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2,3 Telheiras 2 Assessment test Date: ________________ Class: ___________ Name: __________________________________ Number: ___ Enc. Education: ___________ _____ _______________________________ Teacher Evaluation: ______________________ ______ Read the questions carefully. Good work! 1 - "The microscope great importance in biology." 1.1 .- Does the figure legend on their squares, as in the example. Ocular Handgun Platinum rometer screw Optical Tube Arm or column or Mirror Lamp Base Figure 1 is an instrument of by putting numbers Bolt macro lens mic or foot 11 Tweezers

1.2 .- When using the microscope must have been a number of care. Mark V with a true sentences and phrases with an F false. He goes away with one hand holding j ust the neck. When it puts the microscope on the desktop should be kept away fro m the edges. Before placing the preparation on the stage you should put the lens of higher magnification in position. After using the microscope, you should fix it, leaving the lens magnification in the lower position. 1.3 .- Each piece of the microscope has a function. Complete the table with the name of the parts cor responding to the given function. Name the parts function of parts whose motion Request allows focus, slow movements in platinum printing place where stands the preparation with the object to observe. Set the lens that magnifies the image o f the object. Assists the illumination of the preparation. Lens that magnifies t he object, which is placed in the pipe or cannon. Mirror 2 - "The diversity of living things there is a fundamental unit - the cell" Sche dule A of Figure 2 represents an observation made by microscopy. 2.1. - What name you give to each of the units represented in the figures? _____ _____________________________________ 2.2 .- It is the legend of Schedule A. ___ _______________________________________ ________________________________________ __ __________________________________________ Figure 2 3 - Of the beings represented in Figure 3 indicates, using their letters, which are: 3.1 .- unicellular. _____________ 3.2 .- multicellular. ______________ Figure 3 4 - Notes with a V or F each statement as being true and false. All cells are vi sible to the naked eye. All living things are composed of cells. The cells all h ave the same shape. The cells can be different sizes. The single-celled organism s are composed of more than one cell. 5 - Observe the following table and correct matches between the terms of column I and sentences in column II. I Cells. Plants. Animals. Being unicellular. II. Multice llular living organisms that feed on plants or other animals. . Fundamental unit of living things. . Living being consists of several cells. . Be composed of a living cell. . Living beings capable of making their own food. 6 - According to

Linnaeus, living beings are included in kingdoms, phyla, classes, orders, famili es, genera and species. Of these seven groups, which one that encompasses greate r variety of living things? ____________________________________________________ __________________________ 7 - The living beings are distributed by various king doms according to their characteristics. Associates the terms of the two columns . Animal Kingdom Protista Being Alive Rose Kangaroo Fungi Monera Plant Bacteria Paramecium Mushroom 8 - Observe carefully the figure 4, which represents a living being. 8.1 .- Indi cates that the kingdom belongs to such a being. ________________________________ ___________________ 8.2 .- Query the sort keys that are on the last page of the test and says that it belongs to Phylum and Class. _____________________________ ______________________ Figure 4 .- 8.3 justifies the choice indicating the featu res that you baseaste. _________________________________________________________________________ ______ ___________________________________________________________________ 9 - Complete the following sentences choosing the appropriate word among those w ho are in each rectangle (). 9.1 .- The ___________________são animals characte rized by the existence of the spine. Mammals, Birds, Fish 9.2 .- The bat flies, it presents with skin and hair belongs to Class ______________________. Reptiles , Amphibians, Fish 9.3 .- The present _____________________ skin smooth, moist a nd without scales. 10-What is the kingdom they belong to the living unicellular core organized? Animal Plant Fungi Protista Monera molluscs, vertebrates, arthro pods The 11-Whitakker classification system is still the most used. How many kingdoms have? Dichotomous keys to identify Kingdoms, Phyla in the Animal Kingdom to identify a nd identify classes of vertebrate phylum. Good luck!