Municipality of Caxias All Government Annual Report 2006 Ivar Humberto Araújo Co utinho Mayor Jose Rodrigues Fernandes

Júnior (Júnior Martins) Vice-Mayor and Government Secre tary Beryl Sousa de Araújo Finance Secretary Sylvia Maria Chen Secretary of Educ ation Fatima Ligouri Thirty Secretary of Solidarity and Social Development Pedro Barros Carvalho Agriculture Secretary Domingo Vinicius de Araujo Santos Secreta ry Vinicius Machado Leitão Health Secretary, Infrastructure and Urban Developmen t Secretary of Culture Walquiria Araújo João Carlos Rodrigues do Rego Secretary for Management and Planning Evangelista da Silva Secretary of Transportation and Public Cleaning Firmino Antonio Freitas Soares Filho Attorney General of the Mu nicipality Karine Ana Castro Barros Chief of Staff to Mayor Alexandre Henrique P ereira da Silva Standing Committee Tender Coordinator Reginaldo Bezerra Sporting Goods Joseph of Arimathea Youth Coordinator Selma Maria Araujo Arruda Coordinat or of Agricultural Development Coordinator Louis Bayma Ivanilson Computing Envir onment Coordinator Joseph Torres Ronald Coordinator Communication Jean-Claude Vi lanova Commander of the Municipal Guard Ceremonial Coordinator Lisiane Bezerra C arlos Alberto Martins de Sousa Director SAAE Anísio Clark Vieira Neto Institute of Security System Municipal de Caxias - CaxiasPrev Municipal de Caxias - All Government - Annual Report 2006 General Coordination Carlos Alberto Silva • Editors - Carlos Alberto Silva, Telma and Luciana Moura Boden Research and systematization of data - and Telma Kadja Nobel Moura Photos - Luis Borges, Cleuton Menezes, Kadja Nobel, Inaldo and Carlos Alberto Silva Lay out - Ronilson Freire, and Freire Rom Lucas Mapurunga Graphic Design and printin g: Alpha Crucis Street, 38 - Corner of Bragança - São Luís - MA Telephone / Fax: 09 8-3236.9177 Email: All government health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias My friends and my friends caxiensis, I am a doctor and as a health professional, dedicated my life to save lives and improve the health of people. I entered public life as alderman of Caxias in 198 8, using my knowledge and energy to make the government invest more in health. S ince my election as mayor in 2004, did every act ahead of the administration of the Government of all a commitment to improving the quality of life and health o f caxiensis. The term health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) a s the state of complete physical, mental and social, not just absence of disease . Based on this concept you will understand why everything we did in those first two years of government is directly related to the promotion of public health c axiensis. This annual publication, do the accounts of the second year of my gove rnment to demonstrarlhes that the construction of houses, asphalt streets, the w ater in every home, quality of school meals in schools, payment of salaries by r eligiously-date, digital inclusion, the redemption of the citizenship of margina lized sectors of our society, among other things, contribute decisively to the p hysical and mental health of all the brothers caxiensis get better and better. I n 2006, the Ministry of Health chose Caxias as the best city in the provision of basic health of Maranhao and one of the 12 best in Brazil. It was also last yea r we received a prize of great value: I was elected Mayor Baby Friendly, accordi ng to certification given by Abrinq - Brazilian Association of Toy Industries. T his award shows that we are, with your support, the right way. Child care, which is our future, while we solve the problems of the present, which is the desire and requirement of all caxiensis. For your understanding and continued support, I can only say thank you, Ivar Humberto Araújo Coutinho Mayor de Caxias

Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias The house, in decent housing, no longer just a dream for 2707 families living in different parts of the city and became a source of pride, increased security an d welfare for the citizens who realized this dream. Simple people, low income, w ho left the poor houses of straw and mud huts, many without adequate sanitation - no bathroom or septic tanks - and began to live more comfortably in good house s, comfortable and dignified. House with good health gets better! See neighborhoods benefited and the amount of homes built in two years the Gover nment of All And what this has to do with health? Living well is to improve the quality of life. In this sense, housing is the ess ential factor for the Promotion of Family Health The Government of All fortememe nte invested in building houses. The city has applied approximately 4 million do llars in return for federal funds to build and deliver, free, 2707 homes that re ceived at least 15 000 people. The new brick houses, cemented floor, bathroom, l iving room and ensure more comfort, space, ventilation and lighting, or well-bei ng and consequent reduction of diseases caused by inappropriate housing. Better housing, better quality of life. More health for thousands of caxiensis. Volta Redonda / Vila Alecrin / Lobao Antenor Viana Jose Viana Joao Castro Siriem a Bacuri San Francisco Arias Refinery Salobro Shorty Vila Vila Sao Jose Campo de Belém John and Frances Bacuri celebrate the dream of homeownership "We thought impossi ble to have such a house" 936 285 271 215 201 139 131 126 120 118 67 44 44 The goal is to deliver 4000 homes by 2008 Before the Government for All, Caxias had over 8000 houses in precarious conditi ons (mud houses, shacks, roofs of straw, etc.). To address this situation, the C ity intends to build until the end of 2008, four thousand homes, housing about 2 0 000 houses caxiensis dignified and comfortable. To get there, there are less t han 1,500 homes to be built in 2007 and 2008. Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias 2707 homes delivered. The goal by 2007 is to deliver 4000 homes by 2008. The lar gest program of housing Maranhão 5 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias With treated water at home, who ga Urban area: Ensuring good water in the taps! In town, residents of neighborhoods that suffered for years with lack of water n ow living in quiet turning their taps and get good water, treated and of quality

. Also in the Urban Zone, seven wells were drilled and piped water supply to the homes of residents of Alto do Seriema, Antenor Viana (Teso Hard), Field of Beth lehem, COHAB (Bela Vista), Joao Viana, Residential Pampulha, and Itapecuruzinho Fumo Verde, benefiting approximately .500 families before 2004, lived carrying b uckets of water on the head to supply their homes. These stations have automatic pumps to ensure you never miss the water in reservoirs. Another area of the cit y that had finally solved the problem of water supply was the left bank of the R iver Itapecuru. The neighborhoods of Ponte Trizidela, Fazendinha, Cauldrons, Sal obro, tamarind, DNER lived a living hell over the lack of water or dirty water t hat came through the old asbestos pipes, installed over 30 years. The exchange o f the entire network of PVC pipes benefited 50 000 caxiensis with good quality w ater, which comes regularly to their homes. Revolution is to make the Government had all the support and resources of the Federal Government (Codevasf and INCRA ) and the State Government. Health is made with water and treated The SAAE is installing chlorinators in wells of the city and is already programm ed to do the same in rural areas. The measure fulfills the requirement of Ordina nce No. 518/04 of the Ministry of Health facilities The chlorinators are respons ible for adding chlorine tablets in water from wells, eliminating the disease-ca using microorganisms. Increase drinking water is to ensure better health for cax iensis. A resident of rural area: health and comfort with running water at home Rural: Lata water on the head ever again! People without safe water can be said that a people with little chance of having good health. The Government of All revolutionized the system of water supply in Caxias it was a real mess until 2004. The City drilled six wells and piped wate r has led for almost the entire rural population. About 42 communities have bene fited, receiving more than 84 miles of PVC pipe, 42 tanks capable of storing at least 10,000 liters of water each. . 16 households have benefited from improving the lives of 18 000 caxiensis. 6 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias NHA is your health! The Government of All solved the serious problem of lack of water supply houses in the city and brought piped water to almost any rural area 7 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Sanitation is all good p Every government has the largest program of rehabilitation of a small city in Br azil The World Health Organization (WHO) defines sanitation as the control of all phy sical factors of men who are or may exert harmful effects on your physical well being, mental and social. Therefore, it is clear that sanitation and public heal th are inseparable. Caxias was the only municipality of the 217 of Maranhao, cov ered with federal funds and World Bank to fund the largest program of sanitation in the country. Three districts - Volta Redonda, and Vila Vila Rosemary Boden are the beneficiaries of this program that is replacing 936 homes in a precario us situation, giving ownership and land tenure regularization to its residents, building a new network of water and an Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, who

will return to Rio Itapecuru treated water with 98% purity. The program, develop ed by the Ministry of Cities, is run by the Municipality of Caxias, through the Project Management Unit (PMU). Will benefit directly, 75 000 caxiensis. PAT / Pr osanear also includes actions of social work in poor communities to basic infras tructure like water supply, garbage collection, drainage system, road system and containment of slopes. 8 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias ara health! Rio Itapecuru: less sewage, more respect to the main water supplier of Maranhão Sewage Treatment Plant that will return water to the Rio Itapecuru with 98% puri ty 9 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias The better health of Maranhao! Q ho says was confirmed and the Ministry of Health: Caxias was the only city in Ma ranhão, and one of 12 in Brazil, receiving the award from the Ministry of Health for meeting the targets of the PSF. path where patients have suffered any accident, delivering them into the hands o f health professionals who work across the network. Health in all neighborhoods in all towns, for all Before the government of all, the health of Caxias was characterized by neglect and disorganization. Caxiense patients had to get ambulances to Teresina for lac k of doctors, hospitals, health care and decent in our city. Two years later, it 's reality has changed radically. Today, health and municipal meets caxiensis Ma ranhão over 47 municipalities, totaling one million and 180 thousand people. Cax ias was the only city in Maranhão, and one of 12 cities that earned the Brazilia n Ministry of Health to recognize his dedication to the implementation of the Fa mily Health Program. It was one of two cities that showed the support for sexual and reproductive health, through partnership with Bemfam 20 years, having recei ved so in Rio de Janeiro, plus a prize for the encouragement. The Government of All deployed Service Mobile Emergency Care and Emergency - SAMU/192 with modern ambulances that busMinister of Health delivers award to Mayor de Caxias New health facilities in city and rural area In the first two years of government were all retired 26 health posts built and four others. The districts of Viana Antenor, Fazendinha Arias and Vila in the ci ty, and the villages Caxirimbu and San Antonio won brand new jobs, increasing fr om 26 to 31 the total number of basic units of the county. Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias

1.18 million on Maranhão 47 cities care for their health in Caxias In all clinic s, dental offices equipped with 60 teams PSB oral health care of caxiensis 11 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias 4800 elective surgeries were performed at HGM 2006 General Hospital: a victory for all What was a beautiful facade with no utility, was transformed into a hospital wit h 120 beds and 12 ICU's. The General Hospital of the City - (HGM) - held on the current 400 elective surgeries per month, more proportional to the health caxien sis. Another great achievement in the health of Caxias is the CEO - Center Speci alized Dentistry - with seven experts: Endodontics, Pedodontics, Periodontics, G eneral Surgery Minor, Dentistry and Treatment of patients with special needs who meet daily to the entire population. In any health care center Caxias, a new an d modern dental office in both the city and in rural areas (except the village I nhuma). And the health posts of Caxias have a single standard rooms with nursing , medical, air conditioning and comfortable waiting rooms. In rural areas, and each station has been awarded an ambulance to facilitate removal of the rural patients to hospitals from headquarters€Each am bulance is monitored by the SAMU-192. Women's health A modern and complete hospital with a capacity of 50 beds and a NICU is being bu ilt at the Field of Bethlehem, revolutionizing care for pregnant women and newbo rns. The Maternity Hospital and Castle Sinha, who is currently responsible for 8 0% of care to pregnant women of all macro-region, will be vented. The Government of All invests more in health care of women and children caxiensis and is build ing the Specialized Center for Maternal and Child Care (MDE) in the old building of Fundação SESP, near the Central Market. New Maternity Caxias Field of Bethle hem: 50 beds and NICU 12 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias MATERNITY WITH A NEW 50-bed ICU AND NEONATAL 1 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias More works and services in the health of Caxias • Implementation of the Milk Bank at the Hospital Materno Infantil Sinha Castle; • Hiring 174 new health workers, increasing to 94 servers, ensuring 100% covera ge of families benefited by the PSF; • Recruitment through open competition, 500 professionals in health, as follows: • 126 physicians, 64 dentists, five nurses , two biologists, nutritionists, 10, 6 psychologists, three veterinarians, • Cre ation of Coordination of Programs Hiperdia (program to control hypertension and diabetes mellitus) , Women's Health, Child Health and Department of Oncology; • Training of dentist and dental office assistant, who are serving as a reference

to the care of patients with HIV / AIDS at the Health Center of Undertaker; • Tr aining of professionals health in the treatment of Viral Hepatitis, Breast Cance r, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Collection of Pap smear, STD and AIDS, Prev ention of Disability and topical treatment in patients with leprosy; • Implement ation of Nutrition Service, with care at the clinic Nutritionist Health Caxias a nd Nova Salobro; • Implementation of anti-smoking program at UBS pequizeiro and Bridge; • Decentralization of the collection of Pap smear (to prevent cervical c ancer) for all health posts in urban areas and Rural • Offer weekly medical, den tal and nursing care for the inmates of the House of Detention of Prisoners of J ustice (CCPJ) • Decentralization of sputum collection for the health centers fro m urban and rural. The procedure is required for the exam to diagnose tuberculos is; • Conducting monthly spring cleaning agents against dengue endemic of the Ce nter for Zoonosis Control (CCZ) • Intensification of spraying services in the fi ght against the mosquito larvae Dengue; • Capture and disposal of dogs with susp ected and confirmed diagnosis of Kala azar; • Implementation of laboratory immun ofluorescence and Elisa, the Center for Zoonosis Control, which guarantee total safety for the diagnosis of endemic diseases such as kala azar; • Deployment pil ot project for Reception at Hospital João Viana (Socorrão), with 90% approval of the population; • Conducting an annual survey by the CCZ Quick Infestation of A edes aegypti - (LIRA). The goal is to know accurately and quickly as is the conc entration of the mosquito that transmits dengue in 42 districts of the city, for the immediate intervention of the treatment of outbreaks identified. Educational activities in Health Apart from structural measures of sanitation, control of disease transmission is complete when they are promoted educational activities aimed at educating the p opulation on preventive measures. It is this work that the Municipal Center on E ducation and Health has been dedicated. Among the actions undertaken by the Cent er include: support to national campaigns to promote health, lectures on den14 g ue, kala azar, smoking, tuberculosis, leprosy, rabies, STDs / AIDS, sexuality, b lood pressure, diabetes and prevention of early pregnancy, addition to home visi ts to victims or patients suspected of being carriers of these diseases. The aud iences are diverse and range from students of public and private schools to memb ers only. Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias 15 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias C Want better health? Practice sport! The Gymnasium of Poliesportivo Ipem - nearing completion - is one. With capacity for a thousand fans, bathrooms and an indoor sports court.€Two football fields - one in Volta Redonda and the other in Cauldrons - were also built. Each soccer field is 57m long and 85 meters wide, has lawn, with three flights of bleachers and seating capacity to serve up to 500 seated spectators. In addition, the cam ps have toilets, clothing and lighting. Stadium Duque de Caxias gained special a ttention from all Government, as a new lawn, renovation of the bleachers and lig hting to make the big state championship game in our city. The beach soccer also received full support from the Government of All. Besides improving our streets of sport, the Government has supported all through the coordination of sports, our athletes, with distribution to public schools crews of municipal and state p articipating in the School Games Caxiense - which this year included the first t

ime modalities Karate, Dominoes and Checkers - championships neighborhoods. Itap ecuru also held the World Cup Soccer and implemented the project in Craque Ball, Veteran School. ith the aim of promoting healthy habits among caxiensis, the Government of All b uilt and is building several squares of sports that will help our people to aban don a sedentary lifestyle. Early on, one can see caxiensis walking the streets c lean and newly paved from various districts of our city. Beyond 50 kms of asphal t spread across 14 districts, the Government of All built soccer fields with ble achers and a complete infrastructure for our athletes to practice the sport of t he masses. Sport is also health! Everyone in government, sport is also health. As a physician and sportsman, the mayor knows the importance of practice-oriented and sports and recreational acti vities in general good health. Several squares of sports delivered to the people of Caxias. Walking the streets clean and well kept city 16 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Soccer fields with bleachers, restrooms illuminated Project ace on the ball, ace in school New soccer fields in the districts, reform of the stadium, the athletes and supp ort neighborhoods championships marked the first two years of the Government of All 17 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Lighting helps health? Replacement bulbs or broken Caxias do a lot of light for Everyone! Caxias has 9000 points of light, but by 2004 was living in the dark. The Governm ent of All faced the challenge and turned the streetlights. Streets, avenues and thoroughfares central and several neighborhoods of Caxias gained new lighting b ased on sodium vapor, 40% more economical and capable of lighting 70% higher tha n the old ones. The aluminum arms that hold the bulbs were replaced by longer, i n the same pattern of those used in major centers in the country Substitution ha ppened in the main streets and avenues in the center, like the streets Reis, Fir st of August, Av Santos Dumont and others. Avenue Walter Brito won a new lightin g system, giving more life to the main route of Bethlehem Field 18 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Absolutely! Program provides more comfort and quality of life in the countryside The government built houses for all those who had not. It took well water and tr eated for those suffering with the bucket of water on the head. And it could not

fail to bring electricity to those who had not. And so it was done. Imagine lif e without electricity at home. It has novel or refrigerator or other appliances that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. But in much of rural Brazil, the reality is the light of lamps. No electricity. The Government has sought all alo ng the Federal Government to the Light for All program, so that hundreds of fami lies to leave once the lamp and enjoy the same convenience of a city man, thus i mproving their quality of life. The advantage of energy in rural areas is much m ore than convenience and comfort, is the possibility of increase in agricultural production, with the practice of irrigated crops, flour mills, mini rice mills and numerous productive enterprises that can improve the income of our people. Light for All Program, brings electricity to the town Red Clay 1380 40 villages received more than 800 power plants and facilities are planned for 2007 Check out the list of localities and their families and numbers of electrical in stallations made in 2006 Caxirimbu Bethlehem, Cajazeiras, Chest, Mont Valerian, Port Barn Center of Santa Rita and Santa Rita, Rosario, San Manuel, cana-brava, Piaçaba and adjacent loca lities,€all in District I 1380 wiring covered 1380 households Black Lagoon and other adjacent localities 100 links 100 families covered 19 Dona Francisca Bezerra center of the town of Lagoa, happy with the arrival of el ectricity in your home Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Caring fondly of caxiense Currently, six centers of the Elderly (ICC) serve 1,100 people in old age. Social Centers of the Elderly Project Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) The project was established in all government and serves the elderly, aged 65 ye ars. The work happens by making entries for these people and forwarding them to the INSS for evaluation and medical expertise. Since it began, the program regis tered in May. 42 elderly and disabled people in urban areas and 384 in rural are as. For the second consecutive year the government held all the carnival of old age and was a party to forget it to anyone. The class of the best age hit the street s of Caxias with joy, ripping the costume and showing why they deserve all the r espect and admiration of young caxiensis. Carnival of the Third Age With support from City Hall, the home serves elderly without family ties, provid ing attention, care, social support, psychological, medical and dental. The elde rly also receive medications and nutrition.

Home of Divine Providence 20 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias s seniors Dona Branca (Fernandes Sebastiana) has 102 years, plays in the carnival and teac hes crafts 21 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias "Child-Friendly Mayor" be 10 years, the Foundation created the program ABRINQ "Child-Friendly Mayor" to municipal managers who, in a direct way - through social programs for the care of these people, or indirectly, contribute to the promotion and protection of ri ghts and citizenship of children and adolescents. This year, Caxias received the certificate, which corresponds to Stage 1 assessment of the actions developed b y the Municipality in the period 2005 to 2006. H Certified Abrinq was motivated by the actions carried out between 2005 to 2006 Actions developed in several areas were responsible for this honorable award giv en to the mayor of Caxias. Check here the main ones: • Nursery for 500 children in nine districts and four towns, where they receive three meals a day, medical, dental and social support; • Implementation of the P rogram to Eradicate Child Labor (PETI), increased the number of children served to 260; • The Redemption of Citizenship Program, which serves 250 children and a dolescents • The Young Agent Program, which serves 125 adolescents; • Implementa tion of the Program for Integral Family Care (PAIF) • Implementation of the Toy Library for children 0-4 years CRAS's Bacuri; • Seed Program - which assists ado lescents in conflict with the law; • Reorganization of the Bridge Youth Centre, besides the expansion and operation of the Centre for Youth of Volta Redonda, wh ich serves 260 adolescents; • Implementation of the Program AABB Community in pa rtnership with Banco do Brazil, through the National Federation of AABB's given 100 children aged between 7 and 14 years; Whirlpool • Program - which serves chi ldren 0-4 years and their families to offer courses that enable for more revenue generation. • Happy Childhood Program - Meets the month, 200 children below the ideal weight, offering medical, psychological and social care with, and distrib ution of cestabásica; Sentinel Program - To meet 50 children and adolescents per year, victims of abuse or sexual exploitation; Young Agent of Social and Human Development - serves 125 youths, with a grant of $ 65.00 to become multipliers a nd work in the communities where they live with essential information related to different themes and that would interfere in a positive way to raise the qualit y of life of these communities, Brazil House - The Program aims to provide low-i ncome people access to computer (digital inclusion), and other training courses, giving you more opportunity to generate income. Casa Brazil operates four labor atories: Science and Technology, Office of Radio and Multimedia Telecentre Works hop, with 21 computers connected to the Internet; Friends Hands Program - The pr ogram assists children in situations of social vulnerability. It was developed b y the Parish of Our Lady of Grace and works in partnership with the Municipality

, offering food,€manual work and school. • • • • 22 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Capoeira in PETI Brazil House: Digital Inclusion 2 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Education and presented for additional comfort Government invests in reform, expansion and construction of schools in district headquarters and rural The s phrase "education is for life 'or' what nobody can ever take away is your know ledge" became common through the years. The government also thinks of all this. Antenor Viana school will also gain standard class A The school district Antenor Viana is one of the most modern public education sys tem de Caxias. The school will feature a laboratory and a computer room, eight c lassrooms, a covered multi-sport gymnasium, library and a large recreation area. In the final phase of construction, the school will be delivered in early March to caxiensis and will open 300 more new jobs in public education. Municipal enrollment increases In 2005, total enrollment in elementary schools was 5566. The Government has pla ced more of all children in school in 2006, totaling 36,252, representing 77.32% of students enrolled in the entire municipality (the rest was distributed in sc hools in the state government and private). This shows that confidence in the pu blic health system grew. More students, because now the teachers are valued, sch ool lunch is the quality and daily and schools are well cared for as they have b een redesigned and built new buildings. School desks: ergonomic, beautiful that we like to study The Chapada village was among the first to receive a brand new school in the modern standard class A quality recommended by the Ministry of Education. And so did th e towns Rosemary, and Night of the Running Horses. The new schools are rooms wit h adequate lighting and ventilation, the teachers have a special space for meeti ng. The schools won bathrooms, ceramic floor, and old wooden desks have been rep laced by other anatomical24

Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias nder: all about! cas, comfortable and colorful. Rosemary in the village, besides all these advant ages, the school has five computers that run through solar energy. The Governmen t of All 22 classrooms built and invested heavily in the recovery and adequacy o f other school units in urban and rural areas, such as the reform of the San Fra ncisco Municipal School Units in the Desert Village, St. Francis of Assisi, the town Bom Jardim; St. Joseph village Mimoso and Unit Comprehensive Municipal João Medeiros Mendes, Santo Amaro town. Were also reformed the schools in the distri ct Jacira Vilanova Fumo Verde. New schools: All Class A standard 25 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Combating illiteracy hits record in Caxias Literacy programs reach more than 70% success rate Literacy in the elderly Combating illiteracy has been one of the priorities of t he Government of All. Through the Literate Brazil Program, 2245 students are alr eady reading and writing. Of these, 825 were literate through the Education Prog ram for Youths and Adults (EJA), which serves among the subscribers, students of 80 years. Caxias is a pole of reference in the Education of the State Disability Caxias will become a reference in special education in Maranhao. The Government will make the All School Maria Luiza reference pole in this educational segment. For this, the Education Department sought partnerships with public and private initiative for teacher qualifications in pounds (Brazilian sign language). The s chool is being remodeled and will receive computers to start in the computing wo rld with the special students attended. School Meals: All Government invests four times more than the value offered by t he Federal Government The Government of All invested more than $ 2 million of own resources in the Sch ool Feeding only in 2006. For every dollar sent by the Federal Government, the C ity applies $ 4 dollars. Only then can quality meals for more than 33 000 studen ts from the municipal, city and rural area. In childcare, our children receive a snack, lunch and afternoon snack and elementary school two meals (breakfast and lunch), thus improving its performance. Were 1.0644 million (one million and si xty-four thousand four hundred) meals distributed in the nurseries in 2006. With respect to traditional snack, were offered 6403.600 (six million four hundred a nd three thousand and six hundred) meals for primary school students. 26 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias School transport increases from 585 to 2540 the number of students assisted Transport school quality: comfort to get to school The

improvement and expansion of the fleet of vehicles for transporting students wit hin the rural area and from there to the seat increased the number of beneficiar ies, from 585 in 2004 to 1975 in 2005 and 2540 until the end of last year. Access to transportation also expanded in relation to high school students, and by 2006 the number of new students assisted by education level, age of 476 high school students and 6 new vacancies for elementary school . Now, besides the gre at availability of vacancies, also increased the number of villages served and t he route traveled by carriage. Previously, only 198 villages were benefited. Now they come to the 285 villages covered. Students are transported daily on severa l routes being flown up to 2716 km is the route of education for all. 27 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Central Market The dream is coming true M ore than 600 stallholders accompany the daily back-and-forth of the workers who will most modeling caxiensis an old dream: reform and adjustment of the Central Market. Finally, after so many years in operation, the market gained a deserved recovery. The Department of Infrastructure has begun work by replacing the metal roof and then the paving of the entire market. The work will be performed in st ages, while the operation of market trade. The entire first floor of the Market, which houses dozens of boxes, many years off, is now being completely renovated . The current Central Market Caxias has an area of approximately seven thousand square meters and was built 36 years ago, and structural reforms required to mee t the conditions of work for the stallholders and hygiene and comfort for custom ers. The nightmare of next weekend's work will rid the market of merchants and o ther traders in a big nightmare, "the difficulty of working in the winter period is immense. When it rains water splashes all over the world and the floor is a sickness. I think that now everything will change and now we will not go through that nightmare again, "says the watchmaker, to point the market for over 20 yea rs, Antonio Luis Pereira do Nascimento, better known as Baby. 28 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Agriculture All government invests in rural as ever • Implementation of 12 km of feeder roads linking villages Inhuma the Garden (3r d District) • Implementation of 7 km of feeder roads linking villages Chapada / Marruá / Clay (in the 3rd District) • Recovery of 20 km of MA 027, Caxias on the path to the border with the municipality of São João do Soter • Rehabilitation of 30 km road that connects the seat to the town of Caxias Buenos Aires • Restor ation of 2.4 km of road between Old Mill and the village Caxias. • Distribution of 33 tons of corn for feeding small animals, which were donated to some 300 sma ll farmers. • Cultivation of three hectares of beans for the production and dist ribution of selected seeds • Three Hall of mechanized patrols were assigned to a ssist 44 of 62 settler families and are assisting in the preparation of 70 hecta res of land for growing rice, maize and cassava . Side road: Linking Caxias the town Buenos Aires • Building bridges of reinforced concrete in the villages Cond ave, Night of the Horse and tray, three in the 3rd District, where the first two measure 12 meters long and 4 meters wide and the last measured 6mx4m wide. • Co

nstruction of reinforced concrete bridge in the hamlet of Water Mill with a leng th of 12m long and 4 feet wide and bridge construction in the village San Antoni o (14mx4m wide) • Lighting countryside, through the Light for All Program, benef iting hundreds of families in some 44 cities with the construction of the high a nd low voltage in the three districts. 29 Mechanized Patrol Concrete bridges on local roads, such as the Ingenio D'water Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Culture is healthy for the soul! C axias Fest, Carnival of All, St. John All, Procession of the bonfire, Publicatio n of books of the intelligentsia caxiensis. The city that prides itself on its r ich cultural heritage, ferment in the Government entered into the All.€Multiple events that strengthen local cultures have been promoted and valued. The 2nd Caxias Fest was once again complete success. About 200 000 participants in the four-day event, which brought the best bands Forró, Pop, MPB and to encou rage youth Caxiense and visitors to our city. Caxias Fest St. John for everyone: valuing our culture samba schools, blocks of the social p rograms of the City parade through the streets of our city bursting with joy, se curity and organization. It also attracts thousands to the square of the Pantheon. The presentations of g angs and bois de Caxias and São Luís value our popular culture and folklore. Sup port for events in rural reinforce the Government's commitment to all our cultur e more genuine. St. John All Caxiense initiative of the Catholic community, is part of the official calendar of events of Maranhao and receives support from the Government of All and enter the circuit of cities that promote the event, as Goiás Velho (GO), Nazaré da Mat a (PE), Parati (RJ ), Oeiras (PI). Procession of the bonfire Was considered by state media as the primary address from inside the revelers le aving the capital to the interior. Blocks of streets, Carnival of All 2 Caxias Fest: 200 000 caxiensis and visitors from all cities, fill the People's Park for four days to see local bands, regional and national 0 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias

Blocks, samba schools, concert in the plaza of the Panteon: Carnival of All, a g reat popular participation Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Caxias, our beautiful princess! Square surrounding the church N. S. Nazareth Flowerbed at the junction with the BR Av Alexandre Costa Squares are reformed to directly providing better quality of life for caxiensis Leisure, living, beauty. Allow our streets to caxiensis ample opportunity to liv e better. Beautiful, well cared for, trees. Squares abandoned before, are now be autiful, confirming the title of Princess of the Wild, for our city. See the squares built and reformed the government of All • Square surrounding the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth - the oldest in the city , surrounding the square • The Rosary Church, Center; • Square tamarind; • Squar e Lina Reyes (aka square Quinha) • Plaza José Castro ( Bridge) • Square St. Jude (Bridge) • Roundabouts avenues Senator Alexandre Costa, from Venice and the Cor ner of the Sky (Bridge). 2 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Square Our Lady of Nazareth in Trizidela Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Caxias receives the largest program in 2006 to pave streets in their history The government took all of 50 km of asphalt to dozens of city streets, including neighborhoods distant from downtown, as Salobro, the Sabia or small streets and alleys, where residents never thought to see the asphalt arrives. Asphalt also help in health, because it eliminates the dust in summer and mud in winter, both the source of many diseases. The paving streets received 86 of 14 districts. Al l of them were, are or will be addressed with the construction of curbs and gutt ers. In addition to new asphalt, the Department of Infrastructure is conducting asphalt resurfacing over these two years of Government of all so intense, since the life of the pavement on several streets were compromised. Several operations were triggered stop-gap in all parts of the city between 2005 and 2006. 7 other streets were paved, linking previously isolated neighborhoods, like the Underta ker and the Village Boden. 50 km of asphalt Neighborhoods benefit from the new asphalt streets and sidewalks Antenor Set Helio Viana Queiroz Silva Dinir Residencial Caxias Sabia New Effort Salobro Residential Fr Mendes Field Bethlehem Fazendinha Undertaker Seriema Old Slaughterhouse Cauldrons 4 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias

in the 14 districts 5 Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Caxias already have the Master Plan All government and organized society build together Master Plan Caxias The city we want or we dream for ourselves, our children and future generations was finally delineated through the Master Plan de Caxias, which was attended by municipal bodies such as City Hall, City Council and other segments of civil soc iety organized. The Plan serves preconization of the City Statute - Federal Law 10.257, which establishes that every city with population over 20,000 inhabitant s prepare or update the Master Plan.€Participate in the Master Plan of approxima tely 0 Caxias technicians, among them representatives of City Hall, Funasa consu ltants and other bodies invited by the Coordination. Every city with population from 20 000 inhabitants, is obliged to have their Master Plan. For the legitimac y of the Plan workshops were held in 31 areas covered by the six municipalities pio, contemplating 45 city districts and 15 villages in the countryside. 1695 pe ople were heard in the urban area and 840 in the three districts. For legal purp oses and in compliance with the Statute of the Cities was appointed by Decree No . 94/2006 of July 21, 2006 a Division Manager of the Master Plan of Caxias. They are part of the Nucleus representatives of various social segments, including: municipal government representatives, the Board of Aldermen, the Federal Governm ent and State Government, and representatives of civil society organizations (As sociation of Residents of Itapecuruzinho, Pastoral Land, Society Black Quilombo, Pastoral, Rural Union of D `Water Mill Village, Union of Workers in Constructio n Industry and Furniture of Caxias, Store Directors Club de Caxias, Maranhão Sta te University, Athens Caxiense Cultural Group, the Regional Engineering - CREA). Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias Marking of streets and maintenance of public cleanliness 300 workers, 14 tanks and three bulldozers do daily cleaning of Caxias. The Gove rnment's continuing effort to remove all of the streets and avenues of the city over 10 thousand tons of garbage, debris from tr ee pruning, fallen trees and others. Educational campaigns were undertaken to integrate the efforts of caxiense gover nment in keeping our city clean and beautiful. Traffic safe streets with well-marked The government is signaling to all the main streets of the city, putting Taxo to reduce vehicle speed and thereby increase public safety and traffic caxiense. The avenue Nereus Bittencourt received markings and installation of traffic lig hts with timer. In Cathedral Square, Taxo were implemented to reduce the speed o f vehicles coming down the hill of rosemary, along with markings. On the Square with Avenida Panteon Otavio Steps, and semaphore with the counter, signaling the horizontal guides pedestrians and drivers, and the avenue of the Foot of the Sl ope new signaling ensures comfort and tranquility for pedestrians and vehicles t o flow with greater security and tranquility. 7

Health, infrastructure and new housing The Government is working for all of Caxias WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT OF ALL? All government is not just a slogan but a business concept. All government is a government where everyone participates and everyone benefits from projects and s ervices that public administration caxiense diuturnamente delivery to citizens. All government is using technical criteria in place of the old and battered patr onage. All government is working for the whole population, especially for those most in need of attention from the pubic. All government is taking care of child ren, youth and old age. Always with respect and affection. All government does n ot discriminate or persecute anyone, even if it's political opponent. All govern ment is doing works and services that are needed today, and perform works and se rvices that will be key tomorrow. All government is health, and education is emp loyment, but also leisure, sport, dialogue and coexistence. All government is cl ean, it is applied with fairness and honesty all the public resources that belon g to everyone. Government Everyone is home, is water, it is asphalt, it is sewag e, is the environment, but also Caxias Fest, St. John and carnival. All governme nt is city, countryside, village and neighborhood. All government meals are good , school, safety lighting, is citizenship. All government is to achieve the maxi mum and find that you need to perform more and more. Government All are me, you, us, them, everybody! 8 cesa Prin x iMasanhão air Cado