The Rector of the Federal University of PiauÍ makes public the opening of subsc riptions to public tender evidence

in the period from 23/01/2008 to 15/02/2008, to select candidates to fill vacancies in office as the table below: CODE / POSITION The Classification LEVEL / LEVEL TRAINING / PATTERN OF SALARIES FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Federal University of PiauÍ NOTI CE No. 01 / 2008-DRH Work / No Vacancy * REQUIREMENT / EDUCATION CAMPUS PROF ª Cinobelina Elvas BOM JESUS CAMPUS MINIS TER-PI-PI CAMPUS KINGS VELOSOPARNAIBA SENATOR Helvidius NUNES DE BARROS PEAKS-PI COMPENSATION ** RATE £ February 1, 2003 ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN SOCIAL / DOCUMENTAL Biolog 2004 2005 BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER CIVIL 06 PHYSIOTHERAPY EUTA E-I - 1 Course in Social Work and registration with competent counsel. Degree in Librari anship or Information Science and record on the council responsible. Course in B iological Sciences and record in Council authority. Course in Biomedicine and re cord in Council authority. Studied Civil Engineering and registration with the C ouncil authority. Course in Physiotherapy and registration with the Council auth ority. 01 01 01 01 January 1, 2001 1. 483.90 37.00 July 2008 ASSISTANT IN MANAGEMENT Chemistry Middle School Vocational or complete 12 months + experience of high school vocat ional *** in Chemistry or completed high school course + Laboratory Technician i n the area Chemistry *** School of Biology in the area vocational school or tech nical course complete + Biology Laboratory in the area *** vocational school in the area of Clinical Analysis or completed high school course + Laboratory Techn

ician in the area of Clinical Analysis, or Clinical Pathology. *** High school o r vocational school full + Farming Technician course. *** High school or vocatio nal school full + technical course in electronics with emphasis in computer syst ems. 01 08 08 03 01 01 September 10 LABORATORY TECHNICIAN / AREA Biology Clinical Analysis D - I -1 1. 253.09 January 2003 31.00 11 AGRICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 01 03 12 TECHNICAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 02 01 01 01 * Documents relating to the evidentiary requirement / education will be required only for taking office. ** Remuneration: base salary plus Pecuniary Advantage S ingle-AT Law No. 10.698/03 (figures for the month of January 2008) The server wi ll be entitled to food aid and other benefits provided for in legislation. *** T he courses listed in requirement / education must be recognized by the MEC, and the candidates qualified for appointment must prove when the job requires it, re gister with competent counsel. Work hours: (30) hours per week for the post of P hysiotherapist and 40 (forty) hours per week for the remaining positions. Applic

ants will compete for the vacancy of the office / campus to which they subscribe d. The Notice is available in full at the electronic address: / cont est Teresina, January 25, 2008. Prof.Dr.Luiz de Sousa Santos Junior Dean