TO GET MORE DENSE BODIES DI RECTLY TO THEM WOULD Crumble HYDROELECTRIC 800 000 Kwh SUB-STATION TRANSFORMERS 13 000 380 000 Kwh Kwh As the poten127/220 v ce of energy coming out of a hydroelectric power suffers a decli ne up to a light bulb without exploding it, the energy coming from the spirit al so suffers from an adaptation energy in order to act in different sizes without damaging the bodies that will be used. SPECIAL POWER OF THE SPIRIT UNIVERSAL COSMIC FLUID THEREFORE THE SPIRIT DIMENSIONS TO ACT IN MORE DENSE BODIES is of further reduci ng its energy power This process is called energy descent MIND BODY SPIRIT PERISPIRIT Etheric Double BODY PHYSICAL DIFFERENT LEVELS OF VIBRATION ENERGY In the book Spirit of self-discovery Joana de Angelis psychographics of the medi um Divaldo Franco found no reference to different levels of vibrations of energy : 1) The human subject is a grouping of energies at different levels of vibratio n (p. 16). 2) The human being is a set of harmonic energy, composed of spirit an d matter, mind and perispirit, emotions and physical body, which interact in a c ontinuous flow over each other (p. 20). 61 SPIRIT Whether they are positive or negative energy created by the spiritual memory is less dense than the energies created by the desires, so they are in different di mensions. Whether they are positive or negative energy created by the desires ar e less dense than the energies created by thoughts, so they are in different dim ensions. Whether they are positive or negative energy created by the thoughts ar e less dense than the energies created by the feelings, so they are in different dimensions. UNCONSCIOUS PAST Database We are dealing less dense as the chemical structure of the energy. In this case the density is not synonymous with purity. That happens with the chemical struct ure of water, that being clean or polluted water does not cease to be BODY OF ENERGY WANTS WISHING Will - Wish - Faith Determination - Force Desires prior thoughts MENTAL MENTAL ENERGY BODY Intelligence - Reasoning Reflection - Insight - Insigh t DESCENSODADENSIDADEEN ERG THICS Thoughts precede feelings

Anguish sorrows Depressions Addictions Addictions Hate Rancor Revolt Affection Satisfactions Pleasures Love PERISPIRIT OR SPIRITUAL BODY Power of Emotions and Feelings Etheric Double Power Plant PHYSICAL BODY Support material embodied spirit 62 THE SPIRIT AND THEIR BODIES IN VIEW OF Kardec In the 19th century spiritual knowledge was still very restricted, this caused b y a Church Ruler and Secret Doctrines by restricting only the teachings to his f ollowers. • • • CHURCH Domino for those who want power one of the best strategie s is to keep people in ignorance, so the Church forbade the people to have conta ct with books containing the teachings, the people going to learn only interpret ed the light of the interests of representatives of the church and condemned to death in the name of God that contradicted; After the Reformation the people sta rted to have contact with books, but was forbidden to make interpretations. SECR ET DOCTRINES hid the teachings of the people, could only have known those who ma de pacts initiation and that disclosing to pay with their lives, people only kne w a few lessons started through the surface; When people went to only interprete d the teachings light of the interests of the initiates of the Secret Doctrine. • • • • CHURCH DOMINATED THE ROLE OF DOCTRINE SPIRITIST - Make the Divine teaching to reach people in a clear and objective - Awakening the people of spiritual ignorance and moral; SECRET DOCTRINES Kardec, as good teaching, adapted many lessons to a level that people could unde rstand them, as was the courageous attitude of Kardec that time. Even today many people, which hinder other people from obtaining knowledge (is forbidden to rea d this, that, etc, etc, etc ...) between the teachings of Kardec adapted so that the people could understand them is what concerns the spiritual bodies. The spi rit, provided focus and director of intelligent life, is surrounded by various e nergy fields, each vibrating in space dimension of its own, and the physical fie ld, the outermost layer and therefore the more densified of human complexity. Ai ming to facilitate the understanding of seriation energetic man, Kardec summariz ed the matter in order to facilitate understanding,€perispirit chose the name to encompass all that takes the spiritual essence, or that is interposed between t he spirit and the physical field. Allan Kardec encompassed all spiritual bodies and created the name perispirit. SIMPLIFICATION CARRIED by Kardec No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ESOTERICISM Spiritism Atmic Spirit Divine Body Body Body Body Buddhahood Buddhahood Nirvanic Higher Mental Body Mental Body Mental Perispirit Lower Astral Body Astral Etheric Double Double Etheric Physical Body Physical Bo

dy Physical Body 63 "So the perispirit is a naming used by Allan Kardec and represents all the spiri tual bodies that surround the Spirit. In summary our spirit is wrapped in many b odies that are subdivided according to several dimensions in which we operate. Body Mind Spirit Perispirit Physical body Etheric Double The evolutionary process of knowledge spirit does not stop. Understanding of eac h course on time, additional works, most of all, written by Andre Luiz, brought more light on the specification of the envelopes of the Spirits. PLACE OF MEMORY AND SENSITIVITY It is common to find some authors that Spiritualists confuse some attributes of the Spirit as the spiritual bodies. The seat of memory is one of them. According to Kardec, the Spirit is who has the seat of memory, because he is being clever , thoughtful and eternal. Without the Spirit, the spiritual bodies are inert mat ter of private life and feelings. The same thing happens when we refer to the se at of sensibility. It is the Spirit who loves, suffers, he thinks, is happy, sad , or is it living all these sensations or colleges. The spiritual bodies somatiz e and convey all these feelings and build up the energies from the thoughts, fee lings, emotions, etc.. So the spiritual bodies, are a tool in the service of Spi rit. As we know, to think we create mental energy. Feelings and emotions also cr eates specific energies, all energy is matter and matter because they are kept i n spiritual bodies. In summary, the spiritual bodies are matter, do not think ei ther has a memory. Those are attributes of the Spirit. BODIES IN THE SPIRITUAL VISION OF ANDRE LUIZ The evolutionary process of knowledge spirit does not stop. Understanding of eac h course on time, additional works, most of all, written by Andre Luiz, brought more light on the specification of the envelopes of the Spirits. André Luiz repl aces the traditional name for perispirit psychosoma or spiritual body, André Lui z says the mental body is the mantle of subtle mind, André Luiz also claims that the vital body or etheric double is the double energy that surrounds the physic al body of man . The Spirit Andre Luiz, studying the man according to Spiritism states that it is composed of: - the physical body or Soma - Etheric Double or s ymbiosome - Psychosoma - Mental Body - Spirit. a) CHANGES IN TWO WORLDS CAP. PAG E 2. 25 (1958) The mental body, pointed out experimentally by several scholars, is the mantle of the subtle mind and that, for now, we can not define with more breadth and concepts, than the one that has been submitted by the investigator i ncarnate, and this lack terminology suitable land in the dictionary. 64 b) CHANGES IN TWO WORLDS PART 1 - CAP. PAGE 17. 128 (1958) In humans, however, s imilar projection appears deeply enriched and modified by the factors of continu ous thought that in adjusting to the fumes of the field cell, it shape, round ab out the personality, known vital body or etheric double of some schools spiritua l, more or less duplicate the radiant creature. c) IN THE FIELDS OF MEDIUMSHIP C AP. PAGE 11. 99 (1955) At first their perispirit or "Astral body" was covered wi th the effluvia which provide vital balance between soul and body of flesh, thos e known as a whole, as the "etheric double" formed by emanations neuropsychiatri c belonging to the physiological field and, therefore, can not further alienatio n of land organization and is designed to disintegration, occurs as the instrume nt of flesh, upon the death of renewal. d) Our Home - CAP. 36 - The Dream Taken in the comfortable and spacious room, I prayed to the Lord of Life thanking him blessed to have been helpful. The "profitable fatigue" of fulfilling the duty di d not give me any opportunity to watch nasty. Hence the moments, sensations of l ightness invaded my soul and all I seemed to be caught up in tiny boat, heading to unknown regions. I ran to where? Impossible to answer. Beside me, a silent ma n held him the helm.€And what child can not define or enumerate the beauties of

the way, let me drive without any kind of cheers, ecstatic but with the magnific ence of the landscape. It seemed that the boat went faster, despite the movement of ascent. After minutes, I found myself in front of a beautiful harbor, where someone called me with special care: - André! ... Andre! ... Ashore with precipi tation truly childish. Recognize that voice among thousands. One moment, hugged my mother in overflowing joy. I was led then by her, the wondrous woods, where f lowers were endowed with a unique property of retaining the light, revealing the party's permanent scent and color. Carpets and golden light stretched in this w ay under the big trees rustling in the wind. My impressions of happiness and pea ce were unsurpassable. The dream was not exactly what occurs on Earth. I knew pe rfectly well who had left the vehicle in the apartment below Chambers of Rectifi cation in "Our Home," and he was absolutely aware of that plan in motion diverse . My notions of space and time were accurate. The wealth of emotions, in turn, a sserted itself more and more intense. BODIES IN THE SPIRITUAL VISION OF OTHER AUTHORS SPIRIT Andrea Jorge dos Santos, physician and writer renowned spiritualist, believes th e man composed of: - Physical body. - Double Etheric Body or physical - or Peris pirit Psychosoma - Mental Body - Unconscious current - past or Ancient Unconscio us - Unconscious or pure Spirit SEXUAL FORCES OF ALMA CAP. PAGE 1. 32 and 36 (19 96) 1) We could still add the schema of the psyche the body involving the uncons cious mind today. 2) We could not fail to suggest the possibility of the existen ce of an appropriate energy field between the perispirit and the physical body, the etheric double. Other books by various authors: MEDICINE PAC OF THE SOUL. PA GE 4. 43 (1998) In humans, the etheric double is the most etherised or less gros s, the physical body. The Wandering Spirit PAC. PAGE 4. 84 (1996) The etheric bo dy is thus a body fluid, which appears as a duplicate of the individual energy, interpenetrating the physical body, while it seems that emerge. SOUL OF HUMAN CA P. PAGE 3. 46 (1956) 65 The etheric double thus has an individuality, a characteristic, unmistakable, ye t an integral part of the physical body or somatic COMPARATIVE TABLE No. Secret Doctrines Esotericism Esotericism Body Body Atmic Buddhahood Higher Mental Mental Lower Astral Etheric Double Phys ical Body Spiritism Jorge Andrea Pure Unconscious Unconscious Unconscious Ancient Past or Current Me ntal Psychosoma Body or Etheric Double Perispirit Physical Body Spirit Andre Lui z Allan Kardec Spirit A Divine Body 2 Body 3 Body Buddhahood Nirvanic 4 Astral Body Mental Body 5 6 7 Physical body Etheric Double Body Mind Spirit Body Perispirit Psychosoma or Etheric Double or symbiosome Phys ical Body or Soma Physical Body THE DEFINITIONS OF CONCEPTS USED 1 - PURE UNCONSCIOUS / DIVINE BODY / BODY Atmic Spirit Essence or Divine Spark. Monad or Seed pulsating life. I Cosmic. This is where the body is somatize prints data from the Bank of consciousness. Where is the mental energy of the recorded data for our evolution (it was like a floppy d

isk where files are stored and to access it you need a computer, this would be t he spirit). This is the body where somatize are impressions derived from our wil l, desires, strength, imagination, determination. This is the body where are the energies created by our will, desires, strength, imagination, determination. Th is is the body where somatize are impressions derived from our thoughts (intelli gence, mentality, thinking, reasoning, association of ideas, perception). This i s the body where are the energies created by our thoughts. This is the body wher e somatize are impressions derived from our feelings, passions, emotions and add ictions. This is the body where are the energies created by our feelings, passio ns, emotions and addictions. He is also the MOB (organizer biological model - mo deling of the physical body). Appropriate energy field between the Perispirit an d the physical body, is semi-material, formed of a grosser matter that Perispiri t and more subtle than the physical body. This is the body where energies are di stributed to the spiritual and the physical and vice versa, is considered the ma intainer of energy, a real power plant. Distributes the energy vitalizing the ph ysical body. It is therefore also called the Body Vitality is where the spiritua l energy "condensate" into the body. It's like a thin layer,€on the skin of ethe ric matter how the human magnetism. Material support of the spirit incarnate. Wh ereby he has to act in the matter. Somatize him is positive or negative impulses from the other bodies in the form of vitality or illness, misfits or inharmonie s. 2 - UNCONSCIOUS PAST or archaic / BODY Buddha 3 - UNCONSCIOUS CURRENT / BODY Nirvana / MENTAL SUPERIOR 4 - MENTAL BODY / LOWER MENTAL - - 5 - psychosoma / SPIRITUAL BODY / PERISPIRIT / ASTRAL BODY 6 - DOUBLE ETHERIC 7 - BODY PHYSICAL 66 In it is also somatize impressions originated from previous incarnations custom which we live, which are now dormant but existing in our animism. The PERISPIRIT 67 The PERISPIRIT Definition, origin and nature The perispirit is a condensation of the universal cosmic fluid around a focus of intelligence or soul. It is the semi-material envelope of the Spirit and the bo nd that unites the spirit with the material body. If it says perispirit semimate rial it pertains to the field by its source (Universal Fluid) and spirituality f or its ethereal nature. By its nature and in their normal condition perispirit i s invisible, however, he may undergo changes that make visible and even tangible , ie can be seen and touched. The Spirit draws its perispirit the elements conta ined in the fluid environment of each world, from which it follows that the comp onents of perispirit vary across worlds. The nature of perispirit is always in r elation to the degree of moral advancement of the Spirit, so as to be more or le ss debugged the Spirit, his party will form perispirit purer or more gross fluid

peculiar world where he comes to embody. Properties The perispirit not found in the closed confines of the body, like a box. By its very nature fluid, it is expandable, radiates outwards and form around the body an atmosphere that thought and willpower can swell to a greater or lesser degree . As the embodiment of perispirit identical in nature to the fluids of the spiri tual world, he assimilates with ease, like a sponge soaks up the liquid. Acting on these fluids perispirit, this, in turn, reacts upon the body material with wh ich to think in molecular contact. If the emanations are of good nature, the bod y suffers a salutary impression if they are bad, the impression is painful. If t hey are permanent and energetic, the effluvia bad can cause physical disorders, is another cause of certain diseases. Because of its ethereal nature, the Spirit itself can not act on the gross matter, without intermediary, ie without the el ement that the call to matter. Important properties of perispirit Visibility: Through some sort of condensation the perisprit, which is normally i nvisible can become visible to the eye. Tangibility: You can get the perisprit t o acquire the properties of a solid and tangible, saving, however, the possibili ty of resuming their state instantaneously ethereal and invisible. Transfigurati on: It is assumed that the Spirit can give your perispirit any appearance you wa nt, it operates by a change in the overall appearance of a face or a bright appe arance. This can occur with perispirit a disembodied person, as in a living pers on, not isolated from the body, but radiating around the body so as to envelop y ou, like a vapor, you can change your appearance, whether that is the will of th eir spirit. Another is a disembodied spirit, blending his fluid with another tha t is already red can you substitute appearance. Bi-corporeal: The Spirit of a li ving person regains part of his liberty by isolating part of the body, its tangi bility perispirit getting momentarily, appears elsewhere, making it physically p resent in two places at the same time and showing up with all the appearance of reality. In this state, the physical body is not never in a normal state, is mor e or less ecstatic. Penetration: Matter is no obstacle prevent him, he goes thro ugh all, as the light passes through transparent bodies. Emancipation: It happen s through sleep and psychic breakdown. Functions The perispirit is the body that personalizes and individualizes the Spirit and i dentifies as the appearance. The soul after death never lose their individuality . It proves that individuality, though no longer possess the body material, and perispirit guard the appearance of your last incarnation. It is through him that an abstract as is the Spirit becomes a concrete being defined and knowable by t hought. Cast of the physical body 68 You could say that he is the sketch, model,€how it develops the physical body. H e is also the MOB (organizing model biological). It is in its intimacy that aggr egate energy cells, which are modeled organs, providing them with the operation. Principle Communications To act in the matter, the spirit needs matter. As already mentioned, because of its ethereal nature, the Spirit, itself, can not act on the matter without an in termediate coarse to connect you to that matter. This intermediate, which we cal l perispirit, we provide the key to all the phenomena of spirit material order. Therefore, the perispirit is the organ of expression used by the Spirit in commu nications with the plane of embodied spirits. Seat of memory and sensibility

It is common to find some authors that Spiritualists confuse some attributes of the Spirit as the perispirit. The seat of memory is one of them. According to Ka rdec, the Spirit is who has the seat of memory, because he is being clever, thou ghtful and eternal. Without the Spirit, is an inert material perispirit private life and feelings. The same thing happens when we refer to the seat of sensibili ty. It is the Spirit who loves, suffers, he thinks, is happy, sad, or is it livi ng all these sensations or colleges. The perispirit is the only organ that trans mits all these sensations and accumulates the energies from the thoughts, feelin gs, emotions, etc.. So the perisprit, is an instrument in the service of Spirit. As we know, to think we create mental energy. Feelings and emotions also create s specific energies, all energy is matter and matter because they are retained i n perispirit. In summary, the perispirit is matter, does not think or have memor y. Those are attributes of the Spirit. Sensory organ of the Spirit The perispirit is the body to transmit all the feelings of the Spirit. The body gets a feeling that comes from outside, perispirit which is connected to this bo dy conveys the feeling and the Spirit, which is the sensible and intelligent to get. And vice versa: when the act is initiated by the Spirit, the body performs and transmits perispirit. The organs of perispirit For the simple observation of the physical body, one can deduce that the Perispi rit has also something similar to an organ, ie, clusters of molecules, which is specially configured for the implementation of certain functions. These molecula r clusters are obviously appropriate to the extra physical functioning in life, promoting the uptake and assimilation of energy and fluids necessary to maintain them, uptake and assimilation, which occur so essentially different from physic al life can not therefore even be equal to body organs dense, but determine the lines of force that characterized the conformation and functional distribution o f the latter, which of course are tailored for biological development, implement ation and specific tasks. The organs of perispirit can be injured by the action of evil or disordered mind of the individual. Weight perispirit The kind of life of each, individual carnal, determines the density of the body perispirit, after losing the dense body. The spiritual world, keeps close ties t o the moral progress that we do. As we grow in morality, our perisprit is gradua lly becoming lighter and we can move into more subtle planes. Helium - He Balloons with gases of different densities reach different heights. When we dise mbodied to the plan that is consistent with our density perispiritual. H2 Hydrogen Hot Air 69 70