hitherto hidden Freemasonry. Concea lment, in principle, be explained by the persecutions they suffered who, like th e Masons, had an ecumenical thought. Upon cessation of her veil in sight Freemas onic scenario and the activities taking place therein, which reflects the moment um generated by the essential need to develop in line and simultaneously with th at of contemporary society. Of course, the work has symbologist forms of express ion that are only familiar to those initiated into the Masonic disciplines, but that, far from being a limitation, is an incentive for outsiders who want to del ve into the meaning of the concepts, symbolism and practices. Naturally, all exp osed and developed without incurring any violation of secrecy, but simply as an explanation of Masonic esotericism. Clearly this is not a historical survey, nor is that its purpose, not a guess most of the many that have been developed in c onnection with the Order could not be severe given the author's personality. Rat her, it is a report for those outside the institution, and a message, a warning and an invitation to those who do have that privilege and share the responsibili ty. It is, in short, the desire to transcend the world, putting into practice th e fundamental principles of Freemasonry Universal. This study takes a shallow, h owever, documented: from the prehistoric origins comes to the already considered historic masonry, and finally conducting a review of symbolism and the esoteric that contains Masonic practice. Based on these studies sit conclusions, which, although very unique characteristics, have the irresistible force of conviction and the veracity of one who, on the other. occupying high office deserves, in ge neral, credit, consideration and respect of individuals aware of the importance of living in a dynamic and constantly evolving and, in particular, of the Masons , who have jurisdiction true high and honorable responsibility of guiding the pu rsuit of the clearest places of humanity. This attractive publication contains, in addition: Freemasonry, the Templars; Status of Time, XIII century. The first two editions of the librettos XXIV and XXXI, respectively, of the Series "Purpos es, Psychological", all three of the author of this interesting book. THE BLACK BOOK FREEMASONRY BY DR. SERGE RAYNAUD DE LA FERRIERE Most Illustrious and Grand Master of the Sublime GREAT UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD " 1963 edition by the Venerable Sat Arhat D. Juan Ferriz O. Bogota, Editorial Meno rah No. 42 race. 1910-1957 1st Phone 474-690. Diana EDITION, MARCH 10th 1970. Di ana PRINTING, 1979 NOVEMBER 14th 1985 NOVEMBER PRINT Diana under the direct inst ructions and texts monitored by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Dr. Serge Rayna ud of Ferrière, left for editing and monitoring the V:. M:. Dr. D. Juan Olivares Ferriz R. Note Jñàpika Satya Guru: If you want higher resolution graphics do not hesita te to order them. INTRODUCTION First, it is necessary to know that over our lodges, our temples, our Great East ern and our rites, has always existed an initiatory Address Universal, a Grand O rient Freemasonry Universal or esoteric character, whose Cons:. Sup:. composed o f real Initiates, receives the guideline of their own shrines Esoteric Santos to transmit at once through intermediaries, to more esoteric bodies. We are sure t

hat most of our Bro. M:. surprised they are not having ever heard of such Senior Management. As for those who know and who jealously guard his heart to be true to his promise, will produce such disclosure scandal. To keep calm. We have for these new elements into account to come to reassure. All those who like us, belo ng to Sup:. Con:. From Gr:. College of Rites, know that since this has recently Senior Management, in view of the deformation of the true Masonic spirit in our day, has decided to intervene after almost two centuries of voluntary silence, a nd sent the world an X to the Power mission to renew and restore the Sacred Word disappears more and more of our Temples, ceding the post to ignorance and fanat icism. Naturally there is no question of revealing the name of this power which, as its meaning indicates, it should be yet unknown€nor is it to give more precise deta ils on the Master Agency that sent it. Furthermore even if we wanted, we could n ot do it, a real silence initiation, the preservation of any attempt curious fro m the profane world. The Global Management organizes and directs the various sec ret societies, at all times has had its ramifications in all countries, which ha s allowed them to perpetuate the initiatory tradition for millennia. The origin is lost in the mists of time as we shall see in the first chapter, but at the sa me time there has been little Note the Satya Guru Jñàpika Respectable: The Power "X" then has full authority t o call our attention to deformations and to undertake real reform (readjustment) of our institution in order to restore harmony with the Great Tradition and ini tiatory Eternal Word. -13poco companies were formed and separated from it as the founding grandmasters disappeared. Not exist and these instructors, the demise of the schisms, until the complete breakdown of these partnerships with the Central Power Launcher. Th is is why symbols are identical in the various secret sects. Indeed, the founder s have been different, but above the ritual or the dogma that founded and to whi ch they devoted all came from the same origins and the very source of the Sanctu aries. Disclose the fact that, strictly kept secret until today, it is for cosmi c reasons: just enter a new era in which much of what was hidden will be reveale d. The decision of the Universal Masonry responds not only an imperative but als o and mainly for reasons of universal order. This book aims to open the eyes of Bro. M:. on many obscure points and often confusing Order. We must stress that t his book, as its name implies, the powder color and do not ignore that fact that he will create quite a stir in all media Masonic. For this reason we must make a clarification of paramount importance. Mason "average" experience some difficu lties in understanding the first chapter, but these difficulties will disappear quickly and gradually, as they will only be triggered at the beginning, a series of contradictions to the principles and teachings that until now seemed to have received consecration formal, irrefutable, intangible ... It is known that all the official teachings, religious and even Masonic imperiously argue that civili zation, with all its humanitarian benefits and initiation, comes from the East. This is a serious error of principle, based on deceptive appearances and highly relative. It is true that we can now say that in the last two thousand years the West has intellectually and spiritually based on the East. And example of the Christian religion is enough. Indeed, Christianity is a mixture o f Mazdaism, Brahmanism and Buddhism. The Catholic religion "Roman" has borrowed the old ancient Indian Buddhism: the Mass, the rosary, candles, incense, monaste ries, monks, the perpetual adoration, chapels, etc .... of Mazdaism (Zend-Avesta ) have taken hell, paradise, the devil and guardian angels. It is entirely a rel igious doctrine of oriental origin. -14Pero East has only been a temporary repos itory of lessons from Western origin that were committed by white races thrown n ative soil as a result of seizures or terrestrial cataclysms and who took refuge in part, to the east, even in darkness, yet at night, even in sleep the brain . .. Long after the people have awakened East and having been entrusted all initia tory tradition, the descendants of the old white immigration reconstituted ethno

logical groups in the regions called Iranian and returned to their ancestral lan ds, naive and ignorant spirit after have a beneficial spiritually restful oblivi on. So before going to sleep the West, conveyed its wisdom to the East on the ev e of extinction as a civilization. This also naturally leads to recognition of t he North (or North College) as the source of initiatory teaching positive, objec tive, scientific and West, while the South should be considered as a liability, mystical, contemplative and Eastern Europe. This is a principle that will be adm itted after a long time by the Freemasons and this entry should be made to preve nt those who ignore this truth initiatory. Another caveat you have to do is on H iram. Many indeed of Bro. M:.€firmly believe that this is a more or less histori cal, if not this is merely a symbol. To be undeceived. After the spiritual worke rs were initiated to build the Temple of Truth, Hiram was killed many times but always risen. Hiram is Adonis killed by a boar, is Pythagoras banned, is killed by Typhon Osiris, Orpheus is torn apart by the drunken, Jesus is crucified by Ca iaphas, Pilate and Judas Iscariot, is in short Jacques (Santiago) de Molay sente nced by a Pope , denounced by a false brother and burned by order of a king. Nat urally this is not merely an explanation in the midst of so many, because if one considers that the name of Hiram has a relationship with the fire (we should no t forget that he was founder, ie, working the metal with fire ), the allegory of his death would correspond to the regeneration or transmutation by this same el ement (Fire Domestic!). Thus all whatever symbols are always different interpret ations and explanations that we will analyze in the third chapter are the most a ffordable in our plan, because this book is but a slight appreciation, an introd uction to the manual of Masonic Esotericism which is in preparation and will inc lude -15 all the secrets of the symbols and the actual mechanism of our Institución1 Init iatic Another observation to make, ignoring most of our brother Masons and confi rms once again our previous statements on the Senior Management. This is the cas e of the 120 Rites mentioned by the author in the second chapter. Understandably , in view of all these branches that have been expressed in a century (since the beginning of the beginning of the eighteenth century), that the Order had been given the power to declare. It is noted that all that comes to obeying an author ity, all these lodges that are installed for public work clearly denote a Centra l Organization, a Corps Director, who gives the go to the opening of the Temples of Initiation. It is also clear that certain individuals have slipped or introd uced into the stream and have established their own Masons who have not had a lo ng life, it is well understood that all the founders of rites were not always me mbers of the Corps Director of the Great Fraternity . The real GMs are not alway s those who seem invested with all authority, behind the representative branches , titles and functions are the Patriarchs, the truly venerable, Powers, who run at the same time every rites of the world because truly are at the top of Freema sonry Universal. To make the presentation of this book, fully self is establishe d, then give a copy of a recent message to the Congres International de l'Esprit des Forces (Forces International Congress of the Spirit) which took place in Pa ris in May 1949. See, hear, and silence are the three requirements that we obser ve in the course of reading the pages that will follow. * * * 1 Work that will be reserved only to members of the Masonic Institution. -16MENSAJE OF ILLUSTRIOUS AND SERGE RAYNAUD Venerable Great Master of La Ferrier e. (Communication read at the International Congress Forces of the Spirit, in Paris on May 25, 1949) Ladies, Ladies, Lords Spiritual Brothers and Sisters, Members of the Great Family: THE GLORY OF THE GREAT ARCHIT ECT OF THE UNIVERSE ...

We will enable us to make a necessary clarification in these times of anxiety an d in this place will discuss the spiritual future of the world. Lost in the mist s of time the formation of a fraternity he wanted to try elevate man above the n ormal human condition. It would be tedious to the history of this institution wh ich always looking for ways Thinkers and Sages. The tests by which the Order had to give it go today on behalf of the Martyrs, permission to speak, and particip ate largely in the restoration of human principles according to the Will of the Logos. What is known today under the name of Freemasonry, it must be confessed, has been the subject of conjecture without examination, perhaps in part by adher ing misconduct that have not always known to behave as real Bro. M:. and entered in the order rather then seek personal benefit and without any idea of the role it should play in the world. Freemasonry is a philanthropic institution, and pr ogressive philosophy that seeks the exercise of charity, the Universal Moral stu dy, analysis of the science and practice of all virtues,€but she was often ill-s erved by the members discussed their selfish personal interests and divisions th at are created and alas! Too well known! -17 But it would be unfair to discriminate an Order which has not only played a larg e role in history but has relieved so much misery and produced to the cause of h umanity elements whose value would be obvious to mention and has contributed to safeguarding the human species. There are two kinds of explanations to do: first , to the profane world and the second for the same Bro. M:. The public generally feels some difficulty when it comes to esoteric, occult or initiation and "Maso nry" immediately looms Unspeakable magic, because the people, blinded by fanaticism, immediately involv es secret association with Freemasonry, and this, for many people, is neither mo re nor less than the source of heinous crimes and heinous practices witchcraft. It is time that changes in our century intellectual, far from certain times I'd rather not remember ... Going out of dogmatic anti-religious does not mean just something .... Mason does not mean atheist, but an individual who believes in so mething larger, is a being who seeks, study and will not limit their beliefs to a narrow no philosophical principles, is a subject that investigates the spiritu al development to realize of Lights Royal to become more useful to your fellow h uman, regardless of caste or confessions. Let us fight with all the energy that has characterized our Elder Brothers of old, our Venerable and Illustrious Maste rs Protectors. It is precisely to act in this way that he invited all Bro. M:. T he Masonic Order is divided slowly through the centuries, due to the successive formation of new rites, however, what matters the way to honor the Great Archite ct of the Universe, because despite the difference in rituals, no also stop bein g Bro. M:. and lovers of Truth. I eat swallows' nests, the Chinese favorite dish , I liked the Saudi mechoui, I have found very good taste in the North African c uckoo, still taste the cheese indigenous to Central America and I had lunch with corn arepas Venezuela. In all of these people had a different habit of nutritio n. Also Masonic food can be assimilated by the spirit in the form of Scottish Ri te, Rite French, or Mizraim, etc. It is necessary in order to understand that no irregular Masons, as a member of the Rite of Memphis, to the institution Sweden borg -18 or the York Rite is always take part in this great family which anyway is organi zed by a Senior Management with Esoteric Mandate. World Council is to this that should return all Lodges who have suspended not only their relations with him, b ut even "cut" also the sacred bond of the Sanctuaries. Finally, remember a symbo lic journey that featured a banner with the names of four famous philosophers: S olon, Socrates, Lycurgus and Pythagoras, and instead of getting lost in a liturg

y devalued by the misunderstanding, restablescámonos at work, to rebuild the Tem ple of universal dimensions. Remember our first duty and virtue of our instituti on: tolerance. How can we remain sectarian in our Lodges, in our rituals or even our entire Order? It is necessary that our work exceeds the very limits of Freem asonry, we are the first to demonstrate our sole liberal coming to the aid of an yone, no matter their condition, whether it is the same Masonic Lodge, the same rite, or even complete strangers to Masonry, if not how can we prove this superi ority with which we assert our title we started? If we open the eyes of the publ ic forget the fleet often discredit on our famous fraternal institution, giving a little more value to those who bear the noble title of Bro. M:. I will have le d to this Congress our need in the foundation stone of the first columns symboli c to build temples of virtue, tolerance and peace. * * * * Note the Gr:. Or:.: The Most Illustrious and Exalted Grand Master of the Ferrièr e Raynaud also gave a similar message at the banquet given by S. :. G:. Log:. of Gr:. Or:. New York on December 10, 1949. * -19 CHAPTER ONE PREHISTORIC MASONRY (From its origins to 1641) Among the serious and tremendous obligations assumed within the G:. Or:. Univ:. and which give full importance, is the no less easy to determine, once and for a ll, the origins of our institution,€in order to put an end to the fantastic lege nds that have no initiatory base and open the eyes of certain documents which si mply point out the foundation of the first administrative bodies, as the Masonic spirit exists on Earth since there were men of heart straight, open mind and pu re consciousness. Indeed, if we accept the traditional date of 1641 as the begin ning of Masonic activities in the world, would be to say that before the sevente enth century there was no noble aspirations of virtue, morality, tolerance and w hat would be most important, there was no INITIATED. That is of course unaccepta ble. If 1641 is the earliest date from which part of the history of Freemasonry and that you were able to find sifting through historical records, Masonic, eccl esiastical or otherwise, it must be admitted that there was a Masonic spirit pri or to this date, therefore, a Masonry prehistoric. This makes some prehistoric F reemasonry traced to the time of Adam, which is not out of place as might be tem pted to believe it. Let us explain: The prehistoric Initiation teaches us that t he union of two human races (the race and race AD AM) even in near animal, gave birth to the race of Adam and Adam was the first to have a conscience and a trul y human intelligence, which is to say that was the first race that made the Maso nic ideal in terms of development concerns and the improvement of the individual . This course is highly relative and the initiatory tradition offers us other so urces more acceptable or more true. -21 For that we need to open a parenthesis to make a raid a little more detail in pr ehistoric Initiation. Originally, when the man from the animal just started real izar2 the world around him, used a primitive vocabulary taken from the cries of

various animals among which he lived: buffalo, elephant, goat, etc. These onomat opoeic that were the basis of human language are: AG, or OG, AD, AM, AN, AF, AW, AR, AB and AS. A single syllable had its origin in the cries of animals, was th e syllable At which degenerated later in IT or HEL. This word was sacred to thes e men, as represented to them the Divine. So these nine cries of animals with HE L syllable are the origin of Western language and investment and private deformations formed the roots of all languages of mankind . Well we know that in prehistoric investment syllable words always stated Weste rn orientation. The construction, phonics, a word or a name and replaced in a bl ink of eyes all a relationship, through a long dissertation on prehistoric objec t, geographical, sociological, etc ... These ten syllables but nine mothers gave no investment since a syllable AL, was always preserved and isolated religiousl y respected by all languages, never suffered investment. The nine investments we re GA or GO, DA, MA, NA, FA, WA, RA, BA and SA. However, the investment must not be confused or displacement of the syllables of a name with a particular invest ment syllable. This is very important, because the investment or displacement of the syllables of a name does not indicate a orientalization, a dissension, disr uption, or a war of separation between two points of alliance, but instead the i nvestment of two letters that make up a syllable indicates separation, social di screpancy, war, the disunity between two centers, complete separateness and othe rwise orientalization abandonment of Western traditions. Let's say the word or G 'HEL OG'HEL-AN-AN. The reference to the name of AN-G'HEL of a portion of the G'H EL-AN migrated eastward, indicating that this portion leaves the parental home f or reasons caused by disasters or spirit of conquest, but not as a result of soc ial discrepancy or an internal war. Also the ancestral name, the surname was not changed in the composition of its syllables; Conduct, in the esoteric sense is the sense of understanding, of consciousness e xpansion. 2 -22 is the order of the syllables of the name that was only reversed. The AN-G'HEL m igrating to the East remained faithful to Western traditions, the cult of HEL, t he ancestral memories. It is they who returned to the West under the name of Ang le, England (English) with the centers AL-AM-AN-DA (German), GORA-MA-NA (Germans ), FRAN-G'HEL (FF), BUR -G 'HEL-AN-DA (Burgos) etc ... It is they who will fly t o the historians of the race "gaelle" when gave birth in the East (Ananke theory ).€This parenthesis is necessary to understand what is going to continue on the origins of Freemasonry and is equally valuable guide for interpreting some of th e Bible. In fact, apparently, the Bible is entirely reserved for the history of Israeli-J ewish Association and Jewish, but his exegesis, ie, the study of the interpretat ion of their books, their symbols, parables and even their totems, shows undenia bly a compilation of old western memorabilia. Genesis also called the creation o f the world, is a work preserved by the gaelle West, and then the celtas3. The story of creation (Genesis), which taken at face value would smile at every level of our days hides a deep symbolic meaning that is decrypted with keys. The se keys are: 1 in the Egyptian symbol, 2nd in all the religions of the ancient c ycle; 3rd in the synthesis of the doctrine of the initiative, as results from th e comparison of esoteric teaching from India Vedic to the Initiates Christians o f the early centuries. The Egyptian priests, says the Greek authors, had three w ays to express his thought. The first was clear and simple, symbolic and figurat ive second and third sacred hieroglyphics. The same word take at their convenien ce, a sense, figuratively or transcendent. In ancient theogonic and cosmological

sciences, Egyptian priests always used the third way. Their hieroglyphics were concerned and then three different ways, of which the latter two could not be un derstood without a key. This way of writing enigmatic and concentrated, was base d on a fundamental tenet of the doctrine of Hermes, that same law governs the na tural world, the human and the divine world. This language, a prodigious concise , understandable for the layman, was a singular eloquence to the adept, because through a single sign evoked the principles, causes and effects that radiate div inity of nature. Thanks to this means of expression, the adept embraced the thre e worlds with a single glance. There is no doubt that Genesis was written in Egy ptian hieroglyphs three senses. After the Babylonian Captivity, in time of Solom on, translated Genesis in Phoenician characters, when Ezra wrote it in Aramaic, Chaldean characters, the Jewish priesthood did not handle those keys but imperfe ctly, and finally came the Greek translators of the Bible they did not have but a faint idea of the esoteric meaning of texts. San Jerónimo, despite its serious intentions and his great spirit, when he made after the Latin translation of th e Hebrew text, could not penetrate to the original meaning of the text and even if he had, there would be silent. However, he was confused about this news when he declared: "The most difficult and obscure of the holy books, Genesis, contain s as many secrets as words and each word covers many !..." So when we read Genes is in our translation no current draw from him more than a primary sense and bot tom ... 3 -23 In the Edenic times, Genesis (the tree of knowledge of good and evil) was a vast encyclopedia of Western Initiatic sciences. Lost and destroyed many times, was rebuilt painfully uncertain fragments on the Celts of the South, Sa. The terrest rial cataclysms shook the West (sinking of Atlantis, etc.) Western society also devastated most of which migrated to the East bringing science tree later fell i n empiricism, in sorcery, magic, mythology, etc, etc. All knowledge Chaldeans, E gyptians, Indians, Chinese, etc., Were the remnants of Western science who died as well with the extinction of their importers. Some priests of the Celts in the South had been able to preserve during the cour se of his travels in the Ta (Africa), much of science Edenic, but the periods di luvian surprised that the spread many times. Some of these priesthoods was propo sed more stubbornly than others to reconstruct the documents buried in the caves edenic located on high mountains to keep them from sinking. This priesthood bor e the name of MA-SA-HEL .. MA-I-SA (HEL-I) MO-I-SA ... MOISE (MA water). The wor d Moses means: the race of the HEL-SA collected during the water (the flood). Th at is why the legend concerning child Moses, he is represented on the water left by his mother and taken in by an Egyptian princess. The legend of Mount Sinai ( SA-NA-HEL) is a reminder of the missions Mosaic initiatory seeking documents on the highlights escaped the floods.€The MA-I-SA had come to reconstruct some rema ins of the Western initiatory sciences together under the name of G'HEL-NA-SA .. . G'HE-NA-SA .. Genesis is the book of the Celts of the South, Sa, blending, mix ing with the NA (blacks). For the Sa to escape the dominion of the new African e lements, grouped into major centers after the flood, and to resist these people who were hostile to the West, had to resign themselves to enter into alliances, marriages, that interbred in part ... except, however, their priesthoods. These alliances contracted mainly with Hebrew elements (HEL-AB-RA) and Egyptians, were the beginning of the decline of western blood Sa. And the day came when they we re threatened with extermination by their own mestizos who wanted, in turn, take the domain of groups of Israel. -24 To discover the rebellion attempts to thwart espionage, MA-SA priesthoods were f

ormed into small groups that met clandestinely. This was the origin of caste MASA secret. MA-SA priesthoods had kept the cult of Western traditions, worship He l, who taught the Hebrews. That is why the great god Hebrew is named HEL-AM ... Elohim ... ie: the soul of Hel. Elohim was an invocation than Jehovah4. The MA-S A, while meeting the Hebrews, loathed the cult of the snake totem and totem Calf (the serpent of brass, the Golden Calf). His religious symbol was the Tau and h is totem was symbolized by the bull horns on one side and a hawk on the other. I t appears as Moses in Hebrew images, with part of her hair arranged in the form of two horns. The MA-SA or SA HEL-associated mysterious clan had made a series of conventional gestures, words and signs known only to them, to recognize and avoid the betray als and surprises of the MA-SA false brethren. The Serpent, symbol of the East, hate trophy hanging in the triangle north of the great ancestors, which was join ed by the Tau, was the secret symbol, the symbol of recognition of new breeds MA -SA, in its mysterious association . But gradually MA-SA priests were scattered in the East and its symbol was not already known but some breeds too powerless t o maintain the authority of the Western initiatory time of Moses. Later, white g roups persecuted by the Assyrian kings, tried to restore the worship of the MA-S A and rebuild their formulas secret initiation. They met under the direction of a priest who took the eponymous name AR-AM, that is the meat of the AR in IRAN. But the AR-AM ... Iram, did not know all the Western traditions. One of their le aders, to find the door of the North (ie the secret teachings of the Northern or Western College), was murdered at the gates of the East by a false brother ... Later, white associations back in slow immigration from Asia to the West, and co mposed mostly of the trade Elohim and Elohim is the plural of AELo, name given to the Supreme Being by the Hebrews and Chaldeans, which derives from the root AEL, indicating lifting force and expansive power, which means God in the universal sense. Hua, ie, is in Heb rew, Chaldean, Syriac, and Arabic in Ethiopia, one of the sacred names of the de ity. -25 4 Professional (workers, carpenters, weavers, architects, etc.) sought to revive t he science of MA-SA and Iram in times of Christian tyranny. But old symbols of t he time of MA-SA and time were not understood and Iram. The Northern Triangle (s ymbol of the Pyramids for the first MA-SA), was mistaken for a fleet of these ne w initiatives. The South Tau (T) was confused with a metal ruler. And the Serpen t as a trophy hanging on the Northern Triangle, was confused with a plumb line!. After these new partnerships, all of these attributes, the origin and symbolic significance were unknown, but could not be caste-related instruments that were perhaps architects powerful political groups in ancient times. Otherwise the wor d itself indicates Mason corruption of the term MASS. Thus, the Eastern Snake triumphant in his power, symbolized by the snake biting its tail, which broke the priesthoods mosaic circle becomes a benevolent lead wi re!. Thus, the Tau, the Tau ancient Horus, Anubis and Osiris, the Tau rough and rugged cast iron which was used on occasion to shoot down the spies and false br ethren who came to enter the secret temples, became hammer in a placid cooper!.€ And confusion in confusion, lead wire Snake, and cooper's hammer Tau is usually written as the history of all social, political and religious humanity. If these sources are not always historical authenticity from the secular angle, must nev ertheless be accepted by the Masons, for on them rests the initiatory tradition. However, for various reasons it seems that the days of Solomon (1020-962 BC) sa id a date in the evolution of our institution. Indeed, even accepting that there was no construction under Solomon temple or anything that has brought the legen d symbolic of our institution, the very etymology of the name for the Initiates Solomon reveals important data elements and provides unequivocal. Solomon is an

eponym that just as Eulises, Achilles, or Orpheus, represents not only a charact er but also -26 caste, sect, race or age. Thus the name of Solomon is composed of three basic sy llables: SOL-OM-ON. On one side we have the SOL syllable representing the sun, i e the positive, science, objectivity, the West and column J. On the other hand w e have the syllable MON in all the Semitic languages and Saxon means moon theref ore the negative, religion, mysticism, subjectivity, the East and column B. Thes e two syllables with its meaning, its polarity and its place in the word indicat e either the two currents of thought that exist in the world and its indispensab le presence to serve as a foundation, columns and supports the creation of lift to God Temple . Such is the meaning of the central syllable: OM (AUM) the mantra of greeting to the deity. The profound and important symbolism of Solomon's nam e with impunity because it could not be abandoned, no more would continue to ins ist on its importance. The time of Solomon was not only the conditions required for the construction of a material Temple, but also and especially for lifting a sanctuary far more important: the Temple of Virtue and Wisdom. Thus, even if the institution goes back to the most exalted antiquity and even p rehistory, the first known manifestation was felt at the time of Solomon, son of David, in building the famous temple of Jerusalem that was entrusted to a team builders and architects who took the eponymous name of Iram. Needless to say onc e and for all, or Hiram Iram, the character who speaks the Bible was only a work man, a master-founder, of course "very skillful in all works of brass" and certa inly at the head of a team of goldsmiths, locksmiths and blacksmiths, but not th e "Grand Master" who tells the traditional legend. Returning to the above, the p riests of the Jewish people, instituted at the time of MA-SA-HEL or Moses, jealo usly preserved their purity of blood or white racism and west as we would say to day, the proof lies in the fact that the priesthood was restricted to one breed: the tribe of Levi .... 5 In the long run, to preserve the threat of extinction, they were forced to become secretive groups which therefore gave birth to the O rder of the Essenes. This Order played a key role in history: it is she who was in the Masons one of its greatest teachers, Jesus, who will speak again later. 5 Bible, Book of Numbers, Chap. 3, Vers. 12, 41, 45 and all the ch. 4 -27La fraternity of the Essenes was a meeting of Initiates who were not concerne d with trivial matters, practiced a severe moral, leading an exemplary life and always trying to strike a balance. They lived in communities, all members workin g for the common treasury belonging to the Order and each had the right to worsh ip their idea ... what practice did not prevent esenismo6. Pass your greeting wa s: "Peace be with you" ... (Pax Vostrum). One category remained celibate and dev oted to the highest degree of initiation, but the other is married. I should add that the unions were not undertaken lightly, for in this act had an esoteric si gnificance. A three-year trial was required before it can reach the first grade. Of course we must add that for a more rapid development the Essenes were vegeta rians, did not eat anything spicy and drank water from springs ... 7 Thus were m any rules to prevent Muslim fanaticism, with its headquarters in Jerusalém8 ... However, they had also institutes in Alexandria and Heliopolis, but with a view to recruiting, and they were only minor degrees Schools ... We need to repeat th at Jesus was an Essene,€because we think this is definitively fixed in the minds of all Bro. M:. Sean, however, allowed to cite some very important facts. The t eaching of Christ was similar and consecutive teaching Initiatic Schools. A beau tiful proof of this exists in a parchment found in Alejandría9 and that is a letter written by the Superior of the Essene Order of the Bar of the section of Alexandria,

Multiple purification: the body by frequent baths daily, and spirit for meditati on and prayers. His ruling also ordered them to wear white clothes in intellectu al sphere, to practice hospitality as democratic spirit and life of the products of the land to the exclusion of any trade or industry. With regard to wine, eve ryone knows that alcohol is banned from the Initiates. Any former or current cer emony where drinks are served immediately reveals this kind of little value Init iatic of that religion, group or fraternity ... It is known that the latter belo nged to the College of North West initiatory teaching. This precious document wa s found by a member of the Society of Abyssinia in an abandoned library in the b ack of an old building occupied by Greek monks distant times (Mount Athos). This place belonged to the fraternity of the Essenes at the beginning of the colony of Alexandria (contemporary of Jesus). This copy has gone to a German Pythagorea n society. 9 July 8 6 [Next] Jñápika Respectable Guru Dr. Pablo Elias Gómez Posse. E Mail: aum_jnapika Return to Index