The world is constantly changing and every day they try to reinvent new ways of working and improving processes. When I went to CTT in 1991, they were divided i nto three broad areas namely: • Area of acceptance counters open to the public w here they proceeded acceptance of letters and parcels. • Area of treatment plant s where they received mail and parcels, and subsequently accepted at the counter s through the referrals of careers for different locales. • Area of distribution where our postmen in different localities separated the mail for parishes and d istributed door to door. The work proceeded in CTT is almost in a craft or tasks desk seal, record match, everything was done manually it lacked a lot of manpow er and productivity was very low, treatment and distribution case practically th e same thing. To better meet the growing demand for postal services was a big re volution in CTT is computerized counters from north to south and introduced the famous zip code, CP4 4-digit number that must be entered before the name of loca tion. Divided the country into nine zones in which the 1st digit corresponds to one of nine areas of the postal code of the country eg all codes beginning with the Lisbon 1 (Sample 1000-001 Lisboa), all postal codes starting with 9 belong t he islands Azores and Madeira (Funchal 9000-001 example). With the introduction of postal code, CTT purchased machines that can read the zip code and from there make their separation, hence the slogan "Zip goes a long way" Postal Distribution Centers, began to divide the mail the letter (first letter o f each street) a form of all employees being able to separate the mail without k nowing the routes of all revolutions, it was a good solution especially in the p eriod Vacation where the new employees for obvious reasons did not know the turn s. But the changes have to happen every day to give response to the changes happeni ng around us, as the postal traffic stop that does not increase the need arose t o implement a new postal code, called the CP7 seven digit postal code in which A pril 1 identifies the location and the other three identify the recipient's stre et, like in my street, 4815-491, the first 4 digits represent the location addre ss and the 3 digits identify my street was a big jump in quality and productivit y because a large percentage of mail began to arrive from power not only separat ed by location but also by allowing the streets to respond to increased traffic without increasing manpower and still improving quality standards. The implementation of new work processes alone can not lead unless we are able t o get the message out and in and involve all employees of the organization and t he general public to give a common goal that made big campaign. • Campaigns for internal dissemination to educate employees through leaflets, spreading the new process and its advantages, so that those in daily contact with customers to dis close the new process and the benefits of its implementation. • Institutional ca mpaigns targeted directly to institutions and businesses large mail as the bodie s of the state Municipal Banking Insurers EDP and other companies. • radio and t elevision campaign to sensitize the general public. Human beings always offers some resistance there is change, because even though these are not always well explained achieved 100%. 10 years after it was impleme nted the postcode of Vizela 4815, still appeared correspondence with the old pos tal code 4800 Guimarães, situations of this type certainly happened all over the country. This anomaly stemmed penalties for the client receiving the mail alway s days behind that in certain situations can lead to damage of varying order as the penalty for the operator that the level of quality meters led to the breach of quality standards agreed with the shareholder state. To try to remedy the sit uation created the program correct address, which basically the idea was to crea te a file in computer addresses that had errors indicating the correct address. The means were sometimes insufficient or so late in coming, while the program di d not come to our postal distribution center, we created a stamp to apply the mi sdirected letters with the phrase: "Your new postcode is 4815 in their interest

to inform the its sender."With the computer application, it was possible to upda te most of the addresses, that fringe customers more averse to change, with impr ovements in quality and operability. The Company CTT has developed in a context of constant innovation, which seeks t o involve all employees, it is true that there are always difficulties in adapti ng that could only overcome with great effort, dedication and spirit of helpfuln ess of the work teams, especially when I passed the area of distribution where d istribution was matched to the attendance area where I started running a dense a rray of tasks of higher complexity that was not used, as the use of computer cor fac, telegrams, letters of acceptance, sale of financial products as evidence of economic savings and postal box, etc.. However it was in the training data and then on the ground with the support of the various teams I worked with was able to successfully overcome these difficulties, and partly because I went through v arious workplaces, I became an excellent vehicle for the dissemination and shari ng of best practices. Global change The world is changing and with it we must change attitudes and beh avior. In this regard I will briefly tell a movie in the form of documentary I s aw, recommended by my teacher of CP, because it left me very touched. "An Inconv enient Truth" This film is presented by the politician Al Gore, a senator of the U.S. Congress that alerts us to the global warming and its dire consequences in the future, that is if nothing is done at present. According to their study the most vulnerable part of the ecological system is the atmosphere, due to being s o thin, this leads us to the scientific basis of global warming. Solar radiation reaches the planet earth in the form of light waves and some radiation is retur ned to space in the form of infrared rays, some of these are retained within the atmosphere until it is good because it keeps the temperature of the earth withi n a certain limit , relatively constant enabling life. The problem is that the t hin layer of the atmosphere is getting thicker because of the pollution that cau ses global warming, ie, pollution thickens the layer of the atmosphere and the r etention of more than infrared, so the atmosphere heats up worldwide too. Since 1958, U.S. scientists measure carbon dioxide and easily reached the conclusion t hat despite a constant up and down the tendency is to rise to great explanation for the small declines, due mainly to the seasons, for spring spring and summer the leaves and they absorb carbon dioxide and decreases the CO2 in the atmospher e, in return in the autumn and winter the leaves fall and release carbon dioxide measurement gives a more pronounced, if the land is to inhale and exhale in con clusion as more CO 2 increases the temperature rises over the Globe. The U.S. ar e the countries that contribute most to global warming, however de1997 year in K yoto the U.S. and Australia were left out of the treaty to reduce CO2. And now s eeing the impact in the real world. Himalayan 40% of the population derive much of their drinking water from rivers and springs, fed mainly by water from meltin g glaciers in the future 40% of the population will have shortages due to meltin g ice. The glaciers are disappearing all over the world is a global problem. If the ice shelf in Antarctica to melt the sea level could rise by six meters in he ight, if we do nothing many millions of people living on the coastline will be a ffected, everything that today we take for granted in the future may no longer e xist for our children. In a 2003 European heat wave killed around 35,000 people in India the same year the temperature reached to 50 degrees, this temperature increase has been record ed in the oceans and is causing the onset of typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes. Who does not remember Hurricane Katrina that caused the levees in New Orleans g ave in the U.S. which resulted in an enormous number of victims and several bill ion dollars of damage. One of the major effects of global warming is causing inc reased precipitation. The evaporation from the oceans increases the moisture in the atmosphere and when it rains causing major flooding causing severe damage to populations. Global warming not only causes the evaporation of the oceans but a lso the evaporation of soil moisture evaporation increases dramatically with hig

her temperatures causing droughts in many parts of the world. Both China and the U.S. use older technologies dirty and polluting global warming is linked to thi s pattern.€The great global growth and strong demographic pressure, the increase in life expectancy has led to increased demand for water and a strong demand fo r natural resources is causing a strong devastation in forests that are not inex haustible much CO2 that is in the atmosphere about 30% comes from forest fires c ausing global warming. People seeking the wealth of the planet, the problem is c ertain to have the planet because of the wealth. Some say we can not protect the environment without threatening the economy, we can not accept! We will use ele ctronic devices more efficient cars with better fuel consumption, renewable ener gy, recycling, reforestation, All in all we will soon be below the 1970 emission s. We have everything we need except perhaps political will, but political will is a renewable resource. In summary, we are all global warming the planet, but i f each of us make the right choices can bring down our personal carbon emissions to zero. Solutions are in our hands are not left behind as the world progresses . We have shown in the past we were able to change the world, the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, the end of apartheid in South Africa, etc. Until we have solved a g lobal environmental crisis, the hole in the ozone layer with the U.S. leadership in the progressive abandonment of the chemicals that caused the problem The planet earth is our home and what is at stake is the possibility to continue to live on planet earth for the future as a civilization. It's time to take thi s responsibility to guarantee the future, what we do today will be reflected in future for generations to come. Therefore recommends that: • Buy fuel-efficient appliances; • Lamps efficient; • If you can buy a hybrid car; • Whenever you can ride a tram or public transport ; • Walk or bicycle; • Set the thermostat to reduce heating and cooling systems • Improve the insulation in your home; • Ask an analysis of energy consumption; • Switch to renewable energy sources; • Ask the power company that offers green energy • Vote for leaders who are committed to resolving this environmental cris is; • Plant trees, lots of trees; • Alert your community; • Call the radio and w rite for newspapers, • Advise your friends to see this movie. What has changed in my life There are several campaigns that reach us through the means of mass media in ord er to mobilize us to exercise responsible citizenship national and global scale will highlight the role of the media attention to the need to protect the enviro nment for example. Campaigns and Society Ambisousa Green Dot joined Laço in the fight against breast cancer, and comes to our homes through the mail in the form of Infomail, and through advertising campaigns on TV and radio, in an attempt t o sensitize people to the need to recycle as a way to give a gift to the environ ment and Portuguese women. Also according to the The Assembly adopted a resolution establishing energy efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide as a guideline for the functioning of Parliament. These issues do not leave me indifferent because we all have a small quota share of responsibility in an increasingly globalized world to my house whenever I tr y to acquire more efficient appliances from the energy point of view, and correc tly use the devices radio / television / Internet disconnecting when no are bein g used including turning off the chain because even in standbay consume energy a nd resources, I would address / comment on these issues in family conversations to sensitize kids to our social responsibility on a global scale. November 2008 Orlando Valle de Melo