Bogotá DC, May 4, 2009 Distinguished Faculty XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX University Division / Graduate School or Address Master of XXXXXXXXXXXX

XX XX, Argentina Subject: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Masters Scholarship Application Dear Sirs, My name is XXXX XXXXXXXXX, I graduated from the Faculty of Physics Univer sidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá DC, got my degree in 2008 and xxxx my gradua tion project, entitled "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", this paper got the highest grade s. Study physics as one of the branches of the sciences that motivated me most b ecause the University's approach is geared to prepare and train professionals in the area of physics that can contribute to the advancement of scientific and te chnological research our country, industry development and training of other pro fessionals who require basic physical discipline or complementary. During the co urse of my studies I have observed that once completed would a physicist involve d in basic research projects in the generation of new techniques and technologie s, interdisciplinary work and problem solving oriented physical-technical genera l benefit of society . It is for this reason that I am highly motivated to advan ce XXXXXXXXXXXXXX mastery in this prestigious institution, and so I ask you to p lease consider serving the scholarship grant in this specialty in order to start my training from the second half of this year. Thank you for your attention, I am awaiting a positive response from you, with the assurance that I will devote my best efforts and dedication to advance successfully completed these studies a nd for personal satisfaction, my family and the educational community that you r epresent. Sincerely, Physical xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx