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Mrs. Angles Room 001
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PARENTS AND STUDENTS: Please read carefully so that you are well informed!
Course Description:
The fundamental purpose of Accelerated CCGPS Coordinate Algebra is to formalize and extend the mathematics that students
learned in the middle grades. The critical areas, organized into units, deepen and extend understanding of linear relationships, in
part by contrasting them with exponential phenomena, and in part by applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend.
Accelerated Coordinate Algebra uses algebra to deepen and extend understanding of geometric knowledge from prior grades.
The Mathematical Practice Standards apply throughout this course and, together with the content standards, prescribe that
students experience mathematics as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that makes use of their ability to make sense of
problem situations.
Nine-week grade averages will be calculated using the following weights:
Homework 5%
Daily Grades 15%
Quizzes 20%
Test 30%
Projects/Labs/Performance Tasks 30%

Assignments turned in after the due-date are subject to point deductions at the discretion of the teacher. Exceptions will be
given to students with documented accommodations or those with prior teacher approval.
Students MUST take the End of Course Test [EOCT] and its grade MUST be counted as 20% of their final semester average.
This is a state law. The EOCT will function as the Final Exam and may NOT be exempted.
Students in accelerated mathematics courses will receive seven (7) bonus points added to their semester average at the very end
of the grade calculation process.

The Walch Coordinate Algebra textbook will be one of the resources used for this course. This resource contains many other
resources on the web if you have internet access at home. It also contains many guided examples and extra practice problems
similar to the problems we do in class.
A pencil and good eraser are essential in the study of mathematics. Assignments may NOT be written in pen / ink (this
includes erasable pen/ink)
Students will be handling and operating expensive technological equipment that has been purchased specifically to enhance
learning and instruction. Students are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity seriously and handle all equipment with

E-mail is a very convenient method of communication between parents and teacher. Please provide your current email address
following your signature at the end of this letter if you would like to have this convenience.
My email is . Please use it for any concerns or questions.

Each student is responsible for his/her behavior. NO EXCUSES!! Minor class disruptions (talking, laughing, playing, writing
notes, chewing gum, etc.) will be handled in the following manner:
1) First Offense - Student conference
2) Second Offense Parent contacted
3) Third OffenseTimed Standing & Parent contacted
4) Fourth Offense Disciplinary Action by Administration.
Major class disruptions will be dealt with by the administration immediately.

Every student is expected to be on time and prepared for class. Every student is expected to participate during class
discussions. Class BEGINS when the tardy bell rings. For tardy policy please refer to the WCHS Student Handbook.
Students will be allotted three bathroom passes per nine weeks for emergencies. Use them wisely.

Students are required to learn and use mathematics vocabulary appropriately during this course. They are expected to articulate
simple and complex processes they may have used to solve a problem.
It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH STUDENT to make up any work missed during an excused absence. This includes any school
related or sports related field trips. Students will be afforded a choice of taking the missed test or quiz on their first day back at
school or being required to take a make-up test during the three days allowed by school policy. Being absent the day before a
pop quiz does not exempt a student from taking the quiz. Other assignments will be made up and due the third day the student
returns to school. Please see Attendance in the Student Handbook.

Students who score below 75 on an assessment have not met the standard and the following process is provided to help them
meet the standard:
(1) Assessment must be corrected and the original assessment signed by a parent or guardian. Test and corrections must
be turned in the following day (1 day after the test is returned to the student)
(2) Student must also complete a reflection form and turn it in with their corrections.
(3) Students must attend a tutoring session after school to prepare for the re-assessment. This requirement must be met
within three (3) days of the test being returned to the student.
(4) Students must complete the re-assessment within two (2) days of the preparation requirement being completed.
Upon completion of this process, the students assessment grades and any re-assessment grades will be averaged to replace the
original assessment grade. Students who score above 75 have met the standard. Please note that benchmarks are excluded
from the re-testing policy and may not be taken again.

TUTORING is available through the afterschool program (3:30-5:30) with buses running (6:00) to drop-off points through-out
the county. Students not wishing to stay for buses may be picked up by a parent.

Students will need to keep up with their assignments and store their notes and examples for review. A folder, notebook, binder,
or some other storage designated just for Accelerated Coordinate Algebra.
Students will also need pencils, paper, and erasers. I have these available for students should they find themselves short on
supplies: Wood pencils 10, Mechanical pencils 50, Small cap eraser 5, Large Pink Pearl eraser 50.
Students might need a simple calculator for home use. We will use the TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator, TI36 Pro and Apple
iPads but only during class time.

Progress reports will be sent home every Friday by your child. Please note that the nine-weeks-report card could follow a
different schedule. Parents should feel free to call the school (946-2441) and leave a message for me any time there is a
concern. I will return your call as soon as possible. I also check my email daily.

There is no excuse for getting behind. Once you have let yourself get behind, it is very difficult to catch up.
GOOD ADVICE: Dont wait until you are failing. Study! Get help! Do your homework! Learn the vocabulary! Be in
attendance and attentive! The only possible reason for failing this course is YOU!

***** We have read and understand the above classroom expectations and policies.

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Parent Comments:

*Syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher*

[Please return the white copy to the teacher with signatures. The color copy is for your records.]
MATHEMATICSWish List Mrs. Angles Room 001

Dear Parent,
This semesters class will be developing an Interactive Mathematics Notebook [IMN]. Research indicates
that the more times a concept interacts with our brains, the more readily available it is to be used when
needed. These notebooks will serve students in their future mathematical studies whether in high school
or college.

Each student must have a Composition Book with at least 100 sheets and the book must have the sheets
sewn-in. Plain (no special theme) books may be purchased for approximately $1.00-$1.50 at Walmart or
Freds. Although not required, books depicting specific themes may be more expensive, but are
acceptable for our purposes. I am fortunate to have purchased a small supply of these books at a discount
so I have them available in my room for 50 if you would like to get one that way.

Please provide your student with this book as soon as possible. Our plan is to begin this development as
early as next Wednesday. If your student does not have a notebook at this time, he or she will be given an
alternative assignment to do during the IMN time. However, it will be the responsibility of the student to
bring and keep his or her IMN up to date.

I am aware that times are extremely hard for some of you, but if you could provide any item(s) on our
wish list, we would so appreciate your generosity.

Colored Card Stock

We will also need some heavier paper for several foldables we will be constructing. Again, we
will be very happy with any amount you are willing to donate to our classroom. Colors that are
used the most include neon colors, primary colors, or pastel colors.

We have an ample supply of #10 letter sized business envelopes. The smaller letter-sized (about
3.5 by 6.5) envelopes are more useful. We will accept any color from solid white to solid other
color to designer plaid and pen-striped.

Glue Sticks
Students prefer sticks and use a very large number of glue sticks.

Transparent Tape
Some students prefer transparent tape. The best deal I have found is at Walmart in the stationary
department. [Jumbo Roll in green packaging, wide, 1000-1200 inches in length, for $0.98]

Your student will receive a homework grade of 100 for returning this letter with your signature.

Thank you in advance for your dedication and support in the education of our children.

________________________________ ____________________________ _______________

Parent or Guardian Signature Please Print Students Name Date