THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS According to the Koran Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and the Hi of Prophet Mohammad

is our The last of the messengers as well as his noble and honorable family elected. and pure and his companions said: "Among His signs are your sleep and what you see night and day." [Surah 30 - Verse 23] Dear Brother and Sister, that there are two kinds of vision: grant you success, you should know that A vision coming from the Almighty has said: "God Another of Satan according to the words of the Prophet gives vision (pious), whi le the dream is from Satan ". The vision given to the Lord is good even if all the visions, both good and less good, comes from the Lord Almighty. To say that the vision is good means that it is true because it brings good news or threat. The Prophet, for this purpose, the true vision regarded as one of the forty-six games of the prophecy. In addition, this vision could be seen by the infidels and unbelievers. Dreams are detestable attributed to Satan. In this regard, the Prophet , Ordered to keep everything secret in such a dream, and spit on the left, and asking not to grant it. If it is a beautiful dream, Ask to speak to those you love. He hear s, and is the creator of all good and evil seen in a dream. Only erotic dreams come fro m Satan Horses, horses and other beasts and cattle ram The ram is a man like the Sultan, the imam, the Emir, the army commander and Lie utenant Colonel. It also means the muezzin and the shepherd. cattle Cattle designate non-Arab while goats represent the nobility of the people. buffalo The buffalo is like the bull that does not work. It means a great man because of the place of horns. horse care The horse load means the chance of the dreamer.

ass The donkey that belongs to nobody, it means an ignorant man or an infidel becaus e said: "The most hateful of voices is the voice of the donkey!" [Surah 31 - Ver se 19] Similarly, it means a Jew says in this regard: "Like the donkey that woul d books, how detestable example" [Surah 62 - Verse 5] cow The cow is a stripped calamity that hits close relatives. If the cow is half str ipped, misfortune will befall a sister or daughter because said: "If there is on ly one, her share is half" [Surah 4 - Verse 11] the camel A camel seen alone means a man. If he is an Arab, it would be Arabic, but it is not Arab, the man would be too. The camel racy means a traveler, a Veillard, a e unuch or a famous man. It may also indicate the devil (ahoudoub Ilah chitaneou R ajim mine) because it says it is the devil on his back, or so he says death is i mpetuous, and bears the ugly in love faraway places. Given that said: "They are just like animals" [Surah 25 - Verse 44] The Arab camel refers to the woman mean s the woman honest and honorable Arab. They say the meat is cooked camel gain la wful or indicates the fulfillment of a vow according to the lyrics of 'Who said: "All food was lawful to the Children of Israel except what Israel refrains luim ême [ Sura 3 - Verse 93] Wild animals and wild Elephant They say that animal means something important and famous that is useless becaus e its meat is not edible and it is not possible to milk. Some scholars say that if a man sees in a dream an elephant but does not rise, he will lose part of his soul and part of his money. If he goes, he gets tremendous power and parsimonio us if he deserves that sovereignty, otherwise it will face a war and not win the victory because his rider is still the subject of deception and will therefore not victorious since said: "Hast thou not seen how thy Lord dealt with the peopl e of the Elephant?" [Surah 105 - Verse 1] Dog If a man sees himself transformed into a dog. God grant him an immense knowledge and then according to deprive the verse says: "And recite to them the news of h im to whom We gave Our signs but it hid" [Surah 7 - Verse 175] Wild birds, tamed and water and all other winged animals. bird The unknown bird indicates the angel of death if he catches a rock, paper, a wor m or something like a home where a patient and outweighs the sky, this patient d ied. If the bird falls on him, it would be a traveler. If he sees on his head, s houlders, knees or neck,€it means his work since said: "And every man's neck, w e attached the bird" [Surah 17 Verse 13] is to say his works. If he sees a bird flying over his head, he gets power and sovereignty, as said: "Like the birds as sembled - Everything belongs to God!" [Surah 38 Verse 19] It is reported that a conqueror saw a barber shave his head and a green bird out of his mouth and fly through the sky and saw that he had returned to its mother 's womb reciting the verse of 'Who said: " From it We created you, and it shall We return you, and it'll come out again "[Surah 20 - Verse 55] He related this d ream to his friends and he sang same as follows: Shaving my head says that my he ad will be cut. The bird means my soul will go to Paradise as the bird flew into the sky. My return to the womb means land. Indeed, this man was killed the day

after this dream. A man said to Ibn Sirin: I saw a bird coming from the sky and fall into my hands. Ibn Sirin said: This is good news that will make you happy. aquatic bird The interpretation of the aquatic bird is the best of all because this bird is m ore or less dangerous. If a man gets, he will take money and since said: "For me at, too, the bird they want" [Surah 56 - Verse 21] that is to say his works. raven If he sees a crow bat down on it, it means a flight operated by bandits. The cro w spotted means a proud man to step bold. It is monstrous forms and is also a pr ofligate liar. If a man hunting a crow, he gets money from a wrongful act of pro fligacy with stubbornness made. If he wins or gets a crow, he would have a false pride. If he sees that he has chased a crow, he would drive illegal catch. If a crow spoke to him, a concern the strike will be issued then. If he eats the mea t of a crow, he obtained money from the thieves. If he sees a crow to the door o f the king, he commits a crime or he will regret killing a brother and repent be cause said: "Then God raised a crow began to scratch the earth" [Surah 5 - Verse 31] Fly If a passenger sees the flies landed on his head, he feared that the bandits sto le his money on the roads since said: "And if the fly steals something, he does not know him again" [Surah 22 - Verse 73] fish Salted fish and grilled indicates a journey in search of a science or wisdom sin ce said: "They forgot their fish" [Surah 18 - Verse 61] Insects, bugs and reptiles Snake The snake may also be a sovereign, or even a wife and a child. In this regard, s aid: "Yes, some of your wives and your children are your enemies. Take heed, the refore," [Surah 64 - Verse 14] If a snake comes out of the penis of a man, it ha ve a boy. If a man brought a snake in his house, his enemy dupe. If seized, they will get money from an enemy safe because said: "Seize it, and fear nothing" [Surah 20 - Verse 21] The sky, air, night, day, wind, rain, floods, eclipse, earthquake, lightning, thunder, rainbow, mud, sun, moon, stars, snow and frost Heaven If people suffer from drought, torrential rains will fall verse which says: "So We opened the doors of heaven with ah 54 Verse 11] including designating the mercy of things sand no dust or damage. If the arrows fall on people and ting their homes, this disease will befall them. Air in accordance with the torrential water" [Sur and fertility, such as signs of loss are visi

If he is sick, it is about to die. If he falls from his seat, his situation will suffer damage and deteriorate because his work said: "Where the wind rushes fro m above, in the spraying" [Surah 22 - Verse 21] Darkness The darkness means the transgression and misguidance. If a man sees in a dream h e has lost something he found at daybreak, he will be in possession of evidence which prove that denies his opponent, supported by evidence since Sun

said: "Yes, reading the morning carry their testimony" [Surah 17 - Verse 78] The sunrise after sunset, which indicates that it has divorced his wife will rec over, that pregnant women give birth safely, that the suffering of a living diff icult or has a commodity that flows not particularly for trades that depend on the sun as the launderer, the cleaner and other€that the patient will die as compared to the shadow man is back corformément by the foll owing verse: "We Can We now resume an easy recovery" [Surah 25 - Verse 46] The stars It is said that the judge Homs saw in a dream the sun and the moon quarrel. The stars were divided into two camps: supporters of the moon and those of the sun. He told this dream to 'Umar bnul Khattab (Radio Anhoe Allah), who asked: Which o f the 2 supports you? And the judge says "the moon". Then 'Umar quoted the verse of' Who said: "Then We'll remove the sign of the night, while we are making the Sign of the day" [Surah 17 - Verse 12] If the sun and the moon rose over him, h is Both parents are satisfied with him. If these stars are deprived of rays, the y are angry against him. If he sees the sun and the moon on his right to his lef t, before him and behind him, an anxiety, fear, failure and calamity will befall him and forced him to flee because said "And the sun and the moon will be met, man, that day, say: (Where to flee?)" [Surah 75 - Verse 10] Moon The crescent also means the king, the prisoner, the commander, the new-born out of the womb and pushed his first cry and the new urgency, the invasion from the place where the crescent s is lifted. If a man seen at the time of the pilgrimag e, he may designate if the dream contains evidence that supports this service su ch as talbia, shaving the head, as undressing or other said: "The new moons used in computation of time "[Surah 2 - Verse 189] The new moons are gathered for th e pilgrimage said:" They ask thee concerning the new moons "[Surah 2 - Verse 189 ] Rain The rain could also mean things falling from the sky like locusts, cold or wind, and especially if it is accompanied by fire or if the water was warm. In this r egard, said: "And We rained on them a rain rain, rain, and evil, for those who h ad been warned!" [Surah 20 - Verse 173] It is disease, pain, prohibitions and va cation travelers, artisans and all those doing business in the open air as said: "If you're bothered by the rain" [Surah 4 - Verse 102] reported Anything with t he word rain is a pain as when told: "And We rained on them a rain shower" [Sura h 88 - Verse 17] or "... And We rained down on them stones of clay "[Surah 5 - V erse 74] Clouds The clouds represent Islam which lies at the root of human life and causes their issue and they are the reason for the Mercy of because they are the bearers of the living water creatures. They may be designated science, theology, wisdom and demonstration, saw the wisdom enjoyable wear when they travel in carrying amoun ts of water they are running. Savant is the One. They also indicate the soldiers and comrades as they relate to the corresponding water creatures created from w ater. Perhaps they represent the camels bringing everything that grows on water, such as food and linen as the verse says: "Do not they look at the camels as th ey were created" [Surah 88 Verse 17] Lightning The flash means the fear of the sovereign and his threats and the baring of swor ds and blows of whips. He may designate the sovereign and all otherwise we just mentioned, good promise, laughter, joy, comfort, greed displayed by the desires

and hopes the large number of thunders, tortures and stones, and rain of mercy a s to people saying, lightning is the fire of the angel in charge of the clouds a nd thunder is his voice. said: "And of His signs is to show you the lightning wi th fear and greed" [Surah 30 - Verse 24] Gold, silver and various kinds of jewelry. Lead, brass, glass, iron, asphalt and other metals The dinars (money) If a man receives a large quantity of dinars, they indicate deposits and prayers . If he sees himself in the process of carrying burdens dinars home, he will get money as stated: "By carrying burdens" [Surah 51 - Verse 2] Gold and silver If a man uses ustentiles gold or silver, he would commit sins, but if the dead w ho obey the Sunnah of their living using them, thinking this would be a good ad because said: "Among them move the plates of gold and cuts "[Surah 43 - Verse 71 ] Necklace If a man sees himself in the neck on a necklace tightened securely, it would be greedy. If part of the pious people, it would not provide any benefit to the bel ievers. If a scientist€He keeps a well know secret of his soul because since sa id: "Soon, the Day of Resurrection, they will attach as a necklace that they are stingy" [Surah 3 - Verse 180] Bracelet If a man sees a bracelet in a dream, he is reportedly suffering from a period of poverty. If the bracelet is silver, it would be a good man to look clean becaus e the benefits said: "And they will be adorned with bracelets of silver" [Surah 76 - Verse 21] The torque If a man is seen wearing a wreath of silver, it will seal the marriage of his so n with the daughter of his brother. If the wreath is made of pearls, her brother or sister it will cause the worries. Any jewelry worn by a woman means for her husband said: "They are a gar ment for you" [Surah 2 - Verse 187] Pearl The necklace beads arranged in the Qur'an means and knowledge. If a man sees a p earl piercing straight, he says the Koran properly. If it sells, or swallowing t he beads, he forgets the Koran. But they also say that if he sells beads, he obt ained a knowledge to spread among people, he introduced color in the mouth, his faith will be good. If he scatters pearls with her mouth and people pick them up but he does not move, it would be a good preacher. Pearl could be a wife or a s ervant or child, as said: "And Round about them eternally young boys,-when you s ee them, you shall count for the scattered pearls" [Surah 76 - Verse 19] Coral Coral refers to a multitude of goods and a beautiful slave, known, charitable an d smiling. When a string is made of coral and pearls, it means any act forbidden by the Lord as said: "Do not desecrate the symbols of God or the sacred month, nor the offering of animals, nor the garlands that" [Surah 5 - Verse 2] Ruby The ruby represents the joy and fun. If a man is seen wearing a ring set with a ruby, it would have a claim and a name. If he takes a kitten in a dream of rubie s when he hopes to have a boy, he had a daughter. If he wants to marry, he marri

es a beautiful woman as pious said: "They are like rubies and coral" [Surah 55 Verse 58] Iron About Iron said: "We sent down iron, where a harsh discipline as well as benefit s for the people" [Surah 57 - Verse 25] The fire and its furniture: wood, charcoal, oven, stove, lamp oil, candles and other Fire The flash means the fear of the sovereign and his threats and the baring of swor ds and blows of whips. He may designate the sovereign and all otherwise we just mentioned, good promise, laughter, joy, comfort, greed displayed by the desires and hopes the large number of thunders, tortures and stones, and rain of mercy a s to people saying, lightning is the fire of the angel in charge of the clouds a nd thunder is his voice. said: "And of His signs is to show you the lightning wi th fear and greed" [Surah 20 - Verse 10] He then found and listened to the divin e words which guided him. Fire also represents income, interest and wealth becau se it brings the traveler as well as the failure traveler following verse which says: "We have designated as a reminder and a tool for travelers in the desert " " [Surah 56 - Verse 73] He then found and listened to the divine words which gui ded him. Lamp If he sees a lamp at him, he will have a boy blessed. If a governor is seen carr ying in his hand a lamp, a candle or a fire is extinguished, it will be stripped of his power, he is a businessman, he will lose, it is easy, it will lose money because said: "It is to them as one who seeks to light a fire then when it ligh ted all around him, God went away with their light and left them in darkness. Th ey see nothing "[Surah 2 - Verse 17] END SOURCE: MY BLOG: http: //