TERM CONTRACT FOR WORK RIGHT Xaolin Chinese Restaurant, LDA xxxxxx No taxpayer whose business is the typical

restaurants with headquarters at Rua ..... No 1R / C - -000 Barcelos 2000, herei nafter referred to as 1st Grantor, John Smith, DOB November 13, 1976, holder of passport No "xxxxx, issued on March 27, 2000, Barcelos, valid until March 26, 20 25, No xxxxxxxxx taxpayer and resident of Famous Street, No 170 - 4000-000 Porto , hereinafter referred to as 2. ° Grantor, establish among themselves an Employm ent Contract Term for a period of one year which will begin on xx January 2000 a nd ending on January 31, 2001, subject to the following clauses: -------------------------- ---------------------------------------1. - This contract may be renewed up to two times for the same duration or diffe rent if there is written agreement to that effect, unless at. 1 Grantor is expre ssed in writing, the intention not to renew 15 days in advance of its term in or der under the law applicable and 2. ° Grantor may terminate the contract if give notice of eight days. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ---------- 2. º - The category will be the barman who is in the performance of functions that are assigned to the C AT activity of 1. Grantor shall .------- --------------------------------------------- 3. º - -The conclusion of this contract term is justified because of an exceptional and temporary increase of the business as a way to cope with the inc reased off work and you can not predict whether it will keep it until the end of this contract, as provided in subparagraph F of paragraph 2 of Article 129 of L aw 99/2003 of 27/08------------4. º - The gross monthly remuneration is xxx.00 ( xxxxxx euros) paid by bank transfer you will be due allowance for Holidays, C hristmas in accordance with STC for this activity. 5. º - The workplace is the h eadquarters of the company may transfer to other institutions or subsidiaries wh o holds notwithstanding the payment of transport to which entitled. 6. º - The c ompany waives the probationary period. 7. º - The length of working week is 40 hours in five days and a half. This sche dule may be changed by the company when it has need, accepting the second. Grant or of such change, working in shifts, with the first. Grantor shall display the relevant statement of work hours .--------- --------------- 8. º - In the event this contract or even with renovations, which does not strike one (1) year 2. Gr antor shall be entitled to a vacation equivalent to 2 working days for each full month of service, as is regulated by Act 9912003 of 27/08 art. 211 et seq. ------------------------------------------------- ----- 9. º - Second Grantor under takes to perform the duties inherent to their rank zero and with diligence, and to execute promptly the legal working hours. ----------------------- 10. º - The expiration of this contract by a statement. Grantor shall give the second party the right to compensation equivalent to 2 days of basic pay for each complete m onth in duration. 11. º - All matters not provided herein govern the general regulations and the c ollective bargaining agreement in the catering sector, published in the BTE 23, June 22, 2006 Done in triplicate. barcelona, 01 December xxxx O 1. º SUPPLIER O 2. ° SUPPLIER