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Summary table of trends in educational

Name of Educational Trends

Traditional Liberal Education.
Role of the School
Intellectual and moral development of students to assume their role in society.
The school must fit the individual needs to society.
Teacher x student
Are knowledge and values learning is receptive and social accumulated through Ex
hibition and demonstration authority of the teacher in schools that adopt mechan
ical, without considering the times and passed verbel matter and / or requires r
eceptive attitude of the classical humanist characteristics of students as true
means of models. student. or scientific. each age. absolute. The contents are se
t from the experiences of the students facing the problem situations. Is based o
n the pursuit of knowledge by students themselves. Information are sorted in a l
ogical and psychological. Through experience, research and problem-solving metho
d. The professor is assisting in the development of the child free. It is based
on motivation and stimulation problems. Montessori Decroly Dewey Piaget Lauro de
Oliveira Lima Carl Rogers, "Sumermerhill" school of A. Neill. Laws 5.692/71 and
Renovating Progressive Liberal tendency. Trend nãodiretiva Liberal Renewal (New
School) Trends Liberal arena.
Formation of attitudes. It's shaping of human behavior through specific techniqu
es. Does not work in schools, but aims to bring teachers and students achieve a
level of awareness of the reality they live in the quest for social transformati
on. Transformation of personality and self-management in a libertarian direction
Centered education method based on the student and the teacher who is facilitati
ng learning. ensure a relationship of respect. Procedures and techniques for tra
nsmitting and receiving information. Objective relationship where the teacher tr
ansmits information and the student will fix it.
Learning is changing perceptions of reality.
Learning based on performance.
Trend Progressive Liberator
Themes emerged.
Discussion groups.
The ratio is equal, horizontally.
Resolution of the problem situation.
Paulo Freire.
Progressive Libertarian trend. Trend Progressive "social critic of the contents
or" históricocrÍtica "
The materials are placed but not required. Contents cultural universals that are
incorporated by mankind against the social reality.
Group experience is not in the form of policy, the teacher is self-management. t
utor and students free.
Aprendiagem informal route group.
C. Freinet Gonzales Miguel Arroyo. Makarenko B. Charlot Suchodoski Manacorda G.
Snyders Demerval Saviani.
Dissemination of content.
The method part of the student as a role-based structures directly related exper
ience in organizing and professor of cognitive already structured in the student
's faces as the mediator between the students. systematic knowledge. knowledge a
nd the student.
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