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confuse illegal pyramid with Multilevel Marketing Really? The collection presents a concept which diferente.Tal a sculptor, we want to scu lpt, mold, in Brazil revolutionize the meaning of Marketing MultinÍvel.Uma seri ous company pays taxes, creates jobs and distributes income, working cleanly and offers ética.Não illusions but shows seriously the possibility of reaching ve ry high gains. Products marketed by Colet - Online Marketing and Direct Selling: Professional Cameras Digital Cameras Laptops Original Nike tennis Mp3 Watches Leather Jackets Men's legitimate, female and child Female Fragrance, male line of beauty and hair and skin of the best products in the world Brand name products distributed by Colet , The Colet following a worldwide trend, opens its doors to new members adopting t he system of Multilevel Marketing. Much has been said about Multilevel Marketing (network) and its inevitable comparison with illegal pyramids, due to a caracte risterica common to all, the use of networks and recruitment for many companies leverage their vendas.Existem serious MLM (Multilevel Marketing) but a of them o perates unlawfully within the rule of law, taking CNPJ, leaving phones will show up and addresses for contacts, however, are merely disguised pyramids sérias.O u of companies offering products or services without value or expensive, just to characterize MMN whose slogans are always "Your Independence" .. or "Get Rich" And what's pyramid? A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme without any produc t or service being delivered. Most pyramid schemes take advantage of confusion b etween genuine businesses and complicated moves but convincing moneymaking. The Multilevel Marketing (MLM) works by recruiting people to sell a product and offe r a bonus or commission if they recruit more sellers as their "downlines" (or "j unior"). May be required for new recruits to pay for training / marketing materi als, or purchasing a large quantity of products that will sell. It is therefore possible that an MLM is considered a pyramid scheme if the sellers are more conc erned with recruiting "downlines" or if they have to buy more products than is b elievable that be able to sell. Used a test of legality is whether the MMN in qu estion gets at least 50% of their income from retail sales to non-members

Colet: How to participate: All to do is become a member, and through its members hip, get points, buy what you want in the virtual shopping Colet and invite two pessoas.Caso not want to participate in Network Marketing, you can join and work with relationship marketing through the distribution of products. You choose how you want participar.O segment in the paper is the simplest: Recru iting or selling directly Becoming a professional Network Marketing or direct sa les distributor: Online Marketing, forming a network that will provide gains hig h, depending on the choice of membership (Gold, Platinum or Diamond), just invit e two pessoas.Ver bonus table below Direct Marketing sales, which consist in the formation of a distribution network of products, focusing its sales in the meet ings of Friends ( as) in a residence of some host anfitrião.Este earn commissio ns on sales there realizadas.Caso member feel fit, you can also market the produ cts by other electronic means, through direct mail or website made for you, buil ding your online store. Online Marketing Our marketing plan consists of three types of Accession: Gold, Platinum and Diam ond in structure MLM Network 2x10 That means you can only have two people on you r first level, if you enter more than two, they will be placed in his second-lev el transbordamento.Serão ten levels and each level has a percentage on each mem bership on your network, below you. State GOLDEN: Adhesion of $ 125.00 will automatically receive 37.5 credit points , which can be exchanged for products of the virtual store, and / or accumulated . The choice of products based on credit will be owned by the formation of its n etwork. Also receives a percentage on every member that enters your downline (yo ur network) in the table below Platinum member: Membership of $ 250.00 will automatically receive 75.5 credit p oints, which can be exchanged for products of the virtual store, and / or acumul ados.A choice of products based on credit will be owned by the formation of its network.€Also receives a percentage on every member that enters your downline ( your network) where the network is full, you will receive 38 400 pts (U.S. $ 38, 400.00) but to obtain this value, it must invite two people and instruct them to do the same. Diamond State: Accession of R $ 638.00. Automatically receive 37.5 credit points , which can be exchanged for products of the virtual store, and / or accumulated . The choice of products will be based on credit owned by the formation of its network. Also receives a percentage on ever y member that enters your downline (your network). When the full network, will r eceive 192 000 pts (U.S. $ 192,000.00) but to obtain this value, it must invite two people and instruct them to do the same . There are two ways to profit in Online Marketing System: Earnings per Accession: The values for adhesion according to the following table : Earnings per filling: With its network completed, a total of 1024 people will be credited points (one point equals one real) to you, as the Sponsor (which inv ites ). You sponsor two people Each one-two sponsors, and their total group = 2 2-Cada2 two more sponsors, and their total group = 4 3-4 Each 4 more sponsors, and their total group = 8 4-Each 8 Plus 8 sponsors, and their total group = 16 May-16 Eac h additional 16 sponsors, and their total group = 32 6 32 Each additional 32 spo nsors, and their total group = 64-July 64 Each additional 64 sponsors, and their total group = 128 8-sponsors over 128 128 each, and their total group = 256 9 C ada256-sponsors over 256, and their total group 10 = 512 Each 512-sponsors over 512, and the total of your group = 1024 Below, tables bonificação.Caso not familiar with numbers, do not try to follow the mathematical reasoning in order to avoid confusion mental.A table is only p ublished with the intention of the subsidy transparency Colet.

Total State Gold Gains on each membership in its network members Paragraph 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 Total Points 7.50 11.25 19.45 36.00 60.00 96.00 167.6 8 286.72 476 16 768.00 Downline Percentage-Points Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 20% 15% 13% 12% 10% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4% Total Sponsor: Total Dowline 1928.76 1928.76 19200.00 Total Downline earnings, s how your earnings, while its network is being formed. With her full, you will be receiving a total of R $ 19,200.00 in the form of points you can get cash or us e for purchases at the Online Store Colet Total Platinum member Downline Percentage / Points No members 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 Points Total 15.00 22.50 39.00 72.00 120.00 192.00 336.00 576.00 958.00 1536.00 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Total 38400.00 pts Platinum Sponsor 20% 15% 13% 12% 10% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4% Total each member to reach the top Platinum 3 866.50 Total Diamond Member States Total 1024 Amount receivable downline of your downli ne 192,000.00 Total Points 192 000 The figure above refers to the formation of a network of Diamond, but if a diamo nd form a network of members ONLY Gold or Platinum only, will receive the propor tion gold or platinum, that is, the commission generated by the values of member ship of that plan. Based on advice from law firm specializing in digital Spam SPAM in the era known as the virtual matrix is essentially commercial. Like folders received by conventional mail, spam is a type of intrusive advertising, but unlike those, they can cause damage sensitive materials - if not moral - to recipients of messages. The first requirement is obvious: having a computer tha t is known to be a material with economic value. The second requirement is to be connected to the computer network. For there to be such a connection is substan tial hiring a service provider, in addition to telecommunications service - via telephone or satellite or cable. Last but not least, there is the power consumpt ion, the source of the whole process of sending and receiving electronic message s. Therefore, as is likely to consider the act of possessing an email account is remarkably expensive. It said that spam is something similar to the provision o f goods and services by a phone call long distance to collect. Soma is also the damage of a material with the time spent receiving, reading and deleting spam, w hich turns out to be true in a typical "theft" of hours. We can not fail to ment ion the risk of moral hazard, since some unscrupulous spammers often send messag es advertising pornographic postage. A study by U.S. company Brightmail anti-spa m released by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo on 07/04/2002, found at the time that the pornographic spam in the network had grown 450% in less than a year.€T

he losses affect not only users but also service providers, responsible for brok ering the mensagens.A Brazilian Association of Access Providers, Internet Servic es and Information - ABRANET - prepared a study to assess the damage caused by s pam. Results of that research remains that the costs of payroll providers are gr eatly increased due to high spam traffic, and the monthly estimated financial lo ss is ninety million dollars. Approximately one third of all emails sent on the Internet in the country amount s to spam. But apart from the considerations raised above against the practice o f spamming is the question of the right to privacy. The search for email address es on the Internet with the intention of obtaining commercial advantage or does not attack the constitutional precept exposed. It is true violation of privacy s creening promoted by spammers to build a database on participants in the digital world that did not provide consent, bases this largely on the network offered a t affordable prices, serving a variety of purposes, especially the offering of g oods abusive and services. Terrified by such an intrusion into our privacy, we a sk: how the senders of messages know as much information about us, if we, in man y cases not even know who they are? Reflecting on all that has been observed so far, we can conclude that a spam is produced basically in two ways: collection a nd subsequent commercialization of personal data from visitors to certain sites through the use of cookies, forms and databases online . Thus, the browser is aw are (forms, eg.) Or unconsciously (cookies, for example.) We give our respect to data, third are aware of them and can use them directly for their own purposes or, what is more frequent to sell them to other parties, among which the so-call ed information brokers, which in turn form a complex data on certain people - a real genetic code - and sell it .. MEASURES TO PROTECT PRIVACY As already noted, our Constitution enshrines the rig ht to privacy as a fundamental right of the personality and provides compensatio n for indemnity in case of material damage and moral desinente of any breach of that right. It also can not escape our attention as prescribed in Article 12 of the New Braz ilian Civil Code: "Art 12. You may be required to stop the threat, or injury, th e right personality, and claim damages, without prejudice to other penalties pro vided by law. "You see, therefore, that this standard coincides entirely with th e text Art. 5, X, of the Constitution. Moreover, we believe that further undersc ored the importance and rationale need to protect all inherent rights of persona lity, which stands out for privacy. In short, any act of spam, Colet may suffer an action for damages, and responsible will be located and transferred to this p ossible suits for damages. Spam, as we understand, cringes who receives, and the effect is opposite to that intended by spammer.Ao instead of bringing it to bus iness, it finally departs. We have to make a difference in this thread already s o desacreditado.Ã forbidden to send mass emails with the name Colet, or any spamm .Nossa recommendation is to invite people they know, because we think that an un known person, without that you have access, you can de-motivating, alone and dro p rede.Mas nothing prevents it from disclosing the forms below. Tip of disclosur e: Free E-Classifieds: http://www.sosclassificados http:// www / default.asp Search on Google Virtual Classifieds This small compendium was made to appear to everyone wishing to know more about the operation of Colet. More complete disclosure of material will be subsequentl y edited.