CANAL DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE AT YOUR SERVICE A group of specialist editors and a single catalog The Digital Channel of Knowledge

, established in 2003 under the aegis of the Min istry of National Education, Higher Education and Research consists of 30 editor s and their digital resources online. A wide variety of digital resources Animation, dictionaries, audio-visual resources, school support, press, counseli ng, vocational discovery, prevention, etc. ... for school, college and high scho ol. Access practices An online catalog: To test a resource, ask a specimen, an estimate, place an order. A resource portal: • With mobile access to access your resources from your school, home, or other point br oadband, streaming or download. • With simplified access a login and password co mbination to access your resources portal CNS. SSO access from your ENT. Pedagog ically your ... The editors of the CNS - November 2006 2 PAGE Arts B2i dictionaries, encyclopedias Economics - Law Civics French History - Ancient Languages Geography Mathematics Modern Languages Music Discovery vocat ional guidance and school life sciences economic and social coaching and support school Physics - Chemistry of Life Sciences and Earth Technology Aur has BRG log M Cad For mo re s multi CD. E.4 med ia m Cha Chr pawn Ysis - C N ED Del Re Scenic series n-CN DP ag rave From My edu rque M edia Eur ogen Franc e é ration INA Editio ns The five JAE Jer ik R oo bert E lesi chos te Ma. xico Na t tv urs ha Odi n the Oni J aco By Duke will bE p atio n asc Pius hoo rron the S of Sci in these e li n tiss imo ESG CONTENTS 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 X XX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX xxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXX XX XX XX XX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XX XXX X XX X XX X XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XX XX X XX XXX XXXX XX XX XXXX X TELL ME MORE ONLINE, THE SOLUTION FOR ONLINE LEARNING LANGUAGES AT THE COLLEGE A ND THE LYCÉE Simple and accessible, the TELL ME MORE ® collection offers an attractive work e nvironment and to accompany the interactive teaching of modern languages in the 6th to the Terminal. - English: LV1 & LV2 - German: LV1 & LV2 - Spanish: LL1 & L L2 - French Foreign Language: LL1 & LL2 The entire Internet version of TELL ME MORE ® offers many educational uses for w ork all language skills while studying the culture of the country. - In class by projecting the activities selected by the teacher - in the language lab - At ho me with homework class To accompany your teaching, the resource TELL ME MORE ® offers 37 types of activ ities that respond to each specific learning objectives. Each course is tailored to the recommendations of the Council of Europe. They are from the collection T ELL ME MORE ® Education Network version, recognized educational interest by the Ministry of Education. 4

For more information: BRGM MET THE AVAILABLE ALL THE GEOLOGICAL MAPS OF FRANCE Specialist soil and subsoil, the BRGM has accumulated for over a century an unpr ecedented amount of data on soil and subsoil French. These maps are provided as tif images with their captions, structural diagrams, sections and references in PDF format. They are accompanied georeferencing files that allow them to operate directly in the usual geographical information syste ms. BRGM offers of Education his entire geological maps and accompanying references: - Over 1000 geological maps of France at 1 / 50 000-14 geological maps of Franc e at 1 / 250 000 - geological map of France at 1 / 1000000. A selection of maps for educational purposes is accompanied vector files (format Mapinfo and Arcview). Our site will be enriched by three-dimensional geological models and kits, digital learning. For more information: 5 TEXTEIMAGE The vocation of texteimage is both encyclopedic and disciplinary (French, Histor y). The poetic world is approached with Apollinaire, Baudelaire, and French poetry f rom the Renaissance and with the linking of the poetry with French music. The co llections offer more than 5,000 works of art reference and the associated dictio naries (themes, authors ...). The Iliad, The Odyssey, Metamorphoses,€The Bible offers the original text and il lustration works of art aroused in the imagination of artists. Texteimage can do a research paper on a work, a historical fact, a story, a pers on, place, an era, a theme. To this end, the office is available to every teache r and student a personal workspace where he can select the website (images, text s). This selection can be downloaded on the workstation and in respect of copyri ght, used in an educational setting. 6 For more information: SVT: R.I.P. ANIMATIONS LIBRARY AND MEDIA IMAGES OF ACTUAL AND SUMMARY Media Square offers: - two collections of interactive animations SVT, one for th e college and one for high school. Main topics: internal and external dynamics of the Earth, the human body works, procreation, contraception, cell division, protein synthesis, etc. ...) Carré publishes multimedia multimedia programs since 1995 known for the rigor of their content and creativity of their interfaces. Animations SVT Recognised Tea ching value, are designed for classroom use (projection), in tutorials or revisi on at home. - A multimedia interactive library: "Addressing the image and understand the tra nsmission of life for humans." This particular application allows for parallel r eal images and synthetic (simultaneous display of videos, animations, pictures,

diagrams ...) and handles all aspects of the transmission of life in men in the program cycle central. For more information: 7 NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE SERVICE OF THE TEACHING CDE4 publishes two resources from RIP software for learning and development of F rench. They meet the requirements of official texts for reading, understanding a nd mastery of written expression. Ideal for initial training, continuous or reme diation. WRITING WORKSHOP Online helps fight against the stress of the blank page. This e ssential tool allows the acquisition of French or revision of the fundamental me chanisms of production of the writing: • narrative, argumentation, description ( portrait, scenery) • Composition: proposed ideas, primers, fine ..., • correct p roductions after the correction, • choose the word most righteous among more tha n 29,000 words. The Online ELECTRONIC improves spelling and the application of grammatical rules by dictation. The rules appear in the form of contextual help during the strike . The aim is to encourage students to think before they write. The performances are visible. 8 For more information: Champion - CNED A COMPLETE LIBRARY OF TOOLS AND REFERENCE FOR THE STUDY OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE - Basil, Corpus narrative literature of the Middle Ages to the twentieth century In coproduction CNED - Ministry of National Education. An extensive library con taining over 1500 narrative works of the principal authors of French literature from the Middle Ages to Marcel Proust. This database provides access to privileg ed and playful literary heritage and helps to bring about these works and their authors, through dynamic index, a new look. - The Encyclopedia of Diderot and d' Alembert This electronic version gives full development to the "Dictionary of hu man knowledge" as the authors wanted. It is rich in 28 volumes, 7 volumes of sup plements, of 2800 beautiful interactive boards. The student will be able to move so ingenious and according to its own criteria. It is a unique collection of do cuments, both in the sciences, arts, daily life, as any other field of knowledge . For more information: 9 EDITOR'S EDUCATIONAL MULTIMEDIA: PRIMARY EDUCATION, COLLEGES, SCHOOLS For the French: the collection liberel: the reference for the teaching of French and support in reading, lirebel makes effective correlation between reading and understanding. For health prevention: prevention marijuana answered many questi ons posed by young people on marijuana and its derivatives, alcohol prevention a nd tobacco prevention to educate youth on the risks associated with consumption of alcohol and tobacco through two different routes of 6 sections each. More tha n 200 activities organized into sequences of progressive learning. Since 1988, C hrysis offers multimedia resources. The collection SMAO, the only software dealing with the entire program of each c

lass in geometry,€for digital activities and data management. The content consis tent with the program, would offer a personal and interactive learning tool posi tioning and assessment used throughout the year. 10 For more information: THE SCÉRÉN, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR NATIONAL EDITION SCÉRÉN is a network composed of the National Center for Educational Documentatio n (CNDP) and 31 regional centers (CRDP). It publishes educational resources in all media for all disciplines and all leve ls. The CNDP is the publisher of the Ministry of Education on administrative doc umentation. Images of France This site provides an anthology of geographical lan dscapes and architectural heritage of each French region. The combination of the se regional funds constitutes a national photographic archive high (more than 50 00 photos currently available). Infogènes, animations and exercises for the study of genetic information. These events provide a dynamic illustration of the fundamental mechanisms of transmiss ion and expression of genetic information. Through five interactive exercises, s tudents can make and print a self evaluation. For more information: 11 PREPARE AND SUBMIT THE INTERNET B2I COLLEGE This tool includes 14 training courses and a resource folder. The principle of t raining courses is to put students in situations on issues concerning computer a nd Internet. • Initially, the student achieves a placement test to assess their level of knowledge. Following • this test, the student achieves the course of tr aining. • At the end of the course, students have the opportunity to print a sum mary to conduct an evaluation. Conduct a training course: 12 For more information: INNOVATION IN SERVICE LEARNING For the past 15 years, Brand offers products and high quality digital content, u ser friendly and easy to use, promoting learning and skills development through new technologies, for both students and teachers for other actors in the world o f education. Typing Pal Online offers, for beginners and initia tes a comprehensive, customized learning typing. Whether it's an internship repo rt or research on the Internet, keyboarding skills is essential. http://azerty.t Scoop! Learning with the News provides a set of activity sheets tha t can exploit the current events in a context of learning. English sheets allow students to discuss the news in English. For more information: 13 390 ANIMATIONS INTERACTIVE DOWNLOADABLE FOR THE TEACHING OF SCIENCE! eduMedia offers teachers wishing to illustrate their courses in a dynamic and in teractive catalog of multidisciplinary educational events in the field of Mathem atics, Physics / Chemistry and Life Sciences and Earth. Conceived as "transparen t" animated and interactive animations illustrate our basic concepts of the prog

ram of scientific disciplines. Simple to use, our achievements are characterized by a high level of interactivity and simulation. Downloadable from the establishment or residence of the teacher, our animations meet new teaching practices: video projection, Powerpoint, web pages ... Under t he World Summit on the Information Society 2005, eduMedia was elected by the WSA Grand Jury (World Summit Award) as one of the five best projects in the world i n the category eScience. 44 events have been labeled rip. 14 For more information: MORE THAN 1000 VIDEOS EXCLUSIVE FOR EXPLORING THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS To approach the world of work by the discovery of promising businesses jobs, the ir economic and social undertakings. The first video database online trades: the acquisition of a fast and easy corpo rate culture 1000 "Music Videos trades truth" exclusive and original, 1,200 jobs , a new video every week ... An editorial relevant to an efficient and transpare nt businesses that create jobs in 2015. Produced with the assistance of France Televisions, more than 350 companies, min istries of labor and employment,€of Education, economy and finance. A space for students guided access and interactive, many research opportunities in the video, over 10 000 themes of discovery, 26 quizzes. An area teacher: unique tools for discovery and professional construction of an effective in HB. For more information: 15 ONLINE RESOURCES FOR ALL LEVELS SCHOOL (SCHOOL, COLLEGE, LYCÉE) French Secondary School: Three Applications (Reading / Spelling / Writing) parti cularly suited to support school activities. Latin (RIP): To strengthen her know ledge of vocabulary and grammar. Modern Languages: - The basics of English - Bas ics of German - The basics of Spanish History, Life sciences: two resource materials for grades 6 and 5: - View Histor y (RIP) - View of Life (RIP). PRIMARY SCHOOL For each language, four applications corresponding to four years of learning. - Introduction to the mouse (RIP): learn to manipulate the mouse tongue. - Image s for the school: a bank of images unique, usable by students and teachers of ki ndergarten and elementary. - Reading - Spelling - Writing: remediation activitie s and support for cycle 3. - 2 resource materials for cycle3: - View History (RI P) - View of Life (RIP). 16 For more information: MILESTONES FOR THE HISTORY OF THIS TIME, THE 1ST BANK OF IMAGES IN THE SERVICE O F EDUCATION The site milestones in the history of this time has been designed with input fro m teachers and historians and the support of the Ministry of Education.

More than 1,000 audiovisual materials, from 1919 to today, are available to stud ents, teachers and librarians. With notes of historical context and media, the s ite offers multiple educational uses. The consultation interface is accessible stones). A simple annual subscription by dvanced features of the resource such as ons, the workbook staff, learning paths, in discoverable mode ( / mile the school provides access to all the a downloading videos, fact sheets operati etc..

The main themes of the site is in French politics, the Second World War, interna tional relations, economic change, the evolution of society, cultural practices, history of science and technology. For more information: 17 INFORIZON.FR: WHAT BUSINESSES FOR ME? A comprehensive and fun software for the orientation of college and high school accredited by the Ministry of Education. More than 1000 sheets trades, 32 trades families, two in-interest and 11 quiz-tr ade "- to discover its families of trade - to explore their preferences - to lea rn about careers, training and access to employment - for shaking ideas. Inforiz is available to students: - a single source of self-documenting on the tra des, made from surveys of professional and constantly updated. - Modules support the user-friendly guidance independently - can access from home. See the demo o n 18 For more information: EDUCATIONAL MEDIA SPECIALIST FOR OVER 20 YEARS Our online resources designed to meet the needs of teachers, combine rich conten t and original comply with official instructions to a multimedia development car efully and use very simple. Our new, built with assistance from the Department o f Education: In college (history): "The European colonization and divide the wor ld in the nineteenth century" (RIP), a resource base for the fourth - Course mat erial Self - CDI. For high school, (Modern Languages): "Listening to the media", a collection of t itles to work listening comprehension from authentic media. 2 titles in English, two German titles. Note: in addition to activities, downloadable MP3 files - Se lf. See also: History in our collection of animated maps (RIP) for high school and c ollege (three titles in Europe, a title on the Middle East) - Use documentary CD I course material. For more information: 19 ROBERT THE DIGITAL DICTIONARIES - A wealth of information and quality through the expertise of Robert and additi onal resources unreleased - Software simple, modern and intuitive interface - Fa st Access,€use fluid through powerful search engines and a generalized hypertext - Each resource can be used in any discipline Le Robert Junior The multimedia d

ictionary reference for teachers and kids aged 8-12, a fun and exciting educatio nal tool. Essential for a good command of French. The Concise Oxford Dictionary 2007 French language reference, a must! Renders the entire Oxford Dictionary 200 7 French. Le Grand Robert & Collins's electronic intelligence and one of the bes t French-English bilingual dictionaries. To quickly find the right translation, one that takes into account the context of the sentence, specifications and cult ural idiomatic usage. 20 For more information: ECHOSUP.FR, TO HELP YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMY is a service of the Les Echos dedicated to students and teachers of E conomics and Social Sciences. It includes: Sheets EchoSup: every Monday, you can find all 4 pages economic news this week, summarized, analyzed and commented upon by our specialists specifically to illus trate your progress. To complement the information summarized in the form, you h ave access to the articles of Echoes. The newspaper Les Echos: to find the artic les on daily economic news, offers access to the entire newspaper Les Echos on your computer. The dashboards: With the monthly Enjeux-Les Echos, foll ow the major economic indicators with trends and analysis of the situation. The Lexicon of Pearson Education: These excerpts from reference works in marketi ng, management, management and finance, always available, will help students bet ter understand the key concepts of the economy. For more information: 21 SPACE VIDEO OF TEACHERS AND STUDENTS is the first website of educational videos on demand and is supported by the Ministries of Education, Culture and Communication. Ten subjects: History, Geography, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Language and Fr ench Language Courses in the arts, Administration and Management, Science experi ments - Technology. Two new disciplines: Physics, Chemistry, and extra tutoring for 3rd class: Discovery professional, with over 1500 video clips. Each video is enriched with educational materials, thematic or disciplinary records. The educational content present on allow the school to support and gui de the proper use of resources, in this context, is offered to teachers. Today, organizations use 2000. is available in the school and teachers' homes. 22 For more information: SCHOOL SUCCESS FOR ALL Maxicours offers for students at the end of CP, an extensive database of educati onal material in all subjects designed by a team of over 300 teachers of Educati on: - During 9000 - 1300 video course - 42,000 interactive exercises - Dashboard - encyclopedic dictionary - Dictionary Conjugation - Multiplication tables - To ol tracking (primary) - Calculators - Irregular Verbs (English) - Dictionaries s ound (German / English) - interactive glossaries - Planning Review - Annals corr ected

Maxicours offers for teachers specific tools and Adaptations - The User's Guide by subject and level appropriate for all site features and optimize applications . - The tracking table to monitor the results and student attendance. - The rout e of the custom (SIPs) to select specific resources to be allocated to each stud ent. For more information: 23 NATHAN, PARTNER OF THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM Established in 1881, the Ferry laws making primary education secular, free and c ompulsory, Editions Nathan have been from the beginning, one of the privileged p artners of the public school. A major player in educational publishing, Nathan i s now in the book of youth, after school, teaching materials and educational gam e, often in a position of leadership, and strives to develop digital resources a nd services online . Provide teachers and students easy access paths, varied and attractive to knowledge: the goal is that Nathan is trying to achieve by invent ing a new script adapted educational multimedia.€Find online digital resources: at college: • Geography History 4th and 3rd, 3rd Civic Education, at the school: • Social and professional life (2nd BEP) and 12 subjects of Economics & Law (1st TSG) 24 For more information: TDmaths, TDgéométrie, TDphysique, Work environments complete TDmaths, and TDgéométrie TDphysique allow teachers to have students work on their actual level by giving them personalized and releva nt courses. They have all programs in mathematics and physics and chemistry of the college a nd vocational school with courses and interactive exercises and allow, through v arious intelligent agents deepen, revision and progression. From their personal accounts, teachers and students can work from their school and from home. The la test collection, is the French portal of Philosophy on the Internet. A for pupils, students or amateurs, this site offers a unique amount of content an d tools to discover the philosophy. For more information: 25 NATIONAL INFORMATION ON THE LESSONS AND THE PROFESSIONS Public institution, ONISEP develops and disseminates information on training, jo bs and employability. PLANET BUSINESS is a website for students in colleges and high schools. It allow s to explore the reality of trade within companies and create a proactive orient ation. It offers the interactive discovery of 400 occupations with access diverse: by n ame Trades by business sector (21 item) and Interests (30 item). It contains det ailed descriptions of each business form of cards and visual illustrations as ph otos and video. PLANET BUSINESS can be used by young people, individually or in

the presence of mediators. The graphical interface has been designed to match th e visual environments of young people. The navigation allows quick access to des ired jobs and corresponding information, and to retrace his steps or expand its research. 26 For more information: ONLINE LEARNING SOLUTIONS Paraschool is a complete work environment and interactive can be used by teacher s to their students work on all agenda items. It can also be used in standalone mode outside of the establishment. This tool is now on-line tool with the largest circulation in France with more t han 250,000 students and 15,000 teachers, librarians and educational assistants who use it regularly. For students: - access to interactive content - carrying o ut activities on FLASH error analysis to better understand the applications of l essons, interactive exercises with evaluation and award of indices. In geometry, students have the opportunity to draw figures and access to a detailed analysis of the error. For teachers: - access to all the interactive content available allocate students into groups of different levels - monitor the students' work - submit a work plan to a student or group. For more information: 27 Pierron, THE HEART OF YOUR EXPERIENCES Pierron Education presents a selection of online resources. Tool flagship of our offer, Pibase is a resource bank of teaching Graphic specif ically designed for education. Teachers and students from 6th to Terminale can f ind photographs, diagrams, satellite views, views and microscopic video sequence s, in Life Sciences and Earth, Physics, Chemistry and History and Geography. Ran ked according to existing school programs, all materials are free Pibase rights. Number of documents to date: 4000. Also find interactive journey to discover ph otosynthesis (Photosystem), mineralogy (Mange Cailloux) and drawing (CD2i3D). 28 For more information: THE EDITOR OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CULTURE Written by many experts, the interactive dictionary of science and technology ha s more than 7,000 entries including 2000 biographies. It is an encyclopedic refe rence tool and incentive to explore for college students, high school, and BTS s tudents and preparatory classes for teachers. The articles cover most of the programs until BAC + 2 in Mathematics, Physics, C hemistry, Life sciences, Technology (Computers, Electronics, etc ...), with form ulas,€English translations of all terms, notions of history of science. The book is particularly attractive thanks to its rich and precise iconography (photogra phs, diagrams, illustrations and animations). The systematic progression of writing, from simple to complex, promotes ownershi p of vocabulary and knowledge. Emphasis is placed on links between disciplines t o forge a genuine scientific and technological culture. For more information:

29 Bilingual electronic dictionaries The bilingual electronic dictionaries are intended for all those who want to wri te or speak English a rich and accurate. This range is characterized by the rich ness and accuracy of its content, a clear and friendly interface, advanced searc h functions (full text search, thematic research ...). She will meet the teacher s and students of all levels. Collins Lexibase - French - English: A set of dict ionaries includes a large Collins dictionary bilingual French-English dictionary and the large Collins English definitions and synonyms. Collins Lexibase dictio naries Pack 5 bilingual and monolingual: This pack includes five dictionaries in the same interface, dictionaries Collins French-English, French, German, French , Spanish, French, Italian and large dictionaries Collins English definitions an d synonyms . 30 For more information: BOUQUETS OF THE CNS Publishers CNS have chosen to combine their content in bouquets specially devise d to meet your educational needs • An offering dedicated to students and teachers librarians, the use of CDI coll eges and high schools; • A specific offer French based on reference resources ri ch and varied, supplemented by enforcement tools for teachers and students, • of fers transdisciplinary, which focuses resources Reference, Audiovisual, and acad emic coaching annals designed • Offers IUFMs and French establishments abroad • But also, the possibility of dealing with you a specific offer to suit your need s academic. For further information: Laura de Ricqles, direct dial telephone: 01 72 36 47 84 Email: l.dericqles @ For more information: 31 To discover resources To receive one month free access to five of our resources: www.cns on specimens. To order: - Select Resources - Print quote his or her command - Send the order form to the NSC, Fax: 0820 888 436 Commercial support and educational Laure Ricqles, project manager - Education and Communities Tel. Direct dial: 01 72 36 47 84 - Email: l.dericqles @ cns-client relationship CNS: 0820 821 166 Technical assistance Christophe Decamps, technical assistant Tel E-Platform. Direct dial: 01 72 36 47 11 - Email: