Voucher Cisco CCNA Version 3.1 of the curriculum.

Vale of four semesters off, ma de February 10, 2005 NOTE THESE ANSWERS BY 92% Which of the following is true regarding routing metrics? All routing protocols use the same metric. The bandwidth is the only metric used by IGRP. Routers comp are metrics to determine the best route. The larger metric generally represents the best route. 2 Which of the following layers is responsible for organizing bits using frames? L ayer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 3 Which of the following represents a group of routers under a common administrati on and is required to configure some routing protocols such as, for example, IGR P and EIGRP? control group autonomous system corporate system Domain Naming Syst em Local Area Network Wide Area Network 4 What is the name of the point on a LAN where the network administrator's respons ibility ends and where the telephone company's responsibility begins? point of p resence local loop demarcation DTE 5 What is the length in bits of an Ethernet address? 12 24 32 48 80 128 6 See the chart. Which of the following are true regarding EIGRP route summary tha t networks use to RouterA? (Choose two.) The networks can be summarized with aut o-summary. The summary of network can be set manually. The default subnet mask c an be used to summarize networks. The networks can be summarized with 172.16.64. 0/26. The networks can be summarized with The networks can be su mmarized with 7 If the old network has been configured with RIPv2, how many usable host address is subnet? 0 April 2 August 6 8 In an already configured router, what is the correct loading sequence when you t urn it on? bootstrap, RAM, operating system bootstrap, configuration file, opera ting system bootstrap, operating system, configuration file operating system, configuration file, RAM 9 All routers in the network shown in figure belong to the same OSPF area. All rou ters are lit simultaneously, except Router E, which went online the next day. Wh ich of the routers will be the BDR after the network has made the convergence? R outer A Router B Router C Router D Router E 10

What is the advantage of using layers in the OSI reference model? Divide the net work communication in larger parts. Increases complexity. Prevents changes in on e layer affect the other layers. Requires the use of a single equipment manufact urer for the communications hardware and software. 11 Both the routers and switches perform important tasks in an internetwork. Which of the following options correspond to fundamental differences between the two? (Choose two.) The routers are used more than the switches. The routers do not ne ed to work settings. Routers and switches operate at different layers of the OSI model. Routers and switches route different sets of protocols. Routers block br oadcasts shipments. The switches create broadcast domains. 12 How many bits are IPv6 addresses? 16 32 64 96,128,258 13 Which of the following messages are sent from a DHCP server to a client during a successful configuration process? (Choose two.) DHCPDISCOVER DHCPOFFER DHCPREQU EST DHCPACK 14 Which layer of the OSI model can provide data transfer and reliable connection-o riented between two hosts? application presentation session transport 15 Which of the following devices means a device that is not compatible with ISD N terminal adapter required? NT1 NT2 TE1 TE2 What is the default ISDN encapsulation used on Cisco ISDN routers? SLIP PPP HDLC VPP 17 What type of ACL only checks the source address? Extended ACL General ACL Source ACL Standard ACL 18 Which of the following options represent advantages in building a structure on a network subnet IP? (Choose two.) allows duplication of network addresses addres ses the flexibility to avoid duplication of addresses provides broadcast containment adds low-level security allows the availability o f more network host 19 The company XYZ has a Class B address and now has four individual se gments. The company will add five additional segments this year and July next ye ar. What subnet mask should be used on the network for the higher number of host s per subnet? 255.255.25 2.0

20 How do you write the decimal number 225 in binary? 11001111 11011011 11110011 11 100001 21 Which of the following is true regarding the use of windows? Always requires ack nowledgments for each segment sent. Controls the amount of data that can be sent before requiring an acknowledgment. Requires the issuer reestablish a connectio n if you receive no acknowledgment. Allows TCP / IP data transmitted measuring s egments. 22 What are the effects of LAN segmentation with a switch? (Choose two.) dedicated bandwidth between source and destination collision domain extended small broadca st domains increase in the number of collision domains increased latency in the network 23 Which of the following represents the right reason to have at least a true condi tion in an ACL? If there is one true sentence, all packages are returned to the sender. The sentence implicit "deny any" (deny all) deny all traffic. The true c onditions only prove the state of the router. No true sentence is required in an ACL. 24 What is the function of the first phase of PPP negotiation? link termination peer authentication establishing communication link and protocol configuration s ettings of network layer 25 What determines the amount of data that can transmit a station running TCP / IP before receiving an acknowledgment? the size of the segment. transmission speed. the bandwidth of the window size sequence number 26 What direction do you use a bridge to create its bridging table? destination IP address destination MAC address source IP address source MAC address 27 Which of the following functions are performed in the switches and bridges to cr eate the tables CAM? (Choose two.) creates the table using the source MAC addres s not yet known present in the received frames creates the table using the desti nation MAC address not yet known present in the received frames adds a timestamp to the entries for each direction adds a timestamp to each frame received BPDU maps port numbers to switch maps the MAC address associated switch port numbers to the address associated network 28 Which of the following improves security in PPP authentication? NCP LCP CHAP PAP

29 Which of the following addresses are broadcast addresses if the subnet mask is 2 (Choose two.) 199,254,129,111 129.130.1 7.143 30 How do you send the switches at regular intervals to eliminate switching loop s? protocol data units bidirectional protocol data units binary protocol data un its bridge protocol data units are stored in the memory buffer. 31 Which of the following EIGRP functions is the responsibility of the IP protocol dependent module (PDM)? (Choose two.) route calculation of successor and feasibl e successor for IP and IPX traffic reporting DUAL once it receives the IP routin g information the disclosure of information about IP routes with neighbor router s the maintenance of the IP routing table The packet exchange of greetings (hell o) with other IP-enabled routers to insert more economical routes in the routing table 32 Identify the correct matching between a protocol and its classification. BGP-Int erior-Exterior IGRP OSPF RIP-Interior-Exterior 33 Which method do you use a router to create a Frame Relay map? ARP requests RARP Petitions Petitions Petitions RARP Reverse ARP reverse 34 Which of the following utilities can be used to verify connectivity to the seven layers of OSI model? netstat ping Telnet traceroute 35 Which of the following statements are true regarding VLANs? (Choose two.) VLANs are limited to a physical segment. They are logical groupings of devices. User h osts can be grouped by function. VLANs are configured by software. VLANs are sta ndardized. 36 What is the term used for the wiring that connects the subscriber's terminal equ ipment to switch provider? Demarc local loop final mile DTE trunk 37 Which of the following protocols is the signaling protocol ISDN Layer 2? BRI PRI LAPA LAPD 38 What is the purpose of the show cdp neighbors command? A summary of the configur ation of the local router to all directly connected Cisco devices display inform ation on all Cisco devices that are directly connected to a local router display information about all Cisco WAN networks display the routing information of all routers remote display names of all OSPF neighbors in the local area

39 What are items that use Frame Relay switches to inform the DTE on congestion wit hin the network? CCP and LMI CIR and LATE DLCI and SPID FECN and BECN 40 What enables routers to learn of the existence of destination networks? Proxy AR P CAM table exchanges host name tables routing protocols DNS lookups 41 Which of the following are functions of a WAN? (Choose two.) allow real-time com munication between users allowing users to access a high bandwidth to provide fu ll-time local service to provide email services and electronic commerce connect physically adjacent devices provide access to computers in other locations 42 Which of the following transmission channels are offered via an ISDN BRI service ? 23 64 kbps B channels and one 64 kbps D channel 30 64 kbps B channels and one 16 kbps D channel two 56 kbps B channels and one 16 kbps D channel two 64 kbps B channels and one D channel Dual Channel 16 kbps 64 kbps D and B channels of 16 kbps 23 kbps D channels and 64 channels of 64 kbps B 43 Which of the following statements describes how to store and forward transmissio n of an Ethernet switch? Also called a hybrid mode or method of error detection. It is necessary that the switch read the first 64 bytes of an Ethernet frame an d then starts sending data. It decreases the latency of the transmission but hav e very low error detection. It increases latency with large frames, but increase s the error detection. 44 The switches shown in the graphic are configured for VTP as shown. Select the st atements that correctly describe the operation of these switches. (Choose two.) You can add a new VLAN to switch1 and that information will be added only to Swi tch2. You can delete an existing VLAN to the Switch2 and that VLAN will be delet ed from it and Switch4 switch1. You can add a new VLAN to Switch4 and that infor mation will be added to switch1, to Switch2 and switch3. You can add a new VLAN to switch1 and that information will be added to Switch2 and Switch4. You can ad d a new VLAN to switch3 and that information will be added to switch1, to Switch 2 and Switch4. You can delete an existing VLAN in the same VLAN Switch4 and will be deleted from Switch2 and switch1. 45 Which of the following statements describe the use of link-state publications (LSA)? (Choose two.) Are generated link-state publications (LSA) when there are changes in the network. The link-state publications are updated every 60 minute s. The router copies the information it receives from each LSA packet to the rou ting table. LSA routers exchange to build and maintain topology databases. Sendi ng LSA may increase the occurrence of routing loops. 46 With the default settings, which of the following IGRP metric gives more importa nce?

bandwidth load reliability hop count 47 What kind of signal exchange occurs when using CHAP? One-way two-way three-way f our-way 48 Which of the following network devices perform route determination? a switch hub bridge router 49 Which of the following protocols are routed protocols? AppleTalk, IP, IGRP IP, A ppleTalk, IPX, IP, RIP, IPX, IPX, OSPF, EIGRP 50 Which of the following command displays statistics for all interfaces configured on the router? list interfaces show interfaces statistics show SHOW PROCESS 51 What is the purpose of the IOS enable secret command? establish password protect ion for inbound Telnet sessions to set password protection for the console termi nal to allow a user access to user mode to allow a user to enter an encrypted pa ssword that is displayed in the configuration file 52 Which device allows data communication between VLANs? Hub Switch Bridge router 53 An administrator has an older 1900 switch located on the edge of the network.€W hat can the network administrator to ensure that it becomes the root bridge span ning-tree network? reduce the update BPDU hello timer switch in 1900 to assign t he highest IP address to the switch that should be the root assign the lowest IP address to the new root bridge assigned the lowest priority to the switch that should be the priority to assign root highest to the new root bridge decrease th e BID on the 1900 switch 54 Which of the following statements about routing protocols and routed correctly? A routing protocol allows routers to communicate with other routers and maintain tables for the routing protocol. A routing protocol allows routers to communica te with other routers and maintain tables for routing protocol. Routers only nee d to use routing protocols to function properly. There is no difference between routed and routing protocols. 55 How to reduce the problems of routing loops caused by incorrect updates? account the infinite distance vector timers triggered by events updates Split horizon

56 The Cake router shown in the graph has several routes RIP version 2 to the netwo rk connected to the router interface E0 Pie. What Cake router interface will be used to send a packet from the network network? E1 S0 E 0 S1 Will balance the load on the S0 and S1 interfaces. Will balance the load on the interfaces S0, S1 and E1. 57 When should you send the data using the default route? The network destination i s in a different network than the source. The destination network is not directl y connected to the router. The destination network is a stub network. There is n o entry in the routing table to the destination network. 58 Which of the following is true regarding latency? CSMA / CD does not require dor mancy. It is also called asymmetry. Is based entirely on distance. Networking de vices increase the latency. 59 What's ISDN BRI? 23 B channels and one 64 kbps D channel overall transmission sp eed up to 1536 Mbps two B channels of 56 kbps and 64 kbps D channel two 64 kbps B channels and one 16 kbps D channel 60 Which of the following situations will use the ARP protocol? IP address is un known destination. MAC address is unknown destination. IP address is unknown ori gin. MAC address is unknown origin.