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# ffiÆspo trà Él riu, bl 'Wr This / - ^ T) "-t 5 About 6 pages cotnporte nuhrétotées January-June, From pdpier millinétré is nts available de.s.andidats. The used, said, it was of a cdl.ùlatrice esl "t" ri, ee The YITS lp "doi andiaat! îottq tau, the" t erpt.ice5. The candidate consists of FOUR erercices independent Nene incanplète Jig to the LRAC Capie Taute of rccherche, nonîuctueuse, he aua ùtrelappée. lt es l rcppelé that t.1qualilé reduction of Ia, [a clarity and Lapftcision of raironn ements enùeront for p, xtt ahte ddns I appft.iatrcn Copts. initiated o 9MAESOME] Page U6 Exercise I (4 points) (Common to all caûdidats) The table below shows the trend of the index of selling prices of apartments in Paris arciens quatdème quarter of the year 2000-2007. AIlnEC 2000 : 2001

2002 2 120.7 2003 3 2004 4 154.8 2005 5 2006 6 2007 7 Ranking the year's Index: y 0 I 108.5 100 R34, 9 1'76, 4 t93, 5 2R3, 6 Source: INSEE. 1. Calculate Percentage increase in this index Aane 2000 ESR was $ 2007. 2. Coûstrùire MEGE the points 'Lzf, (X , Y ) in the (P) with a benchmark set your orthogoml suivanle way: on the x-axis, we put 0 to be chosen 1'o origin and 2 cm poul r rm iumée present. on I'a \ e ordinate, we investm 100 at home and be chosen to r epresent a 10 cm uilltes, o.

3 Déteminer poinl average coordinates of the G cloud Place point G in the plane (P). 4. The look of AC 4uage allows children to stop asserting that an adjustment Pener es1 adapted. has b. Using the calcuialrice, Céterminer an equation of the line (d) Adjustment del, n , obtained by the method of moindtes square. The coefficients are rounded to cer tième. Draw the line (s) in the plane (P). 5 Assuming that the adjustment refines remains valid for two years suivartes, Ai i estimate of pdx selling apparteûents arciens in Paris in quaûième trimester 20 09. Justify your answer. P.216 9MAESOMEI Exercise 2 (5 points) (Poul candidates n'ayaht not Suil the Teaching Specialty) Whether / rm fonctior defires and differentiable on the interval [-2 5] decreasing on each interval ll , Ol and There / ' lZ, 5] and increasing on the interval [0, 2]. Daughter's foncton the interval l2, 5]. The curve (f) representative of the forction orthogonal. It passes through the weight / is plotted in a Aurex PLAR with a benchmark (-Z, S), n (0, 4), C (t, 4.5), D (2, 5) and E. (4, 0). In each of the points B a nd D, the targente coube (f) is paxallèle the x-axis. Let F the coordinates (:,

0). arolte F (CF) is the largerte to curve (f) in Section C. A l. Using infoûnations précédelrtes of and Schedule 1, without specifying justify : a. values f (0), f '(1) etf' (2) according to the values of real number x f interyalle following 1ES b. the sign v. the sign / '(R) [-2 5] (R) values of x number RDSP J'intervalle [-2, 5]. 2. Consider the fcnction g defined by g (R) = Tr ("/ (R)) gold) PBA means natural logarithm function. â, l-\ g loncrion why apply it esr deline on inrervalle b. Calculate [-2 , 41. c (-2), c (0) and s (2) c Indicate by lejustiflant, the sense of erminer limit the duties that when g I'interalle [-2 , 4 [ . r variation of the function g on d. Dél

tends to 4. hterpréter this result for the graph représentatior fonctiong. e. Provide overview of variation fotction g . Page 3 / 6 9MAESOME] Exercise 3 (5 points) (Common to all c.rndidats) A room Dejeu <idçntiques has two consoles offer the same game Unjour, one of the m is disordered. The EU can joueùs not know which one is disordered. 1 CejourJà, There I a player chooses randomly one of the two consoles and iljoue part on this console. r r Event D <the player chooses the console wanton, r and contraireC episode with ep isode with "lejoueur wins the basket 'el oh the évênemenr connaire. t This situation is modeled by random tree incomplete below, where some figurenl p robabilities: o ao 0.2, 'G 0 "7" ç u (o a. b. Thus 0.7 is the probability that lejoueu wins knowing that he chose the console wanton. Reproducing this tree sul ja copy and complete it. Calculate the probabifité évé nemeût (the player chooses the console dérég1ée and wins. "Calculate the probabi lity of the event" the player selects the console not wanton and he wins. "Morlh er 1a probability that the player earns is equal to 0.45. Calculate the probabil ity that the player has chosen the console wanton sachaûl he won. v.

d, e. 2.€Three times successivemed and independently chooses unjoueur etjoue partrandomly one of two consoles Calcui laprobabilité Event (lejoueu Derx won exactly once. "The re $ rltat week Ondoure decimal form to anondie miliième. Page 416 9MAESOMÊ1 EIlrsilgj (6 points) (Commuk all cctkdidats) Part A - Study of a function Consider the function There / ' I'inrewatte set [0, S, t] by f (r) = 20 (x) eo '. the derivative of the function on the interval [0, 5, 8]. / / 1. â. Remove that, unprotect toul ûombrc réelr b, Studying the sign of the function fonctioû /. f intervatle [0.5 , 8], /, (r) = 10 (x-3) e-o ". Vadatior dc of jf ' on the interval [0.5, 8] and first deduct the table 2 Building coube Representative (C) forrctioû / in the plane equipped with orthogonal rm (O; i y). We take power. units gaphiques 2 cm I'a re-abscissa and I

cm sux l axis ordered. 3. 4. Justify that the function F defined on the interval [0.5, 8] pax prim ili \ e of the loncrion F (') =: 1! (R1J a *. "Rt rrrr " / on f inrervalle [0.5 8]. Calculate the exact vâleLu inrégrale I defined by I the. . I,, t Part B - Àpplicatiou economic UUE entrcp.ise product comrnande of bicyciettes poul municipalities. The monthly output can vary from 50 to 800 bicycles. Earnings meosuel made by this production can be modeled by the function / Part A as follows: If, one month dome, one of bicyèlettes ceûtâines product r, alorsXr ) models benefit, expressed in thousands of euro of the company that month. In the remainder of the year, using this model. l. a, Check whether the enheprise produced 220 bikes a month, then it o achieve profit of 7989 euros. this a month there b. Déterrniner the profit realized by a production of 408 bicycles rn month dome. 2. For this questioh any lftice research will be accomplished not even taken into a

ccount. Answer the following questions ûtiiisant results of Part A and mode1 pré cédenl. Justification st each answer. a, b. How, for one month Doru, I'entrepdse whether to produce the minimum bike does po w not at a loss? Cornbien, for a given month, the airline doil it produce bicycles for a profit m arimum? Define it came to pass that benefit to the near Eulo. How, for one month v. gifted, she has the enlrepfise bicycletles to produce achieve benefit more than 8000 euros? PAEE 516 9MAESOMEl Schedule I A 1 E Page 6 / 6 9MAESOMEl