They had to install automated toilets in public toilets because there was no trust that peop le pulled the chain ... [-] Is called entropy, it is as it exits the toothpaste from the tube and can no t fall inside. [-] It is not the idea that criticism of Christianity or Judaism, or any other r eligion. They are professionals who have transformed it into a business, there's a lot of money in the racket of God, a lot of money! The teachings of Jesus are wonderful, as are the original intention of Carl Marx. Ok? And how can they be bad if they all share equally: Do not do to others, democracy, government by the people, all great ideas, are all great ideas .. but all of them have a fatal fl aw. This is all based on the false concept that man is basically good and that i f you give them the opportunity to be honest, the grabs, which is not a stupid, selfish, greedy, myopic and cowardly worm. What I'm saying is that people can ma ke life worse than it should be and believe it is already a nightmare without th e need of his help, but ultimately I am sorry to say, we are a species failure. [-:] I'm not a nice guy, sympathy has never been a priority for me and to be cle ar this is not a movie "or what I'm feeling good." If you're idiots who should f eel good, well, get a massage the feet. But what is the meaning of everything? N othing! Zero! Nothing! Everything ends in nothing, although there are gibbering idiots, do not talk to me, I've got the vision, I'm talking about you, your frie nds, your colleagues, your newspapers, TV. All very happy to talk, completely un informed. Morality, science, religion, politics, sports, love, your investments, your children, health, hell, if I have to eat nine servings of fruits and veget ables a day to live, I do not want to live! I hate fruit and vegetables and your omega three and the treadmill and electrocardiogram and resonance mammography a nd pelvic and, oh my God, a colonoscopy .. and all this comes the day when they stick you in a box and continue with another generation of idiots who will tell you all about life and decide what is appropriate for you. My father committed s uicide because the morning papers depressed him and you can blame him? With horr or, corruption and ignorance and poverty and genocide and AIDS and global warmin g and terrorism and family values of those idiots and maniacs of those weapons. "The horror," says Kurz at the end of Heart of Darkness, "the horror" and blesse d he did not distribute The Times in the jungle. Eh, otherwise would have seen t he horror.€But what can we do? Read some of the massacre in Darfur or a school bus blew up and attacked, "Oh my God the horror!" and then turn the page and finish your free-range eggs because you can do so, it was overwhelmed. I also tried to kill myself, obviously did not work. But why you want to hear these things? I am sure that you are obsessed by a large number of sad hopes and dreams, your expe cted unsatisfactory love lives, from your business failures. Ah, if only I had b ought those shares, if only I had bought that house years ago, if only we had tr

ied with that woman, if, if that. You know what? Spare your I could or I should have. As my mother always told me "if my grandmother had wheels would be a coach ." My mother had wheels, had varicose veins, but the lady gave birth to a brilli ant mind. I have considered for the Nobel Prize for physics, I've got, but you k now, it's all politics as any other false honor. Just between us, do not believe that I am bitter personal blow for some. By the standards of nonsensical and ba rbaric civilization, I was pretty lucky. I married a beautiful woman who was ric h in family, for years we lived in Birdman Place, taught at Columbia, string the ory.

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