Ministry of Social Protection provides security measures for swimming pools and Similar structures that are in service

will have until January 13, 2010 to make adjustments of the standards. Bogotá, June 17, 2009 .- In order to determine th e safety regulatory measures for swimming pools and similar structures (these in clude the so-called hot tubs, bathtubs, hot tubs or spa, etc.) and establish goo d health practices aimed at preventing and control risks affecting the life and health of people, the Ministry of Social Protection issued Decree 2171 of 2009. The rule, which applies to all swimming pools collective and private property un ihabitacional located in the country, said that between the safety devices to be used are: The enclosure includes a door or turnstile or other means to control access to the pool or pond-like structure detector alarm immersion water or anti -entrapment safety system covers vacuum release emergency stop button Obligations Concerning the obligations of those responsible for the control pool s of physical, chemical and microbiological water; to surface sampling, such as closing areas, walkways, restrooms, showers, footbaths and fungi analysis zones . are the carrying out of the treatment and use of internal traffic to make wet They must also implement health education campaigns and disseminating their obli gations to protect bathers water quality and proper use of pools and similar str uctures. For its part, the responsibilities of the swimmers, parents and child c arers of age, are the fulfillment of the rules of use, good health practices (as pects of hygiene and proper use), and report any risk to charge , operators or p ool man. Watch The municipalities and districts are responsible for approving co nstruction projects or adequacy of pools and similar structures in their jurisdi ction and permit the operation of the same by the Certification of Safety Compli ance pool or similar structure, which ensures compliance breach. Shall exercise supervision to ensure compliance with the security plan and manage the daily ope rations of operation and apply the penalties incurred place breach of the provisions in the Ordinance and the standards issued by the Minist ry of Social Protection. The penalties are: For the first offense, a fine betwee n fifty (50) and one thousand (1,000) statutory minimum wage and temporary closu re of the swimming pool or the system for up to five (5) days. If it should happ en a second violation of this injunction on the law in a period not exceeding si x (6) months from the occurrence of the first offense, be fined the establishmen t of a hundred (100) and 1500 (1500) the statutory minimum wage and closing temp orary establishment of five (5) and fifteen (15) days. A third offense occurred within the period beyond six (6) months from the first closure will lead to the establishment. Deadlines to adapt the decree states that the pools and similar structures to th e entry into force of Law 1209 of 2008, ie since January 14, 2009, were in const ruction shall conform to the provisions. For its part, pools and similar structu res at the time of entry into force of Act 1209 of 2008 are in service will have until January 13, 2010 to make adjustments of the standards.