draw me one: MMORPG: persistent universe, virtual worlds !!???! Images: http:// http://weblogs.macromedia.

com/xd/archives/928305_20050816_screen015.jpg http://w ww.wow-europe.com/shared/wow-com/images/underdev/blackwing/ss08.jpg tecfa.unige. ch / ~ frete / memory / everquest.jpg MMORPG: massively multiplayer online role playing game not easy as the name. Def inition www.dicodunet.com: RPG (role playing game) being played simultaneously o n the Internet multiplayer games. Game is playing on the Internet simultaneously with multiple players in the same game and the same levels. The player is to ev olve a character he has chosen his registration, he can meet people and form gui lds or even make his adventure alone. This new concept of video games took off on the web for the past few years. Here is a list of the most famous: Everquest: everquest2.station.sony.com Dofus: www .dofus.com Saga of Ryzom: www.ryzom.com Final Fantasy XI: World of Warcraft www. playonline.com/ff11us/index.shtml : www.worldofwarcraft.com The MMORPG is a social phenomenon that is becoming more interesting to follow. T he release of the new expansion pack World of Warcraft, the most famous MMORPG c onfronts us with the magnitude of the phenomenon: "More than two million copies sold in 24 hours" source http://www.overgame.com/items / 20142_burning-crusade-s ales-record.html Several hours of waiting to buy the product These video games are taking place in the universe called 'virtual'. But many el ements lead us to question this virtuality: 1 / the social aspects of MMORPG is essential. The character that embodies the tools to communicate via chat with ot her players and develop a relationship 'human' complete (friendship, cooperation , betrayal and even love ....) 2 / Social side always but this time related to the economy. All of these MMORPG character that embodies the application to choose a profession (harvest in mine s, fields, jewelers ...). The player then finds the same financial constraints a s in real life (pay to eat, sleep, travel ...). The concept of trade also streng thens the social aspect: a baker needs for its wheat flour, so it must be linked to another to be his personal farmer (wheat harvest). It therefore creates a co mplete social system fully interconnected. 3 / Always on the economy, the involv ement of real currency in MMORPG. For example, players play several hours to upg rade the powers of a character and then sells cons of real money. Thus the begin ner wealthy through real euro / dollar / yen can begin immediately with a charac ter whose abilities are advanced. (Indeed, a basic principle of MMORPG is that t he more you play the better your character becomes stronger and can go further i nto the adventure) 4 / newest appeared early this year in the game Second Life ( SecondLife.it com) the FN creates a virtual antenna in the game: ... ... .. gulp http://www.ecrans.fr/spip.php?article681 No need to wait long to see the other land. All these factors contribute today to give a virtual escape from real life . This sometimes creates exaggerated type of game 10 hours a day, all night, etc . ... or "Blizzard faces a lawsuit from Chinese parents say World of Warcraft Wh o Caused the Death of Their sound. November 18, 2005: An on-line news magazine R ed Herring That IS reporting a 13 year old boy while Died Attempting to copy gam e action. The delay Is That Loved ET jumped to death. His parents are suing the game maker. Chinese Officials Introduce Plan to clocking limits to internet game s. The game would lose features After Three hours of continuous play and would l ose MOST of the features after five hours continuous play. "I do not think the M MORPG is harmful, despite deviations which can be accused. It may just be the ca talyst for a pre-existing psychological problem in a person. Last story: It has even been launched a travel agency in virtual worlds. These virtual worlds are s o great graphics and dense it is considered economically viable to offer virtual tours inside virtual worlds: http://www.synthravels.com/>>>> A term used to def

ine MMORPG is 'persistent world'. At the end of this article, perhaps you will a gree that 'persistent world' is a more appropriate term than 'virtual' <<<<Additions: http://www.presence-pc.com/a ctualite/mmorpg-etude-12562/; www.mmorpg.com See you on the web ;-)