Honesty: Honesty is one of the Values and qualities that we would like encontrarContravalores in people.

It is a decent and dignified, reserved and modest. Reasonable and fair. Straight and honest. Freedom: A value that we all recognize, but few know how to defend, or Dishonesty: Dishonesty would have no role in a world where reality prevailed and were inhabited by human beings fully conscious. Slavery: Slavery is a form of subjugation of man by man who practiced since ancient times and to the shame of man. However, the above is not quite true. which we can abuse. Industriousness:: people working, try to do things well and taking care of small details. The effort makes becomes a value. Laziness is the reluctance or neglect to perform actions, movements or works. According to the Catholic Church, is one of the sev en deadly sins, although formerly it was called acedia or sloth, the broader con cept that had to do with sadness or depression. All living things that move, the y tend not to waste energy if there is a benefit that does not have to be safe a nd immediate: it can be somewhat likely or will be obtained in the future. Hate: Hate is a negative feeling of deep antipathy, dislike, aversion, hostility or r evulsion towards a person, thing, situation or phenomenon, and the desire to avo id, limit or destroy what you hate. Love: We all do, all We can give it. Without it life becomes meaningless. A seed exchange. Authentici ty: The experiences, knowledge and struggle to realize the purposes of improveme nt, make it go eventually forming a personality. Fidelity: Living in a mate fide lity in marriage and then translates into the joy of sharing with someone's life , Ignorance: Ignorance is the absence of knowledge. It refers to a "state of remaining ignorant or uninformed. Example: " Pepe lost the debate to their ignorance (lack of knowledge) on the subject." Infidelity: It is simply the delusion among couples. Also the impact on children, families and friends who sometimes suffer the consequences of these acts. Infidelity in itself is an act of treason to the couple, betrayal of trust placed in it (or him). Which can not be repaired. It' s like breaking a crystal glass can stick to the parties, but seeking happiness and personal development partners. Justice: This is the value for which the person is constantly striving to give others what is due according to the performance of its duties and in accordance with personal rights. You gi ve everyone his due. beauty will be gone, is irreparable. Injustice: The definition would be difficul t to determine because it is to see the context in which the definition applies. But in the broader concept would be "The breach of a covenant." The laws, codes and / or regulations are compact between men to live and non-compliance of whic h we call injustice. War: Many say that the war is the continuation of diplomacy carried otherwise. Then, the War is one of the oldest forms of relationships be tween states. It involves the confrontation of human groups organized armed, wit h the purpose of controlling natural resources or human (slavery) and occur for reasons not well known among them are often the cultural maintenance or change o f power relations, economic or settle disputes territorial ... (These wars can a

lso be civil wars). Peace: A fundamental value for individuals, families and nations can be grown from within. Calm and good matchi ng people to each other, especially in families, in contrast to the dissent, dis putes and litigation. Virtue brings the peace and quiet spirit, friendship and h armony as opposed to the agitation and confrontation. Disclaimer: All must comply with we promise. Of rectifying and meet a fault. Take care of our mistakes and our af fairs, to recognize and accept the consequences of an act done freely. Friendshi p is a loving relationship between two or more people. Friendship is one of the Irresponsibility: non-compliance with an act or obligation assumed on a voluntar y or mandatory, but in each case, involves the development of a task or work tha t engages us with a specific function or specific agreement. Enmity: The feud is contrary to the relationship friendship. It consists of an aversion, not necessarily interpersonal relationships more common than most human beings have in life. Cle aning: A clean environment creates a pleasant atmosphere. Provides order and inc reases performance each other, although often several people. Dirt: Action and effect of leaving or abandoned. Stains, dirt and lack of cleanliness. Optimism: Forging a way of being enthusiastic, dynamic, entrepreneurial and feet on the ground, are some of the q ualities that distinguish the optimist. Arrogance: Arrogance is the state of being convinced of the right to stand above the others. The proud (or arrogant) preten ds to be superior to others, and disregard the Humility. The arrogant does not s upport their own limits, and therefore often get a say on issues that do not kno w, just to give the impression of intelligence, wisdom or knowledge overwhelmed. At the same time, despises those who may know more than him, refusing to accept criticism or debate their views, regarded by him as an absolute truth. Pride ca n get to invest large resources (time, money and effort) in stubbornly trying to prove his erroneous views. Social intolerance: It is the one where the guy you want only your opinion is heard and not accept the ideas of others. Sociability: This value is the way to improve communication skills and adaptability in various environments. Naturally inclined to treatment and relationship with people like it or Loyalty: Satisfac tion of laws requiring loyalty and honor and honesty. It is love and gratitude t hat people show to their friends, parents, peers, etc.. Important but we want to practice alone is indispensable for living together Treason: defraud is family, friends, ethnicity, religion, or other group to which it may belong, doing contrary to wh at other viewers Patience: In the rush that overwhelms us peace is necessary. The power to give time to each one of those things. There ca n be no wisdom, nor well done if all you want now. Impatience: A person who has no patience something that, Anxiety, longing, restlessness for something that is expected or desired

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