Information System of Pupils User Manual "Registration and Evaluation Version 1.2.

5 OFIN Educational Institution / MED JANUARY 2005 IN DI CE Minimum System Requirements Introduction Regional Setting of Computer System Ins tallation Start Raising Session Types. System Administration. System Configurati on in the school. Configuration Data Base (DB). Creating Educational Institution s. Grade Configuration. Configuration Sections. Staff Establishment IE. Curricul um configuration. Workshop Registration & Curricular Update / Course Additional Configuration Assessment periods. Closing Session "ADMINISTRATOR" Login "REGISTE R" Register Learners. Enrollment Reports Single File. Payroll Assessment Registr ation Process Template Generation Evaluation. . Page 4 Page 4 Page 5 Page 8 Page 11 Page 12 Page 12 Page 12 Page 13 Page 15 Page 17 Page 18 Page 22 Page 23 Page 28 Page 30 Page 31 Page 31 Page 38 Page 39 Page 40 Page 42 Page 42 2 Loading evaluations Income Assessment Template. . Page 43 Page 45 Page 47 Page 51 Page 51 Page 53 Page 54 Page 56 Update evaluations / Final Status Reports. Report card. Consolidated Evaluation. Consolidated Assessment Act Annex Import Information System Flowchart Responsib le Considerations for the use of considerations apply to network. Page 56 Page 57 Page 58 Page 59 Page 62 3 INTRODUCTION The Ministry of Education informs the educational community of Raising System, w hich is the set of solutions designed to facilitate the administrative work in t he Educational Institution. Easy to use and administration, this system will ena ble educational institutions to create a database with historical records of stu dents, from which the program can generate registration payroll, only the learne r records, list of student assessment records , report cards and assessment reco rds. Enhancing access to historical data from the educational institution, allow ing the delivery of the document in a timely manner. Project Team Minimum Requirements for installation: Software: Microsoft Office (Excel, Access) Hardware: nd Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP 4 CO NF IG ON UR RE GI ONAL ACI Is required before installing the system of Pupils make the following settings s o that no further conflicts in relation to the date that will work. 1. We have t Pentium I, RAM, OS 64 a

o go into Control Panel via: 2. In Control Panel, choose Regional Settings icon. 5 3. In this screen we have to choose language: Spanish (Peru). 4. Then proceed to set the point as decimal symbol (.) And as a symbol for separ ating thousands comma (,) 6 5. Finally proceed with setting the date as indicated: Operating System Operating System English Spanish :: dd = day dd = day Example: MM = month yyyy = year MM = month yyyy = year 05/06/2004 To make these changes to take effect will be to give Click the OK button. 7 INST TION AL ED UC SYSTEM OF 1.2 AND 0.5 OV Steps to Install the System in the Educational Institution: 1. Insert the installation CD into the drive and specify the directory where system installer file "Setup.exe" can be located on a drive "E: ###BOT_TEXT###quot; to be the CD drive. DAR CLICK 2. Then we need to double click the executable file System "Setup.exe" Executable File 3. Hitting the "OK" from the Welcome screen. 8 DAR CLICK 4. Select the directory where the system will be located, it can be "C: \ Program Files \ Tuition and Education Evaluation Center," if there is no f older to create the system will proceed automatically. DAR CLICK 5. Give Click the install button (PC). 6. Automatically proceed to copy the inst allation files. 7. The installation will conclude with the message that was done so satisfactory.

9 DAR CLICK 8. Then you will need to access the system as follows: Through Start / Programs / Registration and Evaluation Institution Education. 10 LOGIN There are three types of sessions for which they must enter the password as the case may be, there are three types of users: ADMINISTRATOR It is the user who can perform the following functions:

Setting the Educational Institution. Importing files to update the tables of mai ntenance.€Export the information to be given to the intermediate bodies. PASSWORD: REGISTER ADMIN It is the user can perform registration, ratifications and evaluations of learne rs. PASSWORD: CONSULTATION DIRECT Is the user can consult tuition, ratifications and evaluations of learners. PASSWORD: ENCINAS 11 AD MI NI STR System ON ACI Conf igure A System to ac ion in the ion tuc Insti Ed uca tion. Steps in the System Configuration Educational Institution: 1. Log on as Administrator user entering the password. 2. Click on Yes 3. Immediately "Educando.mdb" appear the following

screen and is must of choose 12 4. LOGIN then appears, enter the password must again. 5. Since this database is still empty, the following message, should give Click OK to start filling information of the Educational Institution. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION OPTION 6. Log in to the "Educational Institution" Administration of the sub menu. 7. Configuration form appears Educational Institutions. Select "New" in the opti ons bar that appears at the top of the form. 8. Enter the data of the Educationa l Institution. 13 9. Select the "OK" in the options bar when you have completed entering informati on. The educational institution must appear on the entry screen of the system. 14 10. Select the "Back" in the options bar. 11. If you want to update the educational institution, and must re-enter choose "EDIT" and enter the data required to update. OPTION DEGREE - EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION 12. Log in to the "Grade - Educational I nstitution" Administration of the Sub menu. 15 13. Form appears Configuration Levels of the Educational Institution. 14. Select the grades of the school. 15. Enter the number of vacancies associated with the section with the highest n umber of graders education. 16 16. Select the "Back" in the options bar. OPTION SECTION - EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION 17. Log in to the "Section - Educationa l Institution" sub menu Administration. 18. Configuration form appears in sections of the Educational In stitution. 19. You must click the Add button to enter each of the sections

education relevant to the state. 20. You must click "OK." 21. To delete a section should be as follows: Choose from the list where the notes in Grades containing the section to which you want to delete. In the option, which looks at the sections for the degree, choose the section you want to delete. Then click the Delete button. 17 Show the following message, where you indicate if you really sure you want to delete this section. 22. Select the "Back" in the options bar. PERSONAL CHOICE - EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION 23. Log in to the "Personal - Educatio nal Institution" sub menu Administration. 18 24. Dar click the NEW button to begin data entry staff. 25. In part of personal data may see the section: GENERAL: Where general data entry staff. Modular Code of the staff. Name Surname (paternal and maternal) Sex Work Teaching Position Ap pointed Director Assistant Director Head of Labor Day Registration 19 NOTE: All Personnel to enter into every level of EI will be considered at least one person who is responsible for REGISTRATION, ie having the check in LIABLE FO R ENROLLMENT activated after all data entry staff click the OK button to save th e data. 26. The other section you can view on the personal data is TEACHING / CO URSE: In this part you will be able to relate to teachers who work in your schoo l with the action you take charge, so you can view the data entered Teachers in the Final Act. To relate the course with the teacher do the following: a. - Sele ct from the list (Registry staff IE) which the teacher is going to relate (the) course (s). b. - Dar click the ADD button. c. - Then you will see the following screen: You, this option will have to select the grade, section and the action is in cha rge of teaching. d. - To record the relationship Teaching - Course, click the OK button. Then visualize in the list (the) course (s) choose (s) for Teachers. 20 NOTE: To make this relationship Teaching - Course before has the option to enter CURRICULUM PLAN (the next option) and choose the curriculum for each grade. 27. If you want to remove some staff from EI will follow the following steps: a. Se lect staff from the list b. After clicking on the DELETE button. NOTE: If the person you want to delete is a teacher and this is a related course , you must first delete the relationship with this course, clicking the Delete b utton section TEACHING / COURSES. c. Go to Section Teaching / Courses, then sele ct the link with the courses that have the Teacher 21 CURRICULUM OPTION PLAN - EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION 28. Log in to the "Curriculum Educational Institution" sub menu Administration.

29. Configuration form appears Study Plan. 30. You must click the Add button to enter each of the degrees their respective curriculum for the educational degree. 31. You must click "OK." 22 32. Select the "Back" in the options bar. WORKSHOP OPTION CURRICULUM / COURSE AD DITIONAL 33. Register for a workshop, you enter a "Workshop Curriculum / Additio nal Courses" in which you observe three sub options: a. - Enter Workshop Curriculum / Additional Courses: Through this option the data are deposited in the workshops to the sys tem. Following screen appears which should give NEW button to enter a new workshop. To update is entered as the previous step, but select "EDIT." You will also see the DELETE button, to erase a workshop or additional course of the system. To do this you have to do is the following: 23 o o o Select the workshop or additional course from the list. After clicking on the DE LETE button. Confirm removal system workshop. NOTE: The elimination of the workshops should be performed in reverse order to w hich they were entered into the system, ie, must begin by eliminating the shop t hat last entry, then delete the penultimate entered, and so on. b. - Evaluation Criteria: Upon entering this option, which is where you enter the criteria, skil ls or competence of workshops: Select the workshop you wish to input criteria and then click the NEW button to begin entering the criteria. 24 You will also see the DELETE button, used to remove the system to the criteria / competencies / skills in the workshops you have entered. To do this you have to do is the following: Select the criteria / competencies / skills in the list. After clicking on the DELETE button. Confirm removal of Criterion / Compete ncy / Capacity of the system. NOTE: The elimination of the criteria / competencies / skills should be performe d in reverse order to which they were entered into the system, ie, must begin re moving that last entry, then delete the penultimate entered, and so on. 25 c. - Related Courses: Through this option you can connect an additional course w orkshop or a course that is contemplated in the Plan of Study in order to have a n average grade of both year-end. By clicking on this option will display the following screen: 26

As you can see, in the first list are all courses in all grades and the respecti ve TALLERES you entered. In order to relate a workshop with a course perform the following steps: For example Relate Computing Workshop 1st grade with the cou rse of education for work. The first thing to do is locate on the first list (li st of Courses / Areas) The course is to relate (for example EDUCATION FOR WORK). After clicking on the Edit button. We now turn to enter the number of hours a week to teach the course and the same process is what will be done to the SHO P. Dar click the OK button to save the entered information. Then, from the list , we must choose the course which will link the WORKSHOP. Give MODIFY button. select size with which it is to relate the course (Course Related). Give OK to save the data entered. 27 OPTION PERIOD OF ASSESSMENT 34. Enter the Evaluation Period option and there will have to configure the eval uation period, as the name of journalism, the state (not assess, in Assessment o r Assessed). By clicking on this option displays the following screen: 28 To begin to enter the periods, you must to click on the Add button. We can see t he DELETE button,€we will be able to delete some period of the system. To do thi s follow these steps: From the list select the period you wish to delete. Th en we click the Remove button. Period confirm the elimination of the system. NOTE: The elimination of periods should be performed in reverse order to which t hey were entered into the system, ie, must begin removing that last entry, then delete the penultimate entered, and so on. 29 35. Once finished everything related to User Administrator should Administrator Logout. 30 SESI INI CI O REG ON RO IST Should be entered as user "registry" of the system. This user is going to allow for the process of Registration and Assessment of Pu pils. PR OCES ULA TRIC OR MA REGISTRATION OPTION Learners To enroll a student, we have to click the REGISTER button Learners: Then you can display the next screen, where you will see that at the top shows t he name and level of EI in which conduct the enrollment process. In order to beg in to enroll a student in the system, you have to click the New button, as indic ated. 31 After clicking on the NEW button, you can display the screen shown below in whic

h you must enter the data the student to enroll in this screen you can observe t he following: A header, which will have to put the basic data Student: code, ful l name, date of birth, sex and marital status. PERSONAL DATA tab, where you ente r personal information of students. MEDICAL DATA tab, here recorded medical data relating to the student. FAMILY DATA tab, enter the data here, family members a nd / or guardians. The tab plate data, where data entry of student enrollment, s uch as grade, section, etc. 32 PERSONAL DATA MEDICAL DATA 33 In medical data you need only enter the type of delivery of the student, the oth er options, but have the data at the time of data entry, you can leave it blank. ENROLLMENT DATA 34 To record the student's tuition is due by clicking on the OK button, thus procee d to enroll the remaining students in the IE After making the registration of al l students in the IE see a screen like this: DATA FAMILY and empowered to be abl e to enter student's family data, you must have entered the other student data. To enter the family must give the NEW button click. You can then enter the data pattern. The locker HOUSEHOLD served in the event of brothers in the same IE, the number of family group would be the code of the fi rst students enrolled in IE (In the system), for example, if you intend to enrol l the student's brother JUAN RUIZ PEREZ, no longer need to enter the data of the attorney or family again, just put in the box HOUSEHOLD student code JUAN RUIZ PEREZ, who was the first child of the Family in an enrollment record in the IE. What will happen is that the data of the relatives or guardians will be charged automatically. 35 LIST OF ALL CANDIDATES REGISTERED IN THE SYSTEM LIST OF SELECTED STUDENT ENROLLMENT VIEW DATA option, is to visualize data in LIST selected student enrollment, you can not make any changes. The MODIFY, serves to modify or update any of the information the student select ed in the List of registrations, after making a change, you have to click on the OK button to save changes. By DELETE option I can remove the student selected in the LIST OF ENROLLMENT the system. 36 RATIFY option allows me to enroll in a new academic year a student has been enro lled the previous year and select from the list of Registration. With the option CHANGE CODE what I do is change the code to make the student to

select from the list of Registration. I must enter the password for the Administ rator to allow me to make this change. After typing the password for the ADMINISTRATOR should to click the OK button ap pears in the box to change the code of the learner. 37 Give OK to save the changes made. The next option was used to remove the student CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION selected REGISTRATION LIST. 38 OPTION TES Repor This group of options allows me to produce documents related to registration (Re gistration Form, List of Registration, List of Students). A) Single Ma has Fic ventricular To generate unique registration tab we click on the first sub option (Sheet Single Registration), the following screen:

Then select which we want to get Empowering Single Registration Sheet. Dar click on "Education." The generated files will be stored in the directory where you i nstalled the system, which is usually:

39 C: \ Program Files \ REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION SCHOOLS \ CE XXXXXXX \ PAYROLL XXXXXXX is modular code of the Educational Institution. For example: CE 0123456 The file has the following format: FichaCódigodelEducando.xls You can access these files through Windows Explorer. B) List of Ma ventricular To generate the list of enrollment in the second we click sub option (Payroll Enrollment), the following screen: 40

Then select the degree and the section of which we are to the respective payroll . Clicking on the button "Generate". The system began to generate the respective List and then displayed as follows:

The generated files will be stored in the directory where you installed the syst em, which is usually C: \ Program Files \ REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION SCHOOLS \ CE XXXXXXX \ PAYROLL \ 2004 You can also access these files through Windows Expl orer.

41 EV ALUACI ON PROCESS To allow the assessment of Pupils there are three options: Template Generation E valuation, using this option I will be able to generate templates evaluation per iod, by grade and section. These templates represent the generated NO AUXILIARY RECORDS, here teachers from entering the final notes per period. Reviews income, with this option you can enter the Teacher respective period assessments, cours e by course. The notes shall be paid into the templates generated in the previou s option. Loading Assessment Templates, once the income of assessments and have recorded the templates with the notes thereon, the next and last step is to load templates, which recorded the notes entered in the system evaluation grids. A) P lantillas Gener ation Dar click that option. Evaluation . 42

The following screen appears, where you need to choose the year, period, grade a nd section of which wants to remove the templates, then must click on the button "OK."

Then show a screen indicating that the creation of the Evaluation Templates fini shed, click "OK" and the previous screen "Done."

The templates generated by the system (for courses) will be stored in the follow ing directory: C: \ Program Files \ REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION CENTER TEACHING \ CE XXXXXXX \ REGISTRY \ 2004 - No. PERIOD N SEVENTH symbolizes the number of p eriod to which you just generated templates. For example: 2004-2001 (first perio d). 43 B) Evaluation resolu Sp . There are two ways by which the teacher or guardian to fill out evaluations can enter notes to the templates: Entering notes from the System: Click the button D ar Income Evaluation. Display the following screen:

On this screen you will need to select the year, period, grade, section and cour se to which you want to fill out evaluations. After clicking on the button "OK" and shows the course evaluation template you chose. 44

This template is filled with the final notes of the period chosen for the course . After recording the notes should be paid to click the Save button Change. " To fill the templates for the evaluation of other courses will be in the same way. Accessing files from Windows Explorer

Another way to do this is filled with notes templates accessing assessment throu gh the Windows Explorer: Open the course evaluation template to be filled with notes and then started to introduce the corresponding notes. Then we recorded. 45 C) Car Assessment Templates ga Through this option I will upload the notes entered in the evaluation grids for the previous option: Dar click the "Load Template Assessment." It will display the following screen:

You have to select the year, period, grade, section and templates of the courses (with notes) to be loaded into the system. Then click "OK." The system shall ca rry the burden of notes at the end display the following screen: 46 For the system to properly load all the templates for assessment these should be in the direction where they were initially created (C: \ Program Files \ REGIST RATION AND EVALUATION CENTER TEACHING \ CE XXXXXXX \ REGISTRY \ 2004 - No. TERM) , because the system grabs the templates that are in that direction. D) A CTU AL ALIZE ued TION OF EV EN / SI AL FIN TU TION By clicking on this option displays the following screen: STUDENTS MOVING TO REMOVE OR RATIO OF STUDENTS NOTE TO FIT Relief We will now describe what you see on this screen: 47 RATIO OF STUDENTS: Here you can view all graders and section chosen (this choice

is at the top of this screen), if you want to enter notes or qualifications, al so select the period and corresponding course. As you can see here have no choic e but to make notes or to enter student grades into the system. If you decide to enter notes or qualifications for this option will no longer be necessary for y ou to use the option evaluation chart generation (to generate records of notes) and Load Templates (to carry the notes to the system), because with this option you interacts directly with the system for entering your grades. After entering notes or ratings do not forget to click the Record button to save changes. You c an also use it to correct any notes or income qualification above, simply select the range, section, period, and the last course the student then goes on to cor rect the respective note, do not forget to click the Record button which is in t he top left, to record all changes made. Another use that can give this option i s, in the case that your school receives a student transferred (after the comple tion of enrollment), this student will come with their grades or scores on the p eriods in which he was in school of origin, you must firstly register the studen t through the system, then select the degree, section, period, and the course wh ich is going to enter the notes of the student transferred. Do not forget to cli ck the Record button to record the changes. 48 STUDENTS TO REMOVE OR MOVE: In this section you will have the option to REMOVE o r REMOVE a student in your school, depending on which is the case. To do this pe rform the following: • • • • • • First you need to select the student. Must then activate the check MODIFY, located on the right side of the List of students. Y ou then need to select the state you want to place the student (RETIRED, TRANSFE RRED). In the observations will place some comments concerning the student (eg R D withdrawal or transfer student). If you chose to retire, then choose a list wh ere the reason for the withdrawal and then the comments. OJO, all that enter thi s option is displayed in the Final Act of the assessment. 49 NOTES TO FIT Relief: In this section you can enter notes correction of course in charge. We need to remember that the courses by students you register at the ti me of registration. To enter the note Relief perform the following steps: • • • Select the student to take the course in charge. Vera in the bottom, where refer ence is made to appear Cargo Course during the student. Then enter the note of c orrection of the student and the exam date. Click Save to save the changes. 50 E) R EPOr ing Through this group of options I can generate the necessary documents on the asse ssment, such as ticket stubs, records, consolidated evaluation period. Report Card Ballots To generate sub we click the option "report card" then we see that we ha ve the option to view and print the report cards by: Raising or in sections. The report cards are only generated by periods. Eg report card for Educating, we se lected the student and give Click on the icon "Education." Then 51 The screen shows the year and choose which period is to give out the ballots and click the Next button. Click Dar

52 After taking just above Ballot obtain the following: Consolidated Evaluation Through this option I can generate a consolidated period assessments: Dar click the option Consolidated Evaluation, displays the following screen:


Select the grade, branch, and the period and we click "OK."€The system will gene rate the consolidated once the process, show the next screen, click "OK" and the previous screen "Exit"

The ry: X \ ich

Consolidated generated by the system will be stored in the following directo C: \ Program Files \ REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION CENTER TEACHING \ CE XXXXXX REGISTRY \ 2004 - No. PERIOD N SEVENTH symbolizes the number of period to wh you just generated the consolidated. For example: 2004-2001 (first period).

Assessment Act With Solid To generate the consolidated assessment records the following steps: Dar click t he option Consolidated Assessment Act. The following screen appears:


You have to select the grade and section, then clicking on the button "OK." The generated files will be stored in the directory where you installed the system, which is usually C: \ Program Files \ REGISTRATION AND EVALUATION SCHOOLS \ CE X XXXXXX \ MINUTES \ 2004 The system will display the generated Assessment Act, wh ich is shown as follows:

ANNEX Impor tation of ion I nf or mac The user must have logged in as "Administrator" of the system. This event will t ake place at the express order of the Ministry of Education, and that it has gen erated the information (files) corresponding to the charging process. The corres ponding files stored update the following information: 55

Geographic Locations. Grades Education. Curriculum - Courses / Areas. Evaluation Criteria. Intermediate Bodies. Parameter Detail. Registration Status. Situation Assessment. Medical Monitoring.

A) a car Inf or mation 1. Import. 1.1. Information. gar in the System Select the option Import menu 1.2. Select the file you want to upgrade. 1.3. Option "OK." Responsi ble s in terest of Sis topic Link is of Information Office: Annex 1235 - 1269 Francisco Manuel Sanchez Tirado The Elguera msanchez Paul Rivera Meza Maximum mriverag@minedu Galdós 56 Statistical Office: Annex 1214 - 1215 Carlos Villanueva Website of the Ministry of Education: Ministry of Education Intranet: To subscribe to the Intranet access:, fill the form (NOTE: In membership group to choose Project Data System of Pupils) and then return your m ail key to indicate. Intranet Responsible Ministry: Oscar Mateo Napa System Flujog loves to r 57 F lu jo S ystem M atr grass culay t io n E valuac I nic io n of S esi or madeleducando U S is te A dm in io suar strador suar U R eg io is io suar TRO U A dm in is tradorpasswo rd: IN ADM R eg io U suar is trop asswo rd: D IR ECTOU io C Onsu lta suar E scr ib í aaqu uploader C reactive ió Ndele CEC on fig ra two C G S ecc onfigde onf ig io ns P ersonal C onf ig CEC's nescurr dep ic u res C onf ig P er io twoOf E is io n I lu ac ió m portac NDE I nformac C onf ig io n io n BD URAC P rocesode M atr atr í í M cu cu ngresante R ation R atif ic cu t ndematr A CTUA

liz ac ió adedatos nyconsu lt C Onsu adedatosdatosdematr lt t he cu the datospersona sdatosfam Tadea lu ilia r es lis MNOs Icha F ú í nicadematr cu m in the N or t cu adematr L is Tadea mnosactualizacion deda tosdematr lu cu t the acts liz ac ió ndedatospersona sactualizaci him or nd edatosfam Tadea il lu lis users more familiar P rocesode E MNOs will lu ac ió n NDEP's enerac G ió nt lu sdeeva illa ac ió n C nt argadep the issue is illa Sals B C Onsu lta ta or would sdenotas P or E ducando S P o r e c t io n 58 CO NS IDE NES RA CIO PAR A THE U.S. OR APL TIVA O IC PC settings, you configure the language and location as Spanish (Peru), and the short date format as dd / MM / yyyy in the Regional Settings control panel. Pros pective Registration Option is used in the case of students who begin their care er in the educational process (initial or first grade). Ratification Option is u sed when tuition for students who have already had some tuition in the process.€ Applicator Membership Registration and Evaluation The Registration and Evaluatio n Module consists of two parts: 1. A. applicative G. Matevace.exe B. Fondo.jpeg Matevace.hlp h. C. ST6UNST.txt I. User Manual J. MatEvaCE.Doc TransEdu.mdb *. Rp t (reports) d. Instructions for k. CargaData \ *. mev migración.doc l. Padron \ PadronCE.exe e. User Manual Annex m. Templates \ *. xlt MatEvaCE n. Templates \ *. xls f. Banner.jpeg 2. A. Database B. Educando.mdb Padron \ PadronCE.mdb Addit ionally, the system creates a directory for each educational institution registe red in the database in which stores information generated by the processes of re gistration and evaluation, we have: EC 1111111 \ Minutes Minutes Assessmen t Ballots Notes EC 1111111 \ Supporting Tables Statistics Information Securi ty should be to take off back up the database system as follows: Tuition Assessm ent Period Daily Minimum Daily Rest Frequency Wednesdays and Fridays Time At the end of the day At the end of the day At the end of the day EC 1111111 \ Regis tration Cards Payroll Payroll Records of Enrollment Enrollment EC 111111 1 \ Logs Assessment Records 59 NETWORKING CONSIDERATIONS You must define a RED team will be the server of the database IN THE SERVER Proceed to install their application. Example: C: \ Program Files \ Enrollment a nd Education Evaluation Center It proceeds to share the folder in which the system was installed (C: \ Program Files \ Enrollment and Educational Evaluation Center) USERS ONLY NETWORK partici pate in the processes of registration and / or evaluation. Example: Oscar Mateo Napa Personal User Rights omateo Total Control, Change, Read 60 EQUIPMENT IN REMAINING (CUSTOMER) Proceed to install the system but after completion of the installation file is d eleted Educating name (if you can see the extensions will Educando.mdb). In the browser is located in the server folder that was installed on applied and shared . Give Click the right mouse button and choose Connect Network Drive ... Will sh ow a screen similar to the following:

Assign a letter to the Unit. Example: Choose finish. Is then run the application , will show the following screen: M: When requesting the location of the database locate the newly created unit. Foll owing the example would be M: Educating Then choose the file, and finish with Open. This should be done on each client computer. ______°______ 60