• 1968 Copyright 1968 Maria Teresa Mora Nochero PRINT AND PRINTED IN SPAIN MADE IN SPAIN Legal Deposit: P. 1969-1968 Workshops: Graphic Industries ARIO DI-DI A, Mayor, 99-PALENCIA DE CASTILLA, 1968 BIOGRAPHICAL DATA L A AUTHOR, Maria Teresa Mora darksome, M. D., was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, on October 13, 1897. His parents were Don Jose Mora and Doña Inocencia Pol Honor el Rivers, both deceased. These were born in Puerto Rico, children of Spanish. T hird daughter of a family of twelve children. He studied primary and secondary g rades in the public schools of Mayaguez, graduating High School in 1917. Shortly after moving to the United States and enrolled as domestic students in the Coll ege "Goucher" of Raltimore, Md., where he studied his first year pre-medical. He later moved to Philadelphia, Pa., entering the "University of Pennsylvania" whi ch approved the second year of college. His four years of medical studies in the "Woman's Medical College of Philadelphia," where she won a scholarship for two consecutive years for its high ratings. Then apply for a scholarship offered by the Association of Women's College of EE. UU. "Obtaining it without difficulty. He graduated from Medicine in June 1923. Two weeks later he joined the "Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he made his medical internship y ear, finishing it in June 1924. In July of that year took the exams National Board of Medicine. UU. those approved to receive the license. It's allo wed to practice medicine in any U.S. state. UU., Puerto Rico and other countries , without having to take more tests of revalidation. She was the first Puerto Ri can physician to obtain this diploma. He then returned to Puerto Rico to practic e. He opened his office and also worked some hours at the Municipal Hospital (Sa n Antonio de Mayaguez, PR). He spent also some time for civic work in the commun ity. Belonged to: The League to prevent tuberculosis in children. Adult League t uberculosis. He was a founder of the first tuberculosis hospital in Mayagüez. He belonged to the Association of Women Voters, (Chapter of Mayagüez). It was one of the founders of the Civic-Cultural Club Women of Mayagüez, having held it at the residence of Dr. Mora darksome. For some time belonged to Altrusa Club (Chap ter of Mayagüez). He is a member of the Medical Association of Puerto Rico. She married Dr. Domingo Nochero in May 1926. Together they established a new office and worked together for ten consecutive years. Then, during World War II both se rvices were required to work in the Public Health Unit Mayagüez, he as Chief, sh e and her assistant. Do not hesitate and there they went to serve. He served in the Public Health Unit for twenty years, retiring in 1960. It has always been an avid reader and liked 6 write, but while he was practicing his profession notenía much time to devote to this. He has traveled extensively with her husband throughout the world. This i s the third book published. Other:''Wounded Heart "and" Emerald Isle. "Currently lives with her husband, Dr. D. darksome, at the residence, ownership of both, a t number 6 Nereid Ave. Ensanche Martínez, Mayaguez, PR Continued

A M O R LOVE IS NOT COMING How much distress! Many sorrows! In expectation of this eternal love that never comes. If I was born mad woman and want to forward to, why, my God, this anxiety ? Why wait so this love that never comes? Do they ever, ever, feel the warmth of love? ... Is that in my sunset roses become withered my soul? In my garden insi de the sun hardly shines ... only is there, sorrows and anxieties. Love! Love! W ith what impatience I wait! Can not you see me die of grief? Come in my hours of loneliness consumes me anxiety ... 62 Truncate is my life without love, come and swells inside my garden, where flower s and languish after so much waiting. Come spring water with the illusion, these flowers, solitude, they die. Come and cheer my sad heart, my soul filled with j oy, Calientame with the burning rays of your sun, let my mind grow wings ... so you can blow my mind. • I wait all the time, I want your support effective, weav ing dreams and fantasies ... take me to a world of fantasy, where you can ... wi th sacrificial anointing ... burn incense in my dreams, on the altar of love. 63 POR FIN LLEGO EL AMOR P OR order, heart, finally got my belated love on a pink cloud,€as oriole who gree ts the dawn with his sweet warble song. Has come to cheer my heart the love she expected ... Illusion dreamed so sweetly! Illusion fills my soul with joy, light and heat. Today, everything seems more beautiful. Today, more intensely the sun shines. Today, my spirit soars with joy. Today, more joyful singing nightingale . And in my fantasy living constantly hear that sweet melody repeats in his word , love ... love ... love. Love so eagerly awaited, in your wings chimeric bring sweetness to my soul. 64 Love that come alive with your touch my poor garden bare. Ay amor! You do not go , nestled in my heart forever. Love, sweet and deep feeling, of tenderness immen se treasure. You are magical gold lever that you turn the axis of the world. 65 RETURN V OLVER with cold aura blue and pink clouds. Return with the dawn of a beautiful n ew day. Return to the burning rays of the sun, the radiant star of noon. Bring j oy to be back with all my love. And when in the west the sky was beautifully col ored bathtub, handsome flowers will come to bring you the beautiful garden of so urces. And when the dark night sky studded with stars are beautiful, shining and beautiful, so ... love you madly. Then ... I'll leave quietly. As a slight trop

ical breeze that leaves no traces in passing. So ... in the shadows, I esfumaré. 66 ALBA I LOVE YOU T E I dawn. I love pure. But if when you play at the gates of my soul, or arrive a t the crossroads of my way, or you're not pure dawn, always love you madly, then , Eros is blind, but, like a ray of sun chairs Eros love , with its sympathetic figure. 67 RELIGIOUS SENSE I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA S OY Alpha and Omega of life. Lin principle and of all things. I'm a hidden magnet ic force, I am mighty power. I'm a source of inspiration, which soothe their thi rst bards and poets. I'm a fountain of love and beauty. I'm the world's Redeemer . Whoever believes in me and follow my message fully, live life fully. Its passa ge through the world will be happy because I beam of Divine Light. "Love one ano ther" was my deep and eternal message. "Pourable the seed of love for all rows i n the world." "Raise your eyes to heaven and see where the spark of God. Raise t he thought and on earth forever reigns Love." 68 But what have made this humble message preached with such zeal, which suffered u nspeakable torture and gave me to take vinegar and gall? Oh mankind! Where are y ou going with so many wars impossible with such selfishness, envy and malice? St op for a moment and put your thoughts into Mi. Do not fear to suffer the torment s of war? Stop time before you roll into the abyss be with love and altruism and discard the bad thoughts. I am Alpha and Omega of life. I'm the world's Redeeme r. Gade seed furrows or by all the world. 69 AND SAW AN ANGEL ... Y SAW an angel with wings suspended in space ... Stars with flashes of topaz to th e angel lights turn bright, bright. Rays of light, iridescent, like a bright sun rising out of that beautiful apparition that would guide the shepherds humble m anger where baby Jesus was born. Mute before that they were all beautiful appear ance. Along with the angel, a shining star with a rare strange bluish light. Ang el and slowly moving star in the firmament of heaven. And those humble shepherds filled with joy and excitement followed the angel and the star 70 a] humble manger birthplace of the Redeemer. Everyone sang ... Hosanna in the hi ghest, Hosanna ... and baby Jesus was born. Sweet song and sweet melodies filled the fields of heaven ... The earth is filled with joy! All joined their hearts and with a gesture of love and sympathy brought many gifts to the infant Jesus a nd the Virgin Mary. The breath of the centuries has been unable to quell the dee p sense of peace and love we feel at Christmas. In this time of year are green i n our hearts the exquisite flowers of Love and Charity. That, always, shine and

guide our steps the beautiful star of Christmas. 71 FA E P I N I A (Inspired by the Bible, Ant Test., Book Isa, Cap. XLII, Vers. I g II). "Do Witho ut reservation or fear of my beloved Son and Servant. I will be with him at all times, and he, with both hands, pour out His love. With deep love supreme My Mes senger, meek, modest, not voceará. My message quietly leading, for all areas of the world. "And in the sky of Bethlehem appeared at that beautiful night light i s the brightest of stars. In the fields surrounding the astonished shepherds wer e dazzled by the apparition. From the star ,€wanted to follow the path to see wh ere they drove, and came to the Messiah without difficulty. 72 Knelt down and prayed in silence deep to see that cute innocent child (born in t he most humble manger) would be, the powerful King of the world. There remained a long time, kneeling in silent and static adoration of her breasts, a spring of love gushed, as crystalline water. Meanwhile ... from distant lands of the East came the Magi, in their leisurely camel riding, attracted by the bright star. T heir saddlebags full of gifts for the newborn child, all in harmony, love filled , joyful singing carols. And so in close concert, from all over the world came t o worship and homage to the one true Messiah. Today, after nearly twenty centuri es of that blessed event still celebrated the moment with joy and devotion. Six of January, Epiphany! For children you ray of light gray, subtle that inflamed h is mad fantasy. 73 AROMA OF HOLINESS (Good Friday 1968) A THROUGH the centuries, come, today, we Holiness scent of which fills us with emo tion and makes us remember the martyrdom of the Lord. On Golgotha died nailed to the Cross, turning off and the light. that would redeem the world. That great t hinker and philosopher of manners soft and serene, humble, simple, kind, was kil led by being good, by a frenzied mob. Was sacrificed in vain, as today, the crow d is as crazy as ever ... and violent debauchery goes on spilling the poison of hatred, envy and malice. 74 While some of the toxins that the choking, bitter ... living dying, the martyrs of that hatred that fall on a sudden die ... but continue to live eternally in t he annals of history. Have their debris Peace on earth! Are your souls? ... Are reigning in glory. Infinite eternal God! In this recollection of pain my soul is on Good Friday, I ask with genuine fervor, my eyes wet from crying, not forsake us, O Lord. Look at us with eyes of pity. Have mercy on our souls, Fill us with love and serenity, let our hearts grow ... wings. 75 YOU ARE THE PEACE T Ú're the Peace ... Pleasant shade darker than my evenings guides my steps with a sure hand. That, in my sleepless nights sleep close my eyes, making me forget m y pains and sorrows.

You are the Peace ... Ineffable and lasting peace spreads everywhere, spreading goodness and sweetness. Charity balm that cures deep and painful wounds we recei ve in the course of life. You are the Peace ... I was looking for eternal rest a nd that I will find in the hollow of shady valley of death. In this beautiful va lley, which are permanent, peace and tranquility, Your eternal goodness ... and your tenderness. 76 THE HERMIT E N the summit of a mountain where it is closer to God, a sad and a poor miserable sinner built hut. He wanted to be around waiting for a ray of divine light pene trate his soul and made him forget petty sins of yesterday. With fervor and tear fully prayed daily and asked God sincerely, do not look in anger. One day in pra yer, raised his eyes to heaven and saw in it a door opened and can see an angel writing in a book of gold, his name among the good. Gave thanks to God for havin g spared his villainy, and there among dead grass and weeds was the sinner. Ther e, where so fervently prayed and cried the hermit as a true miracle grew a beaut iful rose. 77 Thoughts MAINTENANCE WHAT IS GOD? D IOS is a breath Divine Being intangible and remote, which lives deep within us a s a genuine diamond. It makes the soul shine with a strange glow. Is a fountain of charity and love that follows us everywhere. It is powerful current that move s us in a strange way, perfecting our souls and making us more conscious beings. Pity the living without God and proclaims it! Leaving it to dry his soul and hi s heart atrophy. 78 PATHS OF LOVE 'TRUNC the soul ... Truncated thought ... Only God gives us breath. In the exper iences suffered along the way, a ray of Divine light shines ... our spirit. Sear ching, searching, but what I hope? What I crave? I scan the horizon as the capta in of a ship ... waiting times to rid the ship of stormy, angry wave of the time s we live. What a riot! How many wars! Which of evil! Dear God! With what fervor I ask 79 enlighten men to seek the true and only way! Van which stunned pilgrims who do n ot know what route to follow. Poor lost souls who go looking for random way out of the labyrinth in which€are left to catch! Poor molecules that move and collid e in the daily evolution, Like moles, without eyes or radar, where they do not k now or care what route to follow ... Van no God ... spiraling droves. Van heartl ess killing and destroying everything they see. What they care about the sufferi ng of others? Only You, Lord, are Divine light that illuminates the path and gui des us along paths of love. 80 ROAD TO THE ISLAND DESTINATION

I brought along a beautiful sailboat birth to help me navigate the stormy sea of life. But what an irony! As much as, sometimes, I have tried to twist his way, I could not. Whenever the boat is ... Destination toward the island. In my fanta sy ... sometimes I thought Captain of my boat. What deluded! What nonsense! That brought his boat above route and nobody and nothing can distort its path. Unper turbed progress ... Destination toward the island. 81 I've always dreamed of dodging the dangerous waves of the sea rocks and reefs. A ny attempt Useless! Suddenly I feel the fatal blow against the Keys from the sea . It is always my beautiful sailboat that light up could not help ... Destinatio n toward the island. Against this island no one can. It is useless to fight! Thi s seems to have magnet for sailing in my life. For though I will with determinat ion to divert the path, the boat is always going ... Destination toward the isla nd. Several times I have dreamed of a beautiful ideal that I go back to outer sp ace on the wings of fantasy. But how many fights! Many agonies I went through, w ithout being able to accomplish what, eager, I meant I Well, my sailboat insists 82 Much to my regret in ever sailing ... Destination toward the island. Since the e nd of the day I've given up, alone and quiet sleep lulled by the swaying of the waves, lying on the deck of my life. I've made to go with the flow of my sad fat e. Already, the glider follows the same path ... Destination toward the island. 89 WHAT IS A POET AND WHAT IS POETRY What is a poet? It is a sensitive soul who writes poetry in expressing feelings, which raises its ethereal regions thought that his spirit rises to unfading glo ry. Be privileged is that which, when inspired by God, the world throws his poet ry, sowing in the hearts dreams and joys. He who has the power to the flight ECL IA his imagination to get to Heaven. One who with the eyes of the soul says the inspiration of God emanates. He who hears in his vivid fantasy soft and sweet me lodies with the ears of the soul. What is poetry? Poetry is life itself. Note th e presence of God, His power, His sweetness, His love. 84 You see God in every living being, be fully aware of his divine presence. You se e it in the sky, sea, or the green ground. See it in all nature, trees, flowers, mountains, canyons and brush. It is to breathe fully the joy of living. You see him smiling sweetly at all times ... at all times ... You see it in the petals of a flower spray and full color. Watch in birds, which, with its sweet trills w e rejoice the heart. It is, finally, to feel His presence in our inner world. 85 HOW? HOW watch the sky, enraptured by the immensity of the sea, look out for fresh ey es to look, see white seagulls in flight, not realizing at the time: that this i s the work of the eternal God of the Universe? How do I see an innocent child, c aressing her rosy cheeks, rocking gently on his knees, give him a tender kiss on the forehead, without stopping to think, that this is the work of our Heavenly Father? How to look ecstatic, clear and calm night, the sky studded with stars a nd the moon shining in all its splendor, without understanding excited, that thi s is a magnificent work ... the Supreme Creator? 86 OBSCURA CAVE O

THE sea that rammed against hidden rocks up plumes of spray. Cruel and fierce wa ves of the world that the force burst upon the rocks of life between nebulae and mists. Hushed voices hoarse and distant moans that come on the wings of the win d. Bring sad reminiscences of the distant past and with them all the experiences that our soul have chiseled. Dark cave in the wilderness of the soul through wh ich pass the cruel sorrows of life experiences that go dizzy, recording in our m ind where they are ... forever engraved. 87 But why always remember the past suffering? If at the end, we have emerged from the bitterness afloat! As the shipwrecked sailor is lost subámonos the first isl and that we find on the road. Always with the eyes up to heaven, giving thanks f or allowing us to follow the route with relative comfort. getting lost in a worl d of illusion that distracts the mind and provides relief to the heart. 88 CHAIN E SLABÓN by link forged a long chain of my pitiful existence in the cruel and hard anvil of life. I challenge anyone who breaks or that the truncated. Do not even try ... since it was formed with the blood of my blood, tears of my soul, with pain and more p ain and red flame alive and my own existence. 89 Reminiscences THOUSAND STEPS BACKWARD M IL steps back on the road trip. Thousand steps retrace our steps remembering dre ams ... that were forgotten. Thousand steps backward on the wings of fantasy! Wi th what we turn gloomy nostalgia to the past! Thousand Steps nothing else! How e asy, in our minds, walking back a long way to travel! A thousand steps backward! Recalling yesterday ... and long for that last ... Illusory and fleeting! 90 Reminiscence FLOR A MARILLENTO for years I keep an old album where I hide a true treasure, endless ... memories. Memories of my youth, that golden age ... Source of joy and light , which, forever in my treasure chest. Hidden within its pages is a faded flower and dry ... deep tenderness that inspires me. Speak softly to my ears. In soft shades of baby ... love, loved, which, in this world have gone to live, a better world. 91 Gave me a teenager. Young good, virtuous, intelligent. But Fate willed ... at th e dawn of its existence, a teenager, the more you love life, his soul flew to he aven. In days of anguish ... of deep nostalgia ... I turn to my dry and withered flower I do not know, why magic has the singular virtue of channeling my deject ed soul with serenity and calm, and see things through a rosy glass. 92 Spins, spins, Old Lady

H ILA, spins, old lady, at the wheel of the past. Hila with gold flake to treasure the last tender of your life. Hila, sweet old lady, quiet, silver-haired, the w onderful golden thread of your dreams ... Spins, spins and put it all happy memo ries of your past ... intimate yesterday that never, never forgotten. Weave the needle in your imagination and the golden thread of your dreams, the fine lace i llusion. Put it all your effort, all your effort, all your love ... 93 Go back and see greener thinking, your deepest feelings, memories of yesterday. Weave ... time on the loom of a wonderful fabric with golden thread of your drea ms ... She weaves the most beautiful design that anyone has ever designed. When you finish your work, you'll see the most vaporous finely woven, the finest fabr ic, made from the memories of the past. Sew your imagination and the depths of y our being, past the steaming machine and fine fabric you've ever dreamed. Sew th e most beautiful creation that the machine can sew. Cosel with the golden thread of your dreams ... Sew with eagerness and vigilance the latest design of a beau tiful creation and garnish with the delicate lace illusion. Gird your body the m odel who makes 94 grand in your mind, with the wonderful fabric woven with love, in the imaginary loom o f time. Garnish with the fit of the illusion that wove in your mind, with the go lden thread of your dreams ... with the golden thread of your imagination. Go lo ok in the mirror, you'll be rejuvenated and feel grateful for what he says his t rue reflection. Hila, old woman spinning, spinning, in your mind the fond memori es of yesteryear. Hila the golden thread of your dreams ... Spins the thread of your golden years. 95 JOY OF LIVING H O Y . . H OY ... I feel frivolous. My soul is always elusive, now feels effervescent as th e bubbles ... such as foam ... the restless Tues Today ... I am glad with the jo y of living. Today I feel chatty and determined. Today, the day invites me to si ng and laugh, to make a thousand antics. Today, there is no sorrow or bitterness in my inner world today everything seems full of light and color. Today, my tor tured heart feel happy. Today ... I feel like a happy bell. I will light like th e wind ... pink kiss, kiss the carnation, and floated in the air ... I'm sorry. 96 Today ... floor clouds and lift up my eyes to the pure blue sky. I dressed in ch iffon and tulle. I light, airy, as mild butterfly is lost in the blues. 97 FINDING THE SOUL IS FINDING GOD FIND suddenly the soul ... be aware of their presence, soar on the wings of illu sion ... Found himself in the presence of God. His feeling about heat ... Be awa re of your sweet presence in our own inner self ... It is the most sublime exper ience ... the most sublime miracle of love. Suddenly, seeing everything pink, fe eling and strife, life springs around us ... Greedily, filling the soul with lig ht and heat. Feeling like clear spring flows from an inexhaustible source of ins piration flow ... 98

O€ineffable sweetness! Feeling that life is beautiful! And throughout it ... unc onscious, we clinging closely to the mighty hand of God. Feel that we left behin d, the vanities of life ... material, the inconsequential. Feel the soul burstin g with pure feelings to be free from evil thoughts and clumsy vanity. Having lef t behind the pack so absurd and so heavy> of our passions that we were not allow ed to see everything that is beautiful around. It's a miracle! Have found, at la st, the soul and the eternal goodness of God. 99 SENSE PHILOSOPHICAL BLACK SWAN M Black swan AJESTUOSO his figure was reflected in the clear mirror of the surface of a pond. Faced with such sublime beauty stood there entranced, and cupping th eir wings with pride, their dark-colored feathers shone with the brightness of s tars and the radiant light of the stars. But soon the spell was broken, to shatt er the mirror of the lagoon, where a villain who was passing, threw a stone and water, in circles, retired. What a disappointment! When, at last, the water retu rned to its peaceful state, 100 was then reflected in the mirror of the lagoon, not only your figure, if not, to o, a beautiful white swan. He was confused and perplexed and pondered for a long time, not knowing for sure which of the two was his true image. But, at the end of the Joyful said ... if I am, indeed, beautiful, who cares, it is black or wh ite? Why should I be confused? If I am just as God in His eternal wisdom, arrang ed it. 101 Bird of prey NEAR the sky ... on a hot desert of white sand, a bird of prey flew with his pie rcing eyes and looked, some prey to satisfy their hunger. Their wings stretched ominously ... was suddenly a tremendous shock and quickly rushed on an object fr om above foresaw and soon to be his food. With wings fell silent security, confi dentiality, and landed on its prey. It was a poor donkey that died of thirst ... tiring in the desert. i With what pleasure and greed swallowed this poor animal ! Many birds of prey are found in this vineyard of the Lord ... Ready to devour with malice and malice to anyone gullible who innocently get caught. 102 NARROW CELL C ELDA strong that my flesh to hold my soul that wants to break its close prison, fly and disappear into the distance. This room is already small for a spirit tha t grows and grows and even though I make a gigantic and my soul trembles. Misera ble mud is this cell that in their small space encloses a soul eager to jump int o the flight. Already hard, cruel barrier breaks ground throwing her cell, and f inally, fly and lost in the sky. 103

WHAT MYSTERY life contains? WHAT life contains deep mystery? N'm ace we r ment. We're laughing. Wrapped in h is black robe, a death in an instant, takes us ... The soul follows the body. An d, in a sigh ... slowly fades into the sky. Nobody knows where we came from. Nob ody knows where we are going. Yes, we know where we were born, but where and whe n we have to die, is the mysterious riddle of the mystery. We will never know th e mysterious secret of what awaits us in the future ... remains hidden, in silen ce sealed. God in His great wisdom on this mystery, drew a veil, so that no one could scrutinize the secret designs of the Eternal Power. Thus, men in their ign orance could live without fear or misgivings, to know, day, hour and place in yo ur soul, shedding of the body, fly, finally, to the Infinite. 104 Who cares ... Q Gives EU more ... That we get famous if at the end of the day, death diminishes us are worth nothing without crying, or sobbing. Who cares ... That beam large wealthy if when death comes, we can not take, not a single package all the accumulated capital. Who cares ... Or not they belong t o the nobility if at the end of the road, drop the curtain of oblivion and no on e will remember, of titles or wealth. Who cares ... We have white skin or dark. If when we come to the High Court, our Lord will judge impartially without regar d our sad figure. 105 Augusto anle this Court, only the spiritual values, our good enforceable and ben efits are weighed precisely. So ... Why such vanity? Why such a fuss? If at the end, everything takes the wind right into eternity. The muerle is the end point. It is the great leveler. Before touching the truth, no one can escape. 106 The Vine At the bottom of my balcony one seed germinated turning into a beautiful vine. I t grew and grew and more sampling station and more curled the pillars of my balc ony. Spring came, bringing with her cheerful and many beautiful blossoms.€April rains came and the heat of May and June in what became a garden of blue and pink bells. Then, with the summer breezes brought multicolored butterflies to perch on the vine giving her gentle touch to the beautiful vine. Contemplate and compa re it to a beautiful woman 107 she dresses and decorates curling heart and soul of whoever wants to hold. I've always enjoyed the stand on my feet, looked with interest and no little admirati on. With a touch of envy and bitterness do not know what my aching heart I say, that without doubt it is wiser than me, and exclaimed with sincerity: who was .. . like you ... vine! 108 Proletariat THE HARVEST YA harvest begins and with it comes the hope of the poor peasant. And mill wheel s set in motion to grind and extract the sweet grass its rich juice. Escapes thr ough the chimney thick column of smoke. Rich scent of honey scent the air. The m uscles move and, with zeal, are exercised. The heart beats to the rhythm of work ing machinery. His chest grows and swells with joy and well, seeing that by the

time the hunger drive away from home and their children will lack nothing ... Un til then return the agony and despair with the end of the harvest and the arriva l of downtime and arms dangling. 109 DEAD TIME TIME dead ... Sit-down ... In the breast a groan, anguish at the thought. It is the children's bread in the air that vanishes ... With much bitterness and sorro w in the soul released a deep sigh humble peasants when they see the arrival of the end of the harvest! The arrival of the dead time of the sit-down v ... 110 OTHER POEMS SPRING IS GONE! YOUTH, why have you gone? So fast and so run! Leaving us numb with cold in the w inter cold north wind. Spring that fades as the snowy foam ... It withered roses , lilies, lilies and irises, only the pale candles are crying tears of wax. Now the bell tolls by the cruel removal of Springtime happy never to return, to go. They lose their beautiful colors over time, the withered flowers shed their peta ls. In the trees are dried leaves ... flying in the wind. Vanish from our lives, over time the joys and hopes, leaving in our hearts alone, bitter and painful p unishment. 111 Then there is calm ... We're at the end of the day. and we reached the valley wh ere everything, everything ends up in the unfathomable world of nothingness. 112 TEMPTATION, VICE, DEATH E Splendor woman ... beautiful illusion you go through my side and smiled mockingl y. Who are you? Me? ... I am the Temptation. Celaje you approach with cautious s teps and get me out of proportion with your pace slow and mysterious. Who are yo u? Me? ... I am the Vice. Wrapped in black crepe, as being weird and crazy, you' re going, without pity and wounded hearts. Who are you? Me? ... I am Death. 113 TWO PRECIOUS CHERUBIM (Dedicated to my two granddaughters nieces who made their debut in the world tod ay). Epique bells! , Who play drums and bugles bright! Today, the world made the ir triumphant entry two beautiful cherubs. Ignored paths came from the sky, a ra y of Divine light that will guide you all your life bright and flowery path. Two very pretty with beautiful pink blossoms early, bathed in the cool morning dew today opened its petals to the world. 114 R Two rayilos bright sun bringing light and joy. Notes detached sweet soft melody, the staff of love divine. 115

SYMPHONY IN PINK N symphony in pink has become a painful period of my life. A hernioso lily in a pretty spring opened its petals to the sun for the first time in my indoor garde n flourished bringing light and heat, to a desolate soul. What a beautiful lily! And how much I loved him! E But in a cruel dawn in my arms, rocked him, Lily, was extinguished forever, diss ipating into the mysterious aroma compound from scratch. My soul is sad and deso late for years and years he wandered in space, as cloudscape'm looking for somet hing without finding anything. 116 Why did you leave my poor lily? So quiet ... so humble ... so submissive! I woul d like to bury in oblivion, that terrible ordeal, which engulfed my spirit forev er in the dim twilight of the last glow Crepusculario. As light birds flew by .. . those ... of anguish and pain. Strange vision which I lived ... Shadow lost in space! But a new day was dawning light with splendid gold, silver and pink. Fai nt ray of light penetrated through the windows of my soul ... cleaves a strange feeling of comfort and warmth.€Oh! Miracle of God! Multiple flowers sprouting fe lt in my soul ... A garden of flowers ... they were for me exquisite, exotic, st range. Lilies! More lilies and lilies sprouted like magic in a holy place of my sad heart. Strange irises! That opened. its beautiful petals to the sun. 117 Roses! Roses and more roses full of charm and color, bloom in profusion, lovely, fragrant, beautiful. Its exquisite perfume aroman the sacred precinct of my gar den. Roses blush that, like butterflies fly mild radiant and glamorous with its multicolored wings, alighting from flower to flower. Carnation! Nardos and lilie s, gladioli, daisies and gardenias grow in my indoor garden with wonderful aband on. Are they my charm! They are my dream! They have brought happiness to a lonel y heart had stopped beating, a wandering spirit and shadow, through space. With its beautiful colors and have managed to relieve my grief, filled with his prese nce this barren existence that which drew a hair shirt after the painful absence of my beloved lily. In everlasting flowers are my heart and my soul, with these strange flowers 118 who generously gave me the Lord of the Universe. My soul feels deeply humble and grateful in this bright dawn, for this gift I do not deserve. Gift, which someh ow has managed to fill the void that the absence of my iris, my anguished soul f orever ... left. 119 OLD LOG V IEJOS logs ... lonely ... of times gone by ... Silent mourning the headlong rush of the years. Demolished today by time, trees were strong, lush, with deep root s in the land that even today, despite the years, preserved. But today they are old, sad and withered trees that had once been robust. No one remembers them ... That would be foolish ... would be foolish ... As much as moan, groan and compl ain, who, at all, remember ... of "old logs? new trees! ... Lush! in whose veins runs sap of those old logs. Trees are not moved from their parents infirmezas. They just have love for their tender shoots, 120 forgetting that come the fall and harsh winter, sooner than it seems. They, then , inevitably occupy the site of the old logs. Live carefree as you wish and whim

, without thinking they come from. Why remember the old logs? New shoots! ... Te nder, beautiful! descended from those old trunks ... They follow the example of the new trees. Not at all remember the old trees. They also come with over the y ears to the rigors of fall, and these offspring will become beautiful, with the harsh winter in old trees and sad. But it's very little concern ... What to occu py his mind in providing care and protection to those ... the old trunks? 121 YOUTH EPHEMERAL Youth as a gale blew f without realizing it. The winter with its icy north wind envelops us heart. Since my boat away ... will soon hit the horizon, and the pat h that goes to the mountain forever, my footprints will be lost. The sky and the stars will be covered with shadows, no longer sing the lark ... soon shut up my lyre of the poet. The heavy curtain will soon fall from oblivion, everything wi ll be extinguished when it reaches the end of the day. 122 UNTIL THE END OF THE DAY Incorporeal ... as a soul in the wind, follow your footsteps through the vast mi ld desert sands. Weightless ... until you deduce the flight ... and forever I'll look up to you in heaven. Transparent ... like lightning silver moon, busily an d incessantly seek my soul to yours. Translucent ... as subtle and transparent c loud, go in search of your footprints by the blue areas. Shadow ... linked to yo ur shadow will go to the ends of the world, marching together ... to nowhere. 12 3 Incorporeal, weightless, transparent, translucent, made my soul a shadow, with t hese qualities inherent in my mind wandering, to you I will go their separate wa ys until the end of life ... until the end of the day ... 12I DESVAN SOLES S OLES bright, bright "suns that were left in solitude and its brightness is dimme d with the passing of the years. Soles that might look faded in brightness leani ng out balconies. But, for false modesty were forced to live as pale lilies that will soon fade. Y. .. flew day and ran the years, and those balconies were clos ed. At the old house were ... three suns faded, his loneliness crying y. .. Laun ch sighs. 123 TE S E Ñ O U. . . T E pure dream which the whiteness of white veil on the altar.€Like orange flowers that you will take on your hair. I dream of clear water and pure fresh spring w ater. I dream immaculate transparent glass which your body glistens virginal. I dream of sweet tender and loving as a splendid rose in the garden looks ... diap hanous and beautiful, shy and beautiful. I dream beautiful as beautiful multicol ored butterfly wings. 12! S I dream ethereal fairy mystical, mysterious, enchanted regions. I sleep in my fa

ntasy fine and subtle smooth and delicate perfume aroma. I dream timid dove coos in my chest with love and gentleness. I dream balm that cures my wounds ardent tenderness and love your kisses. I dream of sunshine illuminate my soul with you r light and heat. I dream moonlight shines with a strange glow. I dream of my he art Queen in whose arms I'll find the warmth and sweetness of a true passion. I dream of my wife, perfect mother of my future children, which, over time, they w ill come. I dream coveted award. Goddess of love I dream about pristine pedestal . 127 So romantic young man singing with his guitar, a bright and clear night with a w arm July. Beautiful full moon night sky studded with stars shining and beautiful . And the romantic young man who sang their sweet melody, with all his heart wan ted to find eagerly and earnestly, ideal woman, the woman of his dreams. 128 PRISONER OF YOURSELF of yourself for your selfishness, betrayal. Too bad i feel for you! For your hat red and your envy! And this ignoble malice you feel, you, for me. How bad I hurt you? Rather, I've done favors and pay my goodness, your mistakes. Mal grateful! Get out of the prison of your bad feelings and elevate your thoughts to the Kin gdom of God. How well you feel! For all the bitter poison placed in your heart a s if by magic ... disappear. 129 PRISONER EYE COLOR OF ENVY EYE color of envy, that shine with a strange glow. Eyes that shine and just hide their perfidious shine with their hatred and resentment. I hate you feel your h eart, for the welfare of others ... There is much treachery ... in your eyes the color of envy! 130 TU-NAME E SCRIBÍ your name on the sand, the waves came and erased. I wrote it on the trunk of a tree and ran the years ... Winter came ... the sun and water, snow and gal e with combined forces, managed to erase that name beloved. But your sweet name indelibly in my heart and my mind forever ... was recorded. 131 LA Voragine DE foot was on the brink of an abyss and vertigo seized me when I felt powerful thrust that struck me, cruel ... Fate. I was stunned by the blow. I felt a stron g hand that I departed from the current dizzying ... of that terrible storm. Oli ! Maelstrom devastating, like a powerful magnet attracted me! Finally, I see cle arly and wisely, I recall the harsh blow, your curling wave. You already spent h ours of fascination, finally lost the battle, now, with all my soul I dedicate m yself to my work with renewed devotion v whole. 132

OPEN GROOVE A Briend grooves in the seas is the boat of my life. Lying on the white sand let ting go, the black crepe of my bitterness and sorrow. No desire or madrepores or coral, no stars, no stars. Humble ... very humble are my most cherished dreams, shy, my dreams and think. I scent the air with perfume of my soul. Water in the furrows, pink shells and seaweed in it, when the west. Watering the wide world juicy white wax combs, amassed by the plodding deep longings of my bees. Agonal Clear eyes bleeding scars heal, 133 heal in an instant with the magic wand of oblivion. All this, quietly, without f anfare or touch of dishes and no previous music, but, yes with enthusiasm and lo ve, under the canopy of the Supreme Divine Creator. 134 Under the roof BLUE SKY! M I soul in your soul is nested, and both go hand in hand. Calm, unhurried, marche d down the long road of life. Way that is near the end. We have walked a long di stance ... sometimes wide, sometimes narrow ... sometimes florid, sometimes dark and fatal. But, always one. United in grief and in joy we march, until the end of our days. Always hang the nest under one wing ... Under the blue sky ceiling! 135 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! F ELICOS on my birthday today, all I want, but do not even want to remember. In th e dying light a shadow currency, which the ear, very softly, he tells me I must be alert as soon near the end of my existence. But fear not, no, nor life, nor d eath, they are strong souls that win the game. When it Atropos is welcome.€We wi ll welcome and gladly receive it. You will not have to wield his sharp scythe. I 'll take his arm and walking with her I'll go. happy as a lark. 136 THE FAREWELL Y A for me, exhausted is the source of Hippocrene. No longer my faithful flying Pe gasus. My lira ... dumb penalty. My lute ... disintegrates into pieces. Are abse nt and the Muses, have declared withdrawn. Shadows cover my humble grave ... Dis appear forever dawns bright. No more will hear the song of nightingales, or feed and, my helping hand. Soon my pains and sorrows end. Now, forever ... I'll be a sleep I can no longer see the flowers and smell their pleasant aroma. I can no l onger see their brilliant colors, or hear again the sweet song of a lark. 137 All earthly beauties will have dissipated in the clouds ... Invisible and heaven ly paths, my soul is mixed with cherubs. Farewell, beloved country! Goodbye, my faithful companion! Farewell, friends! Soon I'll be in eternal paradise. There, near the eternal sleep will shake my hand and icy smile of pain I'll tell you .. . Goodbye! Forever, goodbye ...

138 M U E R T E A ROBERT KENNEDY (H o 6 juni or 1968, the day of her death you). BEYOND THE LETTER DEAR Bobby: Today, with pain deep, I am writing this letter to the shadowy valley of another world. Today, yo u are not Robert Kennedy. Today, you're a symbol. Symbol of youth, intelligence and goodness. Christianity profound symbol has temporarily disappeared from this life to go live to the eternal quiet garden beyond. 139 Now that humanity cries your demise, with bitter tears of pain I want you to kno w that these words come from an aching heart sincere. You passed along this path which terrestrial meteor swift, bright golden arrow, left indelible footprints ... Today, an angel has its wings folded at his fate. Today, that same angel has risen to the immensity of the sky. There, that splendid star shine forever in t he glorious canopy ... of Immortality. Goodbye, no, Bobby, see you later. Your d eath will not have been in vain. May God lead you in His hand to dwell with Him in heaven. 140 SE 11 OF 1968 IN THE GRAPHICS INDUSTRY WORKSHOPS "DIARY - DAY, MAYOR, 99, IN PALENC IA DE CASTILLA, typographical CARE UNDER" PUBLICATIONS JUAN PONCE DE LEON, SAN J UAN, PUERTO RICO PRINT THIS BOOK END OF THE DAY OF NOVEMBER