Department of Public Safety Special Intell igence Advisory Signs STATE OF RIO GRANDE DO SUL DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Advice Special Intelligen ce Signs NEMESIS PROJECT 1 According to Greek Mythology "Nemesis was the goddess of fate and divine wrath against the mortals who disreg arded the law. Represented the intelligence, strength harsh and unforgiving, whi ch was not subject to the dictates of Olympio. Its sanctions were intended to ma ke clear to men, who because of his condition, could not be too lucky. She punis hed those who committed crimes and punished and rewarded those who suffered wron g or had no luck. " 1 The NEMESIS The Nemesis is a methodological process of Public Security Intelligence designed and developed by the Office of Special Intelligence and Signal Analysis of the Secretariat of Public Security of Rio Grande do Sul, run in conjunction with the Judiciary and Public Prosecution Gauchos, aiming exploitation of large amounts of data and records taken from the transmission of Radio Base Stations - giving RBS a cellular coverage in prisons, in search of consistent patterns and / or sy stematic relationships between the signs. OBJECTIVES • To identify the cell phones found in prisons, through their IMEI's 2 (GSM) or ESN's March 4 (TDMA) 5, without distinction of transmission technolog y used. • Establish the connection of Criminal Groups active in prisons and its relationship with the Foreign Criminal Groups determining its cyclical and dynam ic. February 1 SMC fixed station used for radio communications with mobile stations or Internat ional Mobile Equipment Identity International Mobile Equipment Identification. G lobal System for Mobile Communication Electronic Serial Number Electronic Serial Number or Time Division Multiple Access 3 4 5 2 • Block the signal or promote their interception. "The phone is a deadly weapon." (Zero Hora, 22/12/2006, p. 66) Initial Considera tions It is clear that the use of cellular handsets within the penal institution s translates into serious risk to order and public safety. This can be verified explicitly during the rebellion caused by the PCC (First Command of the Capital)

, which remained the most powerful state of the federation held hostage by their actions, performed by the command of the interior of São Paulo prisons through cell phones. And in our state, is no different. As reported in the newspaper Zer o Hora, attached, broadcast on 22 pp, "The phone is a deadly weapon. Through it, a company of the crime was established in Rio Grande do Sul from prisons and ar ticulation along with the members of the criminal gang First Capital Command Pau lista (PCC), as evidenced by the police investigation concluded gauchos. Inside the prison more secure state, the High Security Prison Charqueadas (Pasco), "... touch mobile phone means that a crime is being ordained ...". However, this fac t represents only the climax of a context far more complex. As is known, the use of cell phones is an old practice inside the prisons gauchos, several in3 research exercises were based on telephone intercepts, whose cell phones were fo und inside the Penitentiary. It is estimated that there are hundreds of cell pho nes in the prison system covered by the axis-Charqueadas Porto Alegre, where the primary use is for the coordination of criminal activity outside of Prisons, si nce actions of drug trafficking to burglary to cars - strong. This circumstance ultimately lead to a situation that is informed with the euphemism "rework," rep resenting the words the fact, increasingly common, it is necessary to effect the arrest of the prisoner. On closer look, we have the situation of keeping cell p hones in prisons is the very failure of state action to punish the criminals, be cause only if you can remove them from living normal, but is allowed to continue to manage their organizations within the penal institutions. Some states have u sed in some prisons the commercially known blockers phone. Expensive equipment a nd high rate of obsolescence in the face of constant technological developments in the sector of telecommunication. With questionable effectiveness and the disa dvantage of also blocking the cellular signal active outside the prison harming the civilian population,€blockers end up affecting the population near the priso n walls and hampering police operations that make use of telephone interception for the production of knowledge. Resulting from this are the inmates with total freedom to manage his partners in freedom. 4 Given this context, absolute state of paralysis leniency before the criminal org anizations is necessary to resort to technology, believing that the same human e volution that created the possibility of communication make it possible to block out that prisoners' access to external communication through cellular telephony . Thus, considering that all the cellular connection is via satellite dish (RBS - Radio Base Stations) regardless of the technology, which provides traffic info rmation so that the connection can be effected. Since the base stations are few, are positioned at strategic locations and having access to traffic signals betw een the antennas and by applying the methodology developed by the Signal Analysi s and Consultancy through assumptions of intelligence pre-established, has it ca n determine which cell phones they used that antenna and are operating within a prison, thus excluding the risk of blocking mobile phones that are nearby establ ishments, as well as possible through the Signal Analysis Methodology distinguis h that particular telephone number or device is held in a Prisoner or employee o f a given establishment Criminal. As Parliamentary Commission Report of Inquiry - CPI, Congress recently concluded national and to investigate criminal organiza tions on Arms Trafficking in November 2006 - Pag. 96, says: 5 "One of the concerns of the CPI on Arms Trafficking, since its inception, was to establish a diagnosis of logistics communication of criminal organizations - pr imarily those most closely linked to trafficking. During the investigation, gain ed prominence the study of mechanisms used by criminal leaders in custody who, d

espite being in prison, could send his orders and coordinate various activities outside the prisons. In addition, events such as the wave of violence and attack s of the criminal organization First Capital Command (PCC) in the states of Sao Paulo, Espirito Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul and others, in the month of May, reinf orced this line of research. The preliminary police investigation showed that th e organization of the attacks and order to commence actions against the citizens of the CCP and the government departed from inside prisons. And the main commun ication tool used by leaders of the criminal group was the cordless phone, which might as orchestrating the wave of bombings that struck several states. "Yet, t he further report at its Pag. 97, says: "Note that the initial design" lock cell ", has advanced to something broader -" Control of com6 tions and its blockade. "The second theme was chosen as the axis to guide the di scussions of the Working Group should discuss the different techniques and solut ions that could be applied to achieve this goal. It is true that one can not den y that cellular technology is most used to perform communications in prison, and that was the main theme of all the group discussions. Yet we must emphasize tha t this technology allows just the action of the intelligence services of the Dep artments of Safety through monitoring and listening. Only in 2005 were seen more than 1.2 million requests of authorities who allowed these actions to combat or ganized crime. But we must bear in mind that it is only one among several other forms that can be used by inmates to communicate with the outside of prisons. An d even when we talk exclusively on cell phones, in fact there is one, but severa l technologies, which already require by itself a vision of the technological po int of view, much more comprehensive. " In Rio Grande do Sul in September 2006, a telephone operator SJS sought through the Office of Intelligence SUSEPE6 reporting a concern with growing links to spe cific antennas Penitentiary Complex Charqueadas, main7 mind those originating from Ruralcell numbers within the system, which by its na ture of transmission should not be present even in that county.€It was then that through graphic signage Station Charqueadas there was a significant increase in cellular transmission from the day May 13, 2006 - Mothers Day, which is better analyzed, coincides with the sequential dates of the criminal actions promoted m ass in the State of the PPC. Experimentally, initially sought support from the P ublic Ministry to request before the Circuit Criminal Executions of Porto Alegre the breach of confidentiality of base stations adjacent to the Charqueadas tele phony concessionaires and concurrently, the transfer of technical information on giving opportunities to verify more accurately which the pattern of transmissio n in the region so we can compare with the universe of information from the ERB. So through the system Nexus was able to map the organization of gangs, as shown below: Graph of viewing connections Nexus Software: 6 Superintendent of Correctional Services of Rio Grande do Sul 8 Satellite image was obtained through Google Earth, showing the location of penal institutions that comprise the complex Charqueadas. Site reconnaissance by aerial photographs taken with the overflight of the City of Charqueadas, with the support of Combat Military Police Air - GPMA, showing l

ocation of ERB with their posi9 ces and approaching hedge fund located Prison Complex Charqueadas. Analysis of the "Plot7" Frequency of the Penitentiary Complex Charquead s-RS 7 Plot of coverage is a graphical representation of the frequency and potency of B BR. 10 Intelligence methodology and data mining in August used a Stage • • • Extraction Procedure Procedure Categorisation Procedure for Behavior Analysis - Assumption s Intelligence Phase 2 • • • Application of Reducers Complexity Identification R outines Signs - Attributes and Parameters Data Mining or Data Mining - Applicati on of Nexus. 8 Data mining or data mining is the process of analyzing data sets that is objecvo the discovery of interesting patterns, which may be useful information. A pat tern can be defined as a statement about a probability distribution. These patte rns can be expressed mainly in the form of rules, formulas and functions, among others. 11 Data Source to perform to perform data mining, extract links from base stations supplied by Mobile Carriers as requested by the judiciary in, Excel format. Some Indicative exclusive use of cell within the Prison by inmates. 12 During the completion of the call, we used the process "handoff" 9 (signal trans fer between cells and / or base stations), thus indicating the displacement of u sers outside Apex monitored. Eg vehicles, pedestrians ... etc. .... The Cellular signals in different base stations. Established traffic signal with frequency f luctuating (swinging), or at certain times in this corner signals monitored at o ther times in other ERB. Normally accompanies the opening times or times of visi ts and lawyers. Thus, it has been hypothesized that the phone belongs to employe e or visitor. Some Indicators of the presence and use of cell within the Prison by inmates. • Calls made at times where the visual surveillance of the convict does not exist or is deficient, for example, times in which the prisoner is recalled in his cel l. • The phone makes or receives calls or messages or targets and interlocutors alrea dy intercepted ..

• The place or receive phone calls or messages ERBs servants of other prisons, in this case, there is an indication that other phone 9 The act of transferring a mobile station of a voice channel to another. There ar e two types of handoff: Interhandoff from one cell to another and Intrahadoff in the same cell. The term was first used in the handoff AMPS system and then renamed in European handover due to differences in meaning in English. 13 is being used inside of another prison introducing and expanding new connections . • The place or receive phone calls or messages ERBs servants of sites known in cidence crimina, geoprocessing ex. point for drugs, slums etc ... • The phone is registered in the name of relatives or visitors of inmates. • The IMEI / ESN of the phone appears on the Register of Mobile Stations Impeded - CEMI - stolen, l ost or stolen. • There are signs on the constant change of phone number (SIM) in the same IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity.€• Phone usage profile has noticeably above the standard profile of subscribers in the region / ERB. Eg : Links are long-term • • Signal hub connections. Receives and made several call s. The phone performs connections over long distances. (State, National, Interna tional) ex. Colombia and Paraguay Porto Alegre, April 19, 2007. HUMBERTO DE SÁ GARAY Major - Special Advisor to the SSP 14