Appraises 62 TION FOR THE STUDENT Your participation in self-assessment is aimed at improving our programs, studen t performance in class Student Matters: INSTRUCTIONS: Date: Answers to these questions all truth, considering putting an X on a scale of 1 a s very poor and 10 excellent ABCD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 E 10 I deliver my work is always a time two Class I hand my work as my teacher recomm ended it to me three degree of constancy in which you do your homework 4 Do not know my faults but be aware of them 5 shows a personality and behavior in school and one in my house 6 My sauce is excellent in Class 7 will not always pay atte ntion to the semester, so my low academic performance 8 My parents always tell t he true version in September when for some reason I had a problem with a partner or 10 I have a master problems at home that affect my school performance 11 am disciplined in Class 12 will I have respect for my teachers 13 am respectful to my fellow 14 15 I participate in class actively integrate and teamwork when 16 I f you do not understand a asked the teacher issue 17 If I do not understand an i ssue sacrifice part of my free time to get help from my teacher 18 would be able to lie to protect a friend who did something wrong or told a lie in Class 19 I would stay quiet to protect a partner or myself, who has done something illegal 20 and 21 that harm innocent people My parents tell them just what suits me 22 s hows interest in class 23 I am respectful to the teacher 24 I have 25 friends wi th the teacher's workload of the matter is appropriate 26 level of effort I put in the classroom is: 27 My behavior and attitudes are appropriate in class 28 I like the way it works in Class 29 The contents of the class seem interesting NOT E: A. - Definitely Disagree B - Disagree C - Neither agree nor disagree D - E. A gree - definitely agree 30 I ignore the recommendations of my teacher 31 My relationship with my teacher is 32 note and respect the rules and regulations established 33 When the teache r is neglected do things that have nothing to do with the class listen attentive ly 34 35 Work in the form I'm obedient independent 36 38 37 Agree responsibiliti es efficiently use the time 39 I have a positive attitude towards learning 40 or ganizations work and thank Metarial 41 when someone tells me my truths, I accept and try to take them into account 42 If someone tells me my I grab verdasdes ag ainst 43 When I bring ideas teamwork 44 I help solve problems in Group 45 I make my share of the actions decided by the 46 team finish in time the activities as signed to grade 47 believe that depends on you to improve your academic performa nce and social interactions with peers and teachers influence what grade 48 myse lf to maintain a pleasant climate and respect 49 that degree of friendship and t rust you with the teacher 50 To what extent would you like to have an excellent relationship of trust with your teacher 51 If for some reason you were upset wit h the teacher, that degree of honesty would answer this questionnaire? 52 I'm le arning in class 53 to acquire knowledge in this field of applied or bond with ot her substances to improve my school performance 54 Looking for any excuse to ask permission, or excuse for not attending 55 classes I attend classes regularly 5 6 I go to school late on purpose 57 degree of seriousness with which answered th e questionnaire If you have a suggestion, in order to understand you and take mo re into account your requirements, write in the back of the blade