ORDER OF SERVICE AS OF ORDINANCE 2001 NR 3214/78 Date of preparation: 08/2009 Page: February 1 Employee Name: Position: Assistant II Sector

: Construction Activities: - Finishi ng manual with brooms, assists in placing and removal of cones around the same e quipment and cleaning of the end of the day, do the side seams of the layer of a sphalt applied using brooms, work at building sites, aiding the supply of machin es with asphalt emulsion and water, work assisting in the operation of the aspha lt plant using a shovel to help decrease the aggregates on the conveyor belt of the equipment, assist the operator in control thickness of the aggregates at the table finisher, running services, signaling and controlling the diversion of tr affic flow, assist in the removal of tacks lighting of runways with pick RISKS I DENTIFIED POSSIBLE DAMAGE TO HEALTH Physical Hazards: Noise, Noise: Possible irr itation and hearing loss temporary or Chemical Hazards: asphalt emulsion, solven t, emulsion: Possible skin and respiratory disorders Biohazards: None; Solvents: Possible skin and respiratory diseases Risk of Accidents: Falls of Materials, M aterials Falls: possible injury to members Bump; lower pedestrian accidents: inj uries, injuries, traumas. Ergonomic Risk: Survey and Transportation Survey and m anual transmission Weight: manual; weight back pain and musculoskeletal disorder s EQUIPMENT FOR USE OF PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED ACTIVITY Hearing P rotector Throughout the workday Respirator Semifacial PPF2 VO (Organic Vapors) A ny activity that involves asphalt emulsion Zest gloves during cleaning of the Eq uipment Safety glasses Throughout the workday PVC or nitrile gloves Every activi ty that involves asphalt emulsion Safety Footwear with Steel toe Throughout the journey Working SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS OBLIGATIONS Using the Individual Protective Equipment as directed by the company. Responsibi lity for the care and cleanliness of Personal Protective Equipment Before starti ng the work day to verify the conditions of individual protection equipment, if necessary, replacement or ask the responsible supervisor. In case of accident, i mmediately notify the responsible for taking appropriate action where they shoul d report to the Security Sector Labour; Where should isolate the fatal accident directly related to the accident site, while maintaining its characteristics unt il the release of authorities. Be properly identified with the badge. DUTIES Do not obstruct the fire fighting equipment company, to collaborate with the cle anliness and organization of the working sector, be offensive to couple the elec trical installations comply with the signals contained in the fronts of work and construction sites. Do not use personal ornaments such as bracelets, rings, ear rings, necklaces and etc. during the workday be offensive to the flow of vehicle s during the execution of tasks. Constructor and Paver Differential - 2009 Position: Assistant II ORDER OF SERVICE AS OF ORDINANCE 2001 NR 3214/78 Date of preparation: 08/2009 Page: February 2 Staying in the area for vehicles only if necessary. LEGAL BACKGROUND - WORK SAFETY AND HYGIENE ORDINANCE N. No 3214/78 - Regulatory

Standard - NR 01 7.1 It is for the employer: 1.8 It is for employees: a) Comply with and enforce the laws and a) Comply with laws and regulations on s afety and hygiene regulations of the Safety and Occupational Hygiene, including science to work by giving employees with work orders issued by the employer; fol lowing objectives: b) Use protective equipment Individual b) prepare orders on s afety and supplied by the company, occupational medicine, informing employees, c ) undergo the medical examinations provided for in the I - Prevention of unsafe acts in the performance of NR's , work; II - Spreading and don'ts that d) collab orate with the company in implementing the employee must know and follow; NR's I II - To inform the employees that will be subject to punishment for noncomplianc e 1.8.1 - It is a wrongful act unjustified refusal of the work orders issued, th e employee compliance with previous item. c) inform the workers: I - The occupat ional hazards that may arise in the workplace; II - The means to prevent and lim it such risks and the measures adopted by the company. Constructor and Paver Differential - 2009 Position: Assistant II ORDER OF SERVICE AS OF ORDINANCE 2001 NR 3214/78 Date of preparation: 08/2009 Page: February 3 DISCLAIMER I have received the company's Construction and Paver Differential ltd . Directions for Labor Safety and Hygiene in this document, including a copy the reof, by which I undertake to comply with them during the exercise of my activit ies. I am aware that these instructions are essential for the protection of my p hysical and mental integrity, as well as my coworkers. I affirm here that the en terprise minister periodic safety training and provides all the Personal Protect ive Equipment required for safe performance of my activities. I am also aware th at failure to observe the safety instructions or the refusal to use of Personal Protective Equipment will be subject to the penalties provided. Southeastern, __ ______de ______________________ 2009. Signature of Company: ________________________ Signature of Official: __________ _________________________ Signature SESMT Company :_____________________________ _ Constructor and Paver Differential - 2009 Position: Assistant II