catalog to increase sales with the ai m of expanding the product offering to customers, Cybele, retailer of furniture and appliances, which has more than 60 stores throughout the interior of São Pa ulo, adopted in all its units to "storefront." Operating terminals dedicated exc lusively to the service to consumers, the product catalog uses solution Ikeda, a company specializing in solutions for e-commerce with more than 10 years of mar ket. All shops, regardless of its physical size, have begun offering full produc t line of Cybele. The retailer sets the development of its virtual catalog as a preliminary step for the startup of operations of e-commerce. "Through the virtu al catalog, which operates on the same basis of a web online shop, we are one st ep closer to launch our e-commerce, since the experience will enable us to meet our client seeks more information in the form of virtual . evaluates Gabemar Vie ira, director of sales and marketing of Cybele. With high-resolution images, the storefront includes more than 1,000 products with variations in color and volta ge. "The virtual catalog is an important tool for the retail stores because it g ives customers the full range of products is not always physically exposed in th e store," Alessandro evaluates Gil, director of marketing for Ikeda. "Moreover, from the time when the company adopts virtual tools to serve the public, it beco mes easier to migrate to an e-commerce operation, since customers will be more f amiliar with the purchase made through the virtual catalog" he says. Since 1969 working in retail and primarily serving the public of Class C and D, Cybele sell s LCD TVs from high-definition, the most popular products. About The Ikeda Ikeda is a company specialized in e-commerce. With over 10 years of operation, has a history of passion for the vocation for commerce and technology. Pioneer in its segment, Ikeda has developed the first e-commerce prepared for the Brazilian Cul tura, and was also the first company to bring the concept of Web 2.0 for e-comme rce. Always customer-focused, solution Ikeda E-commerce includes the key tools f or managing sales and marketing on the Web With a team 100% focused on ecommerce , today Ikeda is a reference in the segment and is responsible for e-commerce so me market leaders such as Ri Happy, Whirlpool, Cobas NetShoes, Panasonic and oth ers. In 2008, the company reported revenue of $ 5.7 million For more information , visit Press information: VIANEWS Integrated Communication (11) 3865-9990 Adriana Athayde - adriana.athayde @ Sibelle Freita s - sibelle.freitas @ Rua Bela Cintra, 904 - 11th floor Sao Paulo - SP - 01415-001 (11) 4506-4880 - ww